POLL: How did you like NCISLA ‘Blame It On Rio’ ??

How did you like NCIS Los Angeles 'Blame It On Rio' ??

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41 thoughts on “POLL: How did you like NCISLA ‘Blame It On Rio’ ??

  1. Sue mcdowell

    Loved this episode very funny , great writing very entertaining . On a side note just hope this is the last we hear of Joelle not keen on this story line

  2. Richtsje

    It was a fun episode indeed, lots of goofy conversations! Like Sue just mentioned, to me too it would be okay if this was bye-bye to Joelle…

  3. Norm

    Guess I get to be the curmudgeon on this one. Wasn’t funny to me at all. Story line was weak, if it was even present. Granger asks Eric to get info on IA…. nada, not even mentioned again. The Bruce Lee/Uma jumpsuit made no sense whatsoever, not even for a laugh. Nell looked great in the “Wench” get up… said it was Hetty’s idea but not why (is she going to a Renfair/SCA event?) Why bring up the FuzzyCon? That was done fairly explicitly several years ago on CSI and really had nothing to do with this scene except to make Eric look ridiculous. The big, bad crook squealing like a little girl and hiding in the shower? That character couldn’t arrange a keg party in a brewery much less a complicated escape and plastic surgery on short notice in an unknown city. And the guys from the Isle of Jersey (best known for its cows and interesting tax laws) gunning for him? Give me a break… and Kensi drooling all over Tony 30 seconds after she meets him? The admonition coming from Tony to Deeks after the whole Tiva fiasco had the same falsity as the corrupt Angelo giving Densi advice in “that worthless episode”.

    We know this was filmed last season, and it is obvious that the show runners did not know (do they now?) where Densi was going or where the IA is going. If they were going to have a pure “Three Stooges/Marx Brothers” episode, it should have come before “Command and Control”. I’m sure there is a strategy (please???) going into the IA and sweeps.

    Were a few positives… Sam rolling his eyes at Eric’s “Milady”, Sam and Callen treating the crook in the shower just like they would a little kid who won’t obey. Densi bickering in the car, just like in old days (only this is a new day and they more likely would be arguing about supper rather than who is going with Tony). Tony’s comment about Deeks needing a haircut was cute. And Kensi cutting off Gibbs by pretending to be a recording… the look on Tony’s face when she did that was great… as was Hetty’s closing line of “Get our of my city”.

    I can only hope that the teasers ECO dropped re TLG I and TLG II and after are valid.

    1. OhBuddy66

      I agree with you. It was lame at best. The criminal was cartoonish. Deeks and the jumpsuit – why? Kensi’s infatuation for DiNozzo was off base. I know that the episode was filmed previous to this season’s episodes, and that is very clear here. Last week Kensi is trying to convince Deeks she is right where she wants to be, with him. This week she is piling on with DiNozzo’s belittling of him, not to mention practically tripping on her tongue over Tony? Come on. This felt like it should have been in season three or four somewhere, not the current one.
      The best part for me was the banter between Sam and Callen. The Singapore conversation was pure gold with Callen teasing Sam.
      Other than that, this episode was a complete missed opportunity where Deeks and DiNozzo could have really bonded over their similar backgrounds while bringing in the escaped prisoner. Blame It On Rio didn’t live up to the hype at all for me…

      1. Crystal

        I thought it was a really good episode overall, but I agree that it was “out of place” especially for “Densi” based on last week’s aired episode but that is due to the lack of continuity from the writers. I liked DiNozzo as a guest but I don’t think I could watch him every week on NCIS.

      2. Patty

        I think if this episode is after “Driving Miss Diaz”, Kensi’s infatuation for DiNozzo must be just funny. Party Marty, Talia, the model’s photo… Deeks’ insecurities in 1 episode and all of them were forgotten.

  4. Joanne m

    I agree with ohBuddy66 on the way Kensi acted and his reference to last Ep was right on target. This Ep should not have played when it did. It would have fit in better before Kensi & Deeks committed to each other. But…. I loved how much it focused on Deeks, (my favorite character)

  5. Jan

    Chiming in to agree w Norm, Buddy, Crystal and Joanne. Lots of wasted opportunities in this ep, lots of inexplicable behavior that just didn’t fit with where the characters are now. I think the writers were just trying too hard to make “hilarity ensue” and they missed the mark badly. ( The gym scene and the fur discussion were utterly cringe-worthy).

    There was so much about this episode that was just plain wrong.

  6. Mary Kleinsmith

    Way too much Deeks bashing and lack of respect for his abilities. DiNozzo doesn’t even KNOW him, and is also a former police detective. I expected a bit more teammanship from him towards Marty. And Kensi’s treatment of him in front of Tony was just dreadful.

    1. Patty

      I thought Deeks was the one who started ‘lack of respect’. DiNozzo just commented about Deeks’ jumpsuit as Uma and Deeks started treating him badly (from DiNozzo’s point of view).


    Sorry your all to negative, especially agents will have to switch partners if they have to and Kensi didnt even touch him plus DiNozzo’s point view was that he didnt know what was going on between them two so just to clarify he got facetime for both to get known with each other but yeah I felt like this was overtoned by humor, I liked Deeks being serious . Also I feel Eric is just gonna blow because Sam doesnt get that he wants that weapons training ! As for being present I always hate that Mark Harmon cannot be present over the crossover because he never acknowledges LA spinoff . I also hate the fact they never really show Kensi & Deeks, just between few scenes , that applies for everyone, like if you dedicate an episode than do it right. Wouldve been even better if DiNozzo made an appearance earlier than season even started that was like season 6 material right there. Now for Callen, hope they say bye bye to Joelle’s characteer, I do not understand, just dump the idea having her. and Anna . I dont want to seer her again too.

    1. Norm

      No problem with team members switching partners occasionally; has happened several times, both before and after Deeks became a team member. What they do while switched is another issue and not germane here. But DiNozzo is not a team member – he is a visitor with a problem. He picks up on the relationship between Deeks and Kensi very quickly and comments on it with Kensi able to hear them since she is able to advise them about the 5 gunmen through their earwigs . DiNozzo on NCIS has a reputation of being a lady’s man and a flirt; Deeks picked up on that negatively and Kensi did not pick up onDeeks’ unease; it was obvious why he was acting weird. The writer also had her reverting to the tease and flirt she was before Deeks and in season 3; not realistic in the current universe and not with someone from a sister office who she had just met. I can’t see Eric as anything other than a computer nerd… he may want to impress Nell by firing a weapon and taking martial arts training. I think he would do better by just being himself.

      Mark Harmon was present in the episode in which the LA office of NCIS was introduced. Sean Murray was in the same one; Pauly Paulette was in one and I believe was shown via video conference by one other. Neither Cote de Pablo or Emily Wickersham have appeared in an LA episode. After that first intro my memory is that there was a major fallout between Donald Bellasario (NCIS) and Sean Brennan (LA). The only common link now is Director Vance – Michael Weatherly said he would never do the crossover… haven’t seen anything to explain why he did this one.

      Personally, I like the actress and role of Joelle – but Joelle is not for Callen. I think the reaction shown in “Humbug” is the accurate one for that part and she would not be happy with what Callen is willing to do nor his obsession with his father. Time for Callen to find a like soul but Anna would cause a conflict of interest with Arkady being her father.

  8. Mogorva

    Standalone ep, a little out of place here and there, but I don’t think I had that much fun watching an ep in a very-very long time. I laughed so many times, I lost count. It was entertaining. No deep thoughts, no pep talks, but I didn’t mind at all. I needed that to start off my week 🙂 .

    1. Nat

      I agree with you Morgova. I really enjoyed the banter and the comic side of the episode. Of course if I analyze everything it doesn’t make sense, but I had fun and for once, who cares ? 🙂

      1. Norm

        I understand where Nat, Morgova, and others are coming from. Just to me this is a detective story, not a sitcom. I much prefer the understated comedy of the banter between Callen and Sam (in small doses— not a pun on Sam’s experience with the little people in Singapore!) and the fantastic bantering interplay of Densi, occasionally Eric and Nell, and even Hetty and Granger. I smiled a couple of times in this one, but winced a whole lot more. Just me.

        1. Nat

          Hey Norm! I think that your analysis is very accurate; if all the episodes were like this one I’ll stop watching the show right now :0) for me this episode is just an exception, a funny impasse to balance the drama to come. Usually I don’t like the nonsense episodes, but today I discovered myself laughing out loud.

          1. Norm

            I’m hoping that this was a one-off and that TLG I and II are back to the usual format. I’m definitely not giving up on the season. I just prefer humor understated and in small doses… When I want to laugh I watch something like Despicable Me or Bugs Bunny/Yosemite Sam… animation, generally. I actually get embarrassed at some comedy movies and TV shows.


    To Norm: Deeks owns Dinozzo anytime in the universe, I lack the respect for Tony what he done for Mcgee calling names a stuff, please grow up dont interfere in Deeks and Kensis relationship.

    1. Norm

      Agree… he seems to have calmed down a little on the mothership, but I really didn’t like his character in the early days.


    And sorry , Mark Harmon was forced to do Legend episode, he hates Shane Brennan and Bellasario, Bellasario came up with the LA spin off, he never liked it thats why that fake Gibbs calling was so fakely done.

    1. Norm

      Thank You for the info… didn’t know that Harmon was forced into “Legends”. The crossover made sense at the time because of the story line in NCIS.

  11. Rayanne

    I didn’t really care for this episode. I thought a lot of the dialogue seemed forced. I didn’t like that Sam who was all for Joelle now doesn’t want her with Callen. Or that he had that conversation with Kensi and then nothing for the rest if the episode. I’m not a big fan of anyone being with Callen (unless its me)!! But I prefer Joelle over Anna who was very annoying in my opinion. As long as the character stays off screen with only a mention now and then, she won’t bother me. The bad guy was very irritating but I enjoyed the way that Sam and Callen handled him. I didn’t care for the whole Nell / Eric conversation in ops. It just went on way too long. Overall not my favorite.

  12. auntlisa21342

    Rayanne is so funny. She’s like “Callen can have all the girlfriends he wants, as long as they’re all ME!” You go girl! I love it.
    I really enjoyed the episode, but I love The Mothership and DiNozzo is my favorite over there, so I admit I’m biased. But I have to say the fur suit or fuzzy suit conversation was just plain weird.
    I’m sure commenters here must think I’m dumb because I’m always asking questions but what is Norm talking about when he references TLG 1 and TLG II?

    1. Norm

      Tentatively, the episodes for November 9 and 16 have working titles of “The Long Goodbye Part I” and the “The Long Goodbye, Part II” (NCIS LA calendar as posted). With the hints being tossed about, these may be at least part of the long anticipated IA episodes. LLCoolJ has mentioned in interviews that Densi gets back together mid-season (what a great Christmas present that would be!) and ECO mentioned on the talk that Deeks gets arrested, but that there is a great reunion coming. What is confusing, at least to those of us who do not have access to the show runners, is that there is a later episode with a working title of “IA” and with “Monica Lee”, the crooked attorney from “The Debt” guest starring. As usual we wait and see, and we are all pulling scraps of info or dis-information together, just like the show runners want us to.

  13. Elisa

    The episode was fun but maybe a bit TOO silly. The bad guy was a caricature and the plot was definitely improbable and seemed just a backdrop for the banters. Though it was an entertaining stand alone and I laughed a lot.

  14. Sharon

    I really enjoyed this episode. It was fun and funny. Loved Deeks and DiNozzo together. Eco and Michael Weatherly clearly enjoyed working together.

    I will say it did seem a little out of place re the whole Densi thing……

    3 out of 4 stars from me.


    So NCIS LA films one extra episode at the end of each season — that basically has nothing to of with anything happening in the current season — why?? probably because they want a longer summer break — Nothing wrong with that—But with the inconsistent and vague storyline of the last couple of seasons throwing in an episode like this just really causes loyal views and Deek fanatics to go hmmm????? That said shows with 7M viewers don’t usually get cancelled – unless they are also doing poorly in syndication (which may be happening). To me the actors seem bored especially COD and ECO — Like they really don’t want to be there anymore — Perhaps we need a shakeup — Kill off a couple of characters bring in new blood???? Logically it would make sense for Deeks and Kensi to fade off in to the sunset — Their story lines (after Deeks backstory is revealed this season) is kind of done — So they would get my vote to get booted off the island!!! PS – I did LMAO with the Bobby Lee character some of his lines were great!!!!

  16. Norm

    Agree that some changes could be useful, but not either ECO or DR – Densi has become a key for the series. I think a good story line of how two agents make a marriage (?) and family (??) work would do well, especially given the edgy undercover work they both are required to do. ECO did not look bored and disengaged in Citadel or Command and Control. If he is given something to work with, he is fantastic as is DR and they play off each other so well when given a chance. The changes need to be in the writers, directors, and producers. Not in just replacing them , but there seems to be no consistency of vision for where the story is going and how it is going to get there, and what canon is. Stand alone fillers are fine and are needed occasionally, but they need to have the dialogue and plot scrutinized (like we do for each episode) for contradictions to canon and story arcs. For instance, Kensi does not belittle Deeks any more and Callen and Sam are fully accepting of their outside of work relationship and even tease them about it. No do-overs in life; don’t show a nasty or flirting Kensi unless needed in an operation; she is past that and her worry now is to convince Deeks that she is happy and content with him. It will be interesting to see how she supports him in his coming troubles.

    I don’t know how syndication is going world-wide, but it sure seems to me that the older episodes are on one or more secondary cable channels here in the U.S. at least twice a week and usually several episodes at a time (so is NCIS). I did notice that the CD sets have several languages possible. Given that there are over 200 channels available on my cable company, and LA is also going up against the NFL, 7 million consistent viewers would seem great. The question of course is, what demographic is watching? I can only guess from which commercials are being run. Seems like a pretty eclectic viewership.

    1. skippy

      Norm, what you wish for did happen before and it was the end of a show „Agree that some changes could be useful, but not either ECO or DR – Densi has become a key for the series. I think a good story line of how two agents make a marriage (?) and family (??) work would do well,…”.
      Okay, check The Mentalist. The supporting characters Rigsby and van Pelt (comparable supporting characters to Deeks and Kensi) got together and married, family, blablabla and shortly after that The Mentalist was done.
      So let Deeks and Kensi get married and have a family. Perfect. But they should leave the team instantly after that (better would be before this happens) and voilà you have some new character in this show.
      I can’t stand the Densi relationship focus. Watch a daily soap and you have plenty of what you wish for. This show was created as a buddy show.

      “ECO did not look bored and disengaged in Citadel or Command and Control. If he is given something to work with, he is fantastic as is DR and they play off each other so well when given a chance.”
      This is the thing. Maybe he can’t do better, I don’t know. But it would be even worse if he is bored when the cases/ episodes are not about him. This would be extremely selfish and I don’t think he or anyone else would do this.

      There is no need for a change as long as the relationship between Deeks and Kensi has the same screen time as Sam’s family. A couple of seconds every season. That’s enough.

      Sorry I can’t say anything about this episode because I haven’t watched it yet (not a huge Deeks/Kensi/Densi fan).

      1. Mogorva

        First of: Kensi and Deeks are not supporting characters, they never were.

        Second: I’m OK with every character, but if someone wants to toss out a few, start with Callen. The most boring character on the show. Sam could do the buddy-cop banter with pretty much anyone.

        Third: Speaking about soap operas: Callen’s daddy issues are the worst of those. And the longest. The most boring part of the whole series. It was interesting until like season 3, but it would be already very late to close it this year.

        Fourth: There are 2, maybe 3 things that make this show unique. 1.:humor. 2.: Kensi and Deeks’s relationship. 3.: Excellent recurring characters like Arkady, Talia, Renko and so on. Other than these, one-of-a-dozen crime show. Took away one of these and you lost half the viewers. Even the producers should recognize that people are bored over the daddy issues soap opera and start something new – the ratings dropped in the last few eps which was revolving around this story, were even lower this year’s premiere, clear sign, it’s time to forget it.

        1. skippy

          re #1
          Of course they are supporting characters. What else? Check their paycheck, the DVD covers, … and you got it. You may not like it but you should face the facts.
          re #2
          Sorry, but it wasn’t me. The words in ‘’ ‘’ are quotations. I just added some thoughts to it. Why don’t you reply to the others?
          re #3
          And if you don’t like the “it is all about Callens’ journey” don’t watch it. The ratings went down badly in season 5 which was a Densi season and IMO it has nothing to do with Callen but the how they handle the romance Densi- Kensi-Deeksi stuff. (by the way, one of the most promoted episodes in S5 with the focus on Densi had the lowest viewer ratings ever at the 9pm timeslot, how is that for “everbody loves the Densi- love-romance… stories”?
          re #4
          Unique, a romance story-line a TV show? Watch Castle, Mentalist…., well unique has a different meaning to me.

          I watch any announced Deeks/Kensi/Densi episode later or never. Why don’t you do it likewise for any Callen eps and your outbursts wouldn’t probably be so cruel towards anyone who has a different opinion.

          1. Norm

            COD and Todd Smith have very good contracts with very tight language; that is why they are getting the big bucks and are on the DVD covers… ECO has been in limited productions before, DR was a newbie when she was cast – basically European experience… of course Deeks and Kensi are classed as support. But they aren’t being treated as support only; they have a stand-alone part we know as Densi. If LA is renewed, would be interesting to find out what DR’s people negotiate for her and her husband’s brother as her contract is expiring.

            I didn’t see season 5 as a Densi year; DR announced her pregnancy before season 5 starting filming and the show runners had to scramble to come up with stories and many of them were marginal at best. After “Frozen Lake”, Densi moments were few and far between up to “Spoils of War”, in which there was no Densi until the closing scenes. Even after Kensi returned from Afghanistan, there was very little interaction. I also don’t track individual episode demographics, so am unable to respond to the specific episode you refer to. but there are many reasons why a particular episode might have a lower viewership.

            “Callen’s Journey” was the key issue in seasons 1-3 and the first show in season 4; the feud with the Comescu’s came up in season 4 in a major way, but was overshadowed by the bomb plot episodes, leading to “Descent”. It came back in season 6 in a big way, but by the end of season 6 had been resolved except for Callen actually finding his father…maybe later this season.

            I hope the journey does continue because it would mean that Arkady is back, not because Callen might actually meet his father. His father is his El Dorado, his Chalice. I’m afraid the reality would be entirely not to his liking.

          2. Mogorva

            I don’t think that was an outburst (sindee please check), I just stated my opinion. Just like you did. And I reacted on your comments to the quotes not to the quotes (I hope that makes sense).

            I don’t give a flying rat’s ass about paychecks, the’re not my concern. The fact, that the DVD cover creators or CBS knuckleheads treat them as “supporting characters” does not make them supporting characters on the show. Take them away, you get a boring 21st century Kojak. (which was a pretty good series, but that was like 50 years ago). But I have the feeling, we had this converstaion before.

            I’d do it, but then I’d have to skip 2/3 of the eps.
            So I turn it down a notch and just skip the boring parts, and with your permission, I’d like to have my own thoughts about characters and who should go if at all. Besides, I love the show, even with it’s flaws, because I can find something in it, I like. Until the balance is positive, I stay. But that balance started to shift in the wrong direction at the end of the last season.
            Didn’t say everybody loves that Kensi-Deeks relationship, there is no such thing in a tv show that everybody loves. As for the ratings: FYI I created a DB and charts with the ratings from S01E01 until the end of last season – S5 wasn’t outstandingly low, perfectly fit into the trend. Maybe sindee still has that doc somewhere, or if you’re interested I can dig it up from my computer.

            Unique was maybe not the best wording – sorry english isn’t my native tongue. That thing, that makes it different from other shows, and I mentioned 3, that together make it unique :), not one by one. But in case any of those 3 are gone, it’s just a generic crimeshow. Didn’t watch The Mentalist, don’t watch Castle since S6, and those were different – Castle had first humour, after that had romance, than in S5-S6 didn’t have any of those, became a generic crimeshow.

            This episode wasn’t about Kensi and Deeks – their relationship was mentioned by Tony in a 10 second scene and that was it. So it’s safe for you to watch it. This episode was about humor and fun, with a little gunfight.

            One last sidenote: you always seems complain. And I’m the grumpy one (Mogorva means Grumpy).

          3. sindee Post author

            I remember a certain ep of “The Good Wife” where the judge admonished the lawyers to add “in my opinion” to every single statement they made… this is what I like to suggest here… e.g. “Kensi and Deeks are not supporting characters, they never were. *in my opinion*” or starting your comment with “I think” doesn’t come around as “stating a fact” (which in this case triggered a big “NO THEY ARE NOOOOOT !!!” in my head as well…) but your opinion… this might help others (and me) to not get defensive over your comments… we don’t have to agree over everything on the show and that’s what I like about NCISLAFamilia that we can discuss the show and our different opinions nevertheless… well, I hope this helps and we can ‘discuss on’… 🙂

      2. Norm

        I really think it is great for the show and for we viewers that we have such a diversity of opinions. You have every right to disagree with me…. so does my wife!

        I didn’t watch “The Mentalist”, but as I recall the main characters got married after the final season was announced and the marriage became the focus of the final season. Apples and Oranges comparison to LA. I also would point out “Bones” as a counter to your argument. The rumors about Bones have to do with David Boreanz getting tired, not that the marriage and the baby are driving it into the ground. “The Commissioner”, based in San Francisco, had a great run with a married couple in the lead.

        I also remember a number of buddy shows – “Adam-12”, “Rescue 51”, “Badge 714″, ” I Spy”, etc that simply got very tired. From what I have heard and read COD saying, the show was not designed as a buddy show, it was designed as a Callen show with supporting cast. When it became obvious that Dom as a trainee wasn’t a good foil for Kensi, he left and Deeks came in. Nate’s skills as an operational psychologist weren’t needed weekly, so he became a guest star. Eric alone didn’t work so they brought in Nell as his foil and as a possible successor to Hetty. So over the life of the show, it has become more of a crime solving team, not just Callen and Sam saving the world weekly. They still are the major players, they still have a lot of banter and work well together, but they are not the whole show. The growing relationship between Deeks and Kensi, both as partners and lovers, strengthens the show when Densi is framed and scripted consistently. I don’t want Densi and kids to become the focal point of the show – it is after all an action/crime show; just develop them as partners who have, perhaps because of the nature of their work and the baggage of their pasts, found each other and now have to make the relationship work in the gray world they operate in.

        Oh, BTW, “Blame it on Rio” is not a Densi episode. I think it was planned to be a fluff comedy which, for many of us apparently, did not work.

  17. KaeB4

    These people entertain me. I love the characters, the stories and the actors that so artfully and technically pull off these episodes. I can not criticize anything that gives me so much enjoyment. Another good job, NCISLA, thank you.

  18. Kirsten

    Best.episode.ever. I could not stop laughing; “supercuts”, “knight rider”, “bat cave”. LOVE Michael Weatherly. Did we need it to go anywhere, no….it was just fun. I had to rewind my DVR a couple times to hear the jokes again….and that bad guy, what was up with him ( “hey sexy time”)…..

  19. Antonio

    After few days i would say that “Blame it on Rio ” was the worse episode ever. I don’t like the character Dinozzo and in this episode Kensi was not Kensi. Mr. Gemmil wrote a bad story. The real problem thoug it that NCISLA is at risk of closure. I am an italian fan and i’m sorry for my bad English. Finally i say that this just my opinion and i respect that of all.

    1. Crystal

      Worst episode of series for me was “Blaze of Glory”. Before that it was “Red” Parts 1 & 2.

  20. amyabn

    I went into the episode with low expectations, knowing they filmed it at the end of Season 6. It had good elements but a lot left me scratching my head. I’ll try to be brief as many of you already hit on points I would make.
    Good buddy stuff between Sam and Kensi. I want more of that. Deeks and Kensi were out of character, but I blame that on filming out of sequence. Other than the undress comment by Deeks, I’m not sure what Tony picked up on that implied the relationship was more than partners, especially when he and Deeks were both ogling that girl on the street. Nell and Eric were good until they went into the Furry stuff. Felt creepy and like filler. Rio was funny and I laughed out loud a few times. The writers missed a huge opportunity between Deeks and DiNozzo regarding how Tony transitioned from Baltimore PD to NCIS.
    I hope we get back to some character/relationship continuity in the next few episodes as we head for the IA episode. I don’t need Densi as the main story (except maybe the IA episode), but I enjoy the little snippets (like the breakfast scene) that give us insights to the strength/status of the relationship.

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