NCIS Los Angeles: Does Callen’s New Lady Have a Connection to his Past?

Now that Kensi and Deeks are all coupled up on NCIS: Los Angeles, it looks like Cupid has set his sights on Callen.

In fact, Callen (Chris O’Donnell) is going to get more than a little cozy with Joelle (Elizabeth Bogush), who recently hinted that she’d like to be a part of Callen’s life. “I think it’s good for him,” O’Donnell told when we visited the set. “Callen needs a little love in his life.”

However, they’ll have to navigate some serious trust issues along the way. After all, Callen did lie to her about what he does for a living. “He doesn’t let a lot of people into his life,” O’Donnell says. “He’s so insecure about that. He doesn’t know anything about his real life.”

But Callen may have reason to be cautious. Let’s not forget that executive producer Shane Brennan teased at the start of Season 6 that Callen’s new love interest would have a mysterious connection to his past. “[It] ends up being connected to someone that we’ve seen in several past episodes,” O’Donnell says. “There’s more to the story.”


Is it me or does this sound like earlier “news” wrapped up in other words ?? What do you think ??

17 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles: Does Callen’s New Lady Have a Connection to his Past?

  1. LasiaMsinRed

    I REFUSE to believe that. If Joelle is the mysterious love interest and connected to his past. I’m out.
    She is not mysterious,she’s someone Sam and Michelle chose for Callen. It would be a hell of a coincidence !
    At least it wouldn’t be the way I pictured this storyline.

    1. BW

      I agree. I have no use for her and am do not like the fact she probably will be related to Arkady. I like him and do not want her in the family tree.

      Yeah, I understand Sam and Michelle wanting Callen to have someone, and have what they have but everything about Joelle feels forced. They forced her on him, Hetty did too and Callen accepted because the people he loves told him too. Besides Callen wanted “normal” and she fits that concept. To bad there is no such thing as normal.

  2. dixiebelle

    I agree, if this is Joelle I’m not interested. I don’t see Callen taking it very well if she knowingly kept secrets from him. AND, Callen essentially outed the entire team plus Michelle. Kind of sloppy for Callen IMO. I’m really just kind of confused about this story line. But it does sound like same story different verse.

  3. hbkdusty3

    I don’t care for Jo at all. I have to agree with the previous comments made by others that do not support the Jo -Callen relationship. He needs to be with someone that has had a similar life & work background. I also think, it has to be someone from his childhood/teenage years (possibly a daughter of one of his foster families) that he got close enough to & told them that he wants answers about his past. The female should have the experience of losing both her parents; possibly in a tragic event that other failed to find out the real reason why. She would be determined enough to follow through & at some point, joined the CIA. Later, her & Callen should be reunited after Callen & the rest of the NCIS:LA team has rescued her from her kidnapper/s (ie: someone that wants to kill Callen).

    I really hope that they get Callen with the right woman. Jo just isn’t cutting the mustard as far as I am concerned. I want to see an intense passionate couple & so far all I see is a whole lot of backfiring between these two characters.

  4. BH72

    Isn’t this person supposed to be called Katie? The one whom Callen is supposed to have a SURPRISE romance with? If it was Joelle, A. The name is wrong. B. It wouldn’t be a surprise, seeing he’s already supposed to be in a relationship with her.

    Take deep breaths everyone, I don’t think it’s Joelle. But I do wonder if she is related to Arkady, he’s the only one that fits and is linked to Callen’s past.

    I look forward to what fun the writers bring to the table for this storyline.

    1. LasiaMsinRed

      I really hope you’re right. BTW: I also remember that Shane Brennan mentioned a “Katie” in the interview. I just couldn’t work out weather it’s the actress’ name or the character’s.
      I think that the reason for our behavior,mine in particular, is that the whole Joelle storyline has been disappointing and confusing even though she’s a really sweet person.

    2. BW

      I do wonder if the earlier article made a mistake and the name was not “Katie” but Arkady? Because this quote definitely sounds like Arkady:

      “As we get deeper into the season, there is a recurring character that we’ve met a number of times over the course of this show who’s not so much a bad guy, but he’s not necessarily a good guy, either. He’s in this sort of gray area. And he makes a fairly dramatic return, and that then sparks a longer story arc that involves Callen in a pretty serious way.” SB

      I do wonder if the “mystery woman” has to do with the mole, and not Callen. I think she will be the woman we first saw in bed with Granger.

      1. BW

        Another explanation about the name “Katie” maybe Joelle is called that my her Uncle Arkady. He thinks it is more Russian sounding.

        Possible a middle name – like Katherine – or her middle name is Joelle and her given name is Katherine or something similar.

  5. Linda

    I think everyone needs to relax a little. Even if the love interest is Joelle, we don’t know if the story works until we see it. I actually enjoyed Callen and Joelle in Humbug, so this isn’t necessarily bad. I just think its premature to judge this thing.

    1. Fenix

      Agree with you Linda, everyone need deep breath, and calm down.
      What’s wrong with Joelle?
      Let her play her part, and wait for finale.
      I was in same position about Callen (until now I didn’t see 1st serie, because of him), but I find something, why I watch show (fun, action, Densi) and Callen is only tolerated.

      This is important:
      “…would have a mysterious connection to his past. “[It] ends up being connected to someone that we’ve seen in several past episodes…”

      Whom we seen in several past few episodes?
      (hope is not Hetty or Granger, but someone from guest stars)

      AND….like many times before, its maybe just totally unimportant info, with 1-2 sentences in episode, without any effect on story.
      We seen it, read it many times before.
      Creators and show stars spil some “wow” info, but reality was fare away from those words.

      For example, do someone remember, how Daniela (Kensi) and Miguel (Granger) defend new time slot? (somewhere here is video about it)
      They promised spicy scenes, and everything, what time slot 10PM standardly contain……
      Now we are after half of serie, and what we get from that promising spicy, and other (adult stuff, strong words, violence, explicit scenes …..) stuff?
      Yes, correct, we get nothing. 😉

      So, for future, take this, and any other info easy.
      (YES!…. when you remember that promise, then episodes is sometimes confusing, annoying, boring, unlogic….)
      But, its just them job, spill something controversial, what again push you before tv, and make you watch another, another, another… episode. 🙂

      Remember, its just show for our fun, not reality.
      Satisfied (or satisfied with every episode) all fans, is for any show just impossible.

    2. BW

      I am basing my opinion on what we have seen of their so-called relationship.

      Nothing impressive and something that to me, is forced. I didn’t enjoy them in Humbug, to me the episode highlighted why both of them are wrong for each other.

  6. Richtsje

    Brennan has been teasing us before. What if Arkady is back in some episodes? Or Ray… He is about to come back too, right?
    Oh, and guessing can be tricky and fun at the same time. What if Jo is connected to Hunter, for example. Or to the Comescu’s – without knowing it. Or Janviers daughter.

    1. LasiaMsinRed

      I like the idea of the NEW love interest being connected to Hunter. Your thought planted a new idea in my head. Thanks 😉

  7. I Feel Possessed

    Some interesting thoughts posted here. I felt disappointed when I read the latest “spoiler”. I really like Joelle and thought their scenes in Humbug were great – and very telling about both characters. From the early interviews with Chris O’Donnell and Shane Brennan back around Sept time, it sounded as there would be a new woman/romance for Callen – and that person would be connected to a recurring character and have connections to his past. So I naturally thought he and Jo would split…Hhmmm

    Arkady is a recurring character, but so was Hunter – and she was sort of good/bad – as is Arkady & Granger. And the connection to Callen’s past – is that his family history or his recent history (e.g. childhood). Janvier is all bad & his daughter was only about 20 so Jo is too old for that.

    It will be very interesting to see how this will develop and I’m going to refer back to these potentially misleading interviews. And learn not to take everything I read as gospel when the release the season 6 spoilers for Callen!!!

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