POLL: How did you like NCIS Los Angeles ‘An Unspoken Mind’?

How did you like NCIS Los Angeles 'An Unspoken Mind' ??

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Caught up in real life and won’t get around to make episode reviews any time soon… Please have fun talking about the episode here in the comments…

12 thoughts on “POLL: How did you like NCIS Los Angeles ‘An Unspoken Mind’?

  1. Crystal

    Loved it! Frank Military/Chris O’Donnell writing/directing team is awesome. Didn’t like that there was very little Callen BUT Deeks & Kensi more than made up for it with their top notch acting in a well written episode. Most of the events were predictable except for the head butts by Kensi –totally surprised me.

    I am still not “getting” is Nell in the field. The comment about taking down Sam was, well, stupid in a rather otherwise endearing conversation.

    The Deeks/Kensi kiss was the most realistic, romantic scene of their relationship (so far) and has me believing (albeit for only a few seconds) they are indeed a couple and not just partners/friends.
    I am skeptical about all of Granger’s involvement with the team lately-hidden agenda perhaps?—but I do love him in the field despite the fact that he IS Assistant Director of NCIS ūüėČ

    I will watch the show until the end but the lack of continuity is confusing. Other shows I watch are continuous, always picking up where they left off on previous episode. NCISLA feels like a mishmash of episodes strung together at times.

    I give it a 9/10 as it was by far the best episode of the season and IMO best Kensi/Deeks focused episode of series.

    1. Norm

      Crystal, I agree with the continuity issue. I’ve wondered before it there is anybody doing a continuity check. It really does seem to be a collection of vignettes with a very loose linkage to a story arc. There is almost never a reference to a prior case. Now next week supposedly introduces the IA again and in a big way at the end of the episode… there is no sense of time with the series because it’s always summer, no sense of progression. That may be deliberate on the part of SB and company.

  2. Norm

    Love/Hate visceral response last nite. Loved the Densi and team interaction, hated the cultists. Went back this morning, re watched it without commercials and gave it a full hearted love. Densi interactions were fantastic both in the gym scene and at the end. That kiss sealed the relationship fully.
    Cult members were truly culty (is that a real word?) Leaders were as vicious as they should have been.
    DOJ character didn’t seem real, but the actor nailed the role as a nimrod attorney. The scenes in the house and compound were consistent with how I have read that cults operate. I couldn’t help noticing that Frank Military got Kensi unclothed again – at least it wasn’t with Callen this time! And no one got killed; Great!
    Now for Densi: Them supposedly doing yoga in the gym was hilarious… poor Deeks and his smoking hot partner/lover; it was obvious his thoughts were not on inner peace but the dialogue did frame the operation quite well.

    I wondered at the “Mrs. Robinson” lines… seemed to break up Kensi, Nell, and Eric. I wonder if that was an ad lib set of lines. COD let DR and ECO run with an improv in an earlier episode and worked then just as the reactions were here. If so, kudos.

    The harem scene was necessary to cement the nature of the cult leader and did fit in the story line. Was just revealing enough to get the never ending male fantasy established. I never did figure out if the blonde was a cult leader or a programmed victim. Like Crystal, I did not see the two head butts coming, even though Kensi has been known to use them (Deep Trouble).

    Final scene in the boathouse was the best Densi ever. The kiss was made real and believable. The way they looked at each other and then slowly moved together was well directed and then performed. I love that they are now openly talking to each other, really communicating.

    And of course, how could it end without a snarky Hetty comment. And an appropriate one. Catching them in a PDA in the boathouse. I think that “You’d better hope that love conquers all, Mr. Deeks” will go down as the line to date in the series.

    I also gave this a 9/10. Still feel ambivalent about Nell in the field, Sam and Callen had minor parts (appropriate since COD directed), and Eric got more face time and lines. Plot has been used in lots of shows and movies; worked so well here because the actors made it go. And of course, Kensi – SIGH!

    1. Elizabeth

      The tragic part about the episode is that Gaia, the blonde, was indoctrinated at a young age. So after decades of this treatment, she sees nothing wrong with her own actions. Super creepy.

  3. Mogorva

    “And of course, Kensi ‚Äď SIGH!” Same here ūüôā

    You’ve pretty much said everything I wanted to. Didn’t like the cultists but the whole thing felt real enough. Loved the scene at the end.

  4. I Feel Possessed

    It was a great episode, well written and well directed. In each episode COD has directed, there has been an emphasis on Deeks’ body. In Wanted, Deeks gets naked in the Turkish bath house, in Seal Hunter (also co-written by Frank Military), there is a close up of his butt, and in this episode again, we get Deeks in his trunks. Catering to the females in the audience, me thinks!

    The reactions viewers have had to the cult is the exact reaction which writer/director want. These are evil and manipulative people. And brave of the show to literally reference the church of Scientology. The episode to me had more of an adult feel than many of the others – Kensi and Deeks’ sexual innuendos with the yoga at the start, the drugging and almost rape of Kensi by the cult leader and selected other women. The entire episode was very unsettling – clearly what Frank Military does best!

    Loved how the team rallied round Sam when that DOJ chap wanted to arrest him for lying. Each character blatantly lied about why they told Sam to say that they’d found the cult member/Chinese man. Callen & letting anxiety take over? Granger being a megalomaniac, Nell threatening SAm with physical violence – very amusing.

    Only watched it once but will review properly.


    Season strongest, some things did annoy me though, Gaija and Lea got hit once and Kensi got away that easily and being drugged, little too easy, but thats how entertainment works, to cut the minutes.

  6. Domingo

    I found it a bit scary and wierd, also unreal, the link to NCIS was tenuous at best! having said that in a funny sort of way I quite enjoyed it as a one off, some fun bits, but somehow it didn’t quite woke for me.

  7. Marcia Smith-Merritt

    Hats off to Chris for directing yet another hit episode. I thought Citadel was the best of the season thus far but Command Control and the one with Dinozzo are all awesome as well. Love the fact that Eric and Nell are being featured much more, and Nell seem to be a bit more obvious with her feelings for Eric. Hetty is just a wealth of knowledge and pops up everywhere with her jetta mind set as usual. Although Sam has had an episode focusing on his previous partner, I still want to see more of him and his family. Granger is and has been stepping up to the plate and showing himself to be more of a team player. Finally, the best for last. The lovely and beautiful Densi combination is just deliciously beautiful and gorgeous. They’re both looking more and more original in every episode this season. Their communication and body language speaks volume while the actual contact being the kiss of course, just seals the deal. They are just right for each other. Oh, loved, loved, loved, the head butt scene with Kensi. I wish she had a relapse in Citadel as she did in Deep Trouble. That would have been worth every moment as Talia was definitely asking for a reminder. This is an awesome show and the writing and directing has way exceeded my expectations even though we could use some continuity, as previously stated. I’ll give this last episode a 9.5/10 with a shout out to Chris O’Donnell. Lastly, Mr. Deeks/Eric Christian Olsen, your body is looking ffffffiiiiiinnnnneeeeee!! Yum, Yum!!!!!

  8. Linda W

    I loved the episode. There was plenty of action and a lot of team work. Kensi and Deeks did themselves proud this week as they really were the stars of this episode. They kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. This is also, of course, due to the work of the director. Chris O’Donnell did an excellent job. He is such a talented man! There was humour too among the characters as they all blamed themselves for Sam’s lie. They all look after their own. Even Granger who appears to be loosening up lately. Nice ending all around!

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