NCISLA 150 Moments: Suggestion Thread #10 – Granger Moment

Granger’s ‘cheery’ mood often leads to great moments…

Name your favorite(s) !!

We’re posting a ‘Suggestion Thread’ with a certain topic (in this case: Granger Moment) and YOU ALL can leave a (or many) comments with YOUR favorite moments regarding this topic.
After we have collected all your favorite moments to our topics we will start polls to find out the ’10 Favorite Moments’ of each topic.
And voilá we’ll have our ‘150 NCISLA Moments’ in no time…

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16 thoughts on “NCISLA 150 Moments: Suggestion Thread #10 – Granger Moment

  1. Rayanne

    Gold Standard – when he goes out in the field with Kensi to the costume place

    Also his intro to the team when Callen takes him down, I forget the title of that ep.

  2. ChrisDaisy

    Granger in the ambulance as media in “Ascenion” dealing with one of the Russian “barbies” – one of my favorite Granger moments ever!

  3. ChrisDaisy

    Oops – typing mistake – I meant to say “Granger as medic” not as “media”… sorry…

  4. Elizabeth

    Blue, K part 2 – Granger’s look at Kensi while they listened to her father on the tape recorder. Almost fatherly.

  5. Natalie Ryan

    Granger in the ambulance in 5×01 “Ascencion”. He was awesome.
    And when he was the only one that liked Deeks’ Swedish nachos in 6×15

  6. Mary Kleinsmith

    When he saved the man and his family and Deeks hugged him. Or perhaps when he said, “those meerkats you have up in ops…”

  7. Crystal

    “It’s a Think Tank, Agent Callen, not a Cartel.” – The Watchers

    Loved this line! Granger obviously feels that brains comes after brawn for Callen, Sam, Deeks and Kensi. And had no qualms about saying it to him/them.

  8. PK

    Not having the helmet hair problem.

    I don’t understand the appeal of hot dirty water.

    Gun twister – “not really”

    Why does your team have to look for drama in everything?

    Those meerkats up in ops

    You’re hugging me

    The early morning call and he’s with a blonde.

  9. Diane

    Pretty much the entirety of The Watchers.
    When it’s revealed in Blye K Part 2 that he was friends with Kensi’s dad.
    Going out in field with Kensi in The Gold Standard.
    As a medic in Ascension: “Bad news, these little piggy’s are going to prison.”
    Meerkats in ops, need a window or at least a wheel.
    Deeks hugging Granger.
    Granger liking the Swedish nachos.
    Him having Sam’s back in Rude Awakenings.
    Granger driving Sam’s car.
    Sorry, I could go on and on!:)

  10. Richtsje

    -His first entry in the series, when Hetty’s ‘agent in distress’- code gets the team to save her and Granger is supposed to be the enemy
    -The moment he simply ordered Sam to hand him the keys so he could drive the Challenger
    -telling the team ‘that was a good mission’
    -his appearance in Afghanistan, when we’re still not sure if he’s there to assist or assess Kensi
    -there’s this moment when Deeks hugs Granger

    his opening up to each of the team members, works with them too

  11. I Feel Possessed

    Watchers – his intro to the team
    Reznikov N – Granger driving Sam’s Challenger
    Out of the Past/Rude Awakenings – when he has Sam’s back (start of Granger revealing he’s not all nasty)
    All episodes where there is particular tension between Granger & Callen
    Traitor – the end in the hospital bed where they talk about Hetty trying to kill him (deliberately)

  12. Claire

    In 6×1 when he offers to call military authorities and tries to save Sam and Callen, as Hetty is under investigation and can’t ask for a favour by herself.
    and ”those two meerkats you have in ops…”

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