Callen’s Corner: Callen And Romance

Parts of NCISLA fandom were surprised with Callen’s revelation in episode “The Grey Man” that he “has a girlfriend”.

Due to the lack of references to her and the scoops we got regarding Callen and a “romantic arc” that’s in the store for him later in the season some fans were thinking Joelle is out of the game. There were already heavy speculations in place as to whom he might get involved with.

So let’s get our heads around this new information in a round table…

Mary: I am wondering if Joelle was just put in the storyline to make Callen seem “normal” in some sense. After all, over the past 5 years, he has turned down, or simply not pursued potential interests. And maybe there were some dates along the way. I agree that it is in his nature to keep his private life private. The most upset I was about the whole Joelle thing was when Sam was waaaaay to pushy, even discussing G’s personal life with other people. Just seemed out-of-character, and not cool. I tend to stand on the side that prefers Callen single and somewhat lonely. But I don’t want him to be sad and dark ALL of the time. As long as his love life doesn’t become the focus, I’ll just turn my head and “excuse” the writers. Lol.

Vicki: The storylines have been so intense so far in S6, there hasn’t been the time to mention his outside life. Like we don’t always hear about Sam’s family. We’ve been confused over the reference to kids and his daughter for a long time, and only now are we hearing about a son, Isaac and hearing his daughter talking to him on the cell.

ChrisDaisy: Even though I, like Mary, generally prefer Callen as single, I am ok with the fact that they gave Callen some love life in the form of Joelle, it makes the character more believable and „normal“, as Mary said. It just seemed a little inconsistent to not bring her up again all those months after they all „pushed“ him into dating her.
Anyway, I’ve said it before and I still stick to it: I don’t see Callen in a „happily ever after“ relationship. As much as he deserves to be happy, it just doesn’t fit, in my opinion.

He seems quite happy with Joelle, though, which is nice but I don’t think he is anywhere near committing himself entirely to a relationship even though he seems to be longing for it. But then, how can a relationship that is based on lies and secrets work out long-term? It is bound to fail at some point and Callen surely knows that. If this would be something serious he would have at least shown an interest in meeting her parents, I think. It’s a sweet, little romance which does him well (he is much lighter than he used to be) and that is fine – as long as they don’t make this a major part of the show.

B: “What I do know about it is the woman is related to someone that has a connection to Callen’s past, someone that we’ve seen before in episodes,” said actor Chris O’Donnell (Callen), according to TV Guide. “It’ll be fun to explore that part of Callen. He’s such a private guy and kind of a simple guy. … That personal relationship side of him we haven’t really explored that much.” (November 5, 2014)

So if it is Joelle (which it probably is since she’s going to be in the Christmas episode) who is she related to someone from Callen’s past? She could be related to Arkady or a Comescu? There’s also a possibility of Hetty since she was the one who has been watching over him and knew his Mother.

Vicki: Javier’s daughter would be too young – around 17 yo. It’s is someone we’ve seen on the show a few times – only one I can think of is Arkady. But Hetty is from Callen’s past and I wonder about Granger too. A relative of someone from his past does open up quite a puzzle to solve. A SURPRISE Romance, is probably a surprise, because he is still in the relationship with Joelle, although she’s referenced here and there, we don’t get to see her, like we didn’t for ages until the Sidorov case, Michelle. I doubt it would have anything to do with Kristin Donnelly, I noticed a few people brought that up on the comments to the recap. She told him he wasn’t the father, so I suppose everyone keeps wondering if that was true. Why didn’t Callen ask for a DNA test? Just to make sure. I think that Callen is holding back on his relationship with Joelle for many reasons. Who he is and his past. He’s not ready to commit, or perhaps there is no spark there. Which is why a romance will blossom somewhere down the track. Or things go bad with Joelle when she finds out the truth about him or something bad happens to her and Callen loses her. But then that still wouldn’t give him the time to get over her and be ready for a new romance.[12-34-24]

Richtsje: Well… Having heard and seen what we have heard and seen, I think it might simply be another Comescu who’s after Joelle?
Or – I love all this guessing, I do admit – it IS about Callen going to find out more about his father and someone is unexpectedly coming to help. What if he goes lone wolf, all the way back to Russia, and finds another agent coming to assist him? Keep guessing…

ChrisDaisy: My first thought after having read all the spoilers was that it is somehow related to Arkady – maybe a daughter, a niece, or something. Arkady was involved in Callen’s past anyway, he also had some knowledge about his father so this would make sense, in my opinion (plus, I like Arkady, he is one of my favorite recurring characters).

One other thought that came to my mind was Ilena Vadim. She might not be connected to Callen’s past directly but her family is – and very dramatically so. We know that she distanced herself from her family but maybe something comes up, a remnant from Alexa Comescu, a connection to Callen’s past and she therefore makes contact with him. Alexa Comescu did have some details about Callen’s past and his name after all… Maybe this is a little to far-fetched but then, maybe not…

Of course there are numerous possibilities – and let’s be honest, it’s a lot of fun to speculate and then be surprised with whatever the writer’s come up with!

sindee: Yeah, I was surprised (read: shocked) to hear that Joelle was still in the game. It’s not that I don’t see Callen in a relationship or that I don’t like Joelle but, like Mary said, the ‘how’ just didn’t work for me in this case. But, OK, she’s still there… What does that mean for Callen’s upcoming romantic arc? At first I thought with her being in the Christmas episode there would be a big break-up coming up and Callen would be ‘free’ for someone else… but maybe it just means that Callen gets more serious WITH HER… oh, the suspense…

ChrisDaisy: Addendum to the Joelle topic: Not only did Callen not show much interest in meeting with Joelle’s parents (maybe I am interpreting too much into that scene but at least that’s how I perceive it) – but he did paperwork instead. PAPERWORK! I mean, we’re talking about Callen here – he NEVER does paperwork… So what do I make of this?

sindee: ROFL Good point !! 🙂

B: How come he didn’t meet her parents? After dealing with the Grayman case and telling Kevin Turner that Goodsell was his father had been watching over him and trying to help him who was now dead probably had more of an impact than he thought. Not knowing who his father is and wondering if anyone (besides Hetty) had been watching over him growing up or even now.

Why hasn’t he mentioned her? Like Sam, Callen keeps his work and personal life separate. Remember we didn’t know that Sam was married until Season 3. Granger, Kensi and Deeks didn’t even know that Sam was married until season 4.

ChrisDaisy: Having rewatched that last scene I am thinking that maybe he was just looking for some alone time to collect his thoughts and to get his head clear after this for him highly emotional case…

sindee: That’s a nice thought… fits his character perfectly IMO…

Note on the side:

ChrisDaisy: I am really racking my brain on how this relationship is working practically. I mean, do they always stay at Joelle’s place? If so, wouldn’t she want to see his home? And if she’s been to his place – what does she make of the fact that his house is practically empty? That should have struck her as being weird, shouldn’t it?
Anyway – too much into detail, I know…still curious, though…

So… we know you have been waiting long for a new “Callen’s Corner” and we dive right into it with such an ’emotional’ topic…
Let us know what you think. What are your thoughts about Joelle? Who will Callen have his “romantic arc” with? Could it be Elise? Kristen Donnelly? Someone related to his parents? Or someone related to Arkady? Tracy? Or maybe the real Ilena Vadim? Another Comescu who is still alive? Questions upon questions…

32 thoughts on “Callen’s Corner: Callen And Romance

  1. ccalicott

    Here is what I struggle with. Sam said Callen was lonely in Mexico, and Callen acted as if he wanted to stay. Callen doesn’t seem like the type to cheat. I wonder why he didn’t say anything then. Also, I want to know how he explains to her when he is undercover for weeks, or works odd and late hours.
    I wonder too if this upcoming episode is the “intense romantic arc” SB was talking about. Maybe if he tells Joelle who he is, she ends it with him, and becomes more determined to search for his family.
    I agree I like to see Callen single. Sure he dates, I just don’t want it to become the focus of the show.
    Great discussion ladies. 🙂

    1. Richtsje

      With you on that, ccalicott! What will happen if she finds out about his real identity? Will she stick with him? Will he trust his feelings, step over his fear that perhaps Janvier finds out and will keep to that dark promise to ‘kill the ones you love’?
      There are so many questions… I love a more relaxed Callen, but in the end I do not need a too romantic storyline for him in the show. It’s the action we want, and as for Callen: I love the mysteries that surround him. Love doesn’t necessarily has to be involved IMO.

    2. LasiaMsinRed

      I totally agree. The Mexico scenario definitely gave the impression that Callen was single and that Sam was aware of it.
      I’m going to be really mad if they make him look like a cheater, yes, he wanted to stay, or like some kind of a bloodhound who likes to have a lot of options.

  2. LasiaMsinRed

    Yippie!! A new post on Callen’s Corner. I love it!

    First of all, I have to say that I agree with everyone who thinks that the Joelle/G relationship is just too pushed, a tricked into something scenario.
    I can’t even tell how many times I read,or actually wrote myself, “It’s not that I don’t like Joelle but she just isn’t the one.” That’s pretty much the point. We don’t have a reason to dislike the character.She seems like a sweet lady but we hate the way she was introduced to us and we just can’t ignore the questions that keep coming up and have been mentioned in this post, “Has she been to his house? What was her reaction?” “What kind of fake first name did he tell her?” “How did he explain being away for 3 months when being undercover?”.
    Plus, all of us ( I assume) dislike him being presented as person who is not capable of finding a woman on his own. I always imagined him meeting someone accidentally, at a super market, the book store, a bar, someone he keeps meeting over and over, they chat with each other,etc.
    Well, that’s just me 😉
    On other note: I do believe he’s lying to himself. He has a house, not a home, sorry, but he didn’t do anything to make it homey, Joelle is not his girlfriend,she’s a woman he’s dating, whose parents he didn’t want to meet, he preferred to finish his PAPERWORK instead of being with her, remember, he didn’t catch up on his paperwork when he got shot and was on 3 months-leave.
    I don’t think/desperately hope she the big surprise aka romance arc of the season. I like the “Ilena Vadim” idea…

    Thank you so much, ladies. This post made my day.

    1. Charla

      Well, SB and others tend to over exaggerate spoilers. I think this is the “intense” arc. Callen tells her who he is. Then we see if she still wants to be with him. He feels like his life is to dangerous for her, or maybe they just agree it won’t work.
      In a way I see it like Nate, and Rose. Nate had to question her, and even though she knew he was doing his job, felt like she couldn’t fully trust him.

  3. Lindsay

    I’m starting to look at this a new way. The “surprise” isn’t necessarily Callen’s, but maybe the viewer’s. WE will be surprised by his romance. (Which made my original thought Nell.)

    That being said, my first thought when I read that Chris O’Donnell interview was that the lucky lady was going to be Amy Taylor/ Hannah Lawson. She’s not blood-related to anyone from his past, but did have a relationship with his sister, the two of them being friends in the orphanage they were living in as girls. I’ve never necessarily thought it would be a blood relation to someone from his past, just someone who has some sort of relationship or connection to the person.

    After this week’s episode, I was convinced it was Kristen, who is indeed blood-related to someone from the past: Callen got to know her when he was going after her brother on a case. The clencher for that train of thought was Hetty’s inflection when speaking of why a father in that situation wouldn’t reveal himself. It was my opinion that Callen was thinking of his own father, but there was a subtle flinch when she said “perhaps it’s what the mother wishes”. On the other hand, considering his past and his desperate desire for family, I find it hard to believe Callen would have let it go that easily. If he believes he has a son, he’s not going to let that boy grow up wondering the way he did. And maybe he’s not, maybe he’s been watching Michael this whole time, waiting for him to be old enough to try and explain.

    The mind reels. And the writers, producers, and everyone else is having a ball causing our minds to reel at such a ferocious rate. Stir the pot, keep the viewers interested. And it’s probably no big whoop. (Unless we get Callen in any state of undress. Then Whoop! Whoop!) But it keeps us watching, doesn’t it?

    1. Sadie

      He might if he thinks the son is in danger. At that point someone was trying to kill his entire bloodline

  4. Claire

    I’m so glad for this article, I almost thought that Callen’s corner was abandoned.
    I just can’t believe that Callen will be able to be in a relationship with Joelle for so long. She’s a kindergarten teacher, too ordinary for him. He would have to tell her a lot of lies and I think that he strives for the truth in his private life (although he’s such a gifted undercover agent whose job is to tell lies). Plus I just read an awesome FF story and Joelle was shot there so nicely (oh, did I really say that?) Just a thought, how did he explain the scars after the shooting?
    He’s charming and certainly able to find a girl (by himself) but a long-term relationship is something different.
    It would be nice if the mysterious lady was Kirsten Donnelly or agent Giordano (from s01e06, with the burgers). Both of them know him as an agent, albeit Kirsten only indirectly… I still think that Jack might be Callen’s son.
    Although I love Callen I don’t want the show to focus much on romantic topics, Densi is more than enough.

    1. BH72

      Kristin’s son is called Michael. An interesting thought – the writers have brought a lot of questions to the forefront of our minds with regards to who “Katie” will be and what happens with Callen’s relationship with Joelle.

  5. Sadie

    This show is unrealistic. 3 of 4 major men on the show and only 1 of them have girlfriends or wives even tho all are in their late 30’s middle 40’s and whatever age Eric is.

    Kensi doesn’t count but at least Deeks dated the entire show even if we never saw one.

    1. LasiaMsinRed

      It kinda is. I wish they would have mentioned Callen’s dating the way they did with Deeks. Just a little mentioning on the side, if they wanted to let us know that he’s seeing women from time to time.

  6. SnoopGirl

    Great topic for discussion. Here are my ramblings.

    1. Callen likes walls & kitchen tables, so no need for furniture at his house 😉

    2. Kristen had moved on and didn’t want her past, Jason Tedrow, interfering with her new life. Callen attempted to reveal his real name but she didn’t want any part of it. Not sure why he would do that as he works so hard to keep his identity a secret except to get her to be honest with him about Micheal being his son (which I believe he is) but even then it was a big risk for him to want to tell her his real name. Not just for him, but for everyone he works with. He may even be secretly watching over Micheal but that could be getting ‘out there’ with ideas. I believe Callen is respecting Kristen’s wishes even though it tears him up inside having Micheal not know who his real father is. Callen doesn’t need a DNA test to confirm what he already knows without any doubt.

    3. Maybe Joelle didn’t ask Callen to meet her parents and that coupled with everything the case brought to light, he sat alone at his desk doing paper work. Big Hug from #TeamCallen 🙂

    4. As for Joelle coming back to light and the ‘romantic arc’ coming up this season, I am mostly confused. I am thinking that it is NOT Joelle but someone new that we haven’t seen before but is related to someone we have seen several times on the show (as mentioned in spoilers). I’m hoping for someone related Arkady. Love Arkady and how cool would it be for Callen to be in a relationship with one of his relatives? 🙂

    5. I am not very optimistic that this ‘romantic arc’ will be aired before the Season Six Finale. For some reason I think this will be the “cliffhanger” for the finale. Sure hope I am wrong though.

    6. Callen clearly isn’t “fine” if a case has him that upset/bitter/angry and he didn’t/couldn’t call his girlfriend for support. Another Big Hug from #TeamCallen 🙂

  7. Domingo

    I am going to come at this from a different angle, using the final and rather nice Hetty and Callen moment and the spoilers.

    I don’t think Callen was doing paperwork, he was searching for information, this episode was about fathers , so he was looking again, Hetty realised this and shut the computer, suggesting he take Joelle for dinner, his reply to Hetty whe she asked if he had met her parents suggested to me that she had not asked him to meet them, not that he was reluctant to.

    The end of the relationship may come if he has to tell her the truth about who he really is and what he does, he has been deceiving her, and even if he protects her in the forth coming episode she may not wish to live with this knowledge, zthe question is ” could she ever really trust him?”

    I do agree with the view that possibly both Arkady and Granger know. more about Callen than they have let on, Arkady certainly has the Russian Contact to obtain further information, but it is an ongoing and intriguing story line.

    1. BH72

      That is a very good point made there, Doningo. We only asume he was doing paperwork. The possibility that he was going over information to help find his own father after the Greyman case is plausible.

    2. Richtsje

      Oh, I love your way of reasoning in here, Domingo! And well, you might just be right. After all the storyline was based on fathers&sons, so it might him get even more determined to find out more about his own father. Who knows, perhaps he finds him, in the end?

  8. Linda

    Glad to see so much interest in Callen. Its been awhile. I am also curious to see how the whole Joelle story plays out. I’ve got a feeling a break up is coming when she finds out who Callen really is. Plus I don’t really see Callen settling down until he finally knows the whole truth about his past. I believe the Joelle storyline was put in place basically to open up the possibility for romance for Callen,, sort of a setup for the arc to come later in the season. I think his big romantic arc will come at the end of the season. I might be in the minority, but I am actually glad to see Callen’s story coming back to the forefront this season. We really only had one Callen episode all of last year.

    1. skippy

      Who says that you are in the minority? I don’t think so. Only because of the tweets from few people?
      I mean 8+mio viewers each week and much less than 0,01% tweet their Densi dreams.
      Being loud (or active on twitter) doesn’t mean being the majority.
      I don’t hink the show would have been so successful without Callen and the partnership he has with Sam.

      1. SnoopGirl

        Callen & Sam are the core of the show 🙂 Shane Brennan knew what he was doing when he picked LL Cool J & Chris O’Donnell for the lead rolls 🙂

  9. skippy

    That is a great post. I love your discussion.
    So about Joelle, my guess is that they will split up during/after the x-mas episode, just because she has found out than that Callen lied to her (or at least not being honest to her all the way).
    I think it is Sams/Michelles fault. What did they think Callen is going to tell Joelle what he does for living? The hole set up was a mess IMO.
    And I am so with Mary. I love the character Callen as it was introduced, so why do they want to change it. The mystery about this certain character is one of the main reasons that got me stick to this show.
    Regarding the romantic arc at the end of this season I think it might be Ilena Vadim (like chris daisy mentioned it). We like her because she wants nothing to do with her family the Comescus and we haven’t seen her yet. So maybe when Callen finally searches for his father she might come up with some information about his past. She must be more or less the same age as he is, Hunter was, so maybe she knows something.

  10. Rayanne

    My feelings are this: Callen was pushed into the date with Joelle. I didn’t really care for her. I think it was because he couldn’t be honest with her. Also she doesn’t know what Sam and Michelle do for a living also. My thought is that once she finds out they all lied to her the relationship will end. Why stay when you are always wondering if he’s telling the truth about where or what he is doing. That’s not healthy. I don’t know who the person from the past will be.. My first thought was someone related to Arkady but after this ep I thought Kristen. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully the wait won’t be that long!

  11. I Feel Possessed

    It is great to see Callen’s corner back and with such a hot topic to generate a wide range of views. Sam revealed early in Season 2 that he had a wife and kids (plural) as commented by Deeks at the time. Deeks’ always had a steady stream of women in his earlier seasons and in Season 1 Kensi was labelled as the queen of first dates. Callen’s known relationships are formed when he’s been undercover; with Kristen Donnelly, Tracy Rossetti. He’s fallen heavily when pretending to be someone else. And as to whether Michael is Callen’s son – I think the answer has to be that his own son Charlie played Michael. Kristen didn’t want to hear the truth about Callen’s identity and in her mind at least, Michael is not Callen’s son. Maybe Callen never pressed the point further as he knows Michael is being brought up by loving parents and would rather walk away than ruin a little boy’s life?

    My personal take on Joelle is that she’s a means to several ends for Callen. He was duped into the blind date so he decided to enjoy it – hence the S5 comments – but the relationship is based on lies. The end of last week’s episode struck me that Callen hadn’t met Joelle’s parents as she hadn’t asked him to. This could suggest that all is not great in their relationship, it really is not that serious or that Joelle senses something about Callen that means she’s keeping him at arm’s length. How does he explain being absent for extended periods, late nights, bruises, broken dates..? I think Callen has created another version of himself, to reassure himself that he is embracing normalcy, with a house that is not a home, a woman he’s been seeing for about ten months that he passes off as his girlfriend. And this helps satisfy his support network of Sam & Hetty. But he was still on his own at the end of The Grey Man.

    Maybe the Xmas episode forces Callen to make a decision. Maybe he has to evaluate their relationship – does he tell her the truth and reveal their relationship is based on lies which could also jeopardise Sam and Michelle’s friendship with her? Maybe he realises he can’t tell her the truth and breaks up with her.

    It’s been touted that Callen’s romantic arc will take place in the second half of the season and will involve a woman who is related to someone connected to his past that we have seen before. I interpret that as we have not seen the woman before but maybe this is a relative of someone like Arkady. There you have a Russian / KGB link which could extend to Callen’s search for his father. I would prefer it is someone from Callen’s immediate past (e.g. from his time in foster care).

    Season 5 was poor for us Callen fans (Reznikov.N excepted) so it’s great that he’s been pretty involved in S6 so far, showing us attitude, vulnerability, passion, handcuffed and wet! As long as the writers keep Callen in character and don’t jump the shark I’ll be happy!

    1. CCalicott

      Ok, I went back and read the interview with SB back in Sept. He mentioned a romance for Callen from someone we already know…..Joelle. I didn’t read anywhere where that romance had anything to do with later in the season. I may be wrong. I guess what I’m saying is that at least for me, I have been assuming that the romantic arc and the mystery woman, and Katie (who ever she is) and what ever else is all connected. What if its not. Maybe we are looking at this all wrong. Either way, the writers I’m sure are having fun tormenting us with all these questions. Well played Mr. Brennan, well played. 🙂

  12. BW

    I think Callen was doing paperwork because he was trying to distract himself from the pain that the Grey Man brought up – one his life is much more similar to this person, especially not revealing self and why a Father, his own Father, does not come for him. His issues of abandonment.

    Like others, I have thought Arkady is the person from his past who the woman will be related to.

    I don’t think Ilena Vadim is an option unless she is divorced or widowed. Hunter said she was married living in Argentina.

    I agree that the “intense romantic relationship” arc sounds like a cliffhanger.

    IMHO, Joelle telling Callen her parents are in town was her way of inviting him. I don’t think he ever planned to go but after this case parents were not something he wanted to deal with.

    For the type of person Callen is I don’t see him dating. Until recently he wasn’t close to anyone, Sam and Hetty is the longest relationship he’s had. Plus the few romantic relationship he was involved in, ended bad

  13. SK (from COOL)

    Originally posted this to my Tumblr a few days ago. (I also think others have covered some things, so please excuse any repetition.):

    Wonderful read, as always. Thank you guys for doing this! I was debating on posting my own musings today, and this is a great segue to it.

    First, glad I’m not the only one who prefers Callen single. I think the show has the assets of Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen that they should be using more if they really want romance. I mean, you could have a t-shirt that said “Densi: Chemistry Guaranteed.” (Note: I’m not necessarily a shipper, but Densi is pretty undeniable. It’s less shipping and more just future canon that needs to happen.) We could also have some more Sam/Michelle. I’m one of those people who doesn’t think every character’s happy ending comes with a relationship, and I hate it when shows push that agenda. (I could go on, but I’ll save that for my personal blog.)
    Okay, that was a long first. Anyway. Second: I’m also glad I’m not the only one wondering how Joelle gets involved. I mean, wrong place/wrong time, sure. But that’s a heck of a contrivance. Not that the show wouldn’t do it, but it feels like maybe there’s more. (Reading people’s thoughts on Dark!Hetty — from Nate/Rose to S5 — lately now has me paranoid she does it to push Callen further in the relationship. I know that’s not even a real possibility. I mean, I think I know it’s not…)
    Shane Brennan’s original hint was that the arc was intense and featured someone we knew and loved. I don’t think that’s Joelle, and unless she gets involved with the software theft with someone we already “know and love,” there’s still a relationship down the pike.
    I’ve been thinking about the practicality of the relationship myself, as well. Like, how exactly did the prison op go? How much communication did Callen really have with her when he was in there? Was this not a red flag? Also, if they’ve been together this long, I mean, surely she’s seen that he’s been shot numerous times? I know there are technically ways around that, but, after a while, wouldn’t it be weird for him to insist on getting dressed in the dark? How would he explain it?
    I really do feel an Abigail Lytar from Psych situation coming. (It doesn’t help that she’s a teacher.) (And now I’m thinking about the Head Cases pilot when Rachael Leigh Cook was Chris O’Donnell’s original love interest. Her character was taken out, and Rhea Seehorn came in as a different one. Much more chemistry.)
    On that note, we’ve been given the Callen relationship spoilers from both JPK and a spoiler source, which seems a little odd if it’s the true crux of the ep and nothing else happens. That’s why I’m thinking there’s more to it. We’ve got Sam’s kid coming in. Hopefully the Callen/Joelle thing also is a good prompt for some Densi exploration.
    I know there were lots of fatherly themes in the last ep, but I don’t feel like the kid was actually Callen’s and that they’d bring that back. I think it was just about his dad, and the whole “Mother’s Wishes” thing made me wonder about Hetty as much as the dad. But I digress.
    Speaking of the last ep, I was honestly expecting Callen to reveal that he and Joelle were no longer together and that he was just lying to Sam so that he wouldn’t worry or bother him.

  14. Linda

    Thanks for providing a forum to talk about this. When I read the promos my first thought was that this was a good way of ending the storyline with Joelle. Don’t get me wrong. I liked her. I thought she seemed like a nice lady and someone with whom Callen could have a good time. However, I never saw her as the strong character that Callen would need as a soul mate. It is obvious that he hasn’t told her who he really is, and that means that he has lied to her. Not the basis for a lasting relationship. If he does tell her, she has 3 options as I see it. She can accept him, and then how can they avoid telling her about Sam and Michelle? Two more people who have lied to her. She can ask for time to think it over. That would lead to extending the story or, she can break up with Callen and that would tidy up the loose ends of their relationship. It would also leave him free to be available for this new love interest that they are going to introduce him to later in the season. I do not believe for one minute that that is Joelle. There are too many things that don’t fit with the description that they have given of this romantic arc. I also don’t believe that Joelle is some kind of agent either. I believe that Callen cares for her, but she is not the love of his life. I don’t even know if it worries him that he has not met her parents. I don’t think so. I believe that the last scene between Hetty and Callen had much more to do with Callen and his own father than with anything else. Having said all this, I could be wrong. We will just have to wait and see.

  15. Mira

    I could tell that I thought about every single girl has crossed in the show 😀
    first I thought about Cherise Dawson S1E4 and oh I got dest on it, and I thought about Hannah who was supposted to be his sister but she is not, and also she could be related to Kilson, he’s from his past?
    and I thought about
    agent Natalie Giordano she would be so good ’cause she knows who he really is, and Kristen I see people think about her the most! I’m not one of them because that’s really hard to go back to her she is married and also she told him to never come back! but we can see could be, again! I thought about Tracy, but I’m not sure why I’m thinking that she is not acting like him there is big difference between them, won’t work, however Paris! S4E18&19 the beer is still waiting? 😀
    and what about Grace? and she related to Hetty! AND Nell don’t judge we all see don’t we? but I imagine it and I say what about Eric? and and how the team will except this which throw me finally to Joelle there is a theory about that, they went date! just a little/big lies first: he have to admit to her that he is a federal agent, and everything gonna work after, if she excepted that of course.

    I’m still thinking about the reasons how would he get into that and how is that going to start etc… a lot of stuff I would like to see him in a relationship (oh Callen in a romance scene)!

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