4 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Citadel’ Promo

  1. I Feel Possessed

    Promo doesn’t really tell me anything about the episode. The press release is ‘meh’, but hey, I’ll still watch it avidly 🙂

    1. amyabn

      Hopefully the other sneak peek(s) they usually put out on Fridays will give us more. I hope that Kensi calls Talia out on her trying to stir the pot, versus getting into a cat fight again. We usually get progress for Densi when Talia is on as a guest, so I’m hoping they use her as a means to show us how serious they are. We finally got “I love you” (that didn’t end up on the cutting room floor this time) and we know that Kensi meets Deeks’ mom this episode, so they must be in a pretty good place. I’m more excited for this episode than I was for the premiere.

      In another thought, I’m concerned about the ratings. The premiere did very poorly. NBC’s new show, Blindspot, had more than double the ratings (3.1) of NCIS LA (1.2) and Castle (1.2). I’ll be watching for this weeks numbers. NCIS was down, and NCIS NOLA didn’t do very well (but better than LA, with a 1.7).

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