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Decidedly Deeks: The Birthday That Kensi Forgot



The Birthday That Kensi Forgot

by @Phillydi

For Marty Deeks, this year was the birthday celebration that never was.  While on a mission with Kensi, he hinted and danced around the fact that January 8th was a special day!  As usual, Kensi wasn’t paying Deeks’ ramblings too much attention and she certainly wasn’t picking up on any birthday hints he was lobbing from the passenger side of the car:

Deeks:  They found the key to the evidence they were looking for in a birthday card!  Isn’t that amazing?

Kensi barely raised an eyebrow.

After a long day of chasing down bad guys, Deeks overhears Kensi making reservations for dinner that evening.  Of course, Deeks is thinking…. She remembered!….Happy birthday to me!  He even disappears to put on a clean shirt in anticipation of his birthday celebration date with Kensi.  Unfortunately, an intimate birthday dinner was not in the cards for Marty Deeks because Kensi made plans to go out to dinner instead with her partner in crime, Jaime!    As Hetty asks Sam to open up a bottle of campaign in celebration of Deeks’ birthday, Kensi is surprisingly embarrassed:

Kensi:  I thought it was January 18!  

Deeks:  Are you serious?  But it’s my birthday!?

The expression on Deeks face was heart breaking when he finally realizes Kensi really did forget his birthday and had made plans to go out with someone else.  He still doesn’t believe it when he asks:

Deeks: “Hey! I’m the one that’s going to dinner, right?” 

Well, at least Hetty remembered his special day and Deeks would have to be satisfied with the bubbly and a quiet night at home alone.



Marty Deeks is a typical Capricorn and despite being disappointed by Kensi’s inattentiveness, he’s a patient man and knows that eventually time is on his side. He’s finally rewarded when a box shows up one day on Kensi’s desk.  The infamous box has gone down in NCISLA lore to become a metaphor for the Densi relationship.  When Kensi finally gives him the belated birthday present, Deeks decides not to open the box because the gift was in the giving.  He doesn’t need to know what was in the container nor does he want to know. It was given to him by Kensi and that would be enough for him.  According to Shane Brennan the box will remain where Deeks left it in plain sight, in every episode until he opens it… if at all.

In the spirit of NCISLA Magazine’s birthday celebration we want to know what do you think Kensi bought Deeks for his birthday? The most original idea will get a Decidedly Deeks wrist band!  So in the words of Marty Deeks:

                                                        WHAT’S IN THE BOX?

Please leave your birthday present ideas in the comments below or click on the word comments….


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“Drive” – A former defendant of Deeks is targeted for discovering information that could dismantle a lucrative car shipping operation with links to a global terrorist ring. Meanwhile, the NCIS: LA team tackles the large-scale stolen car operation from the inside when Kensi goes undercover in an auto body shop.

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“NCIS” Now at 24.03 Million Viewers, “The Big Bang Theory” Jumps to 23.12 Million While “NCIS: Los Angeles” Also Tops the 20 Million Viewer Mark

NCIS and THE BIG BANG THEORY both added about three million more viewers with live + 3 day lift while NCIS: LOS ANGELES also topped the 20 million viewer mark.

NCIS: LOS ANGELES moved past 20 million viewers adding +2.28m viewers to 20.18m viewers from 17.90m viewers live plus same day. This is the first time this season NCIS: LOS ANGELES broke the 20 million viewer mark in live +3 day delivery.

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