#NCISLA150 Moments (2/2)

Here are the character-driven #NCISLA150 Moments… Thoughts ??

Callen Moments
5×04 – Reznikov,N. – Watching the movie about his family
6×12 – Spiral – Knowing he’s been exposed to the virus and shutting down the security door to save them all
2×24 – Familia – The moment on the beach in Romania and realizes his past was there – and he remembers his mother was shot in there
1×01 – Identity – At the beginning with the flashbacks of his shooting – alive, scarred, physically & mentally
5×19 – Spoils of War – Going against Granger and doing everything to find and rescue Kensi
6×20 – Rage – The talk with Sam at the end, where he tells how Hetty saved him
1×04 – Search and Destroy – “Is that a frog?’
6×02 – Inelegant Heart – His line to Sam, “You my dog!”
1×07 – Pushback – In the Rostoff house, he sits on the bed, opens the cupboard door and lets his finger go over the ‘Callen 83’ carving
3×04 – Deadline – The grief, hurt and anger at the same time when Hetty tells him she knew his mother

Sam Moments
5×01 – Ascension – In Deeks’ hospital room, telling Deeks “you’ll make a great agent, “I owe you for the rest of my life after what you did for me [saving Michelle]”
5×08 – Fallout – Hugging Callen after the close call with the subway
4×24 – Descent – Watching Deeks being tortured, and his desperation to keep Michelle safe.
Legend – His fear of losing Callen
5×03 – Omni – Hugging Deeks
1×16 – Chinatown – The bantering with Callen! “[In an old lady voice] I just want you to be happy and find a good girl!”
6×06 – SEAL Hunter – Fighting the fake SEAL; also, taking the shot to the chest from the fake SEAL, then getting up and sprinting for the civic center
3×04 – Deadline – Refusing to give Monty from his food, and at the end of the episode, he shared his food with Monty after all
3×11 – Higher Power – Trying to get a Parker Pony for Christmas for his daughter
4×16 – Lokhay – When Callen drove the Challenger and it was damaged. Telling Callen he should pay all of the damage instead of half of it

Deeks Moments
6×11 – Humbug – All in scene
2×17 – Personal – Leaving hospital to save Kensi
2×10 – Deliverance – Rescuing Kensi from lasers
4×17 – Wanted – “Sunshine & Gunpowder”
5×19 – Spoils of War – Interogating the cleric
4×24/5×01 – Descent/Ascension – Torture
4×24 – Descent – “Communicating” with Kensi
6×03 – Praesidium – Partners don’t keep secrets
5×09 – Fallout – Dinner with Kensi
S5 – Impact/Omni/Unwritten Rule – PTSD arc

Kensi Moments
6×11 – Humbug – “All in” scene
4×17 – Wanted – Asking Deeks to never die on her
3×17 – Blye, K., Part 2 – Telling Deeks he’s the only person she trusts
5×02 – Impact – Bringing dinner to Deeks
6×03 – Praesidium – “Partners don’t keep secrets”
2×17 – Personal – Reaction to Deeks’ shooting
3×15 – Chameleon – “I’m too your type”
2×10 – Deliverance – Explosion after the laser room
6×01 – Deep Trouble: Part 2 – Tension with Talia
1×22 – Hunted – Undercover with Callen as a drunk couple

Hetty Moments
4×13 – Paper Soldiers – Hetty & Nate undercover at the funeral parlour
5×02 – Impact – Her reaction to the news that Eric put a camera in a garden gnome and called it the Hetty cam
2×23 – Imposters – Giving the job offer to Deeks
3×22 – Neighbourhood Watch – Conversation she has with Kensi and Deeks
2×16 – Empty Quiver – Upset about the internet crashing while she was watching the viral video of a cat on a trampoline
5×08 – Fallout – I’m the Backup
2×23 – Imposters – When she rode the Segway around the bullpen
2×01 – Human Traffic – When Hetty gets the house for Callen
1×14 – LD50 – Telling Callen, “Asset management is my responsibility, and you are an asset – that is, when you’re not being a pain in the asset.”
4×02 – Impact – Last scene, when she watches the team on the plane back to L.A.

Granger Moments
6×14 – Black Wind – When he saved the man and his family and Deeks hugged him.
5×01 – Ascension – The ambulance scene as medic in “Ascenion” dealing with one of the Russian “barbies”. “Bad news, these little piggy’s are going to prison.”
6×01 – Deep Trouble II – “Those meerkats you have up in ops…”
3×17 – Blye, K Part 2 – Granger’s look at Kensi while they listened to her father on the tape recorder. Almost fatherly.
5×13 – Allegiance – When Kensi explains about ‘helmet hair’ and Granger answers “Oh. I wouldn’t know about that.”
6×15 – Forest for the Trees – When he was the only one that liked Deeks’ Swedish nachos in 6×15
3×12 – The Watchers – His first entry in the series, when Hetty’s ‘agent in distress’- code gets the team alerted. He wanted to see the team in action.
5×04 – Reznikov N – Granger driving Sam’s Challenger
6×01 – Deep Trouble II – When he offers to call military authorities and tries to save Sam and Callen
6×09 – Traitor – He end in the hospital bed where they talk about Hetty trying to kill him (deliberately)

Eric Moments
2×16 -Empty Quiver – Eric breaking the internet.
5×18 -Zero Days – Eric being arrested in his pajama pants.
2×21 -Rocket Man – Eric almost being ‘frelted’.
3×07 -Honor – When Eric poses as security at the airport to hold off Akio Tanaka.
5×02 -Impact – When he calls the cam hidden in the garden gnome „Hetty cam”
6×03 -Praesidium – Eric being questioned by the DOJ.
4×06 -Rude Awakenings – His lenghthy explanation to Granger about nucleair bombs: “let’s do the math….”
5×18 -Zero Days – Eric saving the day and everything and everyone.
4×10 -Free Ride – “You look…. Elfin amazing!” And what comes after.
5×02 -Impact – The fact that he is unable to deal with wearing pants and Nell cuts the khakis off for him.

Nell Moments
5×14 – War Cries – when she stabs the bad guy and says “did I get him”
4×14 – Kill House – and then when she pulls the magazine out of the gun
6×03 – Praesidium – When she poses as Hetty and kills that man in Hetty’s house
5×11 – Merry Evasion – when she is Deeks’s partner: “Velma & Shaggy”
5×23 – Exposure – Nell and Eric writing on the post-it notes
2×19 – Enemy Within – when she challenges the military guy at the boat shed. “Pick one of your own size”
4×10 – Free Ride – she makes an adorable elf
5×02 – Impact – When she helps Eric and cuts the jeans that Hetty gave it to him, and then she told him that she would help him to buy new pair
5×20 – Windfall – Her questioning of Lil’ Dip at the park
4×17 – Wanted – The partner survey from the magazine