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Decidedly Deeks: DeeksMadness Semi-Finals


Let’s take a look at the standings:

DM 3

Did you predict correctly? Are you surprised by the results? Do you have your choices for the final game picked already? Well, hold on because we have to get through the semis first and they’re waiting below.


Max Gentry vs. Sven
MG Sven
They both wouldn’t be caught dead in the other’s clothes

Max Gentry kicked sand at the Surfer and carried his attitude into this round. His appearances in 2×22 ‘Plan B’ and 4×23 ‘Parley’ showed that Deeks doesn’t like this alias, even if it is effective.

Sven pulled the rug out from under Christopher Stone’s wingtips. His short existence in 5×13 ‘Allegiance’ made an impression that has propelled his embellishing self into the semi-finals.

A or B?

  • Max Gentry (65%, 175 Votes)
  • Sven (35%, 93 Votes)

Total Voters: 268

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Matthew Dunkler vs. Engaged/Married Man
MD couple
The one puts up with Kensi’s ‘housekeeping’ and the other would NOT

Matthew Dunkler of 5×07 ‘The Livelong Day’ has proven himself to be a formidable foe as he sent Tim to the back of the line. He has many reasons why he should win this round, which he has organized into a detailed memo.

The happy couple knocked out Jason Wyler (again, that guy just can’t win a fight). They’re pausing here in this round on their way to go buy rings/on to their honeymoon/be blissfully domestic.

1 or 2?

  • Matthew Dunkler (37%, 101 Votes)
  • Engaged/Married Man (63%, 175 Votes)

Total Voters: 276

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Come back next week for the final match-up!

Decidedly Deeks: DeeksMadness Quarter Finals


First, let’s take a look at the updated bracket:

DM 2

Did your favourites move on? Did you predict correctly? Has your entire bracket been destroyed because [insert an alias here] didn’t move on? Feel free to vent about your fellow fans’ choices in the comments below and gather support for your picks in this round.


Max Gentry vs. Surfer
The alias that shocked everyone and the one that surprised no one

Max Gentry first showed his face in 2×22 ‘Plan B’ and re-emerged in 4×23 ‘Parley’. He is a harsh, violent, and rough personality that has anti-Deeks written all over him.

In 4×10 ‘Skin Deep’ Deeks is allowed to surf with Hetty’s permission and that surfer won a tight race with Marty Finch. The only drawback of this alias is you might find him focussing more on the waves instead of the case.

Which do you favor?

  • Max Gentry (69%, 200 Votes)
  • Surfer (31%, 89 Votes)

Total Voters: 289

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Sven vs. Christopher Stone
Sven CS
One is demanding whilst the other is designing

The vagrant-ized version of Deeks got kicked to the curb by Sven, the fabulous interior designer from 5×13 ‘Allegiance’. Sven lives to decorate all over another round of competition as he holds nothing back, accent and all.

Christopher Stone avoided being swept out by the Custodial Engineer and plants his wings tips of 3×13 ‘Exit Strategy’ in this new match-up and refuses to be moved.

Which do you prefer?

  • Sven (59%, 173 Votes)
  • Christopher Stone (41%, 121 Votes)

Total Voters: 294

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Tim vs. Matthew Dunkler
The friend-maker and the friend-de-maker

The alias that gave us ‘Fern’ in 1×20 ‘Fame’, Tim knows all the right people and gets his new teammates into the hottest club.

Matthew Dunkler, of 5×07 ‘Livelong Day’ repelled Fake Robert Turner and has set about sanitizing this round. He may be a ‘different’ personality, but he takes things very seriously.

Which do you fancy?

  • Tim (36%, 106 Votes)
  • Matthew Dunkler (64%, 189 Votes)

Total Voters: 295

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 Jason Wyler vs. Engaged/Married Man
JW Married
From first meeting to ‘love and marriage’

Before we knew he was Deeks, he was Jason Wyler in 1×19 ‘Hand to Hand’. He was an MMA fighter working to join the Blood & Guts Warriors and he was not going to go down without a fight.

The blissful couple decided three was a crowd and pushed out Dale John Sully. Whether they are happily honeymooning or nesting while house-sitting, Deeks together with Kensi fill the need when a couple is required.

Which do you choose?

  • Jason Wyler (19%, 58 Votes)
  • Engaged/Married Man (81%, 246 Votes)

Total Voters: 304

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Come back next week for the FINAL FOUR in the Semi-Finals.

Decidedly Deeks: DeeksMadness Round 1

It’s come to our attention that Detective Marty Deeks has as many aliases as Hetty has scarves. So while the United States colleges are battling for supremacy on the basketball courts during March Madness, we’re pitting Deeks’ undercover identities against each other to find the fan favourite.

For those of you who don’t follow college ball or have friends desperately making last minute changes to their brackets, you may be wondering what we’re talking about. March Madness is the nickname for the NCAA Division I Basketball Championships, or, in plain English, the final tournament of the year for the top US colleges.

Below is a bracket showing the matches. Take a look, pick your favourites, and get ready to vote.

DM 1


Marty Finch vs. Surfer

The ‘fixer’ lawyer in a suave suit against the beach bum who has sand between his toes

We meet Marty Finch during 5×10 ‘The Frozen Lake’ when Deeks tries to extract the Guhrka from the Albanians. It’s an alias from his LAPD days but its life was cut short when the target killed another undercover cop.

Deeks’ hobby meshes with his work in 4×10 ‘Skin Deep’ when he infiltrates a surfing community to find a witness.


  • Marty Finch (41%, 132 Votes)
  • Surfer (59%, 191 Votes)

Total Voters: 323

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Vagrant vs. Sven

 V Sven
The one is fabulous and the other is fabulously scented

Vagrant, bum, hobo, DirtyDeeks, no matter what you call him, he’s a classic. Deeks likes to go method on this one, keeping the clothes in his fridge to keep the smell authentic. This alias is useful in a variety of situations and he pops up often.

Sven was introduced in 5×13 ‘Allegiance’ and he made a splash. As a flamboyant interior designer, Deeks hammed it up complete with an accent. Sam wasn’t as amused, telling him to tone it down, but Sven would not be reined in.


  • Vagrant (25%, 82 Votes)
  • Sven (75%, 242 Votes)

Total Voters: 324

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Christopher Stone vs. Custodial Engineer

The head of the company against the cleaning staff

In Episode 3×13 ‘Exit Strategy’ Christopher Stone creates a scene to give Kensi the opportunity to plant a bug. He’s loud, he’s demanding, and he looks damn good in a suit.

Despite Deeks’ protests, another alias that he keeps using is the custodial engineer. Able to infiltrate almost any building with a mop and a bucket, Hetty keeps handing him the coveralls whether he likes it or not.


  • Christopher Stone (74%, 236 Votes)
  • Custodial Engineer (26%, 83 Votes)

Total Voters: 319

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Fake Robert Turner vs. Matthew Dunkler

Dogs! and trains!

Deeks stepped into the shoes of Sam’s former teammate Robert Turner during 4×05 ‘Out of the Past’. Together with Chaucer at his side they briefly entered the world of show dogs to track down a suspect.

Matthew Dunkler, from 5×07 ‘Livelong Day’, is odd, off-putting, strange, and an alias that Deeks was itching to deploy. This cover excels at convincing people to leave him alone and it is the tidiest we’ve seen Deeks dressed, ever.


  • Fake Robert Turner (25%, 82 Votes)
  • Matthew Dunkler (75%, 246 Votes)

Total Voters: 328

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Engaged/Married Man vs. Dale John Sully

Married DJS
Kensi’s other half and the dirty lawyer

Deeks and Kensi have shopped for rings, had a honeymoon, and house-sat as a couple while on the job. For better or for worse, when the situation calls for a happy couple, the partners are sent in.

When Deeks’ cover as Dale John Sully, the disgraced lawyer skilled in real estate, was in danger, the team extracted and backed him up during 2×01 ‘Human Traffic’. It was this case that made him a permanent member of the team.


  • Engaged/Married Man (88%, 294 Votes)
  • Dale John Sully (13%, 42 Votes)

Total Voters: 336

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Come back next week for the Quarter Finals!

Decidedly Deeks: Densi Minus Kensi

Since Kensi has been gone, Deeks has been cycling through partners. So far, he worked alone in 5×11 ‘Iron Curtain Rising’ while bothering Nell and Eric,

he partnered up with Nell in 5×12 ‘Merry Evasion’,

a civilian was his back-up in 5×13 ‘Allegiance’,

it was a Boy’s Day Out in 5×14 ‘War Cries’,
Nate came back in 5×15 ‘Tuhon’,

and in 5×16 ‘Fish Out Of Water’, his partner was…A RED HERRING!

kidding, he worked with this DEA agent.

So we asked ourselves, how do you think Deeks is coping with Kensi being gone?

ChrisDaisy: From what I have seen so far I think Deeks is doing quite well (at least on the outside) considering the circumstances. IMO he is acting more mature now than he has ever done before. He is still good for a lot of funny situations but he doesn’t goof around as much as before – at least that’s how I perceive it, not having seen all episodes with Kensi gone.

When Deeks shows his concern for Kensi (e.g. when he asks Granger about her) he does that in a serious way. He doesn’t try to hide behind jokes and silly comments. Same goes for the moments when we see Deeks and Kensi talk on the phone – their talk is pleasant, no stupid jokes, nothing too sentimental. It’s like this situation has made Deeks “grow up“ more. Maybe he finally learns how to communicate

Bee: I agree ChrisDaisy, I think we are seeing a more mature side of Deeks. He’s still a goofball, but a serious side is emerging.

Vicki: I’ve just watched Frozen Lake on TV last night, so I’m no expert on how Deeks is doing without Kensi. However, Deeks has been in love with a partner before: Remember Jess Trainer? He was angry towards his boss for getting Jess killed and for trying to put the blame on her. I’ve never seen Deeks that angry since. Yet we saw him get over Jess and move on with Kensi. It may have taken time, but he covered his hurt with humor. It’s his surviving mechanism after the bad stuff he had to deal with as a kid. I think he is surviving, but I’m not sure how he’ll go if something bad happens to Kensi or if she returns and things have changed between them.

And how do you think he’s dealing with having either no partner or someone who isn’t Kensi at his side?

Mary: I think Deeks has done very well. He makes inquiries about his partner, and is obviously worried about her safety. But, for me, it has been good to see him in action, taking initiative, and just basically doing what is needed of him to help solve the case. I miss Kensi with the team, but have enjoyed seeing Deeks as an individual for just a bit. (Sorry Densi fans)

Richtsje: Deeks is doing better than expected without Kensi by his side. He seemed a bit off at first but definitely is feeling better with Sam and Callen I think. True, they made fun of him but he can handle it better nowadays.

Even working with Nell is okay. Have we ever seen Kensi wearing his grey hoodie? No? Well, he lent it to Nell, such a sweet gesture!

And he worked with Nate, which was all fun. The fact that it was Deeks himself who said ‘Why does everybody mention Kensi’ made me smile. Nate and Deeks together were great in my opinion!

What do you think about a Kensi-less Deeks and his interactions with his temporary partners? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Decidedly Deeks: M as in Music


Deeks: Eric, I need you to run a plate for me. 2, S as in Slayer, M as in Metallica, A as in Anthrax, 5-6-4, P as in uh, parsnip.
Eric: Parsnip? Your lettering system is Heavy Metal bands, and you’re giving me a root vegetable for P?
Deeks: I don’t know, man. I drew a blank.
Eric: Pantera? Hello.
Deeks: Oh. Cowboys from Hell. What was I thinking?
[3×04 ‘Deadline’]

Need to run a plate? Spell your last name? Helping someone stuck on a crossword? Never draw a blank again, because we at NCISLA Magazine are here to help:


And for those who would rather not use the words like ‘Anthrax’, ‘Death’, ‘Kill’, and ‘Riot’ when spelling out words to the government/credit card companies/insurance agencies/etc., we made a list less likely to get someone arrested or put on a watch list:


Not a fan of heavy metal or rock music? Check out these other musical alphabets.

Give a shout out to Vicki, who created the pictures, and Richtsje, Mary, and ChrisDaisy for input.