NCIS Los Angeles’ Marty Deeks Background Spoiler



Great casting for Deeks’ mom on NCIS: LA. Any scoop on their relationship? — Mikey
The dynamic between Deeks and his mother is really going to shed light on why Deeks is the way he is. “It’s a really interesting reflection on why Deeks chose to work for Hetty and why he fell in love with Kensi,” Eric Christian Olsen tells me. “His mom represents a really strong female role model in his life. His mom has a blue collar job and worked her ass off to give her son the opportunities that she obviously didn’t have. He loves her. He knows what strength is because of her. That dynamic is going to be explored through her and now we see why he fell for the people he did in his life.”


7 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles’ Marty Deeks Background Spoiler

    1. Claire

      Exactly! Shouldn’t there be someone checking the scripts? Maybe it will be explained but now it certainly seems like an inconsistency… It has happened before, in one episode Callen speaks Pashto and in another one he needs a translator. In Legend he was shot to his left shoulder but in season 1 he has a scar on his right shoulder…

  1. Sharon

    It appears that once again the show runners have forgotten about continuity.
    After “Personal”, I assumed his mother was either dead or so far out of his life that he did not consider her his “next of kin”.
    I am so glad to have a Deeks story that I may be able to overlook this, to me, very glaring error in story telling.

  2. OhBuddy66

    I wonder if Deeks himself has kept her hidden from everyone due to the nature of his job. If nobody knows he has a living relative, they can’t use them against him. It will be interesting to see how he explains that to Kensi, no matter the reason.

  3. amyabn

    Great minds think alike! I was pondering the next of kin question from “Personal.” Why would he list Hetty and not his mom? Has he switched his paperwork to list Kensi as NOK since the change in their relationship status? Probably not but that thought crossed my mind too.
    I wonder if they’ll reference the laminated newspaper clipping from the Encino Times from when Deeks had to be rescued from a Boa Constrictor at his friend’s 8th grade birthday party (Borderline) or reference Marty’s dad firing a shotgun at him at Thanksgiving (also from Borderline).

  4. Monty

    Six years of darkness, and now, Martin (for me, hi his Martin, no Deeks, no Marty, no Shaggy) loves his mom.
    After six years…
    I’m a spectator and I’m teasing.
    No, this I do not like!

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