Eric Beale: The Wizard of Ops

He’s been with the team right from the start, since „Legend 1 & 2“, the crossover with NCIS, and even though he is not the one who physically chases the bad guys, his skills often make a difference when it comes to finding a lead or solving a case. Therefore we think it’s high time we take a closer look at our favorite geek: Tech Operator Eric Beale.

The Chosen One
Eric is not a trained field agent and therefore not the one to take on dangerous situations (well, normally) but his (respectively as off Season 2, his and Nell’s) skills and quick thinking often prove to be as important as the qualities of the other team members. Their means are not always legal, but definitely effective.

With the introduction of Nell in S2 Eric’s role gained another dynamic. Everybody in the team works with a partner, therefore it was only a logical move to team Eric up as well. Their teamwork is impressive – after a slightly „bumpy“ start, Eric and Nell work perfect together, and thus Eric’s significance for the team and his character became more prominent. Working alongside a „similar“ character gave Eric more „room to grow“, on a professional basis as well as a personal one.

The Watchers

Over the five seasons, we learned some private things about Eric, too:

  • he is a surfer
  • he loves polar bear pajamas
  • he helped design and build a wind- and solar-powered clinic in Guatemala during his vacation time
  • he collects action figures
  • he has an Albert Einstein tattoo on his right upper arm
  • he is a member of the Audobon Society
  • he has been banned from Las Vegas
  • he once went on a date with Abby from NCIS in Washington

– to mention just a few.

Eric Collage Personal Kopie
The focus, however, is of course laid on the work and the team.


Eric (and Nell) are as much a part of the team as the four field agents are. In the course of the seasons they all have grown closer, they spend more quality time together and Eric enjoys being such a vital part of the team. He loves his work and he is proud of what he does.

When Eric talks to Ira in the boathouse in „Zero Days“, S5x18, Ira suggests Eric quit his job with the government and work freelance with him:

Ira: You know we would be a great team.
Eric: Yeah, we would. But I make a big difference here at NCIS.

Eric cares for the team and has a big heart – which is shown when he does stuff for the other team members , sailing close to the wind (and despite being afraid of Hetty!) – such as in „Callen, G“ S1x24 when Callen has been taken off the case and Eric updates him even though he is not supposed to do so. Or in „Higher Power“, S3x11 when he gives Sam his own Parker Pony. He also uses Kaleidoscope to look for Sam’s car, Charlene, in „Sacrifice“, S3x5. He is even willing to risk his job for the team in „Found“, S1x21 when they go to any length to save Dom, and for Hetty in „Fallout“, S5x08 („I hear the Gulag’s are lovely this time of year.“).

And while it may sometimes seem as if the team does not appreciate Eric’s work, such as in „Anonymous“, S2x07:
Sam: Unit number?
Eric: Not yet but – Oh come on! There’s like ten people in the country who could have done this.
Callen: Ten huh?
Sam: Can you get us their names? Maybe one of them could get us the unit number.
Eric: You know, that hurts.

 - they make it clear on other occasions that they do acknowledge him and his work, e.g. when Callen encouraged him on his first field trip in „Rocket Man“, S2x21 (not without giving Sam a hard time, of course):
Eric: Yeah. Well, after Callen told me about how he found you puking your guts out in the bathroom before you went on your first undercover assignment, I figured, I could do this, no sweat. [He leaves them]
Deeks: (chuckles)
Sam: [to Callen] I had food poisoning.
Kensi  (laughing)
Callen: Think of it as truth, re-imagined for the higher good.

Callen (a little reluctant) and Sam also appreciated Eric’s work in „Big Brother“, S5x06:
Cindy: How did you find it?
Callen: Because we’re smarter than you. At least one of us is. Do not tell Eric I said that.
Cindy: Who are you talking to anyway? Who figured it out?
Callen: No one.
Cindy: Oh, is it that guy you said is smarter than you?
Eric: What was that? Could you, could you repeat that last part?

Smart one
And of course he got the well-deserved praise at the end of „Zero Days“, S5x18:

 Hetty: Good work, Mr. Beale.

 …plus a „well-done“ slap on the back by Sam.


Though Eric did great on all his field trips so far, he does not leave ops very often, especially not due to going on an undercover assignment.

His first undercover assignment was in „Rocket Man“, S2 x21, when a rocket scientist (or someone pretending to be one) was required at the site.

Rocket Man
Eric is the only one of the team who does not carry a gun and who does not want to carry one. This was, in fact, the one thing that worried him most before going operational:

 Hetty: A case of nerves is understandable. You’re going into the field for the first time.
Eric: It’s not that, it’s, it’s just…
Hetty: Out with it. What? [She gives him a wallet]
Eric: (sighs) Black Ops… Call of Duty…I’ve wiped out entire platoons in an afternoon. World of Warcraft…God knows how many…
Hetty: Mr. Beale…
Eric: (sighs) I don’t have to bring a gun, do I? I don’t think I could actually really kill someone.
Hetty: Heaven forbid! I have no intention of making you carry a weapon.
Eric: (sighs) [He’s very very relieved. Hetty smiles and claps his hand]

He almost got killed (or „frelted“) during this field trip, nevertheless he stayed to finish the job – which shows his determination and dedication for what he does.

We’ve seen Eric outside of ops a few times since then, for example in

„Honor“, S3x7, as an airport security officer holding up Maeko’s father, Akio Tanaka and his men from boarding the plane – a real classic!


Or in „Out of the Past“, S4x05, where his Spider Man pajama makes an appearance – nice change from the polar bears!

In „Unwritten Rule“, S5x05 we learned that Eric has pretty good agent skills when it comes to using everyday objects:

S5E5_0823 Kopie

In „Fallout“, S5x08, Eric could count on a rather „prominent“ (and unexpected) backup in the form of an armed-to-the-teeth Hetty!

Eric’s latest excursion to the field just recently was, once again, a dangerous one – „Zero Days“, S5x18. Not only did it land him in jail (with some interesting company) but he also had to face a life threatening situation by coming under severe fire. Yet he managed to save Los Angeles just in time – due to his outstanding skills.


Eric’s exceptional skills saved the team – often last minute – on more than one occasion. One of the most remarkable achievements was Eric breaking the internet (and even Twitter!) in „Empty Quiver“, S2x16:

Hetty: What did you just do?
Eric: I used the VNC controller to piggyback the upload with a trojan and corrupt the streaming data packets by initiating stack overflow.
Hetty: In English, Mr. Beal.
Eric: I broke the Internet.

He managed to retrieve important data from that „drowned“ computer in „Found“, S1x21. He is able to build up very deep and layered cover stories and aliases– quickly and under pressure, if necessary, e.g. for Callen as the Canadian paper company compliance officer Gordon Taymis in „Keepin’ it real“, S1x06 or backstopping for Sam in the bank in „Deliverance“, S2x10.

Sam: Eric, I need backstopping. Now.
Eric: I’m gonna need at least five minutes.
Sam: You got two.

How they managed to extract and use the thumb print in „Zero Days“, S5x18 – that was excellent team work.
However, it was Eric’s idea and his skills that led the team to succeed in the end. In my opinion, „Zero Days“ was Eric’s most outstanding episode as off yet in terms of being centered around his character and his skills. This was his case, his time to shine!

Zero Days


A typical trait of Eric’s character is his unparalled ability of putting his foot in his mouth (more often than not at untimely moments) – thus often creating akward situations,  a laugh for the audience and a light moment in a tense situation. NCIS LA magazine’s fearless leader sindee refered to this habit quite accurately as “to beale”. And there is more than enough proof that Eric needs his own dedicated word:

„Search and Destroy“, S1x4
Eric: A few months ago he friended her. Now for you older guys that’s the lingo for when someone asks you into their friend list.
Sam: What’s the lingo for when someone smacks you with a flip flop?

 „Impact“, S5x02:
Hetty: You put a surveillance camera inside a garden gnome?
Eric: Yeah, we call it the Hetty cam.

Fotor0709220952 Kopie
„Hunted“, S1x22
Eric: I’m not comfortable with authority figures. That’s why I do what I do. Computers don’t talk back… Well technically, they can. But even then I can manipulate the voice to make it soothing if I want – sexy even.
Callen: Too much information.
Eric: Yeah.

„War Cries“, S5x14:Season 5 Eric

„The Bank Job“, S1x15
Eric: Because banks have unique security protocols for funds frozen by the FBI. You have to have physical access to the actual terminal to move the money.
Callen: But that’s never stopped *you* before.
Eric: Well, most hackers don’t have access to the toys that I do. I could make us all very wealthy in about 2 minutes.
[Sam and G glare at him]
Eric: I mean if you wanted me to… Not that you would want me to. Not that I would want to… I’m just saying, you know.
Sam: What *exactly* are you saying, Eric?

Another typical Eric habit are his various ways of calling the team up to ops.
I, for one, find myself anticipating Eric’s call every episode – it’s a nice regular feature to the show and a fun moment. And if Eric does not call, chances are high that something’s wrong…
However, since we (the magazine team) believe that this topic is worth its own dedicated post, you will read about Eric and his whistling techniques at a later date!


As a conclusion to this post we’ve come up with just a few of the NCIS LA Magazine team’s favorite Eric moments through the years (aside from the already mentioned breaking the internet :). This list is far from being complete and with five seasons to cover, there is of course, much, much more to say about Eric but we had to stop somewhere (for the time being…). So there:

Eric „driving“ the Segway in „Full Throttle“, S1x17Segway

Eric taking a flower from Hetty’s desk to „compete“ with Nell sending herself flowers in „Greed“, S3x08:
Nell: You took a flower from Hetty’s desk?
Eric: She cuts them herself. It’s a big bunch. She’ll never miss it.
Nell: Hmmm.
Eric: I’m doomed, aren’t I?
Nell: You sacrificed yourself to compete with me.

„Elfie McBeal“ , „Free Ride“, S4x10:
Hetty: Mr. Beal. You have, um, elf head.

 [OPS center. Nell puts a gift on the table]
Eric: It’s a little early for Secret Santa, isn’t it?
Nell: Open it.
Eric: Okay.
Nell: Uh-huh.
[Eric’s smile vanishes: he stares at flashing green leggings; Nell sighs, pleased]
Eric: No.
[Nell frowns]Eric: No, no. This was not part of our deal. You never said anything about…panty hose.
Nell: Okay, they’re leggings, not panty hose, and it’s part of your costume.
Eric: What it is, is a death sentence if Callen, Sam or Deeks ever saw me wearing them.
Nell: It’s gonna be fun.
Eric: Wha…No. I am all for helping children, but…I’m sorry, I cannot do this. I can’t do it. I’m sorry.
[He starts typing again]
Nell: You wear polar bear and Spiderman pajamas.
Eric: Spiderman is cool, and polar bear… It’s different, okay? I-I wear those in the privacy of my own home. People are going to see me in this. There will be kids and the taking of pictures, and next thing I know it’ll be on Facebook, and then…and then…and then a video on YouTube, then it goes viral, then they start playing it on a loop on the big screen, and, oh, my God, Sam is calling me Elfie McBeal…

Free Ride

Eric trying to behave inconspicious, „Ravens and Swans“, S4x22:
Callen: Can you find me some more information on Grace?
Eric: Sure, yeah. What do you need?
Callen: Everything you can find on her prior to joining NCIS.
Eric: Am I going to get in trouble for this?
Callen: Course not.–Just don’t get caught!
Eric: What? Oh, man. Oh, my God, she’s watching me.
[Hetty is indeed looking at them]
Callen: Just smile.
[Eric sighs]
Eric: But then she’ll know I’m up to something.
Callen: Then don’t smile.
[Eric doesn’t notice that Callen is already walking away]
Eric: Okay, but then she’ll think I’m hiding something. Oh, man, look at her looking at me. Granger was right, she’s got that Gorgon stare. What should I say if s he asks me what I’m doing? Callen? Ca…
Eric: Hey.
He waves at Hetty, and speaks quietly]
Eric: Just…
[He runs towards the OPS- She shakes her head…


We want to close this retrospective on Eric with one last sentence, a quote from „the man himself“ at the end of „Zero Days“, S5x18:

Eric End
Yes, you are, Eric!


What are your favorite moments when it comes to „techie“ Eric Beale? Would you like to see him out in the field more? Maybe even undergoing some field training? Do you think he will ever risk it again to place his surfboard near Hetty’s jaguar? Feel free to share your thoughts on Eric with us!

Thanks to Mary, Vicki, Bee, sindee and Richtsje for their support and for sharing their „Eric moments“ with me. Also, thanks to ncislosangelesfan for the screenshots. Gotta love #ncislafamilia!

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Eric Appreciation Week — FanArt Call



This week’s call for all the FanArtists out there…

Share your favorite Eric FanArt with NCISLAFamilia !!

Post a link to your FanArt in the comments so we can all appreciate your work… remember it’s “Eric Appreciation Week” so the FanArt should be Eric Beale related… :)

You’re welcome to share FanArt from other artists as well but please make sure to credit the original creator.

Thanks !! And have fun !!

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Eric Appreciation Week — Word Search

We hid 12 Eric related words in this letter chaos. Can you find them ?? Post them in the comments…

We’ll be posting the hidden words later this week in the comments.

Thanks Mary for helping with this and the upcoming word searches !!


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Eric Appreciation Week — FanFic Call[(030499)19-11-05]
“Higher Power (3×11)”
Nell Jones: Ugh. It’s my mom again. She’s wondering why everyone’s home but me.
Eric Beale: What do you tell them?
Nell Jones: Working. I’m a TV News Editor. What about you?
Eric Beale: Professional Blackjack Player.
Nell Jones: Really?
Eric Beale: True – until I got banned from Vegas.

You didn’t think we would let this one slip, huh ?? :)

FanFic Writers:
- Write a one shot about ‘Eric and why/how he got banned from Vegas’… other team members can occur but remember it’s #EricAppreciationWeek so the focus should lie on him
- Post the story on
- Put #EricAppreciationWeek in the summary
- Allow guests to comment
- Publish your ‘Eric Story’ until August 18th

There will be no ‘prize’ for this challenge except the sharing of your story with all our readers here on our website and the affiliated social media…

And here’s nice little story we found about Eric…

A/N Yep Still away, but been addicted to Barrett Foa and Traci Thompson singing bust a move on YouTube, and thus this little product of my insomniac mind was born.

I will update my others as soon as I get back and have access to my other files.

As always these were Shane’s…and will be again, although I may not return them in pristine condition, I still respect his ownership of them, and if he can find me I’ll fight him for the rights…;P

Bust a move! by CALLEN37

It had been a bad end to a bad week for Eric; He had dropped the ball twice that week in Ops.

Luckily, Nell had covered for him.

The first time he had been distracted by Nell as she moved, just moved and the lights caught her hair, he had missed the bad guys going around the back to ambush Callen and he’d been winged by a bullet in the surprise attack.

Callen hadn’t blamed Eric, but Nell had given him a look of horror as she’d seen Callen go down. Sam had been furious and hadn’t directly spoken to Eric for the last three days and to be honest Eric had been hiding in ops the whole time.

Today had been the worst, the team had been through a lot, and Nell had given him a note. He had grinned stupidly as he read it, “I love you.” It said simply. He hadn’t been able to contain his smile even as Granger came in to talk to them.

He’d found out later that she had sent notes to all the team, her I love you was truly universal, Nell had a big heart and he loved her for it.

“I could use a drink!” Nell smiled to Kensi as they offered to go to a bar after work.

Eric walked with them out of the building but refused to go with them to the bar, citing chores he had to do.

The others bid him goodnight and left.

Eric smiled watching them go and picked up his phone.

“Hello, it’s Eric Beale, I was wondering…how is she today?” he asked.

“Mr. Beale, she’s doing a lot better today, she’s eaten and sitting up, she’s been asking about you, will you be able to visit her this week?”

Eric smiled, “I will try Francine, did my check make it in time?” he asked worried.

“We had most of it, did you not get our letter, and we had to raise our prices…your mother’s care is…extensive. Her physiotherapy alone…”

“I know, I know, look I’m doing extra work tonight, I will get the rest of the money to you by Friday, is that alright?” Eric asked cutting her off.

“Of course Mr. Beale, I will tell her that you will be coming over to see her this week.”

Eric hung up and walked to his car, his mother had been a vibrant happy person until six months ago, when she had gone to an award ceremony in Washington D.C. which had been blown up by a terrorist called Benam Parsa. Since then he’d waited until his mother was sufficiently stable to travel and he’d had her brought back out here. He had thought about telling Hetty and asking for some time off, but then Kensi was sent to Afghanistan and the team was a man down and Kensi had cornered Eric before she’d left and asked him to keep an eye on Deeks, to watch his back while she wasn’t there. Eric being Eric wasn’t one to shirk from a task.

So he’d moved her into a nursing facility near to his home and carried on with his work. However her care was costing him money, he hadn’t arranged for access to her accounts, after all if…no…when she recovered she would need access to her funds to resume her life. He didn’t care that right now she had to learn to walk, talk and eat again. It didn’t matter that she didn’t know who he was. She was his mother and he loved her. The only problem was that his wages from NCIS didn’t cover his living expenses and his mothers.

So he’d taken an evening job, the boss knew he worked odd hours and provided he did his job here well, the boss was fine about him changing shifts, besides on nights he worked he usually worked up the crowd to a frenzy and get a great lot of custom.

He pulled up at the back of the bar and nodded to Jon on the door.

“Hey Jon.” He said with a small smile.

“Barratt!” Jon smiled.

Eric waited as he unlocked the door, “Got a big crowd in tonight. Traci’s on shift too!”

Eric nodded at Jon and gulped. “Sure, great more tips.” He smiled and went to the dressing room at the back.

“So why here?” Deeks asked as they pulled up to the bar.

“They got a kickin’ music act but its hit and miss when he’s on.” Kensi said with a grin. She’d heard about Barrett Ford from a friend and she really needed to listen to some good music, “Come on…” she said getting out of the car, “It’ll be great!” she enthused walking over to the car where Callen, Sam and Nell sat.

“Come on! If he’s there the act will start in ten minutes!” Kensi bounced on her heels.

“Do you think he will be?” Nell asked.

“Who will be?” Callen asked.

“BARRETT FORD!” Kensi and Nell squealed as the boys laughed.

“Who’s that?” Sam asked.

“Only the best singing sensation this side of the San Andreas Fault.” Nell sighed, “He’s awesome, my friend taped his singing, he’s so good.”

“Did she get him on film?” Kensi asked.

Nell shook her head, “Nope. Camera’s aren’t allowed.” She sighed, “I heard he was a hottie!”

“Maybe we should go somewhere…..else?” he said but realized he was talking to an empty door as the girls walked towards the bar.

Callen shrugged shut his car door and followed them.

They walked inside and ordered their drinks and sat at the only available table. It was at a dark side of the stage, but it had a great view.

“Ladies…and Gentlemen, the Cellar is proud to introduce Barrett Ford and Traci Torrent singing tonight.”

The crowd erupted and the lights went down in the audience and up on the stage.

The team at the table stood transfixed as Barrett took the stage.

“Eric?” Nell breathed.

“Oh my God…is he gonna sing?” Sam asked.

The music started and Eric started rapping.

He started singing Bust a Move, and the group started whooping along with the crowd, Eric was good…really good. Then the spotlight moved to Traci and the crowd went wild as she joined him on the stage. The team laughed at Eric’s dance moves along with the crowd and then he pulled Traci to him and the lights went down.

The crowd roared, he was a hit, Kensi and Nell were clapping and then Deeks whistled.

The lights went back on again for Eric’s second number of the night. He sang Twist and Shout and the crowd lapped it up.

A group of people came on stage to sing with him again and at the end as he turned his back on the audience and fell back into the arms of his fellow singers and the lights went out he thought he saw the team.

He hurried out to the edge of the stage, trying to catch a glimpse of them, but the table he’d seen them at was empty.

He sighed, it was just his imagination.

“Well done man!” Traci said as she walked past him to the girls’ dressing room, “You rocked it tonight, the tips are huge!” she grinned.

Eric smiled at her, “Thanks Traci.”

“BARRETT!” his boss came up behind him, “You were great! Looks like you made over $100 in tips alone.”

Eric grinned he needed the money and this would help. “Great, I’ll be out front to work bar soon.”

“Don’t worry; I know I saw you have some fans waiting for you tonight.”

Eric shook his head, there were usually two or three people waiting for him, he used to smile politely and would sign a piece of paper in his cover name, but no absolutely no photos, it had been a prerequisite for the job.

“Eric!” Nell squealed jumping into her partner’s arms, “You were totally awesome.”

Eric stood there stunned, “Wha…what? What are you guys doing here?”

“We said we were going to a bar, didn’t realize you were going to be doing the entertainment.” Sam smiled.

“Well, you’ve had your laugh, but I have to go back to work.” He said walking past them.

“Hey Eric what gives man?” Deeks asked as they followed him into his dressing room, “We ain’t judging you if this is the way you wind down after work it’s cool!”

“No! it isn’t cool, none of this is cool” Eric snapped pulling off his leather jacket and putting on a t-shirt, not noticing Kensi and Nell checking out his abs as he changed.

“Eric?” Callen said.

“Look guys’ I’m not here to wind down, I’m here to work, I have to work guys…I promise I’ll talk to you on tomorrow, then you can haze me all you like, but right now I need the paycheck.”

“You saving for a new surfboard?” Sam asked.

“On an X-Box?” Deeks added.

“No.” Eric turned away ashamed.

“Eric?” Nell moved to stand in front of him. “Talk to us?”

“You remember that bombing in D.C. the one where that agent, McGee…from Gibbs’ team was in?”

Callen nodded, he had talked long with Jethro Gibbs after that incident.

“My…my mother was there, she was injured in the bombing, I have to pay for her nursing care.” Eric said sitting on his chair as they all watched him, “She was beautiful, she was vibrant a real socialite, she even had a debutante ball when she was young. My mother is from German Aristocracy, she kept up the lifestyle, Parties, awards stuff like that. She was at the convention center for the awards and was hurt, badly.

“Why didn’t you tell us?”

Eric shrugged, “It was never the right time, too much on.”

“Well, we know now, what can we do to help?” Callen asked.

Eric shrugged, “I got it all in hand guys, you go out and enjoy your night, drinks are half off, and first rounds on me.” He grinned grabbing his apron and heading out of the door.

The rest of the night was spent doing the undercover performance of their lives, just for Eric. They all acted like they were having a great time whenever he looked over, but in reality they were trying to figure out how to help him.

The next morning, Eric got up at 5 am, stopped at the home to drop off last night’s wages and visit with his mother, who was as usual fast asleep. He kissed her and headed into work.

Dropping his bag by his desk he had just logged on when his phone rang.

“This is Eric?” he said calmly into the phone.

“Mr. Beale will you come to my office please?” Hetty asked.

“Sure, on my way.” He jogged down the stairs ignoring the look that Callen, who was the only one there, was giving him.

“Hetty?” Eric said knocking on the post where, if she had a door, a door would have been.

“Mr. Beale, come in…” she said handing him a cup of tea and gesturing to a large chair near her desk. “About your mother…” she started.

Eric put his cup down. “She’s fine, we’re fine,” He said automatically.

Hetty watched as he squirmed for a moment, “Eric…I have to go to Washington soon…I may be a while, I want to help…You are essential to the team and I need you on this team, to watch over them for me. You need to have your head 100% in the game.”

“I do Hetty!” Eric protested, “I haven’t let the team down…Have I?” he asked.

“No…No Mr. Beale, you haven’t let any of us down, not at all, I just need to be reassured that while I cannot be here to watch over the team that the best person I know of is in Ops watching out for all my field agents.”

“I am Hetty! I do my best…If you…if you want me to quit….” He trailed off not knowing what she was on about.

“Mr. Beale, what I am trying to say is, if it is ok with you I’d like to help. I have arranged to fund your mother’s care, if that is alright with you, by all means if you need to sing, and I hear you are very good, please do so, but you don’t need to do it.”

“Why?” Eric asked amazed.

“I have known your mother for a long time, she is a good woman, who did a lot to help others less fortunate than herself and I am only too pleased to be able to give back, I owe your grandmother.”

Eric looked at her confused.

“Your Mother was a child when I was small, and her mother rescued me from a labor camp and brought me to America. I would be pleased if you would allow me to repay the favor.”

Eric nodded stunned, “Th…thank you Hetty.” He stood up to go as the others started to file in for the morning.

“Oh and Mr. Beale!” she called loud enough for the other’s to hear.

“Yes Hetty?” he replied turning back to her.

“I expect to see a display of your talents at the works Christmas party, I hear you can bust a move!” she smiled as he turned read and practically ran up the stairs.

Callen smiled and nodded at Hetty, Eric was going to be fine and hopefully, so was the team.

He turned to get on with the day not knowing what the day was going to bring them all.

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Eric Appreciation Week — Jigsaw Puzzle

Online jigsaw puzzles from

Post your time in the comments and see how the other fans are doing.


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