Decidedly Deeks: Nicknames


Back in Season 3 there was a list of nicknames started (read the original here). Thanks to your help, here is a new and improved version (now with episodes)!


For Kensi
– Babe
– Baby Girl: 1×20 ‘Fame’
– Dora the Explorer
– Fern: 1×20 ‘Fame’
– Hon Bun
– Honey
– Kensalina: 5×22 ‘One More Chance’
– Kiki: 2×07 ‘Anonymous’
– Lady MacGyver: 2×07 ‘Anonymous’
– Liebchen in 4×17 ‘Wanted’
– Light of my Life: 3×22 ‘Neighborhood Watch’
– Maverick: 4×10 ‘Free Ride’
– My Girl
– My Sweet: 2×04 ‘Special Delivery’
– Ninja
– Pocahontas
– Princess
– Shnookums: 4×08 ‘Collateral Damage’
– Sugarbear: 3×22 ‘Neighborhood Watch’
– Sunshine
– Sweety
– Tiger
– Wifey: 3×22 ‘Neighborhood Watch’
– Wikipedia: 2×22 ‘Plan B’
– Wonder Woman: 2×19 ‘Personal’

For Nell
Nellosaurus: 5×12 ‘Merry Evasion’
– Velma: 5×12 ‘Merry Evasion’
– Skinny-Mini: 5×24 ‘Deep Trouble Part 1’

For Callen
G-Bacon: 5×24 ‘Deep Trouble Part 1’

From Kensi:
Beach Boy: 4×03 ‘The Fifth Man’
– Buddy: 3×04 ‘Deadline’
– Hon Bun
– Honey: 2×19 ‘Enemy Within’
– Hubby: 3×22 ‘Neighborhood Watch’
– Shaggy: 4×03 ‘The Fifth Man’
– Sleepyhead
– Stumbles: 3×21 ‘Touch of Death’
– Sweetie: 3×04 ‘Deadline’

From Nell:
Shaggy: 5×12 ‘Merry Evasion’

Do you know anything we missed? Add it in the comments below so we can update the list again.

6 thoughts on “Decidedly Deeks: Nicknames

  1. jrwjr

    I see one thing that isn’t correct. Kensi calls Deeks ‘Maverick’ on the trip out to the carrier on “Free Ride”. Deeks was really excited to get that nickname from Kensi.

  2. ChrisDaisy

    I wasn’t aware that Deeks had given all team members so many nicknames… even Callen gets one – woah…

    I confess I don’t remember all of them but some made me laugh out loud thinking of the scenes they were used in…

    Of course Fern is a classic but some of the others are great, too! It’ll be interesting to see what he comes up with in S6…

  3. BH72

    Reading this post made me remember something funny about nicknames. In Overwatch (S2), Kensi calls Deeks, eddie Hascal. Than Callen calls Deeks, Beiber. But Deeks wasn’t impressed. He told Callen that if they were going to do the nickname thing, that it should be something cool, like Diesel or D-Rock. He said another name, but I couldn’t figure it out.

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