Callen’s Corner: Callen and Christmas

S4E10_943 Kopie

G: “…Even the bad guys don’t like being on the naughty list.”
(S4 x 10,”Free Ride”)

Well, it looks like the bad guys don’t really care – seeing that our favorite team of federal agents had to spend every Christmas Eve working on a case for the past five years…

But G doesn’t seem to mind. We all know that Christmas is a very family-related holiday with lots of family values and traditions – something G never really had growing up in so many different places.

He doesn’t care much for festivities and celebrations of that kind which, again, has to be blamed on his upbringing. It is very likely that he has never really experienced a festive Christmas or a fun birthday party dedicated to him in his entire life. (Remember his thoughts on birthdays in S1 x 1, “Identity”?)

…And he does not have much sense for gifts, for that matter…

Sam: “I don’t run around… giving gifts to just anyone. Takes a cold woman to do me like that.”
G: “And you put a lot of thought into that spice rack, and the sweater.”
Sam: “You still have those steak knives I gave you?”
G: (hesitant) “…Yes.”
Sam: “Okay.”
(S2 x 11, “Disorder”)

But he does like a Christmas tree – or a Christmas palm tree, more like, at least in the office.

G: “Where are we going with this?”
Sam: “Right over here – Turn around. Turn around. Turn around.”
(They put the tree on the ground)
Sam: “Ah. Okay.”
Hetty: (puzzled) “What is that?”
G: “It’s a Christmas tree.”
Hetty: “You’re joking. No, no. Douglas fir, Scotch pine, Bruce spruce. These are Christmas trees.”
Sam: “This is L.A., Hetty. Wait ’til you see the Menorah.”
Hetty: “I am SO alone.”
(S1 x 10, “Brimstone”)

What kind of Christmas Tree Callen would have at home, IF ever he has one? How does G actually spend Christmas?
We know that “Uncle Callen” planned to visit Sam’s place at least one time in “Higher Power”, S3, to see what the Parker Pony can do…

G: “Well, maybe Santa will bring it to her.”
Sam: “Maybe I’ll tell her Uncle Callen said he’s get it for her. It’s okay, baby girl, Uncle Callen didn’t mean to let you down.”
Deeks: “That’s messed up!”
G: “You wouldn’t.”
Kensi: “You shouldn’t!”
Sam: “Ho ho ho.”

Most of the time, we see the team end up celebrating together. And, what’s more – in most of these scenes we see Callen smile – he is celebrating Christmas with the people that are the closest thing to a family he has. We also get to experience one of the rare occasions where Callen actually acknowledges this fact:


“To friends and the family we have!”
(G. Callen, Higher Power S3 x 11)

What have we learned about Callen and Christmas in this season’s Christmas episode “Merry Evasion” ?? Let us know in the comments…

Callen for Christmas

As a Christmas treat for all Callen’s Corner readers, we wanted to include something delicious to feast your eyes on.
However, we couldn’t decide which one to pick, so we decided to leave you the choice of which G Callen delicacy you want for Christmas:

The Dreamy Look:

The dreamy look

The More Serious Look:

The more serious look

The Relaxed Look:

The relaxed look



Hetty-Approved Holiday Recipes (At least, we hope!)

As an additional, special Christmas goodie for Hetty, Callen, and all tea lovers, we hope this wonderful Christmas tea recipe spices up your Holidays:

Spiced Holiday Tea

2  cups water
3  tea bags (unflavored black tea)
4  star anise
1 3-inch  cinnamon stick
1  cup passion fruit nectar
3  tablespoons honey
2  tablespoons lemon juice

and, of course, a stash of Hetty’s Michoacán shade-grown agave nectar!

1. In a medium saucepan bring water to boiling. Add tea bags, anise, and cinnamon stick. Reduce heat. simmer, uncovered, for 3 to 5 minutes. Discard tea bags and cinnamon stick. Stir in nectar, honey, and lemon juice. Heat through.
2. Pour tea mixture into four heat-proof cups, floating a star anise on top of each. Makes 4 servings.
(Servings Per Recipe: 4)


For those of you who are more into Christmas “spirits”, how about a Christmas Mojito, which Callen might savor while watching Sam deck the Christmas tree?

8 ounces fresh cranberries
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
20 mint leaves
2 tablespoons lime juice
4 ounces white rum
4 6-ounces soda water
fresh cranberries, optional garnish
(Servings: 2)

1. Put the cranberries, sugar and water in a medium saucepan and bring to a simmer. Lower the heat to low and continue to cook for about 10 minutes, remove from heat before the berries start bursting. Should you have some of the cransberries burst, don’t fret over it. Cool completely.
2. Once the berry mixture has cooled, strain and discard the berries.
3. Put about 10 leaves of mint and one tablespoon lime juice into each glass. With the back of a wooden spoon or a muddler, mash the mint.
4. Add ice to each glass and pour 2 ounces of the cranberry syrup and 2 oz. rum into each glass.
5. Top off each glass with soda water and float a few fresh cranberries a garnish.

Happy Holidays!




Many thanks to Vicki, FanGCallen, Richtsje, justdreaming, Keviana and sindee for contributing to this “merry” post!

12 thoughts on “Callen’s Corner: Callen and Christmas

  1. Tara

    love all the different callen looks, but the relaxed look is different my top pick. The reason, Chris looks really good in blue:)

  2. BH72

    It’s a tough choice. But I have to say all four attribute to the many facets of G Callen that we adore so much. From what I’ve seen of Merry Invasion images and short clips, Callen appears the happiest we’ve ever seen him. Perhaps knowing he was loved (since seeing the film clip of himself as a baby with his Father and sister), has given him some sense of worth finally. Merry Christmas!

  3. Andres/DENSIVEVOs

    Callen ate a big mac`? Someone is making healthy food choices, not really but enough of food, deep down Callen would do anything to get the team together again and Callen looks good in blue or a suit :).

  4. Kirstygirl

    Just have to say You Have MADE MY DAY!!! YAY!!!! LOVE IT!!! =) Callen can come over to my house ANYTIME for the holidays…lol… Thank you for posting this! =)

  5. Linda

    I would choose ” dreamy ” Callen. I think by the look on his face that he has achieved some measure of peace this year. This probably comes from having discovered something of his family. He now knows that he has been loved at some point in his life. I also think that he feels a little bit more secure about his NCIS family’s feelings for him. No matter how they banter with him, he knows that they care. Finally, I like this look because of the food. We all know that Callen doesn’t eat healthy. All that delicious looking Christmas food reinforces that idea. Good it maybe, but we are not supposed to eat too much of it. Now all Callen needs are more Christmas cards. Maybe that is a thought for next Christmas. So, thank you for the recipes. That was a nice touch. Happy holidays to you all.

  6. LasiaMsinred

    Lovely article :)) Great wallpapers and I might try out some of the tea recipes 😉

    Tricky topic if you ask me …
    Let’s take it from here if I had to decide in which episode he was the happiest it would definitely be Merry Evasion,it was a great episode,but I don’t think we actually learned something more about him in it.
    I think he enjoys Hetty’s little Christmas parties bc it gives him a feeling of belonging, being a part of his little surrogate family.It doesn’t change the fact Christmas can be lonely for people who don’t have any find of blood relatives or so-called “real” family. I know Sam invites him for Christmas every year,sometimes G comes by,Sam gives him a present (I still wonder what G was supposed to do with those steaks knives)It’s lovely and caring and I’m sure they see him as a part of their family.
    “To friends and family we have” Callen appreciates what and who he has.He is not the kind of person who takes friendships for granted.
    What I want for him is to attend a Christmas dinner as someone’s brother,boyfriend,husband( not sure what his honest view of marriage is though) or –my ultimate fantasy– as someone’s son! (even though I think it would be insensitive if his father had a family especially after all the things that happened to G).

  7. Sol

    The Dreamy Look, yes. So sweet.
    Thank you for all the photos, articles, spoilers about this great team and… everything!
    From Italy, Buon Natale,(Merry Christmas) to everyone. 🙂

  8. I Feel Possessed

    I’m liking the dreamy look…Loved Merry Evasion, the lines about the big cow named Mac (I literally laughed out loud – and it’s normally only the Kensi/Deeks interactions that do that). Also liked that both the girl and Sam asked G what his story was, before the girl guessed it so incorrectly!
    I don’t like Callen to be too settled so lets hope for some Callen-centric fireworks for 2014 🙂

  9. justdreaming-83

    Can’t decide, guys. Just when I think I’ve picked one, I look at the next. I may just have to keep staring at these pics over and over and over. A tough job. But I’ll be glad to do it!

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