NCIS Los Angeles ‘Defectors’ Picture Review by Mogorva

What was that all about? Serously? Stealing gas? That’s all? No guns, no bombs, no death?

Oh, OK, dead guy of the week confirmed, phew. Nice touch with the car accident.

Oooh, look… a message! And a CLUE to the investigators

That is a so lady-like way to peel the orange… What is Callen focusing on?

Is that a hint? „You are way beyond self-help.” Oh, nice jab. So, Callen does have humour?

Nice joke from Deeks. Didn’t see that one coming. Why is Callen and Joelle’s relationship always coming up in a way like it’s not all pink and fluffy anymore?

„That inspires happiness.” Yep, I second that.

Ohh, bad guy of the week. Mugshot is a little sketchy. A terrorist holding a gun gangsta style? WTF?

So, Granger is calling the shots again. Where is Hetty?

I’m sorry, wife? More like daughter. How old is she? 14?

What is an accountant doing with 3 cell phones? Juggling, what else, Sherlock.

The birthday present is even nastier than the book. So, the ice cream licks back…

The recruiter is here! Is that good news or bad news?

14 mins until the first appearance. Is it just me, or Hetty is pretty much lurking in the dark and does not appear a lot in this season?

That was easy… Still no flying bullets. And we’re 15 mins into the ep.

So, _it was_ too easy. Now this whole thing turns into an abduction? #rhetoricalquestion

What. The. Hell? How can she speak so much so fast?

„They’re coming for our children”. Makes sense. At least two birds with one stone. Maybe even more.

Who could possibly be the one to infiltrate a modeling agency? Enthusiastic volunteering.

„Sam, you up for it?” #snort

„Subtle” tailing. As usual.

„Life in solitary.” „I’ll tell you everything.” Is it really that easy or am I just being the only who’s sensing a pattern?

Is that blinder and trashcan supposed to be some kind of camouflage? Really? Or the bad guys are all blind dorks?

Busted. But in this case, that looks like a swing and miss.

„I know what looks good on me.” That may be, but this isn’t the best example to prove that.


Do I want to know, how and where she hid that gun during the photoshooting?

One religious zombie, at your service.

And the bullets start flying around, right on schedule. That’s a lot of lead in a minute…

Surprise! (Not). But at least it’s a happy end.

What the…? Hetty’s reference about not knowing even the closest ones to ourselves coming to life?

9 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Defectors’ Picture Review by Mogorva

  1. Rayanne

    Thanks for the picture review. I loved the episode. Loved when Callen said to Nell “that’s my girl”, loved the beginning with Callen and Kensi and the end in the garage. I felt for the poor elderly lady who was getting out of the garage. I didn’t like the stay tuned for preview of next episode but no preview.

  2. Linda

    Great recap! I too have noticed the absence of Hetty lately. I really wonder if Linda Hunt is ok. It seems like the producers are giving her a light work schedule.

  3. F4llon

    Thanks for the great recap. I was asking the same question about Kensi’s weapon — where did she hide that thing in that um… outfit? So rightly put, Hetty’s comment about those closes to us, came to life. But where did this person (Deeks’ so called partner), appear from? We know that no one liked to work with Deeks for almost as long as he’s been around on this show. And anyone he’s been close to, for example, Jess Traynor, we saw her get blown up and know who was responsible for that. Then there was Jeff Versey, and we all know the team looked into him with Deeks in Personal. But who’s this partner they’ve mentioned? Why haven’t we heard their name before now? Even Kensi looks shocked. Will be waiting to see how the IA episode plays out. A subject on ISIS is very relevant to current events, which was good to see the writers adding this storyline in. Love Callen’s gift to Kensi, she so needs it. Way to go Deeks for asking Callen to do it for you. Obviously their relationship hasn’t reached that part yet when he has the guts to do it himself. I agree on the Joelle reference. Obviously there are things supposedly not going on there for Kensi to make that reference, but are we just supposed to just accept that? I wish the writers would make their mind up on this so called relationship.

    1. I Feel Possessed

      Re Joelle, she’s making another appearance in the Xmas episode, so maybe all will be revealed then. But Sam mentioned relationship issues to Kensi about Callen & Joelle in a recent episode. Back in S6 she didn’t seem overly impressed with Callen’s cavalier revelation that he’d been in prison (undercover or as a kid??) and surely alarm bells would have sounded with her over Callen’s attitude and behaviour around the season opener?

      I enjoyed this episode, although it covered ISIS it did not go in to the deep dark depths that a writer like Frank Military would have gone. Loved the partner banter, Callen & Kensi assassinating each other’s character, Sam doing the same to Callen, Callen & Deeks clearly talking about Kensi’s clutter issue. If I didn’t know this was out of the original air order, it would have seemed a natural progression from last week’s episode.

      We all knew how it would end, with Deeks being arrested. Be interesting to see that unravel in two weeks time, but remember, just because we know he’s released and back with NCIS as the LAPD liaison, does not mean that Deeks is innocent. That would be much more interesting, if he as freed due to lack of evidence or something similar.

      1. dixiebelle

        Elizabeth Bogush (Joelle) is now on The Young and Restless, so it sounds like a break up might be happening. Or I guess they could just mention her every now and then.

  4. Cara Jones

    I think pictures are great! They are showing the mostvimportent parts of the ep and also the funniest… look at Kensi´s face 😀 I liked mondays episode very much and Ism so excited how the story with Deeks and the LAPD will continue in the following episode.

  5. Linda W

    Thanks for the recap. I really enjoyed it. I also have to say that I enjoyed the episode too. There was a lot of action and banter and everyone had a part to play. The thing that got to me though was that even though the episode dealt with a serious and relevant issue, it just didn’t seem to be that serious. The banter seemed to take over. It was fun of course, but was also used to highlight the character of Callen and Kensi. I could identify with her and her messy desk, but I could also see Callen’s need to have boundaries and his lack of commitment. This in turn lead to a discussion about his relationship with Joelle. There have been hints all along that things were not going well so we will have to see how that plays out. The other thing that bothered me was the ending. We all knew what was going to happen and it did. It should have been a surprise. There were too many promos and sneak peeks and it took that element of suspense away. Now we wait for another week to find out what is going to happen. All in all, it was a good story and I am sure the threat of ISIS will be dealt with again in the future.

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