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Dear NCIS Los Angeles,

I remember as if it was yesterday when your mother introduced us over six years ago… you immediately became a big part of my life… soon you were my new love, my new joy, my new ‘purpose’…

Over the years our relationship grew stronger because you managed to make me better… you gave me new things to learn, new adventures to pass and new people to meet.
Especially for the latter I will always be grateful for, cherish you and love you for !!

You were a steady part of my life… your characters became a part of my family… I laughed with them, I cried with them, I longed with them and I feared for them… this went on for quite some time – and boy did we have a blast together !!

But then something changed – I started loosing interest… At first I didn’t wanted to admit it and tried to ignore my new feelings… Afterall you had done nothing wrong – How heartless was I to abandon you after all this time ??

I’m writing these lines to let you know that I cannot ignore my feelings any longer… it wouldn’t be fair to both of us… I need to move on… Believe me, it’s not you – it’s me !! I can’t appreciate you any longer like you deserve to be appreciated…

Like I said, I will always be grateful for the time we had together and I am happy to know there are people out there who still love you like I once did.

Wishing you all the best for a hopefully long future !!

Love always,

As of the end of 2015 this website will change to „Archive Status“ !!
All information about NCIS Los Angeles will stay online for everyone to find and re-read but no new information will be added.

If you want to get the latest about the show I recommend the NCIS LA site over at and the reviews by A Virtual Scrawl. You’re also invited to follow our Twitter or join our Facebook group where NCISLAFamilia is always busy keeping the buzz about the show up and running.

Thanks to all my readers for the years of loyalty !! Like stated above – meeting YOU was the best a girl can hope for !!
CU (somewhere else in fandom-world) sindee
(clicky name to get to my personal twitter, not much going on atm but who knows what the future holds 😉 )

Help Best Friends Saving Them All !!

Ever since our donation campaign for the 150th NCIS Los Angeles episode we try to help Best Friends Animal Society to raise awareness for their cause… So especially in this time of ‘thanking’ and ‘giving’ we should not forget about the many many animals that don’t have a home.

Please help Best Friends to Save Them All by giving to their good cause. Every dollar counts… Contribute here =>

Also: This Black Friday through Cyber Monday, you can adopt your next best friend with no adoption fees! Go to to find your next best friend.
Note: Adopting an animal is an important decision. So please don’t ever give an animal as a gift.

Personal Note

Dear Readers,

six years ago I started this little blog called “NCISLA Fan Blog”…

After several years in other fandoms being a fan, learning how fandoms tick and having fun being involved in fansites for other shows I felt that this new show ‘NCISLA’ was worth setting it up.

And boy was I right…

I had soooo much fun with this new show and the blog – posting infos, making fanart, coming up with games, looking for stuff that nobody else had on their sites (locations especially…).

The little blog grew to a reasonable go-to site for the NCISLA fandom over the years and I was a happy camper. When we decided to switch the ‘fan blog’ into the more professional looking ‘NCISLA Magazine’ in 2012 I had an awesome team of people around me helping me working on the content. We grew even more with our guest star interviews, original columns and repeated acknowledgement by the cast and crew of the show. It was a dream come true !!

As more seasons went by the dream became a ‘nightmare’…

Because you know what ? I’m ‘just a fan’…
I’m a Callen Girl !! I love the Callen & Sam Bromance and the action an the show !! I think Deeks is underrated, am not sure about Kensi’s behaviour at the moment and I tolerate Densi… I like Eric’s ‘pants theme’ and Neric but liked Nell better with the shorter hair… I love to ‘hate’ Granger and would love to have a tea with Hetty and chat about some of her decisions…

But I put too much pressure on myself being the ‘overall satifisfying online platform for NCISLAFamilia’ – trying to be political correct at all times, posting something for every character / aspect of the show and with that the fun went down the drain. Posting stuff became a burden…

So with the definite decision to close down the NCISLA Magazine after my return I went on vacation and to the NCISLAFamilia Meet-Up in Los Angeles.

But NCISLAFamilia rocked my world !!

To meet other people who are so passionate about the show revived my own passion and after giving it some more thoughts I decided to keep the site – but give it a little more of my personal touch back…

So fair warning: marked with sindee’s sentiment there might be some speculating, squeeing, swooning or ranting in my future posts… And you are invited to share your thoughts about my posts just as passionate as you are doing already… I love to have a good convo about my favorite show !!

OK, enough the words… I just wanted to give you the background on why the site was so ‘behind’ the last weeks and what’s to come in the future. I would love to have you all as my readers for many many seasons to come !!

#MuchLove #NCISLAFamilia !! 🙂
CU sindee

NCISLA Magazine Goes On Hiatus !!

Dear Readers,

Another season of NCIS Los Angeles has flown by…
While the Cast & Crew are on hiatus and recharging their batteries for Season Seven we’re doing just the same.

During the month of June NCISLA Magazine will go on hiatus.

At least in the foreground that is. In the background we’re prepping our “comeback” in July. Lots of ideas run through our minds: #FanFicChallenge #150Countdown #HettysCloset #TopMoments #BestFriendsFundraiser

While the website won’t be updated for a few weeks you can still ‘talk NCISLA’ with us and other fans on Twitter, in our Facebook group or via email

Have a great summer #NCISLAFamilia and see you back here in July !!
CU sindee

NCISLA Magazine Reader Survey 2015

It’s hard to believe we only have one more episode left this season. =(

With the impending summer break on the show NCISLA Magazine will use its free time to redo some features for the upcoming season.

Since we depend on YOU – our readers – we’d like to know what YOU would like to read… or not…
Which topics should we focus on ?? Which topics are ‘overused’ ??

This thread is your *WISH LIST* until the end of May !!
Let us know what YOU want to read and we’ll try to comply…
Take over the comment section… spill it out… brain storm… send in your ‘craziest’ ideas…

We LOVE to hear from you !!