Ship Shape: How Your Fave Pairs From NCIS: LA… Are Faring

Unwritten Rule
THE COUPLE | NCIS: Los Angeles’ Kensi and Deeks

THE LATEST | When Deeks up and bought a motorcycle — and then later engaged in an overdone bit of derring-do — Kensi openly feared not just for his physical safety but his mental health, as he seemingly is steal dealing with some PTSD.

SWOON! | During a heart-to-heart with Hetty about how he’s faring, Deeks volunteered, “Kensi’s great” — revealing how significantly his work partner figures into his personal happiness.

THE FORECAST | Hazy. On a good day, Deeks and Kensi play much push-me, pull-you. And if he is still recuperating from mental trauma yet in denial about it, he could just “explode” one day. Plus, as show boss Shane Brennan has teased, with Episode 10 comes a “shocking moment” that will detour the “Densi” relationship.

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2 thoughts on “Ship Shape: How Your Fave Pairs From NCIS: LA… Are Faring

  1. Laura

    Sadly, I have to agree with your forecast at least right now. For some reason, it seems to be that “the Kiss” was just an anomaly and poor Deeks got tortured just for daring to escalate things. I love Deeks, but I don’t like seeing him be a goofy clown all the time; seeing him show his detecting chops is good TV; and truly, there doesn’t need to be romance-interactions between him and the rest of the team where they support him and even show that they care about him and like him, are incredibly satisfying viewing, again, at least in my opinion.

  2. Jan

    Thank you for that comment Laura. I love that Deeks has a sense of humor, albeit a weird one, but the character should never be portrayed as incompetent or a clown. It reflects badly not just on Deeks’ character but on Hetty, who recruited him. Since when does Hetty recruit fools?

    I agree that we don’t need romance so much as we need respect and affection, between all the characters but especially toward Deeks. But that starts with the writers, some of whom don’t get Deeks. This is the guy who had the physical courage to infiltrate an MMA gym to break up a drug ring. The same guy who, knowing his cover might have been blown, walked into a warehouse in Human Traffic because he desperately wanted to save the young victims of abduction. And oh yeah, the one who handed over his gun and his own safety in exchange for a chance to save Sam’s life in Descent. Humor and courage (and competence) are not mutually exclusive. In fact, the combination makes for, to borrow your words, good TV and incredibly satisfying viewing.

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