NCISLA 150 Moments: Suggestion Thread #4 – OMG Moment[(010173)23-26-50]
NCIS Los Angeles has us on the edge of our seats mostly all of the time… we’ve covered ‘Explosions’ and ‘Chases’ already in our “NCISLA 150 Moments” so now let’s hear

What are your favorite OMG Moments ??

Here is how it works… We’re posting a ‘Suggestion Thread’ with a certain topic (in this case: OMG moments) and YOU ALL can leave a (or many) comments with YOUR favorite moments regarding this topic.
After we have collected all your favorite moments to our topics we will start polls to find out the ’10 Favorite Moments’ of each topic.
And voilá we’ll have our ‘150 NCISLA Moments’ in no time…

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NCISLA 150 Fundraiser

Like addressed before production nears the 150th episode of NCIS Los Angeles and it’s time to celebrate.

Though our gift of Personalized M&M’s were a huge success and big time fun for the 100th episode we decided against sending a gift this time and instead do something good (we know, chocolate is ‘good’… :) ).

Since most of the NCISLA Cast & Crew are animals lovers and probably many of you are as well we decided to set up a fundraiser at BEST FRIENDS to Save Them All.

Our goal is to collect 1,500 USD by the time of the production of episode 150 which should be around the end of August.

We know NCISLAFamilia can do this so help us and spread the word everywhere you are !! Every penny counts…

Donations are possible from all around the world. And even when you don’t have a credit card you can participate. Send the money via PayPal to with the note “Best Friends Donation” and we’ll forward it to Best Friends in your name.


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