NCIS Los Angeles Season Seven Wish List

Now that we have seen all of NCIS Los Angeles Season Six let us know what’s on your Wish List for Season Seven… Brainstorm away in the comment section – but keep the tone respectful, please !!

41 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles Season Seven Wish List

  1. ceserina

    Well obvious huge Densi fan, so I would like to see more Densi relationship either issues or happiness, up to you writers, just don’t make us cry:( Then continue with Callen and his family story, bring Anna in somewhere. Perhaps Granger can be a little considering of the team and be of some help and surprise the team like he has in the past. Nell/Eric has got to be explored in this season in more ways then one. Sam’s life as a seal can come back to haunt him and we can see him squirm instead of the others all the time. Hetty can bring more of her unique tricks of the trade to the table and once again not share but perhaps teaches. Maybe, Kensi can learn a new trade perhaps some more fighting tricks that she try out on Deeks and that could lead into an awesome bickering session. Just a few ideas from my mind to yours. Keep up the good work of showing us amazing shows weeks after weeks.

  2. Lisa

    What I’d like to see for season 7? Very good question! As much as I cringe to say this; the continuation of the Deeks IA investigation by LAPD, progression and evolution of Kensi and Deeks’ relationship, Eric and Nell seeing some action, Granger danger, the entire team on some sort of deep cover op with extremely dire, life-changing consequences, Callen and Joelle, Deeks becoming an NCIS agent with OSP, digging deeper into Deeks’ childhood, and lastly, a touchy-feely, full-of-angst episode where the team reflect on what they mean to each other on the deepest levels. That’s just the short list of what I’d like to see in Season 7!!

  3. Caroline

    Being a huge Callen fan I would like to see more of his past revealed.
    I’m glad that season six had more Callen centered episodes, I thought we lost him a bit in season five. He is the most intruiging character of the show IMO.
    I don’t like Joelle, so a break-up between those two is oké by me.
    More undercover characters would be nice too, they are an undercover unit after all.
    We haven’t seen much of the intimate talks between Hetty and Callen. I hope to see more of that in the next season. Maybe get to know a bit more of his past with Hetty?
    I always like the banter between all of them, so let’s keep it up.
    They have made this crossover with NCIS. In the pilot we see that Callen and Gibbs are friends. It would be exciting to see them work together again and maybe hear more about their shared past.
    In general I am looking forward to the next season and many more after that with the best cast and crew in Hollywood!

  4. amyabn

    I would like balance between characters. I think they failed to capitalize how much the team has become family. I like it when we have the whole team doing their thing as partners, moving forward. More undercover ruses. I’ve never been all that interested in Callen’s backstory. I hope he moves forward, and meeting his dad is just icing on the cake later. More Eric and Nell. I’d love to see Nell in the field with Kensi, Deeks and Hetty out on a case. Of course I’m a Densi fan, so I like the little nuggets they drop. It’s going to be a long summer without new episodes, but I hope the break gives everyone a much needed break and time to recharge for a great season 7!

  5. Busybea

    I would like ,finally, a back story for Deeks. Come on he’s been around since late season 1! A storyline with a dog in it so we can see Monty again.
    An interesting storyline for Callen would be that he finally meets his father. Think of all the possibilities, in that reunion and the fallout.
    Not a big Sam fan but liked Cerserina’s suggestion of his life as a seal.
    More Densi scenes.
    More of Hetty’s history
    And don’t forget about Nell and Eric.
    The most important thing is finish a storyline. What happened with Hetty and the whole Washington story, Deeks and IA?
    No wonder viewership was down 33%.

  6. Sharon

    Less Callen and Sam centered stories. More Deeks and Kensi or at least more team centric shows.

    Better stories, better writing, better editing……….
    Was not real happy with most of season 6.

    Would love to see Janvier back to torment our favorite team!

    1. Richtsje

      You see, there are so many different opinions about season 6, which I really loved! In my opninion, there were fabulous team-centered episodes!
      I love the Sam-Callen bantering, like I do like Kensi and Deeks. Maybe the ‘Densi’ fans had more fun in season 5, I don’t know… I do hope there’s more about Deeks’ past like I love to find out more about Callen’s. Let’s hope season 7 will bring it all!

  7. CaptainNewf

    Densi moving forward, resolve the overhanging IA situation, resolve Callen’s daddy issues and get on with his life, get him settled down with a permanent woman, less light and sound shows in favor of much better writing.

  8. Richtsje

    Thing I look forward to are action, team action like we’ve seen in season 6 many times. And yes, like so many others I am curious about the investigation into Deeks’ LAPD past. About Callen’s family story and why his father never came to look for him. After all, if Arkady knew about his father, it may and should have been the other way around…
    Please not too much hinting to any love interest of Callen. It’s good to know if he feels okay with it but personally, I don’t need to see any of it 🙂
    I’d like to see Eric in the field once more and I hope Hetty will still be around!

  9. Mogorva

    Wishlist. Hmm.
    – First of all, I wish the showrunners stop talking about stories that never see the screen. Way better for everyone.
    – Drop Callen’s daddy issues. Resolve them, forget them, I don’t care, just drop them.
    – More backstory of every character (even Callen backstory is ok, until it’s not “whoismyfatherwhereismyfamily” centered)
    – More character development for everyone, more personal information
    – More characeter based episodes
    – Major, long storyline, like the often mentioned Janvier/Sidorov cases
    – Nate, Arkady and Talia in a few episodes
    – Eric and Nell on the field
    – More Kensi and Deeks, (I don’t know who mentioned it before, this season they were little to nothing more than gunships, barely played any part in the investigations, all credit was given to Callen and Sam)
    – More undercover work, especially longertm assignments (not just 5 minutes postman-impersonations)
    – Deeks’ IA investigation, and it’s impact on the relationship between Kensi and Deeks

    I think that’s it. 😀 I don’t mind, if one of these wishes comes in a filler, or as part of a bigger story. If fillers are written good, they can be very entertaining and give the characters more personal background or information too.

    1. Leandra

      I completely agree with you! Really liked the longer stories like the Sidorov case. It’s a shame that the LAPD investigation into Deeks, was never further explored! Hopefully in season 7! Also would like to see more Eric and Nell, and how that relationship will play out.

    2. lovedaniruaj

      I agree with everyone and what you guys said!
      They should also maybe have a fan written episode. Everyone gets together and we pitch ideas and plots to the writing team. (because there are a lot of well written fan fiction out there)

      -The box. (it’s been 2 seasons people.)
      -More Kensi and Deeks centered episodes (backstories). (like someone else said, how did Kensi survive the streets? How did Deeks live with his father?)
      -More Densi moments (every three episodes doesn’t do it, writers. At this rate, Kensi and Deeks are going to be married by season 20).
      -The LAPD’s investigation. It kinda just stopped after Rivera came. “Oh she followed me and now it’s okay”.
      – More drama. As much as I love the show, they get a bit bland sometimes. The reason shows like Scandal are succeeding is they have drama. (I don’t need Deeks or Kensi being killed off, but maybe a little bit of something? Like Jack comes back, or some kidnapping of a team member)
      -New characters (main). Sometimes, we need a new personality to get people excited. I wouldn’t mind if Talia was made a main. Mercedes is pretty cool.

      I probably didn’t mention it all, and sorry for repeats.

  10. Laurie G.

    I would love to see more undercover work for Callen using a multi-episode arc. The focus of the show should shift back more to the work.

  11. I Feel Possessed

    I would like to see the IA investigation into Deeks (which I hope will be early S7 as the seeds were sown late S6).
    The return of Janvier in some way, maybe late S7.
    More Hetty/Granger backstory as their shared past is very intriguing and mysterious (why did Hetty try to kill him?).
    Deeks backstory, all we know is he shot his dad aged 11 & ran wild with Ray.
    Callen & Jo to split, Anna returning to add a bit of spark.
    Kensi – we know so much of her I only want to see development of her relationship with Deeks.
    More Callen back story-when will he remember the note on his sister’s grave that said to my “daughter”?
    The mole- who the hell was he working for and why?
    And why did Hetty collect orphans (presumably unknown to each other) & essentially train them as legal assassins/criminals?

    Generally, more consistency between the writers from episode to episode (references, not necessarily storylines that continually flow, although that would be good). And more episodes focused on undercover work. The only one this season was Rage. Oh and also the return of Arkady…how could I forget him!

  12. Chloe Hartman

    I would love:
    – more partner bantering
    – more Callen and Joelle (yes, I really do like her)
    – the LAPD bringing Deeks and Kensi closer (Deeks not shutting her out)
    – bringing someone in to make Eric jealous of Nell (gotta love those meerkats)
    – nate back in a couple of eps
    but honestly I love the writing team and I’m sure they’ll do the best they can

  13. BW

    Agree with the undercoverwork – 5 mins. is not undercover, that is changing your clothes.

    The rest of the IA investigation, is Deeks father really alive? Who is Deeks protecting? If he does have an aunt why is she not his next of kin and why all the kids drops?

    Kensi, being there for Deeks like he has been for her. Explaining how a 15 year old lives on the street without her Mother coming for her and how she was able to still go to school and no one came after her.

    Aiden’s mother being talked about. Maybe Sam has to go help her. Aiden has a friend who gets involved with something and needs help.

    Eric’s family being explained. Maybe sis/bro cause an issue that involves the team. Neric becoming official.

    Explain the blond in Granger’s bed? Maybe Anna! Have his past cause a problem.

    More Arkady! Without the person known as his daughter!

    Callen filling in more of the pieces of his life. Travanti being a friend of his father’s.

    Fix the flashback, messes with continuity. True Hetty & Callen moments.

    A true romantic relationship – one not involved with the seemingly normal Joelle NOR with the bad girl ex-cop, who can take down a sadistic criminal in one shot Anna! Need a New option!!!

  14. Jennifer

    After, sort of a “Callen,” centric season 6, getting back to a more fluid & cohesive season encompassing all of the characters would be nice! The one thing they did in S6 was drop most of the metaphorical innuendos for more believable story lines. Allowing viewers that they believe in the characters as much as the viewers do…

    If there is a continuation of Callen’s backstory, at least give it some resounding closure? This, 6 years in seems reasonable.

    Please, Please give us the long awaited “Deeks,” backstory! It would really be great to have it mesh with what is happening in his relationship with Kensi ! Which should help strengthen “Densi,” & give us the info we need to understand “Deeks!” The IA investigation lead in should be a good place to start ?!?

    All in all, stronger, more “Team Oriented,” cases & investigations…the team is so much better when everyone plays their part.

    The bantering between everyone on the team is what makes the show: Densi, Neric, Sam/Callen, Hetty/Granger…keep it coming!

    Think it might be time for something really big to happen to one/all the characters: shooting, kidnaping, that makes everyone take stock in the realities of what they do, who they are as individuals and what they mean to each other as a team !!

    1. Carmen

      Agree. Moreover I’d like to see more respect to Deeks from Sam and Callen (I think he was very mean sometimes toward Marty).
      More Densi!
      Arkady again.
      Joelle works for me. More scenes with her and Callen.

  15. Stephanie Goodwin

    Most important I would like the Deeks backstory we were promised first in season 5 then promised in season 6, so I would really like it in season 7. I would like a consistent Densi that is moving forward in their relationship. In general I would like more of the entire team, the team interactions are what make this show so special.

    I think they need to return to having the finale being based upon an arc they have developed throughout the season, so in season 4, it was the nukes , Janvier, and Sidarov, ending in an incredible finale that involved the entire team. Season 6 had themes, the Washington investigation into Hetty, the mole, the IA but they all disappeared and were dropped and the finale was sort of out of the blue, and involved a new character that dominated the case and the team. I found the finale very disappointing since I thought they would revisit at least one of those arcs, especially the IA. As others have already said they need to complete the story lines they started in season 6 .They were good story lines and involve character development for the team we have come to know and love.

  16. Linda W

    I would like to see: 1. More background on everybody 2. Deeks IA investigation 3. More action, tension and humour as in season6 4. I would like Callen to know that his father is alive and possibly a meeting between the two. 5. I would like to have a villain like Janvier reappear.

  17. Linda W

    I would also like to see Nate return for more than one visit. And Anna too. I think she would spice up Callen’s life a little. We also need to see more team work involving them all. Densi is great, but as partners. Tone down their love life. A little goes a long way. ( I know that I am in a minority here ).

  18. Rex041085

    1. Eric and Nell become a couple (most importatn thing for me).
    2. Backstories for Eric, Nell, Granger & Hetty. Especially Eric and Nell of course. Would love to see something about Eric’s family. And why did Hetty try to kill Granger.
    3. What happened during christmas in S6 beetween Eric and Nell
    4. What’s on the notes?
    5. Eric & Nell on the filed. that would be awesome.
    6. Nate comes back.
    7. More Arkady. I know, we got ssome Arkady in the last episodes, but I love this guy.

  19. Rayanne

    More Nell but not as a couple with Eric. It would be fun to see her and Kensi together in the field. But I would like some mention of her past. I’d like to see the Deeks IA investigation with the team coming to his aid. No more Anna. I didn’t like her at all. As always more Callen!!

  20. Linda

    I would definitely like to see Callen actually meet his dad. Its time to close that part of the story and move Callen more toward finally settling down. I would also like to see more of the Hetty/Callen intimate moments that were such an early staple of the show. I would also like to see more undercover operations for the team. I think they do need to resolve the Deeks IA storyline.

  21. Ulli

    My wishes were mentioned several times, so I do not repeat them .Only two things:
    I would like to see a new team member, someone who will bring some interesting changes.
    I would NOT like to see Callen as a family man with house, garden, wife and a lot of kids. That is Sam´s role.
    Please not change Callen´s ( Lone wolf) personality too much.

  22. jsm

    Great comments and I agree with many. I would love to see Nate back and be ariund for more than just a couple of lines. Having great recurring characters could provide the interaction that new characters would bring. As much as I am a Deeks fan, I like learning about the other characters. Let’s get back to some undercover work, cases that are complicated and touch us emotional. There was lots to like this season in banter, good team work. I worry that time will run out before we know about Deeks and Callen’s backstories. I want to see Callen and Deeks work together. I am looking forward to see where they take us next season and happy it was renewed.

  23. tati

    1. The damn box to be opened
    2. Learn more about Deeks’ past
    3. The IA investigation to be interesting
    4. More Densi moments and hopefully a wedding, which is very unlikely.

  24. skippy

    A wish-list, what a nice idea. I am pretty sure this is for nothing so here goes nothing
    – Don’t domesticate Callen, he is a lone wolf and the rebel (Nat mentioned it in the comment section for the last episode and I loved it). He has already changed since he is working with a partner and a team and has a home but that should be it.
    – the dead should rest in peace, don’t bring any of them back. Brandel is dead, Thapa is dead, Amy and Clara Callen are dead, Donald Blye is dead…
    – No more Sam centric episodes, they are the most boring ones as he is. His character is so predictable
    – No Nell in the field again. She is not a field agent and never will be.
    – No additional romantic relationship. This is a crime/drama TV show and not dating show. One is more than enough
    – I would love to see more friction in the team. In particular between Granger and Callen or even better between Sam and Callen.
    – Intelligent villains and cases
    – Callen and Deeks team up in the field or undercover
    – More undercover cases (isn’t that what makes this unit so special and we haven’t seen that much of it in the last season) and Callen and Kensi undercover more often since they are great together as seen in Rage.
    – Callen in search for his father not finding him but maybe a relative (his fathers’ brother or a half brother or sister). Not his father because that would mean we will know his name and Shane Brennan said that would be in the very last episode.
    – More Frank Military written and directed episodes, hopefully another one from Shane Brennan as well.

    1. Nat

      \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/
      \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ HOURRA SKIPPY \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/
      I agree with all that!!!
      – First of all: this show is about G Callen. I want to see him bad ass, rebel, lone wolf, improvising to survive, intelligent, bantering Sam and in action; but also caring for his people, being honest, hurt, and a bit vulnerable. Please, we need more Hetty and Callen scenes and not only at work. Now that we know that Callen passed three years with her, it would be nice to dig for it a little bit.
      – Bye, bye Joelle.
      – Callen and Deeks working together (I was soooo disappointed the writers missed the opportunity to do something great with these two last season…)
      – Undercover cases are the best, specially with a clever villian. Janvier must return at some point.
      – Nate back to check up on everyone.
      – Arkady, Arkady, Arkady!!! maybe with some news for Callen.
      – The IA investigation and Deeks ending as an agent.
      – Kensi and her knife in action, but also as the sexy girl she is.
      – Nell in Ops with Eric or Eric in the field, but, definitely, Nell in Ops.
      – Sam mother hen, Sam father, Sam running, Sam saving, Sam driving, Sam fighting, even Sam singing, but not as the main character of the episode.
      – Granger supporting the team without saying it and making everyone angry.
      – Hetty interacting with all of them, being misterious and funny.
      – Yes, Skippy, this is not “X-Files”, the dead should be dead.
      – And, of course breathless action scenes!!!

      Thank you for the opportunity, I know you told seven wihses and I made it double. You can split the comment anyway 😉

    2. Ifeel possessed

      I agree with everything Skippy has said. And I can’t believe I forgot on my S7 wish list for Deeks & Callen to work together. Yes to friction between Callen & Granger.

      And why would any character (clearly apart from Callen’s father) not really be dead? This isn’t Dallas!

      I would also love a bit more Nate, he’s had no real interactions with Callen recently and that is normally fun to see (tension or Callen winding him up).

  25. BW

    One thing I meant to add, a case that challenges Deeks and Kensi. They have to figure out how to get out. Strengthens them but funny and emotional.

    I want Amy to be alive. We never saw her die so I can accept her coming back. Even Clara, if this was a part of the case she was working on.

    Plus I never see a relationship domesticating someone, hopeful it enhances and makes them more of who they are. So if done correct – bring the love.

  26. Jan

    I need some Deeks backstory. There’s plenty more room for improvement over seasons 5 and 6, but that’s the big item on my wish list, and probably the only one that could get me to watch the show again.

    1. Barbara

      I’ve been waiting for more on Deek’s background story for years. Compared to the others, his is the most vague now.

  27. two zero one five hipster

    I don’t care it’s always good
    but I seriously need that IA investigation


  28. Krista

    I want to see the team get into a really dangerous position that makes them realize how much they all mean to each other. Want more Callen, please keep him a lone wolf at least to some extent!!!!! Let the members of the team build relationships with everyone not just their partners!!! Storyline between Hetty/Callen and Callen/Gibbs

    1. amyabn

      I’d love to see Hetty and Deeks undercover together. I loved it when Nate and Hetty went undercover at the funeral home. Or Nell and Hetty undercover. Nell should get more field time (it is her dream) but I think there should be an evolution where she quarterbacks more ops (ala Hetty). I think she will grow over many seasons to be Hetty’s eventual replacement.

  29. Patty

    – I don’t want Anna at all, but if she comes back – Deeks’ IA investigation storylines lead him to become a NCIS agent, and Anna’s a new LAPD liaison officer to NCIS (occasionally, not like Deeks).
    – More interesting Granger story. That blonde, mole stories will be welcomed.
    – I rather like Joelle but Callen goes rogue and breaks her heart type story will be acceptable.
    – More undercover job, really.
    – Eric’s serious story.
    – That box story should be settled already. And Callen’s dad. And Deeks’ backstory. Already.

  30. Monty

    I wish: Kensi on the Moon, Sam on Jupiter, Hetty retired, decent clothes for Nell, more power for Granger, G the name, Eric mission undercover.
    To my great Martin, I want to know everything possible, see him in police uniform, some adventures fun with Monty, and, finally, he sends everyone to hell.
    Three things for him:
    1. Forever cop, ever federal agent. Martin is a cop: is its smell, its essence.
    2. The return of Eva (305): together they made sparks, very hot and sensual (KensiZombie go away!). So, Martin, he can make good sex; Kensi is too cold, she not good for him.
    3. Who is Max Gentry? Because Martin is so good, to be, a human being so horribles? What hides, Martin? It is a great mystry.
    Hi from Roma, Italia (18.08)
    Sorry for my english.

  31. Robert Keil

    Wish list for Season 7:

    — Deeks to be a full-fledged NCIS agent
    — more Eric and Nell out in the field
    — more “Densi” moments
    — Nate to make a couple of return appearances
    — a “4th Wall” moment with Sam (driving listening to a LL Cool J song)

  32. petzi

    1. The backstory on Sam’s son would be nice.
    2. And also the backstory on Deeks. Where is his mother and why isn’t she his next of kin.
    3.More Nell in the field
    4. A longer storyline like the Sidorov one would be great. With the return of Janvier or someone equally as cunning and deadly.
    5. Finding out why the LAPD is investigating Deeks.
    6. And finding out what the real fallout on the White Ghost is going to be since it all just went away when Hetty came back to LA.

    1. lovedaniruaj

      Oh my god yes, petzi! It’s like Kensi wasn’t angry at Hetty for sending her to kill her ex-fiancé, and getting her tortured. They didn’t to that good of a job with that storyline.

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