The NCISLA Team’s Lettering System for Eric and Nell

It all started with Deeks, when he mixed up his lettering system in Deadline and Eric revealed to us his Heavy Metal lettering system. So we decided to give the rest of the team one too. We hope you like what we have done.

We’ve chosen a “Musicals” theme for Hetty’s Lettering System, since she has a history with the one and only Frank Sinatra:


Henrietta Lange: “The kitty’s nice indeed.” (S2E06 ‘Standoff’)

Inspiration for G Callen’s lettering system of “Country Music” came from season 1, episode 13, ‘Missing’.  The team had been out to a karaoke bar the night before, where Callen sang a duet of Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias’ song, “For all the girls I have loved before”:




Sam’s lettering system was an obvious choice of “Jazz”, taken from season 3, episode 12, ‘The Watchers’:


 [Callen and Sam are sitting in the challenger on a stakeout. Sam is playing jazz while resting his head back on the head rest, Callen looks annoyed. He moves to change the station on the radio.]

Sam: “Don’t change it.”
G: “How can you listen to this?”
Sam: “Why can’t you appreciate a little improvisational jazz?”
G: “Why can’t they learn to play the same song?”
Sam: “It’s called fusion.”
G: “Yeah! Confusion.”

(S3E12 ‘The watchers’)

That leaves us with Kensi. We know she likes to dance the night away, as seen where she said: “A girl’s got to get her grove going once and a while.” So we’ve chosen “Electro Pop“:


I would like to thank Bee and Mary for their help with this research.