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Sam Appreciation Week — FanFic #1

Clowns to the Left of Me
By: Motsie of Atlantis

Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right
Here I am, stuck in the middle with you

Stealers Wheel


That’s how they always went in. Deeks, the team clown, was off on Sam’s left side. Callen, whose joking banter sometimes drove him to the brink of wanting to hit him, hard, was off on his right hand side. Of course he should be there, Sam had his back, was his right hand man, protecting his off side just like any partner would do. Sam was always in the middle, ready to go in either direction as needed. And coming up behind, was Kensi, or Nell while Kensi had been gone and even after she returned and still had to prove to Hetty that she was ready to come back to work after Afghanistan. This was the protected position, as the men looked at it, but the men would never say that to those two women. They explained it to the women that they were the only backup for the team. This was their normal way of approach. It was classic. It was safe. It worked.

Why in all the world didn’t they do it that way? It would have taken just a few more minutes to wait for Kensi and Deeks to get there and help them check out the drug sub. Sam could see that Callen was getting impatient. He no longer wanted to wait for the two junior members of the team, who were stuck in traffic or having another one of their arguments about what level “their thing” had gotten to that day, or if it even existed.

By now Callen had climbed up onto the sub and was looking down the conning tower into its bowels. Sam could see the look on his face, the one that said to him, “Come on, let’s do this.”

Sam, the voice of Callen’s conscience, yelled out to him, “G, don’t do it. We gotta wait for backup.”

But Callen, always having the tendency of going lone wolf, had already climbed up on top of the conning tower, looked at his partner and said, “What’s the worst that can happen? We find a couple of drug runners on board, and take them in?” and with his gun drawn, dropped down into the sub.

Sam had to scramble to catch up. It would just be their luck to find the sub occupied, and after a running gun battle in which Callen got shot one more time, he would have to explain to Granger, not Hetty, why he wasn’t there to protect him. Sam knew how Hetty would have acted, but Hetty was not longer there, having been recalled to Washington to give an account of her actions to her bosses. Everyone thought that it was all about the “White Ghost” incident in Afghanistan, but nobody, except maybe Granger, knew for certain. And since Granger had been put in charge of OSP, and Sam had already pissed the man off earlier, he didn’t want to have to go in front of him and explain his actions.

Dropping down into the sub’s control room, Sam was really surprised at how state of the art everything was. This was not something that was just cobbled together by a bunch of drug underlings. As the two agents worked themselves aft, Sam’s feelings about the situation got worse and worse. The sub was packed, not with drugs, but with ammonium nitrate, bags and bags of the stuff. In 1995, terrorists used that fertilizer to blow up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.
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Sam Appreciation Week — Seal And More !?

It was not until early Season Two that we learned something different from Sam Hanna than him being a Navy Seal and loving red shirts. Now after 5 Seasons we know that there are many sides to this character, the Navy Seal, the brother, father figure and the protector – and a big teddy bear – to name a few.

The Father Figure is reserved more for Callen, as he tries to help his partner get settled in a relationship and constantly looks out for him which often leads to Callen referring to him as “his mother”. He’s provided him with a family, including him in his own family – his daughter even calls him ‘Uncle Callen’. Remember when he was checking the blog from his neighbour quoting “tall and handsome with striking blue eyes” or he addresses Callen’s lack of hobby more than once over the season. Their bond is based on their banter – both Sam and Callen worry when they are on cases and are not able to have their conversations… as do we fans, no ?? 🙂

The protective side of Sam comes out more with people who he’s trying to protect. After the kidnapping of Dom he held himself responsible for not training him to the best he thought he could. Again with Mo, Sam tried to protect him from getting involved with gangs and the wrong people and even when he found out Mo had something to do with Doms kidnapping he still felt he could help protect Mo. Again after Deeks was shot he said he was going to make him more aware of his environment giving himself a humble brag “I go to several different gyms under different names”.

Although what still remains a secret is how many children does Sam have? In some episodes he refers to his daughter and in others its indicated he has more than one. It certainly was a surprise when we found out that his wife was a CIA agent. We definitely got the impression, that Michelle is ‘wearing the breeches’ in this relationship given Callen’s reaction when he saw them argue and his remark about a recent baseball game.

Sam was once in the Navy and he still has strong feelings about how they work as a team and not an individual and struggles with assignments he does on his own. “Once a Seal always a Seal” he is quoted to say on a few occasions. His training was definitely a bonus in different situations most of all when it came to him being tortured at the end of Season Four.

He has a special relationship with Deeks. Them being so very opposite led to some tense moments in the first season but it finally eased up a bit after their near-death experience at the end of Season Four.

Being the man Sam is it is interesting to picture him being afraid of clowns, of confined spaces and of losing his partner… naming his cars… using baby powder… watching (and ultimately buying A LOT from) shopping channels… and knowing the art of Origami.

Sam has knowledge of different languages (including Arabic and Japanese) and is able to diffuse bombs. He had a charger called Charlene, which happened to be his dad’s first car and was devastated when it got stolen in a storage unit.
He’s is also a big fan of his material possessions, who else would have a military grade safe in their house to keep a sequined Michael Jackson glove in it?
And what ever you do DON’T MESS WITH HIS CHAIR!


What do YOU appreciate about Sam Hanna ?? What surprised you the most about him during the last 5 Seasons ?? What do you want to find out about Sam in the future ??

Special thanks to Sally and Bee, ChrisDaisy, Vicki and Mary for helping me with this post.