NCIS Los Angeles ‘Blame It On Rio’ Review by A Virtual Scrawl

“Blame It On Rio” is a standalone episode filmed at the end of season six, and as such, there were no expectations the IA investigation into Deeks or Callen’s search for Arkady would progress, nor would there be any development into who burned Callen and Sam in the previous episode. But the promise of Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo visiting from the NCIS DC headquarters, does guarantee an episode full of fun and shenanigans.

DiNozzo has been sent to LA to collect prisoner Rio Syamsundin, a money launderer for terrorist organisations, who was arrested in Singapore. During his transfer flight to America, he managed to drug the US Marshall escorting him, slip out of his cuffs, trade places with another passenger and escape. DiNozzo approaches the LA team to request their assistance in locating the missing prisoner.

Clearly it has been an early morning without any pressing cases, as the episode opens with half of the team training in the gym. Kensi and Sam are playing “whack a Beale”; both field agents seem to relish using Eric as a punch bag just a little too much. Hetty is dressing Nell for a renaissance fair, and Deeks has spent half an hour in the locker room, only to come out dressed as Bruce Lee, in a yellow onesie. Callen is late, causing Sam to speculate there is trouble in paradise between him and Joelle.

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