Decidedly Deeks: Hetty’s Closet – File 78-1


78-1 ‘Surfer’
Episode 4.07 ‘Skin Deep’

HC Surfer

Beach bum, surfer, adept at blending into surfing cliques and picking up female companions

Bathing suit, wet suit, flip flops, T-shirt, and surfboard (provided from Det. Deeks’ private collection)

Det. Deeks has prior knowledge of the culture and etiquette. His knowledge is also current as he participates regularly.

The cleaning staff has complained of sand left at Det. Deeks desk, he claims the surfing he has been doing is to maintain the cover. This should be carefully watched.
He could theoretically be recognized by the target(s).

Suitable for:
Questioning Person of Interest within the surfing community which is notoriously tight-knit.

Can be used in conjunction with 78-2 ‘Beach Woman’ but not necessary

Does the cleaning staff have a point?

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Thanks to Richtsje for the picture collage.