‘Command & Control’ Sneak Peeks

sindee’s sentiment: How weird is that I kinda ‘like’ this guy already ?? 0_0

Oh, and… Having the videos without restriction on the site comes at the cost of having to watch ads this year… Believe me, I’m very sorry about that !! And I feel with all you non-US fans… Greets from Germany !! 😉

10 thoughts on “‘Command & Control’ Sneak Peeks

  1. I Feel Possessed

    Looks like an action packed ‘filler’ episode, so I’m not expecting any character development or progress with Deeks and the IA investigation. Much though I love Callen, I am hoping this is nicely balanced between both sets of partners. Should be enjoyable – and with reference to S5 with Tyler Brunsen & brother(?) making an appearance – it will be a case of revenge…

    1. sindee Post author

      seems I’m not that tech savvy as I thought I am… *installing ad blocker now* …bad thing is that ppl won’t see the ads on MY website as well and then won’t click – ergo no money from google coming my way… 😉

      1. Mogorva

        Ohmmm… well… sorry about that. ;(
        But I have good news too: pages can be whitelisted, and the user can turn freely on and off anytime for a page if the permanent whitelisting is not a good solution for some reason.
        Another good news, the adblock for chrome has a new feature, something like “enable unobtrusive ads”, if I remember correctly, the AdblockPlus for Firefox also has a similar feature. (Works pretty much the same way like Adblock for Chrome, a little more options and filter lists, but both are very effective)

  2. densidream

    I didn’t have ads, but I don’t care if that means I can watch all the videos on this site. Because often they don’t work. Maybe that’s changed now, thanks 🙂
    Greetings from Germany as well 😉

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