NCIS Los Angeles ‘Field Of Fire’ Picture Review

I totally get this guy fighting the needle... :/

I totally get this guy fighting the needle… :/

That was easy...

That was easy…

Deeks as a mentor !!

Deeks as a mentor !!

G talking about having kids and Kensi's like 0_0 (me, too, BTW)

G talking about having kids and Kensi’s like 0_0 (me, too, BTW)

Wow and I thought my desk was cluttered...

Wow and I thought my desk was cluttered…

Little girl, big attitude...

Little girl, big attitude…



"We've all been 15 once." "Still am." *snort*

“We’ve all been 15 once.” “Still am.” *snort*

Hostile much... geez...

Hostile much ?? Geez…

Guy on the run had pills under the matress?? Not a good combo !!

Guy on the run had pills under the matress?? Not a good combo !!

Browser history shows vid of "Texas Tower Shooting"... and of course Kensi knows all about it... *gulp*

Browser history shows vid of “Texas Tower Shooting”… and of course Kensi knows all about it… *gulp*

Eric naming make and modell of the shopping cart... *snort*

Eric naming make and modell of the shopping cart… *snort*

Granger's concerned about Kensi... aww !!

Granger’s concerned about Kensi… aww !!

Kensi as a patient...

Kensi as a patient…

Deeks as a compliance investigator...

Deeks as a compliance investigator…

Homeless guy has a great memory...

Homeless guy has a great memory…

"They helped me when I got back." and G and I are both like 0_0

“They helped me when I got back.” and G and I are both like 0_0

That Takahamo guy again...

That Takahamo guy again…

Did Deeks just say "NCIS" ??

Did Deeks just say “NCIS” ??

"I'm being honest here. That's gotta count for something." Yeah, well... NO !! ;)

“I’m being honest here. That’s gotta count for something.” Yeah, well… NO !! 😉

Visitor guy is in an Extremist Organization ?? Not good...

Visitor guy is in an Extremist Organization ?? Not good…

Bambi and DJ Kimchee (sp?)... FanFic PLEASE !!!

Bambi and DJ Kimchee (sp?)… FanFic PLEASE !!!

Deeks & Vamsi being in sync at the end... HI-LA-RI-OUS !!

Deeks & Vamsi being in sync at the end… HI-LA-RI-OUS !!

Guy's a real charmer...

Guy’s a real charmer…

Sniper shot... who would have guessed ? ;p

Sniper shot… who would have guessed ? ;p

So according to the marks Connor wasn't the shooter...

So according to the marks Connor wasn’t the shooter…

Kids Talk again...

Kids Talk again…

Yeah, you better not mess with our team !!

Yeah, you better not mess with our team !!

So it all was a set-up...

So it all was a set-up…

Yeah, hell of a shot !!

Yeah, hell of a shot !!

Happy End !!

Happy End !!

I see some new knowledge coming Deeks' way...

I see some new knowledge coming Deeks’ way…

So, what do you think about this episode ??

23 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Field Of Fire’ Picture Review

  1. Mogorva

    Thank you for the recap sindee.

    I loved this one. It wasn’t what I expected from the promos and sneak peeks. I thought we’ll go a little deeper into Kensi’s past and experience with PTSD, and why she didn’t take the shot in Afghanistan, and/or a little more fuss about that last second shot on the roof but I don’t mind it.

    So much “kids talk” in this episode alone. Wow. It was darn cute though. The humor was great, and I enjoyed the action scenes too, all in all, this episode reminded me of the first episodes of this season. Only 2 more episodes to go, I don’t want this season to end, because despite some lessentertaining episodes in overall this was the best season so far I think.

  2. Crystal

    Your recaps are the best! Thank you for doing them 🙂

    It was a good episode but it felt like a “random” one just slotted in where it was convenient. Not as bad as “Blaze of Glory” but close. Afghanistan was mentioned but that was SO long ago. It really fell flat with NO insight into Kensi’s past as sniper and how it affected her or how it still does. Kensi spouting off some facts isn’t insight, it just that, reiterating facts. HUGE missed opportunity by the writer’s!

    What the episode did do was “plant another seed” -> What happened to Sam when he returned from war? And it is obvious by Callen’s reaction/expression that he doesn’t know what happened to his best friend/partner.
    Put that on the LONG list of things to explore.

    The kid talk was great as it showed more of the characters personal sides and hopefully progression for Callen, Deeks & Kensi.
    “Lower case G’s” = BEST line EVER!

    LOVED when all four of them were together–on roof top, in the alley. Need MORE of that!

    Callen was correct when he said it is commendable for Deeks to be a part of the mentoring program and that Deeks has a lot things he can offer to/teach the young boy.

    Sam’s teasing of Deeks has to STOP! It is no longer funny. Annoying is more like it.

    Here’s hoping things are back on track with the last 2 episodes of season and offer some REAL insight into the characters, especially Callen and that some of those planted seeds are harvested and not just the sowing of more seeds.

    1. densidream

      AGREE! 🙂
      Though I totally also loved “We’ve all been 15 once” – “Still am” :):):)
      I’d also like an episode with someone (preferably Kensi and Deeks) undercover for a LONGER time! I feel like this was yet again an episode with such short-time undercover roles that they seemed almost unneccessary…

  3. Linda

    It was nice to see the show tackle real veterans issues. I thought there was going to be more of Kensi’s background which was a little disappointing. Sounds like we are getting a new Sam storyline in the works. I do agree with Crystal, lower case G’s is the best line ever.

  4. LasiaMsinRed

    Awesome recap, Sindee ! Thank you so much.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have much to say about this episode. I agree, with the previous comments.This one was random,not special. That being that I had great potential that was somehow missed by the writers.
    Kensi’s past, white ghost/Afghanistan:
    – there was so much more to tell
    – PTSD
    -not being able to take the shot

    Deeks as a mentor:
    I would have loved to see meet this kid. There’s a lot Byron can learn from him. Marty is a wonderful guy and wish we could appreciate his skills and moral compass more often instead of being smashed by Densi talk.

    Of course,they can’t put all those aspects in one episode but they could have at least deepen the topics a little bit.
    The baby talk was unnecessary if you ask me even though “lower case G” was the best line of the episode.
    Let’s hope the next one we’ll be better 😉

    1. DixieBelle

      Thanks as always for years recap Sindee. Love it.
      But this episode was blah for me. Seemed like a filler episode. In my opinion I thought the kid talk was a little over done. I really hope they aren’t setting up some pregnancy thing. I think that might ruin the show for me. But I’m probably putting the cart before the horse on that one.
      I’m sure the next episodes are going to make up for it and more. I can’t believe we are at the end already. It seem like yesterday Callen and Sam were stuck in that sub.

  5. skippy

    Sindee thank you for your recap. Could it be that your comments reflecting your excitement ;-))

    However this was a boring episode with no connection to the last one (I thought the writer or director of the last one mentioned that Beacon was a set up for the last 3 episodes, well I missed the connection).

    What did they tell us with this episode? Kensi is over the white ghost story, does the lip reading again (though even I could tell you what the guy said), and lost her sniper skills since she missed the target. I know some might say she just wanted to hit the rifle and not the guy but she did say “sorry” to Sam so my guess is that she missed.
    Please stop the baby / kids topic. That will lead us nowhere and is not really funny.

    I don’t know maybe the producers/writers missed that it is the sweeps season. Usually we got some really exciting stuff during this time of the season. This was just a disappointment.
    I am curious about the ratings for this one. I fear the worst.

    1. sindee Post author

      Could it be that your comments reflecting your excitement ;-))
      Was is *that* obvious ?? Oops… 😉

    2. Patty

      I don’t think Kensi missed the target, I think “I’m sorry” to Sam was “I can’t wait any longer, I need to take a shot”. Even then, she must have wanted not to kill him, and eventually she shot the rifle (not even shoulder or other body parts), so that’s really “hell of a shot”, my guess.

      1. densidream

        I agree, she intended to hit only the rifle, that is why it was “a hell of a shot” 🙂
        I think, first she aimed at his head for a kill shot as planned (and ordered by Granger) but as Sam and Callen came onto the roof in time, she had to make a split decision whether to kill him or just disarm him. I guess she also thought of his wife and daughter, and of course Sam and Callen were already there, so the decision not to kill him was a very good one!
        But I think at this point, a little scene showing her emotions about taking the shot would have been very nice. She seemed quite relieved after it, and everybody was already asking her if she was fine.
        And, I mean, Deeks was right next to her! C’mon! That could have been a sweet moment between them! (Non-Densi fans, please ignore this last part 😉 )

        1. densidream

          Sorry, forgot, I think the “I’m sorry” was because when she said it, her plan was still to kill. A second later, thoug, thanks to Sam and Callen, the guy got distracted for a second, which gave Kensi the time to make up her mind about not killing him.

          1. Patty

            I understand maybe most people think that Kensi had made up her mind to kill. She’ll never forget the consequenses of her choice in Afganistan (well, that choice was not about shooting, mostly about going after Jack, I know).
            Still I think she wanted to find a way not to kill him until last minuite. Not only for Sam, even more for the daughter of ex-marine sniper. She’s 15 year old and now her father is going to be killed. By Kensi whose father ware killed when she was 15 (after that she lived on the street for a year). And Kensi just met the daughter herself. What would happen to Kensi if she killed him? I don’t want to think about it, really.

      2. Crystal

        Agree! She had to take the shot–couldn’t wait –loved her “I’m sorry Sam” knowing how much he wanted to save the man who did so much for his country. There needs to be MORE Kensi/Sam scenes 🙂

    3. Mogorva

      I agree, that Kensi went for the kill and missed the shot, that’s what I made out of that scene too. But I can see the logic behind the “intetionally hit the rifle” theory too, so I think we will never know.

  6. CaptainNewf

    Show was not what I expected, but loved it anyway. I think the “kids” elements are setting us up for a future pregnancy. Also noticed that Callen mentioned having kids now that he has settled down – that spells Joelle.
    I didn’t expect more about Kensi and the White Ghost… she really didn’t come out of Afghanistan with PTSD, she came out traumatized by her capture and beatings; Deeks helped her through it. Her understanding is from being with Jack. I don’t mind the producers having a show or two about PTSD, but really don’t need any more Sam backstory, just allusions will do. Since the shot had become a short range one she was able to save the sniper as well as take him out without harming him. Kudos.

    I also yelled “What the …” when Deeks collared the nurse and yelled NCIS…. not LAPD and there were no other law enforcement present to hear…. When Deeks and Kensi were trying to talk with the taxi, it was We’re federal agents…. no LAPD disclaimer. At the dumpster, same thing: Federal Agents. HMMM…

    Also, this is the second show portraying a highly competent detective in Deeks. It was also telling that Deeks kept his mouth shut when the taxi guy brought up that fishnet stripper (costume?) – earlier he would have had some inappropriate comment. Yep, they are becoming a mature couple. Finally.

    The closing with Hetty was perfect… Deeks was surprised that his kid is Byron, not Chad the Deeks clone. I think it was telling that Hetty said when you have children, not if… and that parents create the child, but cannot forecast what the child will be. She was looking at Deeks and Kensi.

    I don’t think this was a drop in show… it looked to me to be designed to mature Densi, edge Deeks’ public move to NCIS closer, enhance his competency, and use the timing to present a social commentary on how the country and VA treat vets… although I must say that my father’s experiences with the VA were good. He had WW2, Korea, and two tours in Vietnam. His last tour ended with a heart attack and Agent Orange poisoning which led to a horrible cancer. The VA took care of him very well clear up to the end.

  7. Linda W

    Thanks, Sindee, for the great review. Love your comments! I quite enjoyed this episode. Everyone was involved in some way, so again we have team work on display. There was action and tension. I was on the edge of my seat at the end and praying that Sam and Callen would make it on time. Kensi made a great shot that stopped him without killing him. It gave him a second chance. That is what we learned about Sam this time. He is all about second chances. We also learned that he had also needed the VA. That seemed to be a surprise to Callen too. There was a lot of humour as well, especially around children. Sam was the expert giving advice to Deeks and Callen. Deek learned that you can’t pick your kids. They are not always going to be what you expected. I would love to see Callen as a father, but not until the series ends. At least we know that he hasn’t ruled it out. So now we have learned a little bit more about him too. I felt this episode had a little of everything, but the next two episodes will really be the most telling. Can’t wait!

  8. Ryan

    She said sorry to Sam before she took the shot because he was begging her to wait as him and g were almost there. As for hitting the rifle thats a small surface area, so I can’t see that as a miss. She hit what she meant to. IMO.

  9. BW

    Thanks Sindee for the recap!
    I am with few of the others this episode seemed misplaced, and a little lacking.
    Did enjoy Sam connecting with the homeless vet, and revealing his own need for the VA. Callen being surprised by that admission was telling too.

    I do think the unexpected with kids – how they come, when, and who they are, all set ups the secrets of the IA investigation. The rest of the talks with kids is enough, no more teases.

    Favorite lines definitely Lower cases “G.’s” and Deeks I’d-ing himself as NCIS. Okay episode.

  10. Crystal

    I forgot one other thing.
    In “Beacon” Joelle can’t say she wants to see Callen that night and they parted quite awkwardly IMO. She is still adjusting to the new & real Callen. She doesn’t know how she will see him again –shot, beaten …or in a body bag.
    THEN in “Field of Fire” Callen is talking about things back on track with Joelle and not ruling out the possibility of having children with her! Huh?
    I know we can’t see and hear everything between characters BUT this was a very drastic change, especially for Callen!

  11. Fenix

    Thanks for recap sindee, fantastic as usual.
    Episode was for me average.
    Some funny parts, some little odd, but no disaster.
    I don’t want speculate about kids speech, there is way too much unknown infos, and its waste of time.
    Kensi, like trained sniper, hit gun purposely.
    For trained sniper, for that short distance, its just piece of cake.
    (no, there is not maybe, it’s fact)
    Just wondering, how they get picture from her scope on screen, without any sign of electronic equipment at that scope….?
    Tech detail fail. 😀
    (is possible, but not like that)

    1. Crystal

      I agree that Kensi intentionally hit the rifle. I’m thinking that when she said “I’m sorry Sam” she was intending to kill the guy but then at last second realized if she hit the rifle Sam could apprehend him as he and Callen were now on the rooftop.

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