Decidedly Deeks: DeeksMadness Final Game

The last look at the standings:

DM 4

Here it is, the last match-up. Before we get to it, this week’s episode was rough for Deeks and Kensi, but let’s sits up straight, try to remove the Densi drama from the equation, and vote based on the aliases and not the mayhem from Tuesday. Now stop throwing virtual shoes at me and go vote.


Engaged/Married Man vs. Max Gentry

Instead of summarizing the aliases for the final game, we’ll let them speak for themselves on a various important parts of creating and maintaining a cover.

Firstly, about the traits of the alias:MG 4EMM 3

At times the cover needs a little time off: EMM 1 MG 3

 Sometimes the line between alias and real-life blurs: MG 1 EMM 2

However, in all situations, a little humour and wooing can go a long way:EMM 4 MG 2

Final choice, who’s going to win it all?

  • Engaged/Married Man (71%, 221 Votes)
  • Max Gentry (29%, 90 Votes)

Total Voters: 311

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The quotes are from 2×04 ‘Special Delivery’, 2×22 ‘Plan B’, 3×22 ‘Neighborhood Watch’, 4×22 ‘Raven & the Swans’, and 4×23 ‘Parley’; the screencaps come from

Come back next week for the results!