NCIS Los Angeles “Deep Trouble II” Ratings

via SpoilerTV:

In season-premiere news, CBS’ “NCIS: Los Angeles” opened season six with a third-place 6.0/10 in the overnights at 10 p.m., which was 29 percent below the 9:30 p.m. portion of lead-in “Scorpion” (8.5/13). And “NCIS: Los Angeles” trailed its year-ago season-opener (9.8/15 on Tuesday 9/24/13 out of “NCIS”) by 39 percent.

LL Cool J referred to the ratings as a “big win”…

We boosted our new time slot by 51% compared to last season!!! That’s what winners do!!! #Facts #NCISLA MONDAYS @10PM.#RollWithTheWinners.

According to these are the final ratings for Monday’s 10pm slot

NBC The Blacklist 2.8/8 10.51
ABC Castle – Season Premiere (10:01-11PM) 2.2/6 10.75
CBS NCIS: Los Angeles – Season Premiere (9:59-11PM) 1.9/6 9.48

Doesn’t seem so bad afterall, huh ?? The three shows really seem to split the audience among them… none stands out… can be a good sign… also let’s wait for the +3days ratings… we’ll keep you in the loop…

EDIT [10/4] via
NCIS: LOS ANGELES (P) added +2.92m viewers (12.41m from 9.49m, +31%), +1.1 rtg pts in adults 25-54 (3.7 from 2.6, +42%) and +0.8 in adults 18-49 (2.7 from 1.9, +42%) live plus three day lift from live plus same day. NCIS: LOS ANGELES moves into a second place tie with “Castle” in adults 25-54 with live plus three day ratings from third place live plus same day.

If you don’t quite understand the concept of the whole “rating system” (like me) maybe this post on will help =>

27 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles “Deep Trouble II” Ratings

  1. diane

    I guess it’s a good thing for CBS. LA improved on their Monday Ratings from last year’s shows and New Orleans improved on LA’s ratings on Tuesday.

  2. Shannon

    NCIS LA had a great start to Season 6…and I just became a huge fan this Summer. Who knew there was an even better Tiva ‘ship in Densi going on right after NCIS?!? Obviously, you all did. NCIS LA had amazingly strong numbers considering the change in day and moving to later at night. Fans still need to figure out where its at … and NO 10pm show puts up the numbers NCIS LA did last year. Consider that the CBS show in the same timeslot last year did 5.96m and that NCIS LA is now up against 2 dramas previously established in the timeslot — NCIS LA’s performance was phenomenal!!! And if you missed the premiere on Monday be sure to catch up with the latest full episode at

  3. Fenix

    “We boosted our new time slot by 51% compared to last season!!! That’s what winners do!!!”

    Sorry, but this looks like pure PR, far away from reality. 🙂
    Message “It’s hard in new time slot, but we do our best for you” could be much nicer, and much closer to reality.
    Because winners don’t take third place. 😉

    Start S01:
    Rating- 4,3
    Viewers- 18,73M
    End S01:
    Rating- 2,7
    Viewers- 13,12M

    Start S02:
    Rating- 3,4
    Viewers- 15,76M
    End S02:
    Rating- 3,3
    Viewers- 15,61M

    Start S03:
    Rating- 3,6
    Viewers- 16,71M
    End S03:
    Rating- 3,0
    Viewers- 15,19M

    Start S04:
    Rating- 3,4
    Viewers- 16,74M
    End S04:
    Rating- 2,5
    Viewers- 13,52M

    Start S05:
    Rating- 3,0
    Viewers- 16,65M
    End S05:
    Rating- 2,5
    Viewers- 14,85M

    Start S06:
    Rating- 1,9
    Viewers- 9,48M

    Compare with previous seasons, is numbers not so nice.
    But compare with new time slot, and VERY strong competition, is not so bad.

    Wish you good luck guys, you deserve that.

  4. Mogorva

    Am I the only one with the feeling, that the CBS schedule creators smoked some weed when they moved the show to the new time slot?

    If I were a conspiracy theorist, I’d say they put the show on collision course with a granite cliff to create low enough ratings for cancelling. Which hopefully will not happen in the next 10 years or so, because I would really miss it.

    Sorry for my bad english or mistakes, I’m from Hungary.

  5. VirtualFriend

    “LL Cool J referred to the ratings as a “big win”…”

    LOL, we know how these things go. Just like in in politics, spinning bad news into something positive is common business.

    Saying the opposite and keep repeating it. SB is also a master in these communication skills. The pregnancy of DR last season was a blessing in disguise… Right.

    Mass communication is a powerful tool in marketing.

  6. Tara

    I really wish CBS had not moved NCIS LA to monday night. Not everyone owns a DVR. I am a fan of NCIS LA and Castle. So having to chose between the two is hard. I tried watching NCIS New Orleans, and just can not get into it. Nothing against the cast, they are very likable, but 3 NCIS shows is just overkill.

  7. sarah

    Here in France, we are late in the follow up of NCIS LA, so we watch on netflix, canal play, when it’s available.

    NCIS LA had quickly gain followers from the beginning so they though moving it, really doesn’t matter. Will follow…They did not though of other shows entering the game play, apparently its Castle and Blacklist (two good shows also)

    Wait and see which one would survive this year….

  8. Richtsje

    Those ratings could be better, but also be worse. Personally I feel a bit sad because there’s no way I could help to raise them 🙁 On the other hand: I loved the S6premiere! Now if we all do/did, would it change the ratings?
    Perhaps everyone needs to settle first, get used to the new night, new time…

  9. Linda

    I have to admit as a fan its a helpless feeling to not be able to do more to help the ratings. I love this show and would hate to see it go before its time. There are still so many stories to tell. I hate that CBS threw this show to the wolves for the sake of the New Orleans show.

  10. CCalicott

    I now HAVE to DVR the episodes. That falls right into getting kids ready for bed. Which is okay because I can watch it the next day in peace. Last season I watched it live and recorded it.
    My brother in law is a huge Blacklist fan and told me that around Feb 2015, they are moving to Thursday so that might help.
    I look at networks and moving around shows is like a cockfight. I think CBS moved NCISLA because they are a solid show and a good one to put up against Castle and Blacklist.

  11. Sharon Gerringer

    Glad to see the increased rating, live plus 3. I think they will continue to climb because fans are more aware of the move. Cbs did a terrible job of promoting the new time slot.
    I like castle and the blacklist but I have always taped them. Castle is fun but too silly most of the time. The Blacklist has one very big thing going for it..James Spader is awesome. I often fast forward through any scenes that he is not in. The show is so ludicrous sometime.
    NCISLA has a great and interesting cast…the writing is also good. This show should win this time slot!

  12. Sol

    12.41 million? Seriously? Wow!
    But, I must confess, I don’t understand these numbers. LA ratings are still 9.48m on its wikipedia page. Why? And what does it mean “live plus three day lift from live same day”?


    1. Mogorva

      Because on wikipedia you can read the live ratings.
      Live plus 3 days is the total number of households who watched it live and DVRd it and watched it within 3 days.

    2. Fenix

      Sol, you are right.
      Wikipedia is correct source, because companies buy for them adds (business breaks) only live time, not some DVR or VOD time.
      Live time is important for business, not some 3 days “looks like rating” numbers.
      Those 3 days looks like rating, is good just for some PR actions, but in reality is nothing.
      That’s why all serious media give to us, just live ratings.
      Because they know, others numbers is useless.
      For bad rating numbers, I never blame the show.
      I will blame those “geniuses” who move show in different time slot.
      Really “smart” decision guys.

  13. I Feel Possessed

    I don’t understand the ratings either. But I’m not in the US so scheduling doesn’t worry me. I believe it’s a strong enough show to survive, however 10pm on a Monday night must be a struggle for any show. Who really wants to be up late on the first working night of the week…I hope things settle down for the show.

    Why don’t they show it after Hawaii 5-0 – it’s what happens here in the UK? (Albeit, NCISLA is on at 10pm on a Sunday – just as bad as a Monday really.)

  14. GG

    The live+3 days ratings improved in general but concerning the other shows on the same time they are still giving NCIS:LA the third place in overal viewers and the lowest demo. Let’s hope for better results next week!

  15. VirtualFriend

    According to zap2it (Nielsen TV Ratings) NCISLA is still in third place… Anyway, we will have to see if ‘Inelegant Heart’ can do better (or at least hold ground). IMO it will take about three episodes to make serious predictions. After the 3rd episode LL Cool J will be asked about the mentioned ‘Big Win’.

    BTW, even if the ratings are falling, NCISLA will still get a 7th season to finish it’s run. By then I hope DR is pursuing a career on the big screen. Off course I would miss NCISLA (mostly Densi), but these days there are a lot of good shows to watch.

    1. Fenix

      I am little bit disoriented.

      Because at zap2it, is for Castle different numbers, and NCIS LA still have third place.

      “ABC’s Live + 3 Day Data for Monday (9/29/14):

      With 3 days of playback, ABC’s season premiere of Castle built to 14.1 million viewers (+31% – up +3.3 mil from 10.8 mil L+SD)”

      Compare with:

      “NCIS: LOS ANGELES (P) added +2.92m viewers (12.41m from 9.49m, +31%)”

      I still see NCIS LA on third place.

      But where get on zap2it this sentence, that’s mystery. 😉

      “NCIS: LOS ANGELES moves into a second place tie with “Castle” in adults 25-54 with live plus three day ratings from third place live plus same day.”

      WTF they mean? 🙂

      1. GG

        NCIS: LA is still third in overall ratings and in demo (18-49) ratings. It matched Castle in the 25-54 group only and so they share the second position.

        I didn’t hit reply before, my mistake.

  16. Mogorva

    My only problem with these low rating is, that the CBS executives are killing off the _ONLY_ show I care about in TV (something, or rather the only thing to hold on in these dark times of mine) with this move to the new time slot. They managed to cut the total viewers by almost 40, the 18-49 by 30 % with that &@@{#@&} decision.

    I just keep wondering, why do they sacrifice it in favor of NCIS:NO? Or why can’t they move it to tuesday 10 pm, if they want to move it from behind NCIS. I’m pretty sure, NCIS:LA ratings would be a whole lot better, and POI would bring the same numbers at monday 10pm as NCIS LA does now…

    Again, sorry for bad grammar or mistakes in choice of words, english isn’t my native language.

  17. PK Rossi

    I Don’t think Sindee’s comments are exactly correct. Castle and BlackList still beat out NCIS LA in the ratings as they both also received an uptick in ratings from VOD and DVR. Especially in the demographic that are most viewed by networks (18-49) However as I am sure you all know — 9 1/2 million viewers at 10pm on a Monday night is not too shabby. I doubt with ratings like that or even lower the show will be cancelled. (think about shows like Bones, Agents of SHIELDS, Hawaii Five O) They will most likely never win the ratings war in their new time slot — The show is just not THAT good — The Tuesday night slot was a clear winner for them as they had a phenomenal lead in and no competition. You true blue fans should keep on telling the writers and producers to focus on better writing and more consistency in the plots — As I think some of the drop off in ratings is based on the really horrible season 5 . All the fist pumping and social media “high fiving” doesn’t make the show a hit. Focus on making the show better not whining and complaining about ratings and network support –or perceived lack thereof — Think about it— why doesn’t NCIS LA get the syndication airtime on USA network that other shows get -hmmmm something to ponder.

    1. skippy

      Yes Rossi, I agree 100% with you. The ratings are due to the really bad season 5. They lost so many viewers in that season that this might be a reason why the moved NCIS LA to another timeslot and date.
      But the producers and writers ‘high five’ only in public and social media. My guess is that behind the scenes they know exactely that they messed with the show (not only with the Afghanistan arc) and they desperately try to make things better. I hope that they not only try but really do.
      And yes almost every show will have great ratings after the mother show with this huge fandom.
      I just hope that S5 was a slip up (okay almost 24 slip-ups might be too much).
      Will have to wait and see.

  18. Mogorva

    S5 wasn’t bad, at least not that bad some people think or say. It had a different approach, little less playful compared to the previous seasons, but wasn’t bad at all.

    1. Stef

      I think the low ratings are due in part to the fact that CBS did not advertise NCIS LA at all. CBS constantly put forth NCIS New Orleans on TV all summer. I use a mobile device to watch some nightly CBS shows and the only commercials I saw were for NCIS New Orleans which was bundled with NCIS. I do not believe I saw one commercial for NCIS LA .
      By the way I gave NCIS New Orleans two chances, I find it slow moving and I personally do not like the down home, old boy attitude. I really hope CBS starts to promote the LA show again, given its new time slot. The premier for season 6 was very good and the acting is outstanding .

  19. Sharon

    I liked season 5. I think they did a good job dealing with DRs pregnancy. I liked that Deeks finally was treated with some respect and got to work with everyone. Season 5 had the best hour they have ever done….Spoils of War.
    I started watching in season 4…..the Sam Hanna season….he is my least favorite character. The rest of the cast is so strong I hung in and even started to like Sam a little.
    As for PKs comments, I can see your point re the ratings and Tuesdays time slot. However, the blacklist and castle aren’t THAT good either. CBS certainly did do an awful job promoting the time change and replaced it with a show that is pretty terrible.
    There is very little we can do but keep tuning in no matter where NCISLA calls home.

  20. Mogorva

    I liked s5 too, it was interesting to see different sides of the characters than before, a little more seriousness in the relationships between characers. Loved the romance storyline too. And if I have to choose a favorite thing (not _that_ thing :D) it was the introduction of Talia. I would really like to see her in later as a recurring character.

    But that is getting off topic right here, I can only hope that the ratings will rise and the show will be up for the next 10 years too.

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