#NCISLA150 Moments (1/2)

Here’s the first batch of our #NCISLA150 Moments… the character-themed ones coming later…

Team Moments
Deep Trouble II – 6×01 – Ending scene
Kill House – 4×14 – Rescuing Nell
Lange H – 3×01 – Storming of the Comescu compound
Free Ride – 4×10 – Christmas on the aircraft carrier
Dragon an the Fairy – 3×18 – Playing basketball
Reznikov N – 5×04 – The team reace to rescue Callen and Reinhard
Crimeleon – 3×15 – In the club
Found – 1×21 – Trying to save Dom
Merry Evasion – 5×12 – Ending scene
Harm’s Way – 2×18 – Deeks messes with Sam

Kensi & Deeks as Melissa & Justin (3×22 – Neighborhood Watch)
Deeks as Max Gentry (2×22 – Plan B)
Kensi & Deeks as Tracy & Jason (1×19 – Hand to Hand)
Kensi & Deeks as Kiki & her manager (2×07 – Anonymous)
Deeks & Kensi as enganged couple (2×04 – Special Delivery)
Kensi & Deeks as married couple (4×22 – Raven and the Swans)
Nate & Hetty as Mother & Son (4×12 – Paper Soldiers)
Tattooed Kensi (3×15 – Crimeleon)
Kensi & Callen as Divorcing Couple (1×09 – Random on Purpose)
Deeks as Sven (5×13 – Allgiance)

Guest Stars
Vyto Ruginis as Arkady
Mercedes Mason as Talia Del Campo
Ernie Reyes Jr. as Jemadar Thapa
Peter Cambor as Nate Getz
Christopher Lambert as Marcel Janvier
Brian Avers as NCIS Special Agent Mike Renko
Channon Roe as Ray Martindale
Aunjanuae Ellis as Michelle Hanna
Claire Forlani as Lauren Hunter

OMG Moments
Deeks & Sam getting tortured
Kensi & Deeks make it BOLD
Callen watching the film of his father and sister
Deeks waterboarding the cleric
Callen got shot (Legend II)
Deeks gets shot (Personal)
Thapa dying to save Sam
Kensi slaps Deeks (Frozen Lake)
Dom dies
Deeks actually asks Kensi to dinner

Mo’s Killer

3×22 – Neighborhood Watch – Foot Chase: Kensi and Deeks are chased by the Russian sleeper agents
2×01 – Human Traffic – Foot Chase: Callen’s Dream
4×16 – Lokhay – Car Chase: Callen driving the challenger “Buckle Up and Take Notes!”
2×22 – Plan B – Foot Chase: Deeks chasing Ray
5×10 – Frozen Lake – Foot Chase: Kensi invades the meat room
4×01 – Endgame – Foot Chase: Kensi and Deeks with briefcase
6×03 – Praesidium – Car Chase: Sam while being questioned by DOJ
1×23 – Burned – Foot Chase: Callen chasing the guy that was shadowing him
1×24 – Callen G – Car Chase: Callen flipping the Mercedes
2×19 – Enemy Within – Foot Chase: Kensi lands in pool

2×10 – Deliverance – Kensi trapped in laser rigged room
3×24 – Sans Voir – Exploding Warehouse
5×04 – Reznikov N – Car rigged by Callen
1×23 – Burned – Keelson’s Warehouse
6×01 – Deep Trouble II – Sub
2×16 – Empty Quiver – Motorcycles
2×20 – The Job – Mansion
3×11 – Higher Power – On Top Of The Bank
5×03 – Omni – Sports Car
3×10 – The Debt – Red Car

[I somehow overlooked Arkady being the #2 for the guests… Thanks for pointing it out !!]

5 thoughts on “#NCISLA150 Moments (1/2)

  1. Richtsje

    The only surprising thing in my opinion is that there were so many Callen&Sam undercover scenes, yet none of them made it into the top 10… Apart from that, I do love to see which moments & persons were chosen!

  2. Hanchi

    Are you sure, Vyto Ruginis (Arkady Koclheck) didn´t make it into the top 10 of guest stars? Whenever I looked, he was right behind Monty, but maybe I got it wrong and I only saw what I wished to see. If he is in, Joelle will be out.

  3. Caroline

    I am also surprised that Arkady ( Vyto Ruginis ) isn’t in the top ten.
    Joelle is??? Why?
    And no undercover moments with Callen and Sam or Callen alone. Strange.
    But good to see the results.
    Thank you for all the work you put in these polls Sindee, looking forward to the next one’s.

  4. viviana

    I would like to see The Spoils of War end scene as Deeks and Kensi´s best. So heartbreaking . I think it should be on the top ten. Sorry for my english Im argentinian. Good Work i love this !!!

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