NCISLA 150 Moments: Suggestion Thread #15 – Callen Moment[(013279)14-02-26]
For six seasons now we’re learning about the mystery that is G Callen… What was your favorite Callen Moment ??

Name your favorite(s) !!

We’re posting a ‘Suggestion Thread’ with a certain topic (in this case: Callen Moment) and YOU ALL can leave a (or many) comments with YOUR favorite moments regarding this topic.
After we have collected all your favorite moments to our topics we will start polls to find out the ’10 Favorite Moments’ of each topic.
And voilá we’ll have our ‘150 NCISLA Moments’ in no time…

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15 thoughts on “NCISLA 150 Moments: Suggestion Thread #15 – Callen Moment

  1. Domingo

    Series one, whenCallen tells Hetty ” that one of the thing he loves about her is ”

    Callen threatening Sam that he will play show songs in the car, after Dom has gone missing.

    Series five Callen reviewing the footage of his family in Russia.

    There are so many moments it is hard to choose

  2. ChrisDaisy

    For me, there have been a lot of great Callen moments, and I am sure I can come up with more but these are the ones I could think of off the top of my head:

    Callen walking through the Rostoff house at the end of Pushback (S1)
    Callen on the beach in Romania and telling Sam about his past
    Callen infiltrating the assassins group in Black Widow staring down the barrel of a gun without even blinking (S2)
    Callen watching the movie about his family and talking about his foster family in Reznikov, N
    When Callen has to identify the dead body he believes could be Sam in S3 (can’t remember the episode name at the moment, sorry)
    Callen visiting Janvier in his cell at the end of Ascension
    The flashbacks in Rage
    In Keelson’s warehouse standing in front of his files not being able to look into them
    Callen being shot in Legend

  3. Crystal

    These are 6 of my most favorite Callen moments, although basically every second he is on my TV screen is a favorite moment 🙂

    1. Seeing his son Micheal for first time in “Past Lives” – Kristen telling him Micheal isn’t his son. I am convinced Kristen lied to Callen.

    2. End of “Grey Man”, the look on his face and slight twitch he makes when Hetty says, “Perhaps he was respecting the mother’s wishes” –Great tie in to “Past Lives” & Callen respecting Kristen’s wishes for him to stay away as she has moved on with her life.

    3. Standing in Janvier’s cell, and Janvier’s comment about the game not being over.

    4. Sipping his beer on “Buddy” waiting for Tracy to return – karma is a bitch & so is Tracy Keller.

    5. Protecting the girl in “Spoils of War” and taking on Granger in the process. Awwww … my hero 🙂

    6. His line to Sam, “You my dog!” in “Inelegant Heart”

  4. Rayanne

    So many great Callen moments that it’s impossible to list them all. Here are a few…

    1. Ascension – last scene with janvier

    2. Blood brothers – when they find the younger brother and Callen unloads the gun

    3. Big Brother – when he teaches school

    4. Black Budget – when they have to give up their guns and phones. Looks good in those glasses.

  5. Caroline

    For me Callen is the most important person in the show.
    I sort of miss him when he is not around.
    But a few favorite moments
    – the end scene of Reznikof N. When he is watching the film
    – the ” is that a frog?” scene, the face he pulls… !
    – a lot of scenes with Hetty
    – at the end of Purity, his talk with Alex
    – the talk with Sam at the end of Rage, where he tells about Hetty saving him

  6. Agata

    So many moments with him…
    Partners- when Sam beat Callen and Callen stay in role.
    Tin soldiers- when Sam stop him as a cop and ask when Callen will back to work, becouse now he got ten cases, and when Callen open car trunk and there was stunned man.
    Callen, G- when Callen had car crash.
    Empty quiver- when Sam gets shot and Callen saved him and then protect both of them.
    Familia- when Callen quit a job.
    Humbug- when Callen had to go undercover to Joelle house.
    Reznikov N- when he is watching film
    Rage- Callen memores and emotions when Charlie was killed
    And so much more, Callen is my favorite agent and I have so much great moments with him…
    Sorry for my English (Poland 12:42 pm)

  7. skippy

    Okay, I hope there is not limit 😉
    1_1 Callen in his room at the beginning with the flashbacks of his shooting. “Identity”
    1_14 Sam was undercover for the LD50 trade and Callen told Kensi “right know I care about all of us”. “LD50”
    1_16 Sam got angry coz they worked a case while Doms’ case was on hold and Callen explained to him that they’d do everything to find Dom if there would be a lead. “Chinatown”
    1_22 Callen picked Hettys resignation letter from Vance and the talk with Hetty at the end (also the spring cleaning talk in this episode) “Hunted”
    1_24 Callen in front of the box in Keelsons warehouse.
    Callen in the old orphanage, the fight with the Iranians, the conversation with his ‘sister’ and the cemetery scene. “Callen G.”

    2_1 The chase scene in his dreams at the beginning “Human Traffic”
    2_6 Callen in the recruitment center with his ex-wife “Standoff”
    2_10 Callen in the car laser pointer from a rifle at his chest and the fake CIA agent beside him car. That was a great scene. “Deliverance”
    2_18 Callen rescued Sam and the boy by driving in the camp and jumping out of the car. Also the phone call with Hetty and ignoring her order because of the boy. “Harm’s Way”
    2_24 His outrage during the conversation with Vance and his reaction to this conversation. Also in this episode Callen at the beach. “Familia”

    3_1 Callen reveals to Sam what he remembered (actually every scene with Callen in the old workshop) “Lange, H.”
    3_4 The conversation between Hetty and Callen and Callen in the gym. “Deadline”
    3_14 When Callen talked to Dunross and figured that they are pretty much alike “Partners”
    3_15 the episode was Callen at his best “Chameleon”
    3_18 After the ex soldier revealed “Not finding my Vietnamese family was the biggest regret of my life.” His reaction to it. “The Dragon and the Fairy”
    3_24 in the boatshed with Hetty after Hunters dead and his rage towards Granger when he told him there was nothing they could do to stop the Janvier trade. “Sans Voir (Part II)”

    4_1 Unknown location, captured by the Iranians and acting like the rogue agent. “Endgame”
    4_7 The bonding with the young witness in the boatshed and telling him about his past. “Skin Deep”
    4_8 Callens’ desperation while searching for Hetty was great. “Collateral”
    4_13 Callen convinces Hetty that going in as Anwar (the chosen one) is the only choice they have. “The Chosen One”
    4_20 Callen plays ball with the boy at the end of the episode. “Purity”
    4_22 Callen baits Hetty to reveal how many orphans she had put under her wing “Raven & The Swans”

    5_1 Callen with Janvier in his cell “Ascension”
    5_4 All the episode shows the real Callen. Lone wolf in search for answers. “Reznikov N.”
    5_19 Calles goes against Granger and does everything to find and rescue Kensi “Spoils of War”

    6_1 Callen brings Sam back on track in the sub “Deep Trouble, Pt. II”
    6_3 Callen baits the DOJ agents in the boatshed, get cuffed and escaped. “Praesidium”
    6_4 Callen does everything to save their ‘cult leader’ ignoring Grangers orders and Sams pleas “The 3rd Choir”
    6_12 Exposed to the virus he shuts down the security door to save them all. ‘Spiral’
    6_20 Callen undercover as Walinsky and being Callen at the same time. Best episode in S6. ‘Rage’

    And every time Callen teases Sam (Clown, his Michael Jackson glove, building the cabinet….)
    Also all the times his different way of thinking solves the cases (Exit Strategy, Fallout…)
    Sorry, sorry, sorry but I even deleted some best Callen moments, believe it or not.

    And now that the #NCISLA150MOMENTS come to an end I would like to thank you and all the other who had worked on this. The hiatus was never this short (just a feeling), Thank you.

  8. Linda

    Its hard to choose one good Callen moment. I really liked season 4s Purity where plays catch with the boy who’s dad goes to jail. I also liked the scene earlier in that episode where Callen talks the boy out of releasing the poison into the city’s water. In season 5’s N. Reznikov episode, who couldn’t love the scene where Callen watches the video of his family. I also really enjoyed Callen in the season 1 episode when he learns he had a sister. There have just been too many good Callen moments to just pick one.

  9. Céline Floret

    All moments with Callen…
    – all episodes with Marcel Janvier
    – The Choosen One
    – all episodes when is looking for answers about his past (Familia, Reznikov N.,…)
    – when he is talking with Hetty, always great moments
    – bromance with Sam
    – when he is undercover
    – when he takes all risks to keep the team/people safe (Spiral, Empty Quiver…)
    – all the scenes with Arkady Kolcheck

  10. Richtsje

    Those moments mostly are related do his deeper feelings – anger, protection, regrets, hurt – emotions like that.

    – the anger he showed to Hetty when she told him about Grace and the others she tried to save (Raven & the Swans)
    – the moment Hetty tells Callen she knew his mother. There’s grief, hurt and anger at the same time.
    – the next moments when he punches the sandbag
    – the moment he sits on the bed in the Rostoff house, opens the cupboard door and lets his finger go over the ‘Callen 83’ carving
    – the banter moments wit Sam in the car when Sam lost his car.
    – the moment he is abroad (was it Sudan?), Sam is missing and he is about to identify a body which might be his partner
    – the moment he finds himself on the beach in Romania and realizes his past was there – and he remembers his mother was shot in there
    – the moments he got hurt – shot in Legend. Poisoned in Spiral, nearly in LD50 and again in Purify.
    – these moments he is with youngsters and kids. There was Michael (perhaps his son?), the rare moment he is alone with Alec (Purity), the militia young man he protects after all, the young girl in Afghanistan he insists to protect and also the moment with Kamran (when we see them on screen toghether, but long before when Sam reminds him of the Christmas gift)
    – these 3 minutes we see him watching the short film of his father and sister
    – the rage in all those great moments with Janvier [how I hope he will be back one day!!]
    – the relationship he has with Arkady. Friends? Not too sure.

    Oh, there must be so many more which I loved. Those just popped up easiest!!

  11. JaniceS

    One of my favorites was Season 4, Episode 7 – Skin Deep. Callen talks to Lance about being in foster care; it broke my heart.

  12. Sue mcdowell

    Hard to pick any episode with callen in it but rezinkov ,rage his relationship with Arcady,his banter with Sam And Deeks

  13. Ilse

    so many good ones.

    – Watching the video in Reznikov, N.
    – Callen and Hetty’s talk in Backstopped
    – At the boat in Cayman island in THE blue shirt
    – Finding his sister
    – Firing the riffle at the truck in Empty Quiver
    – Remembering Alina and the time he spent at the Rostoff’s
    – “You my dog.”
    – “Is that a frog?”
    – Escaping the boatshed via ‘the basement’
    – “It’s about you Agent Callen, Operation Comescu is all about you.”
    – Protecting Joelle
    – “How many?”
    – Being poisoned with Spiral
    – Undercover in Rage
    – Visiting his father’s grave
    – Undercover as a teacher
    – Callen and Sam in the subway station and Sam rescuing Callen
    – Storming the Russian consulate
    – Sniper Callen
    – Rescuing the girl in Spoils of war
    – Tackling Sam to the ground while undercover
    – Being the team leader in Kill House
    – Driving the challenger in Lokhay

  14. I Feel Possessed

    OK, you did mean I had to choose my 150 moments with Callen…hope you’re ready, I have a little list!

    * Winding Sam up about his Origami in the car during a stakeout
    • Winding Sam up about his stolen car, Charlene
    • Pissing off Granger – deliberately
    • One on one chats with Hetty

    • Identity – opening scene, establishing Callen as alive, scarred – physically & mentally, living out of a bag, ready to move in an instant
    • Search & Destroy – getting annoyed at Nate for his psych analysis of their suspect (& the implied similarities to him)
    • Keeping It Real – story of his foster father beating his foster brother Jason to death in front of him
    • Ambush – being chained up to the old stove, dropping the bobbi pin when unpicking his cuffs
    • Breach – confronting the Polish woman in interrogation and her slapping him
    • Past Lives – Hetty saying Callen enjoyed being Jason Tedrow the best, thinking the child is his
    • Full Throttle – Callen being sent to driving school
    • Hunted – picking Hetty’s resignation letter from Vance’s pocket & final chat with Hetty
    • Callen G – the chase where the Mercedes flips, finding out about his sister in the orphanage
    • Stand-off – boatshed scene where Callen & Tracey Keller share some ‘moments’
    • Deliverance – the laser gun being held on Callen & he pulls the FBI agent in front of him so he’s shot
    • Tin Soldiers – scenes with Arkady
    • Harm’s Way – Callen ignoring Hetty when she orders him to abandon the child captive
    • Plan B – where Callen suggests to Hetty he talks to Deeks about personal vs undercover blur of lives
    • Familia – Callen’s flashbacks to his childhood,
    • Lange H – his cold, ruthless streak ordering the team to kill them all
    • Cyber Threat – confrontations with Hunter and then with Hetty
    • Deadline – discovering Hetty withheld info on his mum & past, final scenes with the photos in his house
    • Betrayal – Callen breaking baddies neck
    • Partners – Callen taking a beating from Sam to maintain their cover
    • Dragon & Fairy – Callen’s face when listening to the Vet saying his biggest regret was leaving his Vietnamese family
    • Vengeance – Callen winding up the military/black ops comander
    • San Voir I & II – pulling a gun on Janvier in interrogation room, subsequent conversation with Hetty about Hunter & finding out she was an orphan too, shooting Janvier in front of the TV camera
    • End Game – Callen being released from jail, bar scene with Hetty, being beaten by baddies & then released
    • Skin Deep – interrogation room chat with Lance ref foster care experiences
    • Free Ride – Callen saying his service record is not as clean as Sam’s!
    • Chosen One – Callen realising he is undercover as a suicide bomber
    • Kill House – talk with Hetty about Granger & how he needs to leave their team alone
    • Purity – challenging Deeks to an arm wrestle to prove he’s fit when he clearly isn’t
    • Raven & Swans – Callen forcing Hetty to lose her temper about ‘Hetty’s’ orphans, Hetty and Callen explaining about USA & orphan spies vs KGB spies
    • Reznokov N – watching the old film of him with his family as a baby
    • Iron Curtain Rising – disobeying Hetty & getting suspended for it
    • Tuhon – scene in warehouse, talking about the one person they would save from flames
    • Spoils of War – deliberately disobeying Granger
    • Inelegant Heart – calling Sam his dog
    • Praesidium – getting himself cuffed by DoJ, escaping & of course, taking off his wet shirt!
    • The Third Choir – refusing to listen to Sam, reunited with Hetty at end
    • Black Budget – getting caught by the undercover Mexicans, wanting to stay with the ‘ladies’ in Mexico
    • The Grey Man – final scene with Hetty, about why the grey man never revealed himself to his son
    • Reign Fall – Callen saying he only went to 18 classes at school, chat with Sam about how he was never pushed as no one cared about him
    • Humbug – being caught out by Joelle and her telling him to leave
    • Expiration Date – Callen’s confrontation with the Indian spy in the boatshed
    • Rage -the two flashbacks to young Callen, and the scene where Charlie dies
    • Kolcheck A – Callen skipping out on a case to go home & review his family evidence
    • Chernoff K – Hetty revealing info on Callen’s father, Callen staring longingly in to the coffee shop

  15. Claire

    Reznikov N – Callen watching the old film. This is the strongest Callen moment for me and I don’t think something ever tops this.

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