NCIS Los Angeles Season Six Mega Buzz via TV Guide

How long will Talia be sticking around on NCIS: LA? — Mary

Sorry, Densi ‘shippers: It doesn’t like Talia (Mercedes Masohn) is going anywhere soon. “We love this character,” executive producer Shane Brennan says. “Without a doubt we’ll be bringing her back.”

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Chris O’Donnell & LL Cool J At REDF Event On Sept 18th

I give to REDF because jobs are the fuel for the engines of our economy. Jobs have the power to transform lives, families, and communities. REDF’s focus on giving employment opportunities to people facing the greatest barriers to work is essential if we want to create stronger communities for ourselves – and for our children. Join me on September 18th at the REDF Benefit –

Even when you can’t go to the event you can still donate !! :)

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NCIS Los Angeles Season Six Episode Three **Spoiler**



Filming for the third produced episode of this season of NCIS Los Angeles called “The 3rd Choir” starts today (8/26). It was written by R. Scott Gemmill and Dana Scanlon and will be directed by Diana Valentine. From this picture of the table read – kindly shared by @Jacqniv – we see that Peter Cambor will be back as Nate Getz… What do you think he’ll be back for ??

NCIS: Los Angeles will be back with its Sixth Season on Monday September 29th at 10pm — starring Chris O’Donnell, LL Cool J, Linda Hunt, Daniela Ruah, Barrett Foa, Eric Christian Olsen, Renée Felice Smith and Miguel Ferrer.

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Callen Appreciation Week — FanFic Call[(049792)21-46-51]
Ever since the ending of Season One we’re aware that Special Agent G Callen spent his childhood and youth in no less than 37 foster homes… there have been more bad than good…
What if G Callen would take time off of his nowadays work filled schedule and re-visit the “good” foster homes to say Thank You to the people ??

- Write a one shot about ‘G Callen Re-Visiting Old Foster Homes To Say Thank You’… Other team members can occur but remember it’s #CallenAppreciationWeek so the focus should lie on him.
- Post the story on
- Put #CallenAppreciationWeek in the summary
- Allow guests to comment
- Publish your ‘Callen Story’ until September 22th


Thanks a lot to Motsie of Atlantis for this great story idea…

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NCIS Los Angeles Season Six BTS Action

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August Desktop Calendar
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