NCIS Los Angeles Season Six Production News

Thursday (Sept 18) was the last day of shooting NCISLA episode 6×04 “Black Budget” – written by Frank Military and directed by Dennis Smith.


Today we’re in Ops and an air conditioned stage! First day with @DRodinLA, Ep#605. #ncisla — ©RTunell

Friday (Sept 19) was the first day of shooting NCISLA episode 6×05 – written by Kyle Harimoto and directed by David Rodriguez.

End of the month cast & crew will start filming episode 6×06 – written by Andrew Bartels and directed by James Hanlon.

Executive Producer JP Kousakis tweeted this season six teaser

#jpkteaser-outstanding guest stars throughout the S6 of #ncisla Stay Home Alone,2 C one of them. Simon’s brother, is another. #staytuned

We already learned that Stay Home Alone Alumn John Heard will make an appearance in the second episode of the season… what do you make of the “Simon’s Brother” part of the teaser ??