Decidedly Deeks: Round Table, S5 Finale Edition


The events of last week’s finale have had time to sink in and now we have the time to ask ourselves the really important question:

Kensi let Deeks drive?!?


Your Honor, Exhibit A.

While you ponder that, we mulled over some other aspects of the finale.

Question 1: How have the dynamics between Deeks and the other team members changed between last season and this season’s finales?

Mary: There is still a lot of teasing. And Deeks tends to be the brunt of many of the joking remarks (and I personally think he purposefully puts himself in that position.) But he has been allowed join in more of the discussions with Sam/Callen, and has even teased THEM without having his head taken off. I definitely see more than just an acceptance of him… there is a new respect for him.

Keviana: I think the major turning point was the torture recovery. Sam started accepting him more. This season was growth in respect.

Bee: Could you imagine if Deeks had pulled the ‘d-word’ stunt last season? Sam would’ve done more than just give him a passing glare.

Mary: I agree, Bee. And Sam wouldn’t have been playing around. Most of the time, the dynamic duo seemed to ignore Deeks, rather than deal with him. For me, being ignored would hurt much worse than being teased. It would make me feel like I wasn’t worthy of their attention. Woah. Got way off task there.

Vicki: There is more trust between Deeks and the big boys for sure. He is more at home now too. Feeling like he’s really one of them. He’s proven his weight in gold. The season started rocky for the detective, but he’s grown and should really become an agent now. Even Granger is playing nice with him. Deeks and Kensi have grown more too. He can now say how he feels about Kensi. Such as when he called her beautiful in the season finale.

Merrie: Wait, what torture recovery? There was no recovery. For him or Kensi! It was just POOF he’s FINE!!! Very disappointed with the writing and story lines this season. Haven’t seen the finale and not sure when I plan to. They’ve ruined what used to be my favorite show.

Mary: I think the same thing every time they rush through recover in any show I watch, Merrie. I know they have a short time to tell a story, and LA is particularly an action-packed series, but they don’t have to drag out the recovery in order to acknowledge that it is needed, or taking place. And I can’t help but wonder how much the pregnancy thing disrupted the flow of things this year. I am still very much “into” the show – just hoping season 6 brings back more of the things that caused me to fall in love with NCIS:LA in the first place. You know what? I don’t think this little rant had anything to do with the DD question. Sorry ’bout that.

Richtsje: It is true what you are saying that is was as if there was no time for Deek to recover from the torture. However… there was this shot with Callen with Janvier which showed that it was 3 months later, am I right?
I got the feeling Callen and Sam appreciate Deeks being one of the team far more after that torture, especially Sam does.
The fact that Kensi was away was in fact also good for the teambuilding of the boys and is now considered to be a part of the team. There was more banter between the three men. At first Callen and Sam were mostly kidding about Deeks, later it was kidding WITH Deeks.
Deeks was partnered up with every single possible other agent, which I liked less. There was Nell (on more than one occasion), Granger, DEA’s Talia… I mean, he could have worked with only Sam, and have Callen and Granger team up. Or – something I REALLY would like for once – partner up Callen and Deeks!
All in all it is good that Kensi is back…

Bee: Richtsje, you’re right, Hetty also talked about the length of time between the first episode and the second.
After Deeks came back and was fine, I was kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop – something that showed that he was still thinking about it and he wasn’t completely over it. I think we got that when he had his little chat in Afghanistan. It’ll come up again.
And you’re right again Richtsje, the jokes aren’t pointed at Deeks anymore. Like Keviana said, there’s respect now, not tolerance. Can we take a moment, though, to acknowledge the cute (completely platonic working) relationship building between Deeks and Nell? Those two are so much fun together!

Richtsje: True True True Bee! Especially in Merry Evasion [5×12] there were so many parts. Remember this one?

Hetty: And you two can go interview the senator.
Deeks: The two of…You mean the two of me?
Hetty: I want you and Nell to see the senator, find out if he knows anything about these Chinese PLA threats.
Deeks: Me and… Nellosaurus?
Hetty: Yes, I move fast, Mr. Deeks. Gotta keep up.
Nell: Let’s go, Shaggy.
Deeks: Well played. I’m with you, Velma.

ChrisDaisy: I agree with you all – there’s definitely more respect now towards Deeks, especially from Sam and Callen. Things seemed a little awkward in the beginning with Kensi being gone but that changed over the course of a few episodes. In this season we even saw Callen and Deeks teaming up “against” Sam various times (with the DIY discussion and the Christmas Cards). I really, really would like to see Callen and Deeks sipping that Mojito together.
I like how the dynamics have changed “in favor” of Deeks (you know what I mean, right?) and I wonder if the same development would have taken place if Kensi had not been sent to Afghanistan.

Question 2: Hetty’s gone, Sam and Callen are taking a trip with Terrorist Cruise Lines, and Granger’s in charge; where does this leave Deeks going into next season?

Mary: I thought about this when the show ended last night. Sam and Callen will be out-of-commission when the season starts. I guess this is the first time we will see the two of them in a completely helpless position, depending on the rest of the team to rescue them. It will be up to Granger, Deeks, Kensi, and the wonder twins to locate them and get them to safety. I would think that would put Deeks in more of a leadership role. I think he will do great. Remember, earlier in the season, when his partner was on assignment? He stepped up, took initiative, and proved his skills to the rest of the team.

Bee: I agree, he’ll be put in a leadership position and I think he’ll handle it well. However, with Hetty’s return uncertain, will Granger keep him around? The paperwork he’s been holding on to has Hetty’s signature on it but if she doesn’t come back or falls out of favour, those signatures might not mean anything anymore. The question is, does Granger see what Hetty sees in him, and would he be willing to fight to keep him.

Mary: Thanks for TOTALLY ruining my summer, Bee. Never thought of that scenario. Now I’ll be all worried about Hetty AND Deeks. lol (But I really do see your angle.)

Vicki: Ah yes the ever abiding question over Deeks and him still being a liaison. Will be interesting to see how that plays out. But I think Granger does respect him. A lot has happened in season five for us to process. But I think that he’ll stay and things will develop with him and Kensi. Granger is aware of it, as he stated in 5×24 ‘Exposure’. Time will tell how Granger will deal with him. I think we will see leadership from Deeks also in the coming season. Especially while the big boys are out at sea.

Mary: “Out at sea.” Ha! Vicki. It sounds so pleasant when you word it like that – like they’re on a cruise or something. Bet they WISH they were on a cruise ship, huh?
I keep thinking Granger is not the bad guy he tries to act like. He seemed troubled at what was going on with Hetty. Even though he must have expected it (and maybe didn’t defend her to the fullest) I think he will want the team to stay together. He has come to appreciate how they work. Don’t know if Deeks will ever do more than liaise, (just had to throw that in since our lawyer/detective knew it was an actual word), but I think he will continue to grow, and to shine. At least I hope so.

ChrisDaisy:  I agree with the leadership thing for Deeks and I think he will be good at it. And I believe that Granger will keep him. Deeks has proven his value for the team again and again (e.g. in Ascension and during Spoils of War) and Granger knows that. He acknowledges ALL members of the team in 5×23 ‘Exposure’ when he says at the end “They’re quite a team, Henrietta.” – and that definitely includes Deeks.

Bee: I think Granger is that crotchety old guy who really doesn’t want to be liked, because then people would want to talk to him. But like many, the crankiness hides a gooey centre. He might want to keep Deeks, but the question is can he. There may be other forces at work. I’d like to see him go to bat for Deeks, and for the whole team. But then we’ll all know his secret that he’s really a good guy and that might ruin his rep.

Richtsje: Remember that deep sigh of Granger in the finale? I am very sure he is caring more than he shows for this team.
What’s more… Granger is well aware of the fact that those two partners have more feelings than one might allow.
Do you all have that same feeling, that Hetty will not (never?) return? I do, actually, and it makes me feel sad. But you did not ask about Granger or Hetty, it was about Deeks. In fact, I think the other team-members will understand by now that despite the fact Deeks can be a real goofball sometimes, they can rely on him as a partner who will always have their back!
Not important if he is or is not an NCIS agent or still liaised to the team.

ChrisDaisy: I know, not the question, but I am with you regarding Hetty, Richtsje. I somehow think we saw less and less of her during the past season. Her presence somehow diminished compared to what it used to be – at least that’s my perception.
I tend believe in the good in people (aside from Janvier that is…) therefore I think that Granger would keep fighting for Deeks. I still don’t see him become an agent in the near future… don’t know why…

Do you think Deeks will ever become an agent?

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So, do you agree? disagree? think we missed something? Air your thoughts in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Decidedly Deeks: Round Table, S5 Finale Edition

  1. 974lk

    Kensi lets Deeks drive HER car!!! It’s exactly what I said when I saw this scene!!!!Ok…ok…it’s not really the first time he drives when they are together but every time he did it was in an emergency situation, never because she volontarily left him the wheel! Mostly, she has always yelled when he was about taking her car without her permission and now….she moves spontaneously to the passenger side!!! Ok, she said she trusted him for everything, but I want to believe that it’s a bit more than that…As a sign that she’s ready to let him enter in her world,much like another step forward, a kind of invitation to go a little further on their frozen lake….

  2. Domingo

    Hetty gave Nell a hidden computer file in case she didn’t contact her daily and instructed her to act on the infoamtion it contained.

    Callen opted not to speak to Hetty and left the office (he was busy in the case) but will never forgive himself if anything happens to her.

    The opening episodes of S6 could all be about rescuing Callen and Sam, followed by a search for Hetty, and I can see Deeks coming in to his own, taking more responsibility and being less childish.

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