POLL: How did you like NCIS Los Angeles ‘Citadel’ ??

Yeah, still on vacation… so let’s hear your thoughts about the episode on here…

How did you like NCIS Los Angeles 'Citadel' ??

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24 thoughts on “POLL: How did you like NCIS Los Angeles ‘Citadel’ ??

  1. Jess

    Actually found myself loving this episode, which surprised me after I read a couple of people commenting on social media that they found it boring. But the whole thing, from the story line right through to the character relationships, was brilliant. Although, I must admit to shedding a tear during that whole HL-7 test Callen and Sam did …

  2. Gina

    Loved it…from beginning to end!
    The personal banter between everyone was so hilarious. Talia loves to get under Kensi’s skin?
    I’ve rewinded more than once and i’m still laughing???
    Great advice from Sam to Kensi?

  3. petzi

    Loved the Sam/Callen “who gets to fail” conversation. Loved both Sam and Callen dishing out advice to Kensi and Deeks. But I especially loved finally meeting Marty’s Mom, I hope we see more of her than that tiny tag.

  4. Norm

    Wasn’t sure what to expect going in… but loved it. From the opening bullpen scene with the discussion of favorite foods, whatever Deeks did or did not ask – and however Kensi did or did not answer, to the “best ever nachos” and the guys tolerant amusement fully acknowledging the relationship…. great!
    The scenes with Talia were very well done and the dialogue among the 3 of them precious… Talia jerking Kensi’s chain re Deeks, Kensi using Zen to keep from “bleeding her out”. I thought the “we’re in love” line from Talia to Deeks was awkward until the comment from Rathburn that Talia would only flip for love – then I realized it had been a set up line for that comment.

    I loved the advice from Callen and Sam to the two lovebirds. This is twice now that Sam has advised Kensi and Callen has Deeks. In character, Sam is more worried about her emotional state and how she stresses out about her love for Deeks… not sure what “being, not doing” means but sounds good. Callen being Callen is more more interested in the mission than in the emotions but still manages to talk Deeks down.

    The scene between Hetty and Rathburn was excellent… why isn’t Hetty Queen of the World? Or Machiavelli’s “Prince”?

    Usually, the banter between Callen and Sam is just that, but the pass-fail was cute.

    Now, Mama Deeks: I could be wrong (again) but don’t recall her being called by her last name in this episode… it was just mom, your mom, etc. It was obvious that Kensi knew of her existence even though she had not met her… The only surprise was him introducing them. Once again, much has been said and done off screen that we are now just finding about. She is supposed to be on another episode this year (maybe Mama Deeks meets Mama Blye Feldman?)

    I think Dave Kalstein gave us a crumb for future episodes… Rathburn says ” Detective Deeks, your HL-7 shows a 9X% chance that you will turn on LAPD… escpecially after… ” Deeks cuts her off before she can end the sentence, Rathburn knows what the IA is all about,

    This episode was full of hints, bits, scraps, whatever. I think when I go back and and rewatch it on DVR I will pick up more bits…

    1. Spokoze

      Very well said Norm, many of my thought too.

      Enjoyed Ep2 a lot, but no surprise there. MORE Kensi and Deeks please!
      Have been reading that ratings are slipping. Answer: MORE Kensi and Deeks Please!

      Serious as can be…. This franchise could take Kensi and Deeks to the Big Screen~~~~

      Did think it odd that Talia had told before that her ‘partner’ had left the DEA, indicating that relationship was complicated …. but she apparently had a partner for 15 years, who she had many over night stakeouts with and who felt obligated to keep his wife in the dark about most everything including his ‘300 pound partner’??
      Seems to me the writers have an opportunity with the character of Talia, who now likely is at a crossroad with the DEA, to get a visit from Hetty….

      1. Norm

        I’d have to go back and re-watch, but you’re right, she did say in Deep Trouble that she had to split with her partner… unless they got back together again, Mark Moore is her second partner and there is no way she is old enough to have been his partner for 15 years with or without the Deep Trouble partner reference. Could be the line was just bad canon.
        She probably is in trouble with DEA after two partners, one of whom was a traitor. Perhaps she will move to NCIS when Kensi becomes pregnant… would love to see how a pregnant, hormonal Kensi would handle Deeks partnering with Talia while Kensi watches from ops.
        That there is a “Mama Deeks” is no surprise. In one of the early season episodes, Deeks made a reference to clippings about him being on his mother’s refrigerator… and he used the present tense (has, not had)… maybe we will find out why he didn’t mention her in Personal. Can only hope.

        Ratings were slipping during season 6. I have those DVDs but only watch about 3 episodes over and over. The show runners have worn out Callen’s search for his father plots, IMO, and the shows cannot be all about Callen and Sam. They can get the viewers back by more Densi, more Neric, and by story lines that allow all the team to show their talents… and for the writers to quit dancing around the fact that in an alternate universe ECO and DR are brother and sister in law. In our universe they are not and there is no reason natural hugs, kisses, and other PDAs within good taste cannot be built into a plot.

        1. Spokoze

          Talia spoke of her partner in the Fish Market Ep back in S5…..how they got envolved.
          lol Goes without saying I Dont want Kensi getting pregnant but I’m way okay with Densi living together in that new place…
          As for Callen and the Orphan story line…. round file that.
          Honestly both Hetty and Granger are old, old, old people, in real and in character— and old people think a lot about NOT working any more –even in these troubled economic times….
          Thus…Hetty and the paper work for Talia…
          Time for Vance to pull out the Big Chair for Callen and he and Jo can be ones that make babies…. Sam would be a great TI. Bring back Blaze and a whole New Captivating Probie Agent….this show could go another 10 seasons without much change, but not all change is bad. Fresh blood hasn’t hurt NCIS and NCIS-NO has added new regs…

    2. Jess

      “I think Dave Kalstein gave us a crumb for future episodes… Rathburn says ” Detective Deeks, your HL-7 shows a 9X% chance that you will turn on LAPD… escpecially after… ” Deeks cuts her off before she can end the sentence, Rathburn knows what the IA is all about”

      Oh good, I’m glad I’m not the only one to wonder about that line 🙂
      I was so annoyed with Deeks – haha! I was going, awww, we JUST about found out what all the DIA and LAPD saga was about; why’d you have to cut Rathburn off there?! I did catch her say “revenge for …” so now I’m really wanting to know: revenge for what, Deeks?!!!

  5. Mogorva

    It was light years better, than the season premiere (which I gave a 6, but the next time, I watched it (this time I was sober) it was only a 3 😀 ). I loved it. Altough I’m a little confused, last time we saw them, Kensi and Talia Parted with a very friendly hug. Did they forget that part for the sake of the flirting and banter? Which was funny as hell, but a little continuity issue. Deeks’ mom didn’t have a lot of time in the episode, but that one scene was again very amusing.

    And the best part: no Callen’s daddy issues. The test scene was in the tolerable range. I liked their banter with Sam. This funny banter suits them much more than trying to be serious. That almost never works.

    After a while even the storyline was more than OK. It took almost half the episode to figure out who the really bad guy is. That didn’t happen in a while :).

    10/10, because this ep had everything I love about this show. And I want Talia back more. 🙂

    1. Jess

      “And the best part: no Callen’s daddy issues. The test scene was in the tolerable range. ”

      Really? That was one of the best scenes of the episode!!! 🙂

  6. skippy

    I might be the only one but I didn’t like this episode. This episode was more of a couple counseling eps than what it should be and the difference to the other NCIS shows, action driven, was not visible. I know there can’t be action all the way but a bit more wouldn’t hurt. Or is this the result of the budget cut?

    Obviously Deeks and Kensi have problems working together since Sam and Callen both have to talk to them to bring them back on track. I hope this was it and the problem is solved. Or will the NCIS LA be a couple/love/romance show this season. I hope not.

    The Citadel case could have been a great case and a great story, but the focus was on Densi. I don’t mind if there is Densi but not this much. The case was secondary and that was a shame.
    Usually I am a fan of Talia but here she was annoying at best.
    Hetty and Callen were all good again? Well that was quick. Or was this again a lack of continuity?
    Sam never failed a test that much I could have guessed. But not even willing to fail for an undercover persona? I thought the team is the best of the best for undercover work. Am I wrong?
    The best was the Callen during the test and the question if he played it or not. We will never know but it was well played.
    And also the question if Kensi can cook ‘NO’ – do you want to learn it ‘NO’ . I am so with Kensi. Can’t cook and I don’t want to learn it.
    This is IMO not the storyline to get viewers back. NCIS LA loses big time and the reason is obvious. They pack to many topics in one episode and it lacks of drama, action and humor etc.

    I wonder if the writer will comment the ratings this time like he did it for ‘Spiral’.

    1. Mogorva

      I don’t mind the lack of “drama”, it always feels forced to me, in the later eps so much, I’m bored over the “big drama” scenes. The humor suits the whole cast much better.

    2. densidream

      I have to disagree, too, Skippy, sorry. I don’t think it works when all the episodes are action-laden, there have to be some in between with characters development. And plus, this attracts more people to watch it when there’s something for everyone’s taste.
      And “this is not the storyline to get viewers back”: well, since you’re about the only one who didn’t like it, I don’t think so.

  7. Sharon

    I really enjoyed this episode. I thought the case they were working was interesting. The show was clever, funny and fast paced. I enjoyed the Densi scenes, Talia, Hetty’s scene with the bad “guy”. The last scene with Deeks mom was well done.
    I would give this one 9 out of 10.

    I would give this episode a 9 out of 10.

  8. VirtualFriend

    Lots of Densi, that’s good. I want them shown as adults though.

    Kensi all nervous because she meets Deeks mother, sche acted like a schoolgirl. Please, she just killed a man, was being shot at with a automated weapon. How high is her body count after 6 seasons, Afghanistan? She is not your typical ‘girl’ next door, so act like it! It looks adorable but not very realistic.

    Callen is still stuck with his father, father, father. Please, get a grip on your self and move on.

    Other than that, nice episode, love Talia 🙂

    1. Jan

      I agree with you, Virtual Friend. Kensi doing the school girl thing was just irritating, and I think they’ve ridden the Callen’s daddy issues too far. I did enjoy seeing Talia again, but I thought a lot of her scenes were badly written and overdone. I still like the actress, and would like to see her come back, hopefully in an episode where everyone is written as a responsible adult.

      1. Crystal

        Agree with you about Talia! This is the second episode with her being written as an intentional “house wrecker”. I actually expected better from a Dave Kalstein episode. He is an awesome writer (my fave on the show) BUT the writing for Talia in Citadel was asinine.
        And hello!?! Think much of yourself Talia? The scene in the car about “and I look like this” while she looks down at her boobs was at the top my list of the WORST scenes of the series.

    2. densidream

      Schoolgirl? I mean I get what you mean I think, but no. Kensi is a tough girl, absolutely, but she also has a deeper personal level that doesn’t show often, and mostly only with Deeks. Also, remember how she is not really the long relationship type? Best first date girl in town and second date horrible? I think the was nervous (as was Deeks) because this is the first serious relationship she has had in a long time (and I guess the second one only because when she was with Jack she was quite young, wasn’t she?) and then being introduced to parents probably is a big deal because it makes it even more serious and real. That much to Kensi’s side. I think she also is nervous because she knows about Deeks’s whole family history and knows that this is a big deal for him, too. And he doesn’t have family other than his mother so I guess it’s pretty important to him that Kensi and his Mom like each other.

  9. I Feel Possessed

    I really enjoyed this episode, and in a more drama-related way than the season premiere, it was again a team episode. (Personally I thought S07E01 was a team episode, even if Callen was outside the team as opposed to Reznikov N, where the team essentially was a supporting cast to Callen).

    There was a lot of focus on the characters, in terms of development and revelations. And Talia was the catalyst – again – in moving the “Densi” relationship forwards. There were many parallels between Deeks and Callen – both were lying to their partners, fooling themselves too. I like the irony of Callen imparting words of wisdom; he was telling Deeks to focus and be true, yet Callen himself is clearly struggling to focus on the case. If between him and Sam, he was meant to pass the HL7 test – he would have failed.
    And the tease that Deeks’s HL7 test revealed he would betray LAPD and…..(sorry, only watched it once & was VERY tired)…surely links in to the IA. In fact, it makes me wonder how either Deeks or Callen passed the HL7 test originally. Maybe Hetty had a hand in ensuring certain individuals passed, in a similar way to the ex-Wall Street employee? And I loved Hetty’s revelation that she created the test in the first place.

    Several continuity errors in this episode. Firstly, Talia fell in love with her partner & they were split up – that clearly was ignored. Secondly, Kensi & Talia parted in S6 as friends – well that seemed to disappear here. But then I think Talia just enjoys winding Kensi and Deeks up, maybe to deliberately force them to confront their feelings? She sees through the two of them very easily.

    The moment they said that Sam and Callen were going undercover at Citadel, I just knew we were going to have some reveals about Callen. Oh, boy what reveals they were. Sam = perfectionist, obviously. Callen had to fail the test. He went in with attitude, became naturally agitated before the test start, and then froze when the first image of a father and his baby appeared on screen. And when prompted, he commented the waves = escape, marriage = fairytale (what does that say about his relationship with Joelle)? And then he ends up losing it and ends the test.

    Granger, Nell and Eric were only slightly better than extras (but at least the latter two were not annoying). I could go on for a while, but I’m going to write a proper review…. Thanks to Skippy last week for those key words of encouragement.

    Much though I enjoyed the season opener, I did prefer this episode. Ignoring the continuity issues, writer Dave Kalstein pulls off another winner (S1 Past Lives & Burned, S2 Black Widow, Empty Quiver & Plan B, S3 Backstopped, Partners, S4 Kill House, S5 Frozen Lake, Tuhon, Three Hearts, S6 Spiral, Expiration Date). I know he’s written more, but Kalstein write so well not only for Kensi/Deeks, but for Callen too, and the team as a whole.


    As I have said many times before on this site and many others I am not a Deeks fan nor will I ever be — Just not my cup of tea. However, I think even the Deeks lovers will agree that he is acting more sneaky and aloof and is definitely hiding some dark things. And him dropping a bomb like meeting his Mom on Kensi after the day they had — Not very nice. He also needs to act like an adult around Talia — A simple Talia I have a girlfriend please stop would have sufficed. #blindspotkickingass–OHBOY

    1. Jan

      What’s wrong with Deeks surprising Kensi with the intro to his mom? He asked ‘Trust me?’, she said okay, so clearly she was open to something unexpected. And I don’t know what you mean by “after the day they had” – nobody was tortured, surrendered to the Taliban or anything extreme, so it was just another day at the office. If Kensi can’t handle the pleasant surprise of an intro to Mom without advance warning and adequate time to prepare, maybe she’s in the wrong line of work. She should look for something where she’ll never have to think on her feet.

  11. densidream

    After I thought that the season opener was only ‘meh’, I’m very happy that this episode was much much better!
    I loved all the banter, between Callen and Sam was very funny the fail and pass jokes throughout the episode, and the HL-7 was interesting. Particularly good that the letters stand for Henrietta Lange. This woman is full of surprises! Didn’t she also invent some polygraph test?
    Kensi-Deeks-Talia of course also provides lots of great moments. I think that gives nice insight into Deeks and Kensi and their committed relationship. Although IMO the Talia-Deeks kiss was a bit much. I would expect Talia (who is sort of ‘friends’ with Kensi now, isn’t she?) to respect their relationship and leave Deeks alone. I think I remember something from another episode with Talia where she said she wouldn’t ‘pursue’ Deeks anymore because he is clearly in love with Kensi and she with him (or something like that).
    The end with Deeks’s Mom was very sweet. I loved the “Can you cook?” “No.” “Do you want to learn?” “No.” and the look on Kensi’s face when she says that, like she’s really scared that Deeks’s Mom doesn’t like her. Hopefully she will appear now and then.

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