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Callen’s Corner: Treasure Box


Have you ever wondered why Callen’s most precious items of his past and links to his family, such as the photo of his mother and him with Alina Rostoff are in a tea box on the fireplace mantel? One would think seeing Callen doesn’t have any family in his life nor much of anything of value to him, that the items in Callen’s treasure box would be hidden somewhere safe, such as under a loose floor board. So when intruders enter, they don’t see what’s hidden in there? Such as when the Romani Gypsy Arkady sent to find him and was caught prowling around in G’s house with a flashlight. He went straight to the mantel and opened the box. Messing with G’s treasure box might be what got him beat up, bound, and locked in the trunk of Callen’s car.

Therefore, I decided to do some research into why he has it on display on the mantel. I was intrigued to discover an article of Feng Shui, which states where to place what in a room. On the centre left:

“Family and health. Harness this area for better relationships, since this also extends to coworkers. You can put pictures of your family or souvenirs from family vacations here, or anything special relating to your family.” (Feng Shui)

This is exactly what Callen has done. So have we discovered something new about the enigmatic seasoned Federal Agent? That he has studied the art of Feng Shui? With all that time awake during the night from his insomnia, he needs to keep himself occupied somehow right? Well let’s briefly look at another guideline to this living room in Callen’s house for more evidence.

Lower left: Knowledge. Knowledge is the sector of your room involving wisdom. Naturally, one should place objects pertaining to wisdom; for example, books. (Feng Shui)

And that is precisely where Callen has placed his books and chessboard; in the lower left side of the room.

Now that we’ve covered why Callen has placed his treasure chest on the mantel, let’s take a look at how he came to having this box and what is in it.

It all began back in season 1 when Callen discovered the truth about the girl he saw just before he was shot. She had been his foster sister Alina, who Arkady Kolcheck sent to warn him. She died in trying to seek revenge over his death (as she had seen him shot, not realising that he had actually survived the shooting). Such a sad beginning to the story behind G Callen, but from that, we learnt a little behind the man Arkady, who we have seen appear now and then when Callen needs him. He provided Callen through back channels to Hetty with an envelope and inside was a photo of a much younger G Callen lifting a four year old Alina into the air. Happy times for the man who had little to be joyful over in his life. He had nothing to keep this photo safe in, so he removed the tea bags out of the tea box in front of him and placed the photo inside, claiming it as his treasure box. Was it just a convenience that he chose that tea box? Or did it remind him of the many special moments he’d had with Hetty whom had become the closest that he’d had to a mother?

Once he obtained ownership of the Rostoff home, the first thing Callen did, was place the tea box on the mantel, which is where it has stayed ever since. Since then, we have seen Callen add small items to it over the years. From the small card that he found on his sister’s grave in ‘Callen, G’ (1-24), the toy soldier left on his sister’s grave in ‘Tin Soldiers’ (2-15), photo of his mother Clara Callen, given to him by Hetty in ‘Deadline’ (3-04) and more recently the photos and film strip found in Michael Rhinehart’s closet, in ‘Reznikov N’ (5-04)

They are the only links Callen has to the happiest times of his life: his past and family. It contains his most treasured items that proves that he was loved, and hopefully one day will provide him with his unanswered questions: who is he and whom is his family. Although he has some pieces to the puzzle over his past, he is left with more questions: What does the G stand for? Who and where is his father? Each scene that involves the few items that are contained in the box bring about the most emotional scenes we’ve seen from Callen, who usually has walls built around his heart.

The cave you fear to enter
holds the treasure you seek

[Joseph Campbell]

The box was first used in ‘Pushback’ (1-07) when Callen received a picture from Arkady Kolcheck of Alina ‘my little sister’.


In ‘Deadline’ (3-04) Hetty finally revealed to Callen that she knew his mother. She gave him an envelope containing a few bits and pieces about his past. The episode ends with G sitting cross-legged on the floor of his house. The tea box is beside him. The lid is open and its contents are arranged on the floor next to him. He studies the documents found in the envelope Hetty has given him, comparing information in one of the pages to the small book containing the handwritten list of his foster homes. The last item he discovers is a picture of his beautiful mother.

“I’ve got a small box of memories,
that I’ll never let go.
It’s all, it’s all just a jigsaw.
Even as I get older, there’s still so much that I don’t know.

Wish there was more than this empty feeling,
that comes at a cost.
Maybe once you loved me.
Now your love is long lost.”

Long Lost – Zac Brennan

Click here to listen to Zac Brennan’s song: Long Lost

It’s interesting to note how three of the things in his box brought some sort of comfort (the photos and the film.) But the other 2 just brought more questions. We know now about the tin solder. But do we know who left the card on the grave? Was it the Michael Rhinehart (5-04 ‘Reznikov, N’) who was watching out for them? If so, why does he say, “My daughter?” Or was it his father? And if so, why hasn’t he made contact with Callen as yet?

I believe Callen keeps all his most treasured possessions in the tea box (besides keeping them together safely protected inside) for easy removal if he needs to run. We know about Callen’s past with the constant moves. He doesn’t settle or feel safe in any one place for long. This is the longest he’s stayed anywhere, thanks to Hetty.

We would love to hear your thoughts on Callen’s treasure box.

Many thanks to ChrisDaisy, Richtsje, Mary and sindee for their input into this post; and to Zac Brennan, for his song, Long Lost.

Callen’s Corner: Winners of Challenge #4


Over the past six weeks we have been thoroughly entertained by nine stories that have led us around the world to Russia, Mexico, Morocco, the Middle East, Libya and around Los Angeles. But one thing was found in common; Sam having to rescue his partner, the infamous G Callen. We have been left on the edge of our seats, cried, gasped, cringed, squirmed and sighed with relief when Sam came to the rescue and brought Callen home safe, and comforted him as he healed from his injuries. The closeness of their brotherhood, which extends past their partnership is evident on the show and in all of these great stories. The variety and originality in many of these stories have been outstanding. Well done to a great success for this challenge.

It was great to see some new entrants, braving to post their first story on FanFiction or for their first time entering Callen’s Corner challenge. For those who have participated before, we saw them grow as writers and it has been a joy to read your hard work as well as the many reviews all of you readers left for the writers. The standard for this challenge was high. I would like to congratulate Keviana, CALLEN37, I Feel Possessed, Motsie of Atlantis, ilse23, knirbenrots, mckenna4, Keesha and Shaz1 for participating in the fourth challenge and for all of your hard work. Without it, this challenge would not have been the success it has been. Thank you all very much. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner, although we had many favourites.

CONGRATULATIONS to I Feel Possessed for your story ’Always in my Thoughts.’ Your story was very well written with great portrayal of the characters on the show, leaving us riveted on the edge of our seats as we waited for the drama to unfold. You brought in Callen’s lone wolf tendencies and the story became really intense with Callen being in serious trouble. Chapter five was brilliant with bringing his foster years into the mix, with a great ending and saving of Callen by Sam and Deeks in the final chapter. As many reviewers have commented, we would all really love a sequel to this story please. I will be contacting you soon regarding your prize.

Congratulations to skippy1967 for their most heartfelt reviews. Could skippy1967 please send me your email address so a prize can be sent to you. You can reach me by sending a PM to: BH72 on FanFiction.

Now for an extract of the winning entry:

Always In My Thoughts Chapter 1

“Turn away from us
days are darker and the winters come
can’t remove yourself from what you have done
on the rack where your reputation lies”

Recluse, Neil Finn [Dizzy Heights] 2014

“Do you two have a problem communicating?” Sam asked Callen as they strolled in to the bullpen shortly before 9.30am.

“What? You mean me and the little dummer boy over there?” Callen glanced at Deeks who was already seated at his desk, practicing drum rolls with two pencils.

“You talking about me?” Deeks asked, his face a picture of pure concentration as he attempted to drum faster and faster.

“I am,” Callen replied. “But I have no idea who or what Sam’s talking about. Personally, I think he’s the one with the communication problems.”

“No G,” Sam rolled his eyes in frustration. “You just choose to play ignorant or dumb or whatever the hell it is you do.”

“Ah, sounds like we’re all going to have a great morning,” Deeks commented as he abruptly stopped drumming and started using a single pencil to baton twirl through his fingers.

“I agree,” Callen nodded his head, placing his bag on his desk and easing into his chair. “Did you get out of the wrong side of the bed again, big guy?”

Sam froze half way to seating himself and stared at Callen. For the tenth time that morning he wondered what he had done that was so bad he deserved a partner like Callen.

“Are you actually going to sit down or are you demonstrating how strong your thigh muscles are?” Callen opened the lid of his laptop and suppressed the smile that threatened to break through. Sometimes Sam just asked for it, figuratively speaking of course.

Sam sat down, slamming his palm on the desk, causing Deeks’ pencil to spin to the floor. He stared at Callen before asking. “You do know I can kill someone using my legs? I can demonstrate on you now or later. It’s your choice G.”

Callen leaned back in his chair and folded his arms. “Strangely enough Sam, I have no desire to go anywhere near your legs – or any other part of your anatomy.”

Deeks grabbed a rubber band and started pulling it through his fingers. “Y’know I’m so pleased to see that your ‘bromance’ hasn’t died.”

Sam turned to face Deeks. “I could always demonstrate on you as well…”

“Oooh no no no! I didn’t mean that, what I meant was that I miss not having a partner to banter with.” Deeks backtracked quickly, snapping the elastic band sharply on to his trigger finger.

Sam held his gaze on Deeks before slowly exhaling. He reached in to his jeans pocket and pulled out his cell. He unlocked the phone, tapped the message icon and turned the screen towards Callen.

“Joelle,” he said expectantly.

“Hmm,” Callen responded without looking up from his laptop. Recently this is all Sam wanted to talk about and while it was fun to wind Sam up, Callen really wanted his private life to stay that way.

“Why is she texting me and not you?” Sam pressed.

“I don’t know,” Callen said, his focus remaining on the laptop screen. “Maybe she wants to talk to you about me. Isn’t that what you two normally do?”

“See what I mean Deeks?” Sam called for some moral support. “They have a problem communicating. It’s been what, a month? I’m surprised you don’t still need me to book your restaurants for you and then invite Joelle on your behalf.”

“Ok,” Callen gave up and closed his laptop. “You have my undivided attention.”

“That’ll be a first,” Sam muttered just loudly enough for Callen to hear. “Joelle wants to know if you’re a fan of Alexandre Dumas.”

“Ha,” Deeks laughed suddenly. “Do you think she’s into role play? We know Kensi loves a little bit of dressing up… Maybe she wants you to wear an iron mask.”

Sam broke into a smile as he considered Deeks’ words for a moment. “He could be right you know. But maybe you want her to wear the iron mask. It wasn’t that long ago G, you admitted you would pay a dominatrix to hurt you.”

Callen shot Sam a look that could have killed.

“What? No!” Deeks looked to Sam then back to Callen. “Where was I when this gem of information was leaked?”

“Thankfully, you weren’t around,” Callen answered. “Why would she want to know if I’m a fan of Alexandre Dumas?”

“Well it seems an anonymous package arrived at her door this morning, marked for her attention but with no return address.”


“And nothing. Did you order her a book?”

“Why would I do that?” Callen was genuinely puzzled.

“How about as a gift?” Sam shook his head slightly. He had seen Callen go undercover and turn on so much charm and charisma he practically had women eating out of his hands. But when it came to real life; his own life…

“What was the book?” Callen’s attention was now fully on Sam and he smiled. He was sure there was some significance to Sam’s frustration and about the author that he was failing to grasp. However the journey to his enlightenment was so far quite amusing.

“A dog-eared paperback version of The Count of Monte Cristo,” Sam replied. “No expense spared, which sounds just like you.”

The smug grin which had been present on Callen’s face disappeared as he stared at Sam. “The Count of Monte Cristo? That was Joelle’s parcel?”

“Yeah…” Sam noticed the immediate change in Callen and could feel the tension emanating from him. “Why? What does that mean?”

Callen stood abruptly, pulled out his cell and walked to the outside door for privacy as he dialled Joelle’s number.

“G?” Sam called after him.

“What was that about?” Deeks asked Sam.

“I have no idea but he’d better fill me in the second he comes back…”

Several minutes later Callen returned to the bullpen. He hesitated slightly and Sam took advantage of Callen’s apparent unease and indecision.

“So what’s going on G?”

“Nothing’s going on Sam. But I need to duck out for thirty minutes, so I’ll catch up with you guys shortly.” Callen glanced at Deeks and Sam, quickly noting their confusion as he turned away.

Before Callen had walked more than three paces Sam caught him by the arm, halting his hasty retreat.

“Where are you going?” Sam demanded. Deeks had also risen from his chair and stood at Sam’s shoulder, presenting a united front against their team leader who was clearly on the verge of ditching them.

“I won’t be long,” Callen reasoned. “I’ll be back before Hetty even knows I’m gone.”

“Hetty knows everything, she’s like the Eye of Providence,” Deeks said. “The all-seeing eye of God.”

“Why does this involve Joelle? And what’s so special about the Count of Monte Cristo?” Sam persisted in his interrogation of Callen. He was not letting him out of his sight before finding out what was really going on.

“Indeed Mr Callen,” the authoritative voice of Henrietta Lange broke through Sam’s thoughts and he instinctively let go of Callen’s arm. “What is so special about The Count of Monte Cristo that means you have to return before I realise you ever disappeared?”

“Nothing Hetty, I just need to run an errand.”

“For your erm, lady-friend?” Hetty peered up at him through her thick-rimmed glasses.

Callen looked at Sam who just shook his head.

“You really think I’m gonna come to your rescue? Have you done something to put Joelle in danger?” Sam raised his voice as he jumped to his own conclusions. “If anything happens to her-”

To continue reading this story, please go to:

Many thanks to Keviana, CALLEN37, I Feel Possessed, Motsie of Atlantis, ilse23, knirbenrots, mckenna4, Keesha and Shaz1 for all of their hard work.

Thanks to ChrisDaisy (my partner in crime on here) for her help in the judging process.

Callen’s Corner: Buckle Up and Take Notes


Buckle up ladies and gents. You have been assigned to the Office of Special Projects to update your skills on driving out in the field. You are going to learn from one of the best agents NCIS have in their agency. He’s a ghost, a bit of a legend, but by no means is he a bad driver, although his boss sent him to driving school. Special Agent G Callen is driving today, although it’s normal to see Callen as the passenger in the Challenger, with his partner Sam Hanna behind the wheel. He told his old friend Arkady Kolcheck that this is the secret to their happy partnership: “I let him drive.”

So when we see Callen drive, we know that something interesting is going to happen, such as a car chase after a suspect. You will be assigned to the rear middle seat, where we have seen Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones on a number of occasions reside usually with her tablet on, providing Callen and Sam with intel, and recently a slow food chef by the name of Lily, who they were on route to a safe place, assigned to protect her. The car is a dark grey Mercedes Benz CL 63 AMG, so you will be driving in comfort. That is, until you are being chased by a some bad guys and you are being fired upon, or chasing a suspect and you find yourself mid air being tossed upside down. Will you survive? Let’s take a look at the events that G Callen has endured for the sake of an operation or saving an innocent, and then you can make up your mind what your outcome will be.

Callen doesn’t do well when Kensi drives, so we know that when he’s a passenger, he doesn’t like to be thrown about:

Even though he wasn’t driving, the motion sickness thing was so funny. Hunter had, in her words, made an “operational change” – she switched the partners, pairing Sam with Deeks, and Callen with Kensi. When Kensi pulled up to the scene, Callen got out of the SUV, not looking too good.


Kensi: “Are you okay?”
Callen: “I’ve been better.”
Kensi: “Is it Hunter?”
Callen: “Motion sickness.”

(S3E03 ‘Backstopped’)

Car chases:

However, G Callen has taken himself on some epic adventures behind the wheel, which have left us with our mouths agape, gasping in fear that this may be it for him. Do you remember THE episode I am referring to? Let’s go back in time to the end of Season 1, ‘Callen, G’. Where Callen thinks he has found out that he has a sister, only to discover that some Iranians are after her and have taken her ex-husband (Steve Taylor) captive. Callen was not even supposed to be on the case, so he’s gone lone wolf, but is still in communications with Eric and he sees Callen in the silver Mercedes go airborne and flip over, rolling four times.


Callen has his left hand on the wheel and his right on the gear stick as he manoeuvres, chasing a blue van, which the Iranians have taken Steve Taylor hostage in. He’s talking to Eric through the comms, giving direct instructions on what has happened and where he is going, requesting LAPD backup. There is no time to wait as he drives close behind the van, following it through red lights, narrowly avoiding vehicles entering the intersection. He tried to get in front of the van to stop them, but the driver of the van swerves, to push him out of the way, sending Callen in collision with a parked car. He becomes airborne, flips over and rolls four times, landing on the roof. The blue van also stops due to hitting another parked car. The driver exits and walks towards Callen, ready to finish him off with a bullet to the head. But G Callen is alway prepared. Remember how I mentioned that he was driving with his left hand on the steering wheel? It kept him ready to grab his weapon to fire at the enemy. And that is exactly what Callen did. Three bullets to the Iranian’s chest, instantly killing him. Callen climbs out of the upturned Mercedes and goes to rescue the ex-husband and to help the woman (who he still believes might be his sister). He continues in Agent mode and asks a guy across the road for his keys, so he can find the woman and rescue her. Because that is what G Callen is, a rescuer, a hero. Another person’s life, is more important than his own. Without a work issued vehicle, Callen only then uses his cell to call Eric for intel on the woman’s location. (S1E24 ‘Callen, G’)


Sam had left Callen sitting in the Challenger while he went to check out a suspect in the Hookah café. Soon after he entered, Salim makes a run for it out the back.

SAM: “G, we got a runner. Meet me around back.”
[G moves behind the wheel and starts the engine. In the back alley, Sam hears tires screeching: Salim is running away in a new car…G stops to let him getting in]
SAM: “Two guys, silver sedan. Hang a right.”

We cannot forget the time Callen did that awesome manoeuvre in Sam’s Challenger either:

CALLEN: “Buckle up. Take notes.”
[Tires screeching, the Challenger launches the chase. Sam spots the sedan turning left]
SAM: “There they go.”
[They take the turn]
SAM: “Where the hell are they?”
[But G has seen them and is speeding up- Sam looks at him]
SAM: “I’m warning you, G, don’t scratch my car.”
[A gunshot hits their car from the back]
CALLEN: “They got behind us.”
[Multiple gunshots – G zigzags]
SAM: “Need a shot, G.”
CALLEN: “Coming up. Three, two, one.”
[The challenger starts a donut – Sam is able to shoot the driver – the sedan crashes into a van. The Challenger stops near it. Salim is chocked; he gets out; the agents have pulled out their guns. Callen checks the driver, Sam takes care of Salim]

When they get back to the office, Deeks and Kensi are watching the video of Callen’s mad driving skills, thinking it was Sam until he tells them it was Callen. Deeks is stunned that Sam let Callen drive the Challenger.

(S4E16 ‘Lokhay’)


Usually we see Kensi and Deeks driving the silver SUV, but in Black Widow, Callen is driving, following a suspect from LAX, when they get made and give chase. Much to Sam’s frustration, wishing he was the one one behind the wheel.

[“John White” appears, he waves to a yellow taxi]

CALLEN: “There he is. Here we go.”

[G. follows the yellow taxi]

CALLEN: “He’s going around the block again. Something’s not right.”
SAM: “Cabbie’s taking him in circles.”
CALLEN: “He’s not taking him to a meet, this is the meet. He knows the cab driver.”

[White looks behind, continues speaking to the driver]

CALLEN: “It’s going down right now in front of us.”

[the cab accelerates, begins fleeing (tires squeal). Behind, G. is speeding, pulling out (tires squeal). Suddenly the taxi takes the right]

CALLEN: “He’s stopping.”
SAM: “No, he’s not.”
[The cab has just slowed down; White dives and hits the ground] (man grunts)

SAM: “I knew I should’ve drove.”
[G. stops, Sam gets down and starts running, trying to catch White who is already speeding away]
SAM: “Federal agent! Stop!”

(engine revving) [Callen is following the cab. (tires squeal). Sam and White are running, jumping over a wall, a gate. G. drives as fast as the cab driver among the other cars (horn honking) (tires squeal). White is almost on a new wall when Sam catches him (dog barking. He has only the man’s jacket in the hands; White faces him, they start fighting. The SEAL is stronger. White is on the ground, Sam cuffs him].

SAM: “Don’t move! Don’t move!” (handcuffs clicking)

[At a crossroads, the taxi doesn’t stop (horn blares). It is hit by a car; it ends in a truck (crunching, hissing). Callen stops his car on the wrong side of the road (tires screeching). He runs around the truck, only to find the taxi driver has escaped].

(S2E02 ‘Black Widow’)

Taking an innocent to a safe location:


Recently we saw Callen and Sam with the job of taking the daughter of a senator to a safe house. The seasoned agents were cheerful with the young woman in their care, but as soon as they picked up they were followed and surrounded, they kicked into serious protection mode, which resulted in Sam placing some flares into the fuel tank and blew it up to kill the bad guys. Callen and Sam will go to the ends of the earth to ensure they protect you, even if it means losing a car. (S5E12 ‘Merry Invasion’)

Investigating a crime:


Now and then we see Callen in a Jaguar XKR S COUPE. In History (S4E15), Callen parked his jag down from the suspect’s house. As you can see from the images, it was a good thing, seeing the house blew up in front of them. Another note to ensure that you park away from your destination. Not only did it save Callen’s jag, it also saved Callen and Sam’s lives. (S4E15 ‘History’)

Carrying a suspect in your boot:


Early on in Tin Soldiers (S2E15), we saw Callen driving along the highway, minding his own business. Well as much as one can with a person tied up in one’s boot, that is. The look of disbelief when he hears the siren and sees the flashing lights from a highway cop, who wants to pull him over. How was Callen going to explain this to the cop? He was trying hard to not attack any attention. You could see the relief on his face when he realises it was his partner dressed up as a highway patrol cop on a motorbike. But at least this time, Sam was there, wanting to speak with him, and not some stranger trying to give him a ticket.

So how are you going travelling in the back seat of the Mercedes today? From this evidence, we all have to agree that G Callen would ensure your safety and that he will get the bad guys one way or another, at the expense of his own safety, not your own. He has proven to be a safe driver and one you could rely on when one’s life was at stake.

Thanks to ChrisDaisy and Mary for their input into this post. A big thanks to for the screencaps.

Callen’s Corner: Season 4 Banter

Let’s take a quick look back at Season 4 and the overall storyline before we delve into the banter topic.


The season started right where Season 3 left off – with Callen in police custody for having killed Janvier publicly. It looked pretty bad for our favorite agent, but, in the end, everything turned out to be a ruse – a dangerous one for sure, but they managed to hand Janvier over to the Iranians – Checkmate!


In a two-parter (“Out of the Past”, S4x05 and “Rude Awakenings”, S4x06) the overall story arc for Season 4 was established – a number of nuclear bombs are stolen, supposedly by a well-known Russian arms dealer, an Isaak Sidorov who will sell the bombs to the highest bidder. It is in episode 4×06 that we finally meet Michelle, Sam’s wife who is an agent herself and has established a cover during a past operation that Sidorov used to trust: Quinn – a professional assassin. While Sam is not happy about it, it is decided that Michelle will go operational again to get near Sidorov, who expresses more than a professional interest in Michelle, much to Sam’s distaste.

Callen’s life is in grave danger at least twice this season. In “The Chosen One” (S4x14) where he infiltrates a Chechen terrorist group and his cover is blown, and in “Purity” (S4x20) where Callen is forced to drink cyanide.


Season 4 also featured two cross-over episodes for another spin-off  (“Red” and “Red 2”, S4x18-19, respectively) where a new NCIS team is introduced. Much to the dislike of many Callen fans, the episodes contained an attempt to set up Callen with the Red Team Leader. (Knowing how the G fans out there will react to it, I will NOT write down that name here… you all know who I am talking about, anyway).

In “Ravens and Swans”, S4x22, we get to see a very intense Callen and Hetty moment when Callen discovers there were a lot more orphans that Hetty had taken care of and formed to agents than he had thought. They literally scream at each other, which was a first. (And, for the sake of all Callen fans, I might mention that this is the episode where we got to meet “Dr. Callen”.)


The season ends with Callen’s nemesis making another appearance: Janvier is brought back from Iran to help the team find the stolen nuclear weapons and catch Sidorov. Unfortunately, but to no one’s surprise, Janvier-double crosses the team and Deeks and Sam end up being tortured by Sidorov’s people, while Michelle’s life is at stake.

On a sidenote: Season 4 also marked the directing debut of Chris O’Donnell and he did a great job with that! Congratulations!

Back to Banter

Our team at Callen’s Corner found it a little harder to come up with Callen-related banter in Season 4. For one, maybe because there were not many Callen-centric episodes. On the other hand, the overall story arc of the season focused on different topics and seemed to be darker and more serious than in the previous ones. Callen’s character seemed to have become more solemn  – which was no surprise, considering the events in the past seasons with meeting Hannah Lawson, discovering the relation to and history with the Comescu’s, and having lost two agents at the end of Season 3.  We know that Callen tends to blame himself for what happened, so he may have continued to carry the guilt.

Also, we noticed that Season 4 had more episodes that focused on Kensi and Deeks leading to more Kensi/Deeks-related banter or team-related banter, which is fun nontheless. So, let’s take a look at some team banter first:

Kensi: Well, if you must know, I’ve killed another house plant. That is fourteen since July.
Deeks: Wait. That’s it? That’s the source of you sourness?
Kensi: It was a cactus.
Callen: You killed something that thrives in Death Valley?
(S4x13, Paper Soldiers)


Kensi: Look, I am taking a leap here with this babysitting thing. It would be really nice to have my partner there to back me up. That is, if he takes me up on it.
Deeks: You want to play house?
Callen: They want to play house, Sam. At your house, when you’re not there.
Sam: Oh, yeah? I have nanny cams. Everywhere.
Deeks: That’s okay, ’cause I do some of my best work on camera.
Kensi: Oh, thank you for an image I will never be able to get out of my head.
Sam: Priceless!
(S4x21, Resurrection)


Deeks: Yo, easy, Wonder Twins. You’re scaring the old folks.
[Kensi chuckles; Sam stops and faces Deeks]
Deeks: No…
Sam: Who you calling old?
Deeks: What?
Callen: I’d choose your next words wisely.
Deeks: I don’t… obviously, I don’t mean old. I mean older, and I don’t mean that from a physical standpoint, because, obviously, you’re…I mean that from a metaphysical standpoint because you have a much more mature spirit than…
Sam: Ah.
Callen: Are you thinking what I think you’re thinking?
Sam: Yeah– push-ups.
Callen: Mm-hmm.

Later in the episode:
Sam: The old folks took care of business.
(S4x04, Dead Body Politic)

Dead Body Politic2

Kensi: Deeks is running late. He ate some bad sushi last night, so it made him sick.
Callen: Bad sushi?
Kensi: Mm-hmm.
[Sam and G exchange a look and a smile]
Kensi: What?
Callen: You know we invented the “bad sushi” move, right?
Sam: Which means we don’t fall for the “bad sushi” move -ever.
(S4x03, The Fifth Man)

Deeks: Do we get a safety word?
Sam: What do you think?
Deeks: I was hoping for a yes-
Kensi: This isn’t one of your bondage sessions, Deeks.
Deeks: She’s kidding, but if you hear me yell “noodles” that means I’m in trouble.
Callen: If I hear you yell “noodles” I’m gonna shoot you myself.
(S4x12 Kill House)


Nevertheless, they were there – those funny and classic Callen and Sam moments that always remind us why these two have the best bromance on TV ever:

Callen: She blew me off.
Sam: I ignore you all the time, it never bothered you before.
Callen: Something’s up.
Sam: Somethings’s always up with Hetty.
(S4x08, Collateral)

Sam: I hate clowns.
Callen: Yep, not nearly as funny when they are dead, are they?
(S4x09, The Gold Standard)

The Gold Standard

Callen: You sure you’re not hungry?
Sam: Not now. What the hell is that?
Callen: Fish tacos.
Sam: What kind of fish?
Callen: The kind that swims in the ocean.
Sam: Ho-how could you eat something without knowing what it is? That could have been last weeks bait for all you know. Even looks like chum.
Callen: Carlos is the Iron Chef of food trucks.
(S4x02, Recruit)


 Sam: (referring to Callen and Hetty) Yeah, you two are cut from the same cloth.
Callen: Hardly. Hetty is, uh, hand-painted silk. I’m more of a–
Sam: Itchy polyester?

Callen: I was gonna say denim.
Sam: Well-worn denim.
Callen: What the hell’s that supposed to mean?
(S4x22, Ravens and Swans)

 Sam: [sarcastically] Thanks for having my back in there, partner.
Callen: I will take a bullet for you, but wives are a whole other thing.
Sam: I’ll remember that.
(S4x17, Wanted)


[Callen enters first the bedroom – he picks the best bed…]
Callen: Cozy.
Sam: Whoa-whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Why do you get the bottom bunk?
Callen: Got here first.
Sam: G, the last time I slept on the top bunk, I rolled over in the morning and landed on a petty officer
tying his shoelaces. Broke his arm in three places.
[G waves at the 3rd bed folded against the wall]
Sam: Okay, now that’s what I’m talking about.

 A little later:
Callen: You snore, I’m gonna shoot you.
(S4x18, Red)


 Callen: Our boy got a briefcase.
Sam: Laptop probably inside.
Callen: What are the chances of getting that away long enough to access the computer?
Sam: Creating a distraction and grabbing the case 10 seconds, breaking the combination if its locked another 20, copying the files 2 minutes.
Callen: Out-smarting the bad guys?
Sam: Priceless!
(S4x22, Ravens and Swans)

Callen: That whole motherland thing’s overrated. I mean, look at me. I come from a line
of blood-feuding gypsies who keep trying to kill me. How’s that justice?
(S4x23, Parley)

Sam: I didn’t want to go through that whole Parker Pony thing like I did last year,
so I asked my daughter what she wanted for Christmas in June,
and then I went out to buy it right away.
Callen: He hid it so she wouldn’t find it. Of course, as we know, the memory is the first to go.
[Sam, angry, throws the bag into G’s arms]
Sam: I think it had something to do with Harry Potter.
Nell: A wand?
Sam: No.
Callen: How about an owl?
Sam: No.
Callen: No?
Nell: A sorting hat?
Sam: A what?
Callen: A broom?
Sam: You’re not helping.
Callen: Eh, I’m not really trying.
(S4x10, Free Ride)

Free Ride

Callen: I know that look.
Sam: You’re starting to sound like my wife.
You know what they say when your partner starts sounding like your wife?
Callen: Get a new wife?
Sam: I’m gonna pretend you didn’t say that.

Callen: Criminals take Christmas off just like the rest of us.
Even the bad guys don’t like being on the naughty list.
(S4x10, Free Ride)

Callen: Somewhere Granger is laughing.
Sam: Can’t hear it. We’re dead.
(S4x12, Kill House)


Last, but not least: Not really banter but one of my favorite Callen / Sam moments ever:

 Sam: Why is it that every time I try to do the right thing, people get hurt, kidnapped…die?
Callen: You got a big heart, Sam. Like a big…giant teddy bear. You wanna hug?
(S4x16, Lokhay)

Did we mention your favorite Season 4 banter? Or did you miss your favorite quote? What is your most memorable Callen / Sam moment? And what is your overall impression of the events in Season 4 and their influence on the banter? We are looking forward to reading your thoughts in the comments.


Thanks to the Callen’s Corner Dream Team members Vicki, Richtsje, justdreaming and Keviana for taking a look back with me at the funny (and not so funny moments) of Season 4. Also, thanks to for the screenshots and for assistance with the transcriptions.