Densi nicknames…

“Sugarbear” is definitely the newest nickname we hear between Deeks & Kensi… what are the others ?? leave a comment and we’ll add to the list… HAVE FUN !!!

Deeks to Kensi
– Sugarbear
– Sunshine
– Princess
– Wikipedia
– Kiki
– Fern
– Wonder Woman
– Baby Girl
– My Sweet
– Sweety
– Honey
– Wifey
– Light of my Life
– Hon Bun
– My Girl
– Dora, the Explorer
– Tiger
– Kensalina

Kensi to Deeks
– Sleepyhead
– Honey
– Sweety
– Stumbles
– Hubby
– “Hon Bun”
– Buddy

16 thoughts on “Densi nicknames…

  1. MissAlesig

    Princess. Deeks calls her Princess more than once.
    Also KiKi… And Fern, of course!
    I'll get back to you with more.
    Thanks ;))))

  2. Laura

    Kensi calls Deeks “Honey” in Enemy Within and “Sweety” in Deadline 😉

  3. Laura

    Deeks: Sweety, Honey, Wifey and Light of my life (dunno if this count) to Kensi yesterday

    Kensi: the only one I can remember from Kensi to Deeks is hubby… need to watch the episode again…

  4. Laura

    I have other 2: Deeks calls Kensi “Baby Girl” in Fame and “My Sweet” in Special delivery 😀

  5. janablye

    I don't really know if this counts, but he has said “That's my girl” twice. Once directly to Kensi. So maybe “my girl”? 🙂 Gotta say I love them. They are THE BEST <3
    Please check my tumblr;

  6. Anonymous

    Kensi calls him “Buddy” in Deadline and Neighborhood Watch.

    Does Deeks calling her “My Girl” count?

  7. Anonymous

    Kensi also calls Deeks 'Razor' when he is doing a find-a-word puzzle that he says keeps his mind sharp!

  8. B

    One I don’t think I see here is schnookums(?). Deeks says to Kensi, “Be careful though, schnookums” as she’s about to enter the Oasis office where she’s Paola/Kathy. Super cute, these two! 🙂

  9. Gayle

    Not Kensi & Deeks, but on the Anonymous Commentary Daniela refers to ECO as “Floppy McFlopperson” per his hair.

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