Dear NCIS Los Angeles,

I remember as if it was yesterday when your mother introduced us over six years ago… you immediately became a big part of my life… soon you were my new love, my new joy, my new ‘purpose’…

Over the years our relationship grew stronger because you managed to make me better… you gave me new things to learn, new adventures to pass and new people to meet.
Especially for the latter I will always be grateful for, cherish you and love you for !!

You were a steady part of my life… your characters became a part of my family… I laughed with them, I cried with them, I longed with them and I feared for them… this went on for quite some time – and boy did we have a blast together !!

But then something changed – I started loosing interest… At first I didn’t wanted to admit it and tried to ignore my new feelings… Afterall you had done nothing wrong – How heartless was I to abandon you after all this time ??

I’m writing these lines to let you know that I cannot ignore my feelings any longer… it wouldn’t be fair to both of us… I need to move on… Believe me, it’s not you – it’s me !! I can’t appreciate you any longer like you deserve to be appreciated…

Like I said, I will always be grateful for the time we had together and I am happy to know there are people out there who still love you like I once did.

Wishing you all the best for a hopefully long future !!

Love always,

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All information about NCIS Los Angeles will stay online for everyone to find and re-read but no new information will be added.

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Thanks to all my readers for the years of loyalty !! Like stated above – meeting YOU was the best a girl can hope for !!
CU (somewhere else in fandom-world) sindee
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NCIS Los Angeles ‘Cancel Christmas’ Review by A Virtual Scrawl


‘Cancel Christmas’ is another fun-filled forty-three minutes where the case yet again plays second fiddle to the characters, meaning there is a little something for fans and followers of all characters.  There are insights into Callen and his relationship with Joelle, important conversations between Deeks and Kensi, and Sam is once again panicking over Christmas.  Nell and Eric are indulging in their dressing up fantasies, Granger is confirmed as the Grinch, with a twist, and Hetty is – well, just Hetty!  Overall the Christmas spirit and humour was overflowing, and those on the naughty list got their comeuppance.

The episode opens with the characters in their pairs, discussing their plans for Christmas.  A grumpy Granger is firing rounds in the shooting range and disturbed with Nell and Eric practicing a dance for charity in the armoury.  Christmas spirit is also lacking when Sam picks up Callen, berating him for not decorating his house, and prompting Callen to show off his sole Christmas card.  The card is from his nemesis, Marcel Janvier, who sends Callen one every year from his supermax cell.  Callen finds this amusing whereas Sam is alarmed, especially as the card is next to a photo of his family.  Is this some foreshadowing?  Janvier is one villain who may return with a vengeance at some point, and hopefully when everyone least expects it.

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NCIS: Los Angeles “Cancel Christmas” Picture Review by Mogorva

Ho-ho-ho… Christmas present: poisoned and hit by a truck. Happy Holidays!

Ummm… Christmas prom?

OK, elves: check. Grinch: check.

Best holiday decoration, ever. At least he has a table and two seats now.

Once you’ve made a friend, they’ll never forget you… LOL.

„Christmas came early…” Well, once a year everyone deserves it…

Ok, breakup, but no breakup? WTF? At least they get to drive around in Elliott from Open Season.

„Why do families have complicate everything?” Well, because they’re families.

#snort. And she’s dressed like Santa.

Dead body no2? It’s a huge christmas gift…

Why do people get drunk before christmas? It’s not the „worship the alcohol” holiday…


The magic of nonexistent warpspeed video enhancing.

„You just meditated through 200 rounds.” Wow. That’s a lot of lead.

Is the Christmas cookie burning?

That was a good talk. It might had some lasting effects on the participants.

„No more secrets.” Easier said than done. And it awfully sounds like the closing words for the whole IA storyline. #nothappy

Wow, Callen has the Christmas spirit…

Whaat? He knows this woman’s mother? And she shot him?

Interesting bunch of names… Poor dog is the safe?

It’s not nice to put the dogs behind bars…

Well, that missed. What a luck Callen knew beforehand what, how and where he was planning to do…

So, christmas present wrapped and tied with a bow. Or handcuffs. Those work too.


What the…?

Is that bad or is that good? They’ve lost me somewhere along the road.

Holiday drink for Santa and Grinch again?

NCIS Los Angeles ‘Internal Affairs’ – Review by A Virtual Scrawl


It’s been a long time since the last Deeks centric episode.  There has been little detail on Deeks’ past, his background or his real character.  This may not have been the eponymous “Deeks, M”, however the knowledge that Deeks had been arrested for murder and the question of how he would be freed, set expectations high and gladly, ‘Internal Affairs’ did not disappoint.  There is drama and intensity, plot twists and subtleties, with a healthy dose of humour and some terrific acting by Eric Christian Olsen.

Plenty of episodes have explored the character flaws and background of Callen, however it’s the turn of ‘Internal Affairs’ to reveal the dark side of Deeks.  Glimpses have been previously revealed – Max Gentry is an undercover alias that Deeks is not proud of, and one that makes him think he is no better than his father – it is this aspect of Deeks that is called in to question.

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