Granger Appreciation Week — FanFic #1

Anja’s Smile
By: Motsie of Atlantis

Every year, except the one when he was hospitalized, Owen Granger makes a quick trip to Germany. He flies into Berlin from wherever he is stationed at the moment on June 17th and returns three days later. While in the German capitol, he buys a small floral arrangement of black-eyed susans, because those are the flowers Anja loved the most. He goes to the Evangelischer Friedhof Böhmischer Gottesacker (Bohemian Evangelical Converts Cemetery) just off the Karl-Marx-Platz and finds his way to the tiny grave site, lovingly placing the flowers there. Resting his hand on her tombstone, he closes his eyes and says a silent prayer for her and all the others who suffered the same fate as she did. Walking across the street to the Cafe Vux, he orders two servings of Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest cake) with its decadent Bavarian chocolate, the very last thing that the two of them ate together, and slowly eats one as he lets his mind wonder about what might have been. Leaving the other serving untouched, he rises, pays for the food, and strides out of the cafe, the look of determination settling over his face again for another year.

)( )( )( )( )( )(

Owen Granger was one of the brightest and the best, at least that is what he was told, time and time again. When he was 22 he had graduated from Southern Illinois University with a double Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and modern European History, also auditing several courses in at Washington University in St. Louis. Duke University granted him a scholarship to do graduate work, and he received his Masters only a year later. The CIA placed him on their radar and he passed his FLETC training at Glynco, Ga. in June of 1979.


His first operation for the CIA was a two week protection duty stint. He was teamed with seven other agents in three person teams that were on for eight hours every twenty-four. They were guarding a material witness that had been called to testify in the case of a major defense department contractor who was providing shoddy electrical components to Navy contractors. Nothing became of it, and he was then sent to NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, to serve as part of the security squad for the various US officials that had gathered for the annual meeting. There were a few security alerts, but they all proved groundless.

He was surprised when he was ordered to stay in Brussels, and await the arrival of a different agent, one with whom he would be teamed for a new operation. Two days later he was introduced to a tiny woman, Hetty Lange, who would be his handler.

“How do you want to be addressed, Ma’am, Miss or Mrs.”, he asked, after seeing no wedding ring on her left hand.

“For you I am Fraulein Regina Krumm, secretary for Klaus Schmidt, shipping department foreman of Eckhart Manufacturing in West Germany.

“Jawohl, Fraulein Krumm.” he said.

“And you are Ralph Hess. a West Berlin truck driver, picking up materials in East Berlin every other day and driving it West. You will be staying the night in a Gasthaus (hotel) while your truck is loaded. At some point you will receive a list of East German spies that you will transport back across the border at the Dreilinden crossing (Checkpoint Bravo) with your regular load of materials.”

“Do you have any idea on how long this operation will take”. Granger asked.

“It will end when you have completed the mission, or you have been killed.” she said, looking at him deliberately.

Somehow, Owen Granger realized that he had graduated to working in the big leagues.

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Hetty Appreciation Week — FanFic #3

By: Keesha

Written for Hetty Appreciation Week. Hetty + Mechanical Bull + Tequila = Bar Fight. This is set back in season one so I tried to stick to the canon at that point of the series. I did assume while the rest of the team doesn’t know Granger, Hetty does know him. Romania hasn’t happened and Callen is still pretty clueless about his past. Sorry, no Deeks or Nell at this point. When I watched the scene, I got the impression Hetty, Callen and Sam knew what happened but not Nate or Kensi, so the story revolves around the first three characters. I tried my best to keep it Hetty-centric but … well lets say I wasn’t totally succesful.

I hope you enjoy. This was written a lot quicker than I normally work so the level of writing is not quite what it should be; deadlines aren’t my friends. Will be posted in usual style; one chapter a day, if life cooperates, for a total of 6 chapters. As always, I look forward to your comments. It really encourages me and improves my stories.


Hetty sat at her massive, elegant, dark, wooden desk silently chiding herself for being a sentimental old ninny. If Assistant Director Granger could see her now, he’d slowly shake his tonsured pate, scowl and tell her she had finally lost it. Given her state of mind tonight, she had her doubts she’d be able to come up with witty repartee to go back at him. Perhaps, for once, the man would be correct in his analysis of her state of mind. Maybe her mind had slipped its tracks.

If the truth were to be acknowledged, she was being overly sentimental tonight; uncharacteristically so and very un-Hetty. She was being a fool in the fact that the event that was making her melancholy had transpired more than forty years ago; yet tonight, it still had the ability to create a great riff on her soul.

The first salty drop of moisture slid down the grooves in her time-worn face and stealthily plopped onto the object she was holding in her trembling, spotted hands. Allowing the flood gates to fully open, she cried quietly in the semi-darkness that surrounded her desk, knowing she was being foolish, not caring, and feeling very alone in this world.

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Hetty Appreciation Week — FanFic #2

The Last Ninja Warrior
By: Motsie of Atlantis

It seemed strange to come into the Mission and not see Hetty sitting at her desk, a cup of whatever tea she was fancying that morning in a porcelain cup, being sipped and savored by her discerning palate.

Instead, she was in Washington, DC, waiting there to be called into the committee meeting to answer for her actions and the actions of her team in the White Ghost incident. The official word was she had been placed on administrative leave pending a full investigation. The truth of the matter was that someone in Washington was conducting a witch hunt, and wanted to see her, and maybe her team at the Office of Special Projects as well, taken down. NCIS Assistant Director Owen Granger, temporarily appointed to replace Hetty, wondered if she was going to come clean about this so called “anti-terrorist” operation, and tell it like it was – a CIA assassination attempt of an operative that the Company felt knew too much and over whom they had no more control.

Henrietta Lange was probably not even her birth name since she was also know under other identities like Sylvia Cole, Sylvia Martin, Gloria Edwards, and various other names, according to the 25 driver’s licenses she kept in her desk at the Mission, as well as several others hidden in a private safe deposit box, and probably just as many in safe houses only she knew about throughout the world. She was the last of the cold war warriors, and well deserved the various nicknames that were given to her, Black Widow, Little Ninja, the Duchess of Deception. She was all of these, and more. Despite her small size, her presence was intimidating. She had become a legend in the intelligence community, and people, friend and foe alike, had a healthy fear whenever her name was mentioned, whether they had met her in person or not.

Now the enemies that she had made in the various other US government agencies expected her to fall upon her sword and take responsibility for the CIA fiasco that went down in Afghanistan. The only difference with this attempt was that she was wondering if it really was worth her fighting for her position any longer.

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NCIS Los Angeles September Desktop Calendar

September 2014
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Hetty Appreciation Week — FanFic #1

Tequila Sunrise

Quote. “Hetty plus mechanical bull plus tequila equals bar fight.” in NCIS:LA Season One Episode “Past Lives”.

Hetty watched as Sam, Mike and Eric unpacked a few more of the boxes that they had taken to the mission from the warehouse in their hasty move after Lara Macy’s departure.

A skeleton support staff were helping with the paperwork, Eric Beale was in his element setting up Ops, Kensi Blye and Dominic Vail were on a training course and that left Sam Hanna and Mike Renko helping Hetty organize the area in which her top team was to work.

She put up a few more pictures on the wall in the area she had decided to make her office in, it was snug and cozy and she would be able to keep an eye on her top team from there.

She smiled as she turned away from them to unpack a box with her favorite tea set and she placed it on the shelf in front of the partition that looked their way watching Renko and Sam try and decide how to have the desks set out.

“G’ll hate his desk facing that way!” Sam said as Mike moved it round, “He likes to be able to see all around him.” He said.

“Maybe, but he’s not here Sam, he isn’t going to be back for another two months so what does it matter.” He sighed collapsing into what would be Callen’s chair. He laughed, “I’ll bet he’s pleased that he doesn’t have to do this.”

Sam rolled his eyes at the man, had anyone but Renko said that he’d have gone for him, but Mike and Callen had been friends for years so he knew there was no malice.

“Probably, but right now he’s resting, and you know how hard it is to make him do that.” Sam pointed out.

Renko nodded and they both got back to their tasks and trying not to think how close they had come to losing a good friend.

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August Desktop Calendar
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