Callen’s Corner. Hetty’s Closet — File 97-2

97-2 ‘Ivan Kolvak’

Episode 1.20 ‘Fame’

HC Kolvak

His father is the owner of a Russian oil business. Is willing and able to spend a small fortune to have fun and enjoy himself. Likes to surround himself with beautiful women (see note re: Fern).
Slightly patterned shirts in lighter colours (silver/grey), black leather jacket, dark pants; all clothes must look expensive. Requires a credit card with ‘no-questions-asked’ kind of limit.
Agent Callen’s experience in the business and his many worldwide undercover operations make him able to personify a ‘man of the world’/alpha-male quite easily and convincingly.
Especially in interaction with Det. Deeks, Agent Callen has a tendency to bust Det. Deeks for his big mouth and make him pay.
Suitable for:
Undercover operations in expensive clubs and other exclusive locations where money opens doors.
In conjunction with 74-1 ‘Tim’ and 65-8 ‘Fern’

Favorite quote from this episode:

G: Hetty cut a side deal with you, didn’t she? That’s how you got the card.
Deeks: Yeah.
G: So what’s your limit? Fifteen?
(Silence from Deeks.)
G: Ten?
(Deeks still remains silent.)
G (chuckling): Come on, five?
(Silent confirmation from Deeks.)
G: I’m supposed to look like I can spend 50 and you’re on the hook after 5?
Deeks: She threatened me with a letter opener.
G: I guess some people gotta learn the hard way.
Deeks: Why? What are you…
G: We take two more bottles.

Thanks to Bee, Richtsje and Vicki as well as!

2 thoughts on “Callen’s Corner. Hetty’s Closet — File 97-2

  1. Linda

    With his background and good looks, Callen can definitely pull off this alias without any trouble. I must say I do like Callen like this. Thanks for doing this.

  2. BH72

    That was a classic moment when Callen played Deeks over the amount Hetty allowed him to use on the credit card. He played the play boy so easily. Another great undercover moment. Thanks for sharing.

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