Hetty’s Closet – File 32-5

32-5 ‘Gordon Taymis’
Episode 1.6 ‘Keepin’ It Real’

HC Taymis

Description: Youngest son and compliance officer of a prominent Canadian paper company, dissatisfied with his position, cheating on his wife (see note), doubtful about illegal dealing at the start, but sees it through due to greed.

Garments/Accessories: Business casual; dark suits and shirts, jeans, no tie. Likes subtle stripes and slight sheens.

Advantage: Agent Callen is able to portray the unconfident, slightly nervous personality well, his skills allowing him to improvise with the printing process and to even persuade a real printer’ son of his authenticity.

Disadvantage: The normal confidence with which Agent Callen acts must be suppressed, and he has to be aware of this at all times so the alias is not blown.

Suitable for: Providing a disillusioned person who is easily corruptible and willing to commit to criminal activities.

Note: In conjunction with 81-3 Bartender/Lover’

One thought on “Hetty’s Closet – File 32-5

  1. Claire

    One of my most favourite aliases! And agent Giordano was a good partner for Callen during this investigation. I still hope she returned someday.

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