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After a month of voting, a winner has been crowned. But before we get who it is, let’s take a look at how we got to this point.

In the first round the losers included two crooked lawyers, a hobo, Deeks pretending to be a former agent who was pretending to be the owner of show dog, and a janitor.

First LosersRound 1 Losers: We said goodbye to (clockwise from top left) Fake Robert Turner, Dale John Sully, Custodial Engineer, Vagrant, and Marty Finch.

In the quarter finals three aliases that were given a pass in the first round joined the competition. Two were promptly taken down. The third made some moves and stayed alive. The surfer, club hopper, MMA fighter, and good-looking suit-wearing business owner ended their run in this round.

Quarters Losers
Quarter Final Losers: The last game for (clockwise from top left) Surfer, Tim, Christopher Stone, and Jason Wyler.

The two aliases that were outvoted in the semi finals both had short appearances in their respective episodes but had long lives in this game (as evidenced by the lack of variety in the pictures).

Semis Losers
Semi Final Losers: Matthew Dunkler (top) and Sven (bottom) put up a fight, but it wasn’t enough.

I tried to keep my personal picks from skewing the voting, but after some thought I decided the final match was an interesting pairing. As one half of a couple, this was an alias that required another person at Deeks’ side. In fact, it won’t work without Kensi. On the other end of the spectrum, there’s Max Gentry. The first time Deeks goes under as him with NCIS, he refuses Kensi’s offer to go with him. The second time the rest of the team doesn’t even know Max is back. Part of that is due to Granger’s directive, but then he misses his check-in. It was Max, the most solitary of Deeks’ aliases, against the couple which is the most un-solitary.

It was put up to a vote and you did not pick (well, the majority of you didn’t pick):

MG FinalIt was a good run, Max, but the semis was the end of the line for you.

Behold, the winner(s) of DeeksMadness 2014:

Married Final

Kensi’s boyfriend/fiancé/husband laid waste to his competitors, bulldozing a path for him and his girlfriend/fiancée/wife to land in the finals. Their first victim was Dale John Sully in the first round which they left behind with 88% of the vote. Their next conquest was Jason Wyler with 81% of the vote. They faced Matthew Dunkler in the semis and beat him with 63% of the vote. And finally, Max Gentry fell to their 71%.

How do you feel about this outcome? Did you wish an alias had made it further *cough*vagrant*cough*? Is there a modification that we simply must make if DeeksMadness comes back for another round in 2015? Air your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for playing!

One thought on “Decidedly Deeks: DeeksMadness Final

  1. Monty

    Poor Martin… half Martin…
    Martin Deeks was a complete man, long time before he met Kensi …
    Martin is a solitary man.
    Max Gentry always and forever.

    Monty from Roma (15.58)
    Excuse my english.

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