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Callen’s Corner: Season 4 Banter

Let’s take a quick look back at Season 4 and the overall storyline before we delve into the banter topic.


The season started right where Season 3 left off – with Callen in police custody for having killed Janvier publicly. It looked pretty bad for our favorite agent, but, in the end, everything turned out to be a ruse – a dangerous one for sure, but they managed to hand Janvier over to the Iranians – Checkmate!


In a two-parter (“Out of the Past”, S4x05 and “Rude Awakenings”, S4x06) the overall story arc for Season 4 was established – a number of nuclear bombs are stolen, supposedly by a well-known Russian arms dealer, an Isaak Sidorov who will sell the bombs to the highest bidder. It is in episode 4×06 that we finally meet Michelle, Sam’s wife who is an agent herself and has established a cover during a past operation that Sidorov used to trust: Quinn – a professional assassin. While Sam is not happy about it, it is decided that Michelle will go operational again to get near Sidorov, who expresses more than a professional interest in Michelle, much to Sam’s distaste.

Callen’s life is in grave danger at least twice this season. In “The Chosen One” (S4x14) where he infiltrates a Chechen terrorist group and his cover is blown, and in “Purity” (S4x20) where Callen is forced to drink cyanide.


Season 4 also featured two cross-over episodes for another spin-off  (“Red” and “Red 2”, S4x18-19, respectively) where a new NCIS team is introduced. Much to the dislike of many Callen fans, the episodes contained an attempt to set up Callen with the Red Team Leader. (Knowing how the G fans out there will react to it, I will NOT write down that name here… you all know who I am talking about, anyway).

In “Ravens and Swans”, S4x22, we get to see a very intense Callen and Hetty moment when Callen discovers there were a lot more orphans that Hetty had taken care of and formed to agents than he had thought. They literally scream at each other, which was a first. (And, for the sake of all Callen fans, I might mention that this is the episode where we got to meet “Dr. Callen”.)


The season ends with Callen’s nemesis making another appearance: Janvier is brought back from Iran to help the team find the stolen nuclear weapons and catch Sidorov. Unfortunately, but to no one’s surprise, Janvier-double crosses the team and Deeks and Sam end up being tortured by Sidorov’s people, while Michelle’s life is at stake.

On a sidenote: Season 4 also marked the directing debut of Chris O’Donnell and he did a great job with that! Congratulations!

Back to Banter

Our team at Callen’s Corner found it a little harder to come up with Callen-related banter in Season 4. For one, maybe because there were not many Callen-centric episodes. On the other hand, the overall story arc of the season focused on different topics and seemed to be darker and more serious than in the previous ones. Callen’s character seemed to have become more solemn  – which was no surprise, considering the events in the past seasons with meeting Hannah Lawson, discovering the relation to and history with the Comescu’s, and having lost two agents at the end of Season 3.  We know that Callen tends to blame himself for what happened, so he may have continued to carry the guilt.

Also, we noticed that Season 4 had more episodes that focused on Kensi and Deeks leading to more Kensi/Deeks-related banter or team-related banter, which is fun nontheless. So, let’s take a look at some team banter first:

Kensi: Well, if you must know, I’ve killed another house plant. That is fourteen since July.
Deeks: Wait. That’s it? That’s the source of you sourness?
Kensi: It was a cactus.
Callen: You killed something that thrives in Death Valley?
(S4x13, Paper Soldiers)


Kensi: Look, I am taking a leap here with this babysitting thing. It would be really nice to have my partner there to back me up. That is, if he takes me up on it.
Deeks: You want to play house?
Callen: They want to play house, Sam. At your house, when you’re not there.
Sam: Oh, yeah? I have nanny cams. Everywhere.
Deeks: That’s okay, ’cause I do some of my best work on camera.
Kensi: Oh, thank you for an image I will never be able to get out of my head.
Sam: Priceless!
(S4x21, Resurrection)


Deeks: Yo, easy, Wonder Twins. You’re scaring the old folks.
[Kensi chuckles; Sam stops and faces Deeks]
Deeks: No…
Sam: Who you calling old?
Deeks: What?
Callen: I’d choose your next words wisely.
Deeks: I don’t… obviously, I don’t mean old. I mean older, and I don’t mean that from a physical standpoint, because, obviously, you’re…I mean that from a metaphysical standpoint because you have a much more mature spirit than…
Sam: Ah.
Callen: Are you thinking what I think you’re thinking?
Sam: Yeah– push-ups.
Callen: Mm-hmm.

Later in the episode:
Sam: The old folks took care of business.
(S4x04, Dead Body Politic)

Dead Body Politic2

Kensi: Deeks is running late. He ate some bad sushi last night, so it made him sick.
Callen: Bad sushi?
Kensi: Mm-hmm.
[Sam and G exchange a look and a smile]
Kensi: What?
Callen: You know we invented the “bad sushi” move, right?
Sam: Which means we don’t fall for the “bad sushi” move -ever.
(S4x03, The Fifth Man)

Deeks: Do we get a safety word?
Sam: What do you think?
Deeks: I was hoping for a yes-
Kensi: This isn’t one of your bondage sessions, Deeks.
Deeks: She’s kidding, but if you hear me yell “noodles” that means I’m in trouble.
Callen: If I hear you yell “noodles” I’m gonna shoot you myself.
(S4x12 Kill House)


Nevertheless, they were there – those funny and classic Callen and Sam moments that always remind us why these two have the best bromance on TV ever:

Callen: She blew me off.
Sam: I ignore you all the time, it never bothered you before.
Callen: Something’s up.
Sam: Somethings’s always up with Hetty.
(S4x08, Collateral)

Sam: I hate clowns.
Callen: Yep, not nearly as funny when they are dead, are they?
(S4x09, The Gold Standard)

The Gold Standard

Callen: You sure you’re not hungry?
Sam: Not now. What the hell is that?
Callen: Fish tacos.
Sam: What kind of fish?
Callen: The kind that swims in the ocean.
Sam: Ho-how could you eat something without knowing what it is? That could have been last weeks bait for all you know. Even looks like chum.
Callen: Carlos is the Iron Chef of food trucks.
(S4x02, Recruit)


 Sam: (referring to Callen and Hetty) Yeah, you two are cut from the same cloth.
Callen: Hardly. Hetty is, uh, hand-painted silk. I’m more of a–
Sam: Itchy polyester?

Callen: I was gonna say denim.
Sam: Well-worn denim.
Callen: What the hell’s that supposed to mean?
(S4x22, Ravens and Swans)

 Sam: [sarcastically] Thanks for having my back in there, partner.
Callen: I will take a bullet for you, but wives are a whole other thing.
Sam: I’ll remember that.
(S4x17, Wanted)


[Callen enters first the bedroom – he picks the best bed…]
Callen: Cozy.
Sam: Whoa-whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Why do you get the bottom bunk?
Callen: Got here first.
Sam: G, the last time I slept on the top bunk, I rolled over in the morning and landed on a petty officer
tying his shoelaces. Broke his arm in three places.
[G waves at the 3rd bed folded against the wall]
Sam: Okay, now that’s what I’m talking about.

 A little later:
Callen: You snore, I’m gonna shoot you.
(S4x18, Red)


 Callen: Our boy got a briefcase.
Sam: Laptop probably inside.
Callen: What are the chances of getting that away long enough to access the computer?
Sam: Creating a distraction and grabbing the case 10 seconds, breaking the combination if its locked another 20, copying the files 2 minutes.
Callen: Out-smarting the bad guys?
Sam: Priceless!
(S4x22, Ravens and Swans)

Callen: That whole motherland thing’s overrated. I mean, look at me. I come from a line
of blood-feuding gypsies who keep trying to kill me. How’s that justice?
(S4x23, Parley)

Sam: I didn’t want to go through that whole Parker Pony thing like I did last year,
so I asked my daughter what she wanted for Christmas in June,
and then I went out to buy it right away.
Callen: He hid it so she wouldn’t find it. Of course, as we know, the memory is the first to go.
[Sam, angry, throws the bag into G’s arms]
Sam: I think it had something to do with Harry Potter.
Nell: A wand?
Sam: No.
Callen: How about an owl?
Sam: No.
Callen: No?
Nell: A sorting hat?
Sam: A what?
Callen: A broom?
Sam: You’re not helping.
Callen: Eh, I’m not really trying.
(S4x10, Free Ride)

Free Ride

Callen: I know that look.
Sam: You’re starting to sound like my wife.
You know what they say when your partner starts sounding like your wife?
Callen: Get a new wife?
Sam: I’m gonna pretend you didn’t say that.

Callen: Criminals take Christmas off just like the rest of us.
Even the bad guys don’t like being on the naughty list.
(S4x10, Free Ride)

Callen: Somewhere Granger is laughing.
Sam: Can’t hear it. We’re dead.
(S4x12, Kill House)


Last, but not least: Not really banter but one of my favorite Callen / Sam moments ever:

 Sam: Why is it that every time I try to do the right thing, people get hurt, kidnapped…die?
Callen: You got a big heart, Sam. Like a big…giant teddy bear. You wanna hug?
(S4x16, Lokhay)

Did we mention your favorite Season 4 banter? Or did you miss your favorite quote? What is your most memorable Callen / Sam moment? And what is your overall impression of the events in Season 4 and their influence on the banter? We are looking forward to reading your thoughts in the comments.


Thanks to the Callen’s Corner Dream Team members Vicki, Richtsje, justdreaming and Keviana for taking a look back with me at the funny (and not so funny moments) of Season 4. Also, thanks to for the screenshots and for assistance with the transcriptions.

Callen’s Corner. Hetty’s Closet — File 97-2

97-2 ‘Ivan Kolvak’

Episode 1.20 ‘Fame’

HC Kolvak

His father is the owner of a Russian oil business. Is willing and able to spend a small fortune to have fun and enjoy himself. Likes to surround himself with beautiful women (see note re: Fern).
Slightly patterned shirts in lighter colours (silver/grey), black leather jacket, dark pants; all clothes must look expensive. Requires a credit card with ‘no-questions-asked’ kind of limit.
Agent Callen’s experience in the business and his many worldwide undercover operations make him able to personify a ‘man of the world’/alpha-male quite easily and convincingly.
Especially in interaction with Det. Deeks, Agent Callen has a tendency to bust Det. Deeks for his big mouth and make him pay.
Suitable for:
Undercover operations in expensive clubs and other exclusive locations where money opens doors.
In conjunction with 74-1 ‘Tim’ and 65-8 ‘Fern’

Favorite quote from this episode:

G: Hetty cut a side deal with you, didn’t she? That’s how you got the card.
Deeks: Yeah.
G: So what’s your limit? Fifteen?
(Silence from Deeks.)
G: Ten?
(Deeks still remains silent.)
G (chuckling): Come on, five?
(Silent confirmation from Deeks.)
G: I’m supposed to look like I can spend 50 and you’re on the hook after 5?
Deeks: She threatened me with a letter opener.
G: I guess some people gotta learn the hard way.
Deeks: Why? What are you…
G: We take two more bottles.

Thanks to Bee, Richtsje and Vicki as well as!

Callen’s Corner: Callen And His Aliases

Callen’s undercover skills are legendary. He is a natural at what he does, a born operator.

In the beginning of “Keepin’ It Real” (S1x6) Sam and G argue about whether operators are born or made.

 Sam: Operators are made not born, G. Skills can be taught.
(G doesn’t agree, he is of a different opinion.)
G: Look, I will take a lazy natural operator over an all-night studier any day of the week.
Hetty: Nature versus nurture. Quite the conundrum.


Sam: Do you think Hetty was born or made?
G: Hatched.
Sam: How long have we been working together, G?
G: Two years?
Sam: Three next month. And the longest you ever had the same partner was?
G: Your point?
Sam: Point is we complement each other. Because I’m a natural…
G: I’m natural and you’re made.
Sam: No, I’m the natural operator.
G: Well, if you’re natural, I’m supernatural.
Sam: That doesn’t even make sense.

Later in the episode even Sam admits that G is excellent at what he’s doing:

Sam: He’s a born operator, Dom.

 One reason for his extraordinary skills definitely are his genes. His mother was an agent as was his grandfather as we learned in “Deadline” (S3x4).

G: My mother worked for the CIA?
Hetty: And her father before her. You see Mr. Callen, it’s in your blood.


Another reason for his being so good at what he does is his upbringing. The fact that he grew up changing foster homes every few months, weeks or days must have formed his ability to adapt quickly to all kinds of situations, to contain and control his emotions, not to show them, to keep his feelings close to the vest and thus make himself unreadable and untouchable for most cases.

Also, as was mentioned in a previous post on Callen and Identity – the different aliases give him an opportunity to try different lives, different characters to see which one would suit him best.

He never had a family – so an alias might give him an idea of how family life can be (see “Past Lives”, S1x12) – without any obligations and the possibility to make an easy retreat.


Callen Undercover Moments

Callen undercover has brought about some of the greatest moments for those of us who love the blue-eyed agent.

Remember how utterly gorgeous he looked when going undercover as Canadian Gordon Taymis in “Keepin’ It Real” (S1x6)?
And weren’t we all holding our breaths when he stared down the barrel of a gun as Nathan Wilson in “Black Widow” (S2x2) without even blinking?

 Thierry: You both have ten seconds to sort this thing out. The loser dies.

Who would’ve not wanted to be cured by “Dr. Callen” (“Ravens & Swans”, S4x22)?

And don’t we all love it when G is all dressed up for an undercover operation (“Anonymous”, S2x7)?


Didn’t your heart skip a beat when he was forced to drink the cyanide in “Purity” (S4x20)? Or when he was almost killed in “The Chosen One” (S4x14) when his cover was blown because the real Anwar Amurov was left handed?


Steve Wells, the “bad boy type who needs saving” geek in “Search and Destroy” (S1x4) still brings a smile to my face.

 Eric: All right, you’re up against a deavil-droid. You have to transform yourself into a dweed.
Callen: I already feel like a dweeb sitting here.
Eric: Not a “dweeb”” a “dweed”” It’s a combination between a dwarf and a steed. All right, grab your treasure torch and… Okay, not good. Not good. You have used up one more and you die.
Callen: Okay, we need to go to plan B, Eric, and fast.


And then, of course, there’s Mr. Carl… – Unforgettable! (“Plan B”, S2x22)

 Woman: Can I help you?
G: I’m Mr. Carl.
Woman: I don’t know you.

G: Something you need to understand about Mr. Carl.
Woman: What’s that?
G: He likes to party.

Sam: You know Mr. Carl. He’s the man.


And there’s so much more, so many aliases and undercover operations…

That being said we want to open Hetty’s Closet on G Callen and take a closer look at his various aliases every now and then – starting coming Monday.

Stay tuned and take a closer look at one of G Callen’s aliases next week!


Which one of Callen’s aliases is your favorite? And why? Because it was a highly dangerous operation, putting our favorite agent into a life threatening situation? Or because it helped uncover some information about his mysterious past? Or simply because he looked absolutely stunning in his undercover outfit? (Yes, we are not too shallow to admit things like that :)). We’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

Special thanks to Vicki, Bee, Richtsje, justdreaming, Keviana and sindee for delving into Callen’s past aliases and undercover operations with me. Also, thanks to for the screencaps.

Callen’s Corner: Callen Versus The Chameleon


G. Callen: It’s all about revenge.
(S5x01, Ascension)

Callen Check Kopie

Legendary agent versus criminal mastermind.
Callen’s nemesis – he is powerful, unpredictable and he knows how to play psychic games.

Crimeleon (S3x15)

“The Chameleon” (aka Zahid DeGramont aka Marcel Janvier) made his first appearance in “Crimeleon” and soon it became clear that he is no ordinary criminal. No matter what the team does – he always seems to be one step ahead.

And Callen is impressed by his skills and abilities.

G: He’s the best I’ve ever seen.

G: He also has an amazing ability for physical transformation.
Kallstrom: You seem impressed by him.
G: I’ve spent my whole life pretending to be somebody I’m not.
Kallstrom: Perhaps he’s better at it than you.
G: Maybe. Until I catch him.
Kallstrom: Confident.
G: Resolute.

Callen was the one who shot DeGramont (the name under which he is known in this episode) in the jaw – leaving him permanently affected by this injury. And leaving him craving for revenge – which he made very clear during his phone call with Callen:

Chameleon: My mouth still doesn’t work right. I can’t breath, I can’t sleep.
My brain throbs, thanks to the bullet you put in my head.
G: My heart breaks for you.
Chameleon: Agent G Callen, I know where you work.
I know where you live.
I know who you care about.
G: What do you want?
Chameleon: One day,  I’m going to kill you. Soon.
That’s all I live for. It’s all I care about. 

Telefon2 Kopie
After that phone call, Callen seems worried – something we rarely see with him, especially not when it comes to his own safety. And again, “The Chameleon” seems to be one step ahead as he claims to have private information on Callen – information that should be classified. And there’s more: “The Chameleon” has not only threatened Callen’s life but also the ones that are close to him, the few people he cares about – and in this episode “The Chameleon” left no doubt about what he is capable of and that he has no scruple whatsoever.

Sam: What did he say?
G: That he’s gonna kill me.
Sam: Heard that before.
G: Yeah. But this guy’s pretty good.

Callen is always the one to have everything under control. He has unrivalled skills and is one of the best agents out in the field. No opponent he’s had to deal with so far was a match for him but with “The Chameleon” things are different…

Sans Voir (S3x23 + 24)

In “Sans Voir” “The Chameleon” arranged for his and G’s paths to cross again – as always being ahead of the game and with devastating consequences for the team. It is in this episode that we learnt “The Chameleon’s” real name: Marcel Janvier. And the two men meet face to face for the first time – after Janvier had killed Renko and Hunter, leaving Callen emotionally shaken as we have rarely seen before.

G: What do you want? The right to remain silent?
That’s fine, we’ll give you that. It’s not gonna help you.
Because we both know, sooner or later you will talk to me.
Because that’s what this is all about, isn’t it? You and me.

The scenes in the boat shed between Callen and Janvier grew increasingly intense by the minute.

Janvier is driven by revenge. He says that he “chose” Callen because he was the one who shot him, but maybe there’s more to it. Janvier likes to play games and he probably realized that in Callen he found a “worthy opponent” – maybe for the first time ever – an opponent who makes the game worth playing.


G: Why me?
Janvier: You shot me.
G: But you came back.
Janvier: Curiosity.
G: I almost caught you.
Janvier: But you didn’t.

And so their “game” began  –  it is fascinating to watch these two strong characters interacting, creating some of the most intense Callen-centric scenes we have seen in the show so far.

Janvier: Welcome to the game, Agent Callen!

G: This is a game to you?
Janvier: You play chess, Agent Callen?
G: A little.

It is obvious right from the beginning that Janvier clearly knows Callen’s weakness: The people he cares about, first of all Sam and Hetty. And Janvier knows that Callen will go to any length to keep them safe – so he provokes him, raises the stakes.

Janvier: Same way I got to you, Agent Callen. Every one has a weakness.

Even Vaziri acknowledged that in “Endgame” (S4x01):

Vaziri: I’m intrigued, Agent Callen. Why would you do such a thing?
Janvier must have found your weakness.

Seeing the usually so calm, composed and focused Callen struggle with his emotions makes the duel with Janvier so intriguing to watch.

One could literally feel the tension building up and reach its climax.

Boatshed gun

G: You wanna kill someone, try me. In fact, here. Use this. (hands Janvier his weapon)
All you gotta do is squeeze the trigger. Take it. Take it.
Janvier: And give you an excuse to break my neck.
G: I don’t need another excuse.

Sans Voir Ende

They came to a point where it looked as if Janvier finally turned out to be the winner of this encounter when in the Season 3 finale Callen went rogue, shot an unarmed Janvier in cold blood in front of a television crew and got arrested.

Janvier: You kill me and I win.

 At the end of “Sans Voir” that’s exactly what things looked liked.


Endgame (S4x01)

Callen in prison, facing a criminal charge, the team shattered – or so it seemed. But in the Season 4 premiere “Endgame” we learnt that Callen had not given in to Janvier’s psychological games at all, that everything was a ruse.

Yet, G was determined to go to any length to defeat his nemesis – even jeopardizing his own health, safety, career and life. To Callen it was worth the risk.

During the exchange with the Iranians we see a bruised Callen who had  suffered some injuries from being held captive but look of  triumph of having won over the Chameleon is clearly visible in his face and expressed with only one word:

G: Checkmate!

Game over!

Or so we thought…

Descent (S4x24)

Then, in the finale of Season 4 Janvier resurfaced – severely mutilated by the Iranians – because NCIS needed him to cut the deal with the stolen nukes. Despite all doubts Callen had to bring him back from Iran – work with him and trust him – at least to a certain extent.

 Janvier: You need me for something. What? Oh – chess match begins again.
Trouble is – this time I don’t wanna play. You have nothing to offer me.

But Callen does have something to offer – the one thing that drives Janvier forward: revenge. Revenge against the Iranians for taking his hand. And of course never forgetting the fact that Janvier will also want to take vengeance on him.

Yet Janvier has another request to make – he asks Callen to kill him.

Janvier: Let me put your mind at ease. This is my first requirement.
When it’s all done I need you to finish what you started
when you put that bullet in my face.
G: You want me to kill you.
Janvier: You owe me that.
G: As much as I’d like to, I don’t do that.
Janvier: Maybe I can seduce you into it.

It was a dangerous plan they had come up with and Hetty and G knew that they were playing with fire.

G: You do anything to jeopardize this mission or my people and you’ll get your death wish.
Janvier: And no protected vest this time?
G: No.
Janvier: See, I told I would seduce you.

As much as they were trying to keep everything under control, things went terribly wrong – almost giving Janvier what he really wants above everything else: Getting to Callen by hurting the ones he loves, by seducing G into killing him and thus succeeding over him in the end.

Janvier: You can’t hurt me anymore. Not after what I’ve gone through –
which by the way Agent Callen I blame you for.

 Janvier: I still live for only one thing – to kill what you love.
Sidorov is going to kill your beloved partner.

 Janvier: And the game continues. Oh, by the way,
have you recovered agent Hanna’s body yet?
(“Ascension”, S5x1)

 Callen on the edge again – this time for real. And even Hetty realizes how close he’s become to crossing the line.

Hetty: Mr. Callen, control your emotion. We need Janvier alive.

Ascension (S5x01)

Callen and Janvier share an obsessive relationship – and a dangerous one.
And it will only end when one of them is dead, they both know that.

Janvier: We make a good team.

Janvier: It’s a complicated relationship we have. I consume you and you consume me.
G: It’s not complicated, it’s obsessive. Sad.
Janvier: You might be right.

Hetty: Janvier is obsessed with you.
It might be wise not to be obsessed with him.
G: I have to be. Janvier’s a threat. He lives for revenge.
He’ll come after me. Or any agent I’m connected to.

But once again – despite everything Janvier has done and despite all feelings that his actions have triggered in G, he manages to keep his emotions under control, to not let his hatred get the better of him.

Janvier: Finish it, we both want it.

Janvier did not manage to seduce Callen into killing him – yet. He did not manage to make G betray everything that he values and everything that he stands for, thus leaving G as the winner of their ongoing duel for the moment.

Their final confrontation (for now) took place in Janvier’s prison cell – an awesome scene that sums up their obsessive relationship perfectly.


G: Eight feet wide, eleven feet long. 23 hours a day lockdown. Triple life sentence – priceless.
Janvier: I didn’t think I would see you again.
G: I just had to see this with my own eyes.
Janvier: Two hour plane flight just to see me step into a cell.
Not much going on at home, I guess.

Janvier: Did you ever read „The Count of Monte Cristo? It’s the story of a man who
spent 21 years in prison only to escape and exact his revenge.

The scene (and the episode) ends with a sentence that leaves hardly any doubt that Callen’s nemesis will return – sooner or later.

Janvier: Agent G Callen – the game is not over.


What are your thoughts? Will Janvier escape from prison? Will he be back, haunting Callen and the ones who are close to him? Will there be an ultimate confrontation? And will G kill Janvier in the end?

You’re more than welcome to share your thoughts with us in the comments!

On a personal note:
Having done extensive research for this post I can only encourage all Callen fans to watch all six Janvier-related episodes in a row. It is fascinating to see the “relationship” between Callen and Janvier growing more complex and intense with every episode. I am looking forward to seeing the two of them meet again and continue their duel as those episodes promise a lot of intensity, emotional struggle and suspense concerning our hero G Callen.

Very special thanks to Vicki and Richtsje and also to FanGCallen and sindee for helping me putting together this post and for sharing the „tough task“ of having to rewatch the respective episodes! Also thanks to for the screencaps. And of course thanks to Keviana!

Callen’s Corner: Callen and Christmas

S4E10_943 Kopie

G: “…Even the bad guys don’t like being on the naughty list.”
(S4 x 10,”Free Ride”)

Well, it looks like the bad guys don’t really care – seeing that our favorite team of federal agents had to spend every Christmas Eve working on a case for the past five years…

But G doesn’t seem to mind. We all know that Christmas is a very family-related holiday with lots of family values and traditions – something G never really had growing up in so many different places.

He doesn’t care much for festivities and celebrations of that kind which, again, has to be blamed on his upbringing. It is very likely that he has never really experienced a festive Christmas or a fun birthday party dedicated to him in his entire life. (Remember his thoughts on birthdays in S1 x 1, “Identity”?)

…And he does not have much sense for gifts, for that matter…

Sam: “I don’t run around… giving gifts to just anyone. Takes a cold woman to do me like that.”
G: “And you put a lot of thought into that spice rack, and the sweater.”
Sam: “You still have those steak knives I gave you?”
G: (hesitant) “…Yes.”
Sam: “Okay.”
(S2 x 11, “Disorder”)

But he does like a Christmas tree – or a Christmas palm tree, more like, at least in the office.

G: “Where are we going with this?”
Sam: “Right over here – Turn around. Turn around. Turn around.”
(They put the tree on the ground)
Sam: “Ah. Okay.”
Hetty: (puzzled) “What is that?”
G: “It’s a Christmas tree.”
Hetty: “You’re joking. No, no. Douglas fir, Scotch pine, Bruce spruce. These are Christmas trees.”
Sam: “This is L.A., Hetty. Wait ’til you see the Menorah.”
Hetty: “I am SO alone.”
(S1 x 10, “Brimstone”)

What kind of Christmas Tree Callen would have at home, IF ever he has one? How does G actually spend Christmas?
We know that “Uncle Callen” planned to visit Sam’s place at least one time in “Higher Power”, S3, to see what the Parker Pony can do…

G: “Well, maybe Santa will bring it to her.”
Sam: “Maybe I’ll tell her Uncle Callen said he’s get it for her. It’s okay, baby girl, Uncle Callen didn’t mean to let you down.”
Deeks: “That’s messed up!”
G: “You wouldn’t.”
Kensi: “You shouldn’t!”
Sam: “Ho ho ho.”

Most of the time, we see the team end up celebrating together. And, what’s more – in most of these scenes we see Callen smile – he is celebrating Christmas with the people that are the closest thing to a family he has. We also get to experience one of the rare occasions where Callen actually acknowledges this fact:


“To friends and the family we have!”
(G. Callen, Higher Power S3 x 11)

What have we learned about Callen and Christmas in this season’s Christmas episode “Merry Evasion” ?? Let us know in the comments…

Callen for Christmas

As a Christmas treat for all Callen’s Corner readers, we wanted to include something delicious to feast your eyes on.
However, we couldn’t decide which one to pick, so we decided to leave you the choice of which G Callen delicacy you want for Christmas:

The Dreamy Look:

The dreamy look

The More Serious Look:

The more serious look

The Relaxed Look:

The relaxed look



Hetty-Approved Holiday Recipes (At least, we hope!)

As an additional, special Christmas goodie for Hetty, Callen, and all tea lovers, we hope this wonderful Christmas tea recipe spices up your Holidays:

Spiced Holiday Tea

2  cups water
3  tea bags (unflavored black tea)
4  star anise
1 3-inch  cinnamon stick
1  cup passion fruit nectar
3  tablespoons honey
2  tablespoons lemon juice

and, of course, a stash of Hetty’s Michoacán shade-grown agave nectar!

1. In a medium saucepan bring water to boiling. Add tea bags, anise, and cinnamon stick. Reduce heat. simmer, uncovered, for 3 to 5 minutes. Discard tea bags and cinnamon stick. Stir in nectar, honey, and lemon juice. Heat through.
2. Pour tea mixture into four heat-proof cups, floating a star anise on top of each. Makes 4 servings.
(Servings Per Recipe: 4)


For those of you who are more into Christmas “spirits”, how about a Christmas Mojito, which Callen might savor while watching Sam deck the Christmas tree?

8 ounces fresh cranberries
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
20 mint leaves
2 tablespoons lime juice
4 ounces white rum
4 6-ounces soda water
fresh cranberries, optional garnish
(Servings: 2)

1. Put the cranberries, sugar and water in a medium saucepan and bring to a simmer. Lower the heat to low and continue to cook for about 10 minutes, remove from heat before the berries start bursting. Should you have some of the cransberries burst, don’t fret over it. Cool completely.
2. Once the berry mixture has cooled, strain and discard the berries.
3. Put about 10 leaves of mint and one tablespoon lime juice into each glass. With the back of a wooden spoon or a muddler, mash the mint.
4. Add ice to each glass and pour 2 ounces of the cranberry syrup and 2 oz. rum into each glass.
5. Top off each glass with soda water and float a few fresh cranberries a garnish.

Happy Holidays!




Many thanks to Vicki, FanGCallen, Richtsje, justdreaming, Keviana and sindee for contributing to this “merry” post!