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NCIS Los Angeles’ Character Wikis

Sans Voir, Part II
Some members of our Facebook Group talked about working on a NCISLA Character Wiki as a summer project so we took the hint and spared no effort 🙂 to install a new plug-in which allows just that

A CHARACTER WIKI for each of our beloved team members =>

Everyone is invited to add every little tid-bit we know about our characters on these pages !!

Please spread the word about this new feature so we soon have a lot of great content on those sites…

Thanks and HAVE FUN !!

Decidedly Deeks: Fifty Shades Of Plaid

When Merrie and I were rewatching Season 2, we kept on pointing out that Deeks was wearing plaid. When I was asked to have a topic for Decidedly Deeks my first thought was to look into how much plaid Deeks wears.
NCISLA Season 1 Deeks Plaid
We start off with Season 1 Episode 20 “Fame”. He tells Kensi

“Don’t worry, Fern. I’ll be back.”

50 shades of plaid season 2
Then there is Season 2 Episode 9 “Absolution” (one of my favorites) where Deeks says


picstitch (8)

Marty Deeks: Why do bad guys always have such awesome houses?
Sam Hanna: What’s the matter, Deeks? Not feeling your loft?
Marty Deeks: This guy’s got his own Hobbit Shire.
[Season 2 Episode 20 “The Job”]

picstitch (9)

Believe it or not I actually have taken a chair and dragged it all over the carpet to make tracks so it look like I vacuumed… but I was also 15 and my Mom was coming home from work in five minutes.

DEEKS: And then she put her darks in with my whites and now all my clothes are purple, so I look like Barney the dinosaur. I mean, what husband can put up with this? This marriage is doomed.
KENSI: No, no, this marriage is doomed because you are OCD.
DEEKS: What do you mean, because I like to clean? At least I’m not the one that took a desk chair and dragged it over the carpet to make tracks so it looks like I vacuumed. I mean, honestly, who does that?
[Season 3 Episode 22 “Neighborhood Watch”]

picstitch (10)
You know your kids have watched NCIS: LA when you get a package and they scream

“What’s in the BOX!!!!”
[Season 4 Episode 14 “Killhouse”]

Note: While working on this I realized that he doesn’t wear plaid that often but there is at least one character who does in every episode. Maybe that will be a summer project for me.

So which one is your favorite?

Season 1
Episode 20: Fame

Season 2
Episode 9: Absolution
Episode 12: Overwatch
Episode 13: Archangel
Episode 14: Lockup
Episode 16: Empty Quiver
Episode 18: Harm’s Way
Episode 20: The Job
Episode 22: Plan B

Season 3
Episode 11: Higher Power
Episode 22: Neighborhood Watch

Season 4
Episode 1: End Game
Episode 10: Free Ride
Episode 14: Kill House
Episode 24: Descent

Thanks to B for setting up this post with the help of Merrie, Richtsje, Bee, ChrisDaisy, Vicki and sindee.

[1/30/14: Original post; 11/2/15: Repost due to a “certain movie world premiere”… 🙂]

NCIS: LA Stars: Kensi and Deeks’ Romance Will Be the “Catalyst for a Lot of Mistakes”

Now that Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) and Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) have decided to take the plunge into a full-fledged relationship onNCIS: Los Angeles, the next step is navigating the waters. And perhaps the most important question is this: What impact will their coupling have on their approach to cases?

“Everybody’s kind of waiting to see if our work is jeopardized by the success of the relationship,” Olsen told during a recent set visit. “Now you have two characters that are obviously meant to be together, together under the most dynamic and terrifying of circumstances. When things go wrong, is it going to be the fault of that relationship?

“We make decisions based on being a good agent,” Olsen continues. “We make decisions based on what’s in the best interest of the country or the mission, and everything kind of flies out the window when you become so emotionally invested in your partner. … Now [Deeks] has this realization that [Kensi] is the most important person in the world to him. And I think it’s going to be the catalyst for a lot of mistakes.”

Read the whole article on

Decidedly Deeks: Spiraling out of the Comfort Zone


“Spiral” & Deeks: Clowning, Cocky, and…Competent?

Let’s review the events of “Spiral” once more, but this time with a focus on Deeks. While this was episode was filled with some classic Deeks moments, there were some surprises along the way.

One-Two Punch

Deeks started the episode with the first half of his combo, showing off, by channeling his energy into taking on some stand-in bad guys and rocking a sleeveless tee. When Kensi studiously ignored his antics in favour of some calmness, he moved on to the second part of his classic move: pestering her. She puts an end to this as well.

As always, Kensi doesn’t break a sweat while Deeks tries to figure out why the world’s upside down.

Suspect Take-Down


Launching in three…two…

Having the high ground is important. And the team likes to take down their criminals in style. Jumping off of a parked van and launching yourself into a person carrying a loaded weapon is certainly making a statement…that you’re a jungle cat.

Scaling Buildings

"It's a terrible idea, let's do that." But it looks SO COOL !!

“Look Mommy, it’s Spiderman!”

Seriously, what is with this guy and climbing out of windows? Sure, it was justified here and during 3×10 “The Debt”, but cracking a window at these heights is a dangerous habit to have. Then again, with these experiences, he’d make a great window washer (future alias, perhaps?).

Disarming Bombs

Sam has previously demonstrated his ability to disable explosives, and did so earlier. But with Sam out hunting with Callen and cell phone reception requiring one to imitate a monkey, Kensi and Deeks were on their own in a room full of hostages that was primed to blow. But, surprise, Deeks had been sent to a course on what to do (which he apparently failed). With a diagram in hand and Kensi encouraging him to trust his training, each bomb was successfully disarmed. This feat, achieved under the stressful conditions of having a walking mountain mere steps away holding the detonator, should be submitted as a re-test, therefore giving him a pass in the course.

Just think of it as an extreme version of a pass/fail exam.

Team Work

Where does one find a card that says “Thank you for not blowing us all up, now let’s go take down a bad guy”. Does Hallmark have a section for that?

As someone who came to this team used to working undercover and mostly alone, Deeks is now quite happy to have his partner at his side – especially when attempting to neutralize a terrorist wearing a suicide vest holding a dead man’s switch. Although, in this case, while they would consider the end a success, the elevator technician would probably not agree.


With news that all is good, Deeks can get back to the important things in life; hanging out with friends, relaxing, and drowning out any protests from Kensi.

Enjoying the calm after the storm…or is it the calm before the next storm?

To Recap

What did you think of Deeks’ new skill? Is it in character or not? Do you think he and Sam will debate the best techniques for disarming bombs over drinks? Detonate your thoughts in the comment section.

Eric Christian Olsen Teases “Revealing Densi Moment”

On Monday’s NCIS: Los Angeles, Kensi’s (Daniela Ruah) time in Afghanistan will have tough consequences for Hetty (Linda Hunt), who is sent to Washington, D.C., for a hearing about her handling of the White Ghost mission.

But while Hetty deals with the more immediate fallout, the Afghanistan experience will also have repercussions for Kensi, though they may be less overtly apparent. On theOct. 13 episode, Kensi opens up to Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) about her time there, in a scene Olsen describes as one of his favorite Densi moments of the entire series.

“One of Kensi’s skills is her art of self-preservation that she’s mastered throughout kind of a terrible childhood, which is very similar to what Deeks went through,” Olsen tells “The tragic events that happened in Afghanistan for her, she’s fighting so hard to kind of not deal with those things and to try forget those things. And she has a very honest and revealing conversation with Deeks about her kind of inability to do so, to navigate what it is that’s happening in her own head.”

So, in the never-ending will-they-or-won’t-they drama between Kensi and Deeks, will the White Ghost mission and its aftermath bring them closer together, or just put up another barrier between them?

Read Eric’s answer and four more NCIS Los Angeles Season Six Teases on