NCIS Los Angeles ‘Internal Affairs’ Picture Review by Mogorva

Right where we left off. Kinda cold collegues. Go figure.

Wanna bet, the killer is on this picture?

Bates wants to impersonate Tom Selleck? That mustache is ridiculus.

„I should probably cut her loose.” Yeah, that’s not an easy decision to make. Almost feel sorry for Callen.

Private briefing? WTF?

Briefing no2. Why keep the first one private?

„The truth doesn’t take sides.” Wait, is Hetty present pretty much since the first scene?

Oh, what a coincidence.

I’m sorry, does Deeks really talking about coffe?

That went well…

What, broad daylight? No dark back alleys and steaming drain covers? Maybe some enlightenment in this case.

Whoops. Not good.

Nice talk, but his mother is more than a little overprotecting.

Why do they always run?

Back to Quinn again.

„He was the one guy, and the only cop I could trust.” OK, he’s a walking angel…

Whole team (well, more or less), whole picture.

„That’s not good.” Wow, understatement of the episode.

„I’m pissed!” Never would’ve guessed. Wait, the debt wasn’t considered repayed in Blye K.?

Uhmm, yes… no… what?

„Shut up, Deeks!” Did he really just told him to run? Not suspicious at all.


Gone. Or practicing dumpster diving again?

I should be doing palm readings, or future telling…

„Smart boy.”

At least Granger is still thinking with a cool head.

Hmmm. What the hell is he up to?


The cavalry to the rescue. Just in time, as always.

„Just give me a reason.” You wanna know the secret of a long life? Don’t mess with the lioness.

What the…?


What? No hug?

A smooch for a stop on the way?

„You could have lost all of this.” „You or me?” So, Hetty organized the whole theater again? #rhetoricalquestion

I’m sorry, what? Now _that_ is a surprise.

„Even if it’s the truth?” That is going to come back to haunt him, does it?

18 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Internal Affairs’ Picture Review by Mogorva

  1. Sharon

    Wow! This was the best show so far this season, and last. 5 stars!

    I don’t understand Hetty! She goes to all kinds of trouble to save Deeks, then she tells him to back away from his relationship with Kensi! What!

    1. Norm

      I didn’t interpret her comments that way… I heard her say he had to figure out how to tell Kensi and that secrets are easier to keep if there is no one to share them with. In other words, he has to tell her, but he has to figure out how to do so. I think he can.

  2. Norm

    Outstanding episode! 5 Stars! and a great selection of screen caps. I purposely did not watch any of the sneak peeks or promos for this one, and am very glad. ECO did a fantastic acting performance, and I loved the Kensi fire. All the team members were great in this one, as well. I did not see the ending coming. I was betting on Quinn until the closing scene. Of course Kensi racing across the concrete to give Deeks a great big hug was totally awwww.

    The show runners did leave room for future visits to IA… but if Jennifer/Tiffany continues to thank Deeks for saving her life, IA will have no evidence and probably would have trouble getting a conviction… it would probably be ruled a justifiable homicide.

  3. jsm

    I interpreted Hetty’s comments that he needed to find a way to deal with telling Kensi or he would end up alone with his secrets. I loved Kensi’s fire and lioness fierceness. What a lovely picture recap. Thanks. This is the first episode in awhile where I want to rewatch it right away.

  4. skippy

    This episode just showed us that Deeks is a murderer (he killed this cop not in self-defense). There must have been another way to stop the dirty cop. Killing might just have been the easiest way. I mean he is a lawyer and a cop but still he tortured the guy in S5 and now we know he is also a killer.
    Callen had a hunch but Hetty of course lied to him again. She always does.
    Still not sure why they brought up Deeks mother at all. What is the purpose? No explanation why she is not his next of kin, why he never mentioned her before etc. Does anyone have any clues? It is not that I don’t like her it is just that she is needless at best IMO.
    The interrogation with the IA investigator was strange. I don’t know if it was because of the writing or the ECO acting but it was just way overplayed – way too cocky. But as I mentioned before I don’t know if this was due to the writing or acting. So IMO the acting and/or the writing was bad. DR played great IMO. She was really pissed.
    After the first scene with Callen, Sam and the couch and of course Callen asking Hetty about Deeks these two were more or less non-existent in this episode. So for me it was a waste of time.
    It could only get better next year. At least for non Densi fans.

    Fun part: all cheered about the ratings, even ECO tweeted it. Yeah, the completion that night was pretty hard to beat, baking and telenovela.

    1. Mogorva Post author

      The competition, or lack of it doesn’t count for much, that was proven many times before.
      Even the quality of the show does not influence the ratings in a major way. 1 or 2 tenths tops, and that’s it. That’s not even 20 percent.
      Still, hitting a season high is always something to be cheering about. And don’t forget the fact, this is still the second highest rated 22:00 drama CBS has. (Code Black has a 0,03 higher average 18-49 rating).

      1. Sharon

        I am happy to see good ratings under any circumstances. I just want the show to stay on the air!

        Thanks again for the review!

    2. Norm

      As I saw it… and everyone has their own opinion. We don’t know why Deeks killed Boyle… my thought is that Tiffany was in imminent danger of being killed; police are allowed to use lethal force in those situations (see any newspaper story in the last year) but if he could pass it off as the hooker killing Boyle, which the LAPD was willing to do back then, then all is well – no publicity, no admitting Boyle was a dirty cop. We know that Deeks has a snapping point and that he has psychological problems but somehow passed the psych evaluations… how he got on the force with his issues and family background and how he passed the periodic psych evals at NCIS is for the writers to tell us – or not as is the question of why it took 4 years for Boyle’s partner to act and why LAPD would investigate based on his assertion, knowing he was as dirty if not more so than Boyle. Why did Hetty initiate the IA investigation; the last couple of years the writers have been trying to rehabilitate her after Afghanistan and here she is manipulating the team again…

      IMO the mother is a response to the clamor from us Densi lovers to see his back story. We now know a little, but not all. Ms. Reed did a fine job as Ms. Deeks (or Brandel). I don’t know how she knew where Kensi lives (and aren’t Kensi and Deeks living together at his new house [see “Command and Control”]?

      I thought the interrogation scenes were very close to what would happen to a cop killer; Deeks responded in his usual snarky, sarcastic manner. He wasn’t going to admit to first degree murder. I thought the IA interrogator got pretty close to the no-no line when she told him he wasn’t going to get bail and that he was being transferred to the County prison. As a lawyer, Deeks knows the holes in the police evidence, would discover everything during the discovery process, and knows that he hadn’t even been arraigned… plus I didn’t hear the Miranda rights at all even in the close of “Defectors”.

      Callen and Sam were in many of the scenes; just that in this episode they weren’t the lead players, just as in “Blye, K I and II”. Personally, I would like to see a Nell and Eric episode where all the others support them when something goes pear shaped.

      1. Sharon

        I basically agree with you. I took it it that Deeks was defending the 17 year old hooker when he killed Boyle.

        I also felt like Deeks acted just like Deeks during the interrogation. He is a bit of a smart ass. It is how he defends himself.

        On a lighter note, I don’t think they are living together yet. She definitely was sleeping there….and it seems they spend most if not all
        their off time together…..

    3. Antonio

      Okay, ECO or Deeks, or both, do not like them much. Okay, there is freedom of thought and I respect your thinking. I just want to let you know that on Instagram DR thanked the fans for good listening, so did LLCJ. This is to be accurate. Season 5 Deeks soon repented and apologized to the old Taliban, after the torture. Killing a corrupt and violent cop to save the life of a girl does not mean being a murderer. I think so. I hope you respect him as I respect yours. I am also an avid fan Densi!

  5. diane

    Loved it. Glad about the ratings! About time Deeks got focused on. Now next should be Granger and Eric. Loved how Kensi stood by Deeks, even Hetty did, in her own screwed up way.

  6. I Feel Possessed

    Great episode, loved it and had guessed the twist at the end. Both Deeks and Callen have a dark side and this was Deeks’ turn. And with no other dramas to take away the audience and viewers tuning in because their usual shows were not on, together with a greatly dramatic episode – it deserves the no 1 spot.

    Mamma Deeks really only serves the purpose of Deeks being able to talk about shooting his father, it is irrelevant to the case. And no one has asked where she has suddenly appeared from, considering it was made a big deal when Deeks was shot in S2.

    Hetty shows herself as the manipulator she is, having orchestrated the entire Quinn get out of jail card for Deeks. As Callen said, Hetty brought Deeks to NCIS so she knows all.

    Kensi was blind with anger and passion to free her lover. She clearly forgot the convo they had where Deeks said he would protect her if she killed someone for the right reasons.

    Loving the Callen / Joelle split being set up for the xmas episode! Poor Callen does seem destined to be alone.

    Finally another loose thread for the writers to tug at a later date. Will Deeks tell Kensi? Will he ditch her? Or will he just continue to lie to her?
    And will the IA return to haunt Deeks?

  7. amyabn

    I loved this episode. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I was not expecting Deeks to be guilty. I thought his discussions with Hetty at the end were going to be him asking to come on board as an agent. I don’t like that he’s guilty and don’t want this to tear apart his relationship with Kensi. Everyone else has made great comments, so to avoid repetition, I’ll just post a couple of thoughts.

    -Roberta made a comment at Kensi’s place: “two parents in the same line of work. Boy, that’s going to be tough.” Is she projecting because she wants grandchildren or does she know something we don’t?

    -I’m curious what Kensi was typing before Roberta showed up. I’m hoping it is something she shares with Deeks later (ie. her feelings). I also hope she finally moves in with Deeks. I was surprised that she still had her apartment.

    -I’m glad that The Long Goodbye ended up ahead of this episode (not for the reasons it did, of course!). It would have been even weirder having a non-emotional Kensi after this episode. Hope that makes sense.

    -I loved Granger’s sort of rebuke to Sam and Callen about them needing to have been involved much sooner.
    This was an outstanding episode that will be rematched many times over. I’m glad the ratings were up a bit, and look forward to the +7 ratings to see how much higher they climb. They’ve been receiving a significant bump each week. Cheers!

    1. amyabn

      Sorry, one more thought to add. I’ve re-watched the scene where Kensi is pissed off. The way Sam, Callen, and Granger are talking (the tone of their voices), it seems more like they are confirming the story versus speculating about the dirty cops. After Granger chastised them for not being involved, I’m thinking they all got on board to get Deeks sprung. I was wondering if you guys thought the same thing.

  8. Monty

    Once upon a time, a lone surfer really cool, lover of women, sad but cheerful, with a dark alter ego, difficult to manage.
    He had grown up in Reseda, he was humble but sure of himself.
    He had a past, from friends and a dog who kept to himself and a very personal sense of private.
    He was a cop, a lawyer member of the order and he had an innate sense of justice, almost metaphysical.
    His name was Martin A. Deeks; 11 years old he had shot his father and his mother he preferred not to mention.
    A sad day has come up against a wall called Densi and her life was ruined.
    For what I know: he no surfs, is chained to a loyalty frigid, he is sad and not brilliant. His beautiful, bad and dark alter ego no longer exists (already, where is Max Gentry? He is lost in pampering Densi!)
    He moved house and became arrogant and obnoxious as the rest of the team.
    He has forgotten friends and his dog. He has lost its identity and now he is only worried about what things should tell his omnipresent stupid girlfriend.
    Possibly he will become an agent (“Junior” 37 years old!), he it is no longer a lawyer registered (he does not want to make the BAR) and his sense of justice is dead under the orders of Hetty Lange.
    Now he is called Deeks (he does not have a name) or Shaggy or anyone who wants to call him and he’s a mama’s boy.
    If this TV series was a fanfiction, now Martin A. Deeks (Deeks, Shaggy, etc.) would OOC. Damn!
    I’m lucky: I have the DVD and I can see again and seasons 1,2,3,4 and 5 because today, NCIS Los Angeles do not like anymore.
    Thanks, Densi! I hope you are satisfied for having pretended to ruin a wonderful character.
    Thanks, CBS for choosing the audience.

    Sorry for my English.
    Hi from Roma.

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