NCISLA Magazine Reader Survey 2015

It’s hard to believe we only have one more episode left this season. =(

With the impending summer break on the show NCISLA Magazine will use its free time to redo some features for the upcoming season.

Since we depend on YOU – our readers – we’d like to know what YOU would like to read… or not…
Which topics should we focus on ?? Which topics are ‘overused’ ??

This thread is your *WISH LIST* until the end of May !!
Let us know what YOU want to read and we’ll try to comply…
Take over the comment section… spill it out… brain storm… send in your ‘craziest’ ideas…

We LOVE to hear from you !!

23 thoughts on “NCISLA Magazine Reader Survey 2015

  1. Linda

    I don’t think any topics are overused or underused. All of the characters and their stories are valid. Each of the characters has their fanbase. Of course I will always be partial to Callen’s Corner, while others are more interested in Densi. I think this site is great because all areas of the NCISLA fanbase are represented.

  2. CallenCOD

    One feature that I would like would be the ability to save photos instead of having to screenshot them. It would be a lot more convenient to just hold down our thumbs on the pictures and have the option to save them, like on many other websites, versus having to crop them after screenshotting.
    Other than that, I feel as if you guys are doing a great job! Callen’s corner is of course my favorite, and I would like to see a bit more Agent Hanna representation- along with a bit more about the personal lives of the stars 🙂 You guys are my favorite website!

    1. sindee Post author

      Thanks for your comment!! Normally you just need to click on the pic and it will open in a new window from which it can be saved… Or right-click (hold finger until menu appears) and save right away… Whichever you use please make sure to credit our website (resp. the original creator) when using the picture for sth else… CU sindee

  3. lovedanniruah

    I honestly think that they didn’t focus on Afghanistan enough, and the Hetty part of this season. I mean, why would Hetty risk hurting her own agent’s well being for one chance at pulling out the mole.
    I also wanted a bit more of the Deeks/Internal Affairs side of the story. Hopefully that happens after they come back from Russia.

    1. lovedanniruah

      Oops, didn’t read this carefully. I thought this was for the show.
      I think you guys are really awesome! I’d never find any of this stuff without you guys, so thanks a lot!!!!
      One question: are the “magazines” actually articles or just for show?

  4. Crystal

    As long as there is something G. Callen related, I’m happy 🙂 Love this site!

  5. Claire

    I like this site very much. I wouldn’t mind more activity and articels in Callen’s Corner but I understand that you have to pay equal attention to every character. And I love your picture reviews!

  6. I Feel Possessed

    I think this web site is great for posted links to articles, videos, interviews. The episode previews and picture recaps are better than on many other sites (and the latter are always humourous), and I enjoy reading the thoughts of your key contributors on characters and scenarios too.

    The one thing that does frustrate me though is when I’m trying to find information relating to a certain episode. It takes ages to scroll through long articles and then paging back to older posts on the same episode. Some kind of short cut or link to all articles, clips etc for each episode would be great for ease of use. And maybe something similar for each character, e.g. Deeks – there are quick links to each article etc for him…?

    Just my personal opinion 🙂

    1. sindee Post author

      Thanks for your comment !! I’m not sure I understand exactly what you mean… Are you looking for a short cut to all the posts abt one episode ?? Or would you like to have the existing shortcuts divided into different topics – e.g. video, preview, review… ?? Help me understand so we can adjust (or explain) please !! 🙂 THX !!

  7. Mogorva

    I’m not sure what I Feel Possessed thought, but I think a tree-structured list would make the search much easier, and from that list you can click to the post you want to read. This list can be placed on the side, with opening levels on click, like a menu in a software.
    For example: level: season
    ……2nd. level: ep.
    …………3rd. level: sneak peek
    …………3rd. level: promo
    …………3rd. level: BTS
    …………3rd. level: Vote
    …………3rd. level: Picture review
    …………3rd. level: report
    …………3rd. level: misc level: Overall informations, reports, BTS (if needed, this can be also multi-levelled)

      1. Mogorva

        That looks great but I understand the too much work part. 🙂

        Above I meant just a list (Like the tree structured folders and files in Total commander if that’s any information for you), which links to the already existing (and tagged, if tags are used) articles, so you can see every article related to a specific episode or information and doesn’t have to scroll down sometimes 2 or 3 pages until you find, what want. (Right now that is kinda inconvenient). It can also work with tags, that is just a question of a DB Query.

        I don’t have the HTML or PHP expertise, but if that would make things clearer, I’ll try to create some drawings of the “that’s what I thought” just to be sure, we speak about the same thing.

        Another possibiliti, to shorten the articles on the main page for 2 or 3 images and show the full picture review just in the subpage. That could save a lot of scrolling.

        1. sindee Post author

          thanks, I’ll have a look at the different plug-ins etc over the summer… 🙂

          1. Mogorva

            Since right now I enjoy the benefits of Arbeitslosigkeit, I have a lot of time. If I have any other idiot ideas I just hurl it at you here. Few of them are in the post below about the DB thing.

  8. Sandra

    Your page is awesome, the best one around, plus it looks really great.
    A transcription area would be nice, where you can reread dialogues, full episodes maybe to much work.
    But it’s just a suggestion.. You are doing a great job!

  9. dixiebelle

    I love this site. You always do such a great job Sindee. I like the folder idea that was mentioned earlier. Something I would like to see is maybe a list of episodes that deal with the same story line. For example all the episodes that deal with Callen and Janvier, or all the ones that deal with Callen’s past etc. A lot of times there is so much time that goes by before they come back to a storyline I forget what happened. I don’t know it might be to difficult or maybe do a survey to see what storylines people wanted. Just my thought. 🙂

    1. Mogorva

      That wouldn’t be a problem, if there is a posibility of tagging actors and/or making the actors names searcheable (I mean, like a DB query, you type in an actor, and get the episodes he was in as a result). Without any backround information on WordPress, that is a possibility, but I’m not sure, wordpress has a feature for creating DBs like that. If not, it can be done via an external DB (mysql for example), but that requires someplace to run the server, or it will be an offline, sometimes (more or less regularly) updated DB, shared via Gdrive, or dropbox or something like that.

      Speaking of DB-s, _IF_ there is a possibility to run them on the server, that could solve the season-episode-info issue, what sindee linked few posts earlier. It requires one big effort to fill the db with every data, and create the tables and queries, but after that every user could search after any kind of information about actors, episodes, and so on. Same applies to actors too, also they can have their place in the treestructure on the sidebar under overall informations (just a thought, brainstorming).

  10. Mogorva

    One thing, I’d like to read a little more: Behind the Scenes. Photos, interviews, anything, if there is more available, than the BTS pictures and report you’ve already shared with us.

  11. Lisa

    Hi! I love ncislamagazine, it is always updated, it is funny, enjoyable, very much alive. I particularly love Callen’s corner and Decidedly Deeks, and I love the banters recap. Here is my contribution to the wishlist:
    – an archive of quotes (by episode)
    – an injury list by character, maybe (fans love these things 😀 )
    – for Callen I’d love a collection of what we know about his past foster families
    – more fan fiction challenges or an archive of those
    – Densi moments recap
    – topics on friendships, you know not only Callen and Sam but Sam and Deeks, Callen and Nell, Nell and Eric, Callen and Deeks, and so on

  12. BW

    I think bringing back the Message board if only for the writers challenges. Otherwise I think everyone involved does a great job!

  13. Mogorva

    I don’t know if the blog engine has the possibility, but maybe sending private messages could be useful. Like on a forum.

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