7 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Field Of Fire’ Ratings

  1. Rhodanos

    Hmm another big viewer drop. It’s the first time they lost 1st place in viewers in a while, no? And now of all times when the May sweeps hit.

    Btw, does anyone know why it’s taking them so long to renew the show?

  2. Mogorva

    Usually all networks announce their renewals at the upfronts, and that is usually at the middle of may. I wouldn’t worry about a renewal.

    CBS was preempted in some areas this monday, that might have had an effect on the ratings and viewers. It still won it’s timeslot in the 18-49 demo. BTW, in this season usually the better (for me at least) episodes had the worse ratings, that pattern seems to keep up.

    1. Mogorva

      One more thing, Scorpion is over, which had around 2.0 demo and 10 million viewers, this time at 21:00 there was a new episode of Stalker, with 1.4 demo rating and 6.04 million viewers. I’m pretty sure besides the preemption this also had a negative effect.
      The 22:00 NCIS:LA had kept the demo rating of Stalker, and still won it’s timeslot, and added almost 2 million viewers to Stalker.

  3. jsm

    It doesn’t help that it feels like there have been too many breaks between episodes, hard to build momentum.

  4. Linda

    Having Stalker for a leadin didn’t help. The fact that CBS has done very little to promote the show doesn’t help either. CBS made a big mistake moving the show to Mondays.

  5. Fenix

    Viewers drop happen every year at this time, in every show.
    Because coming hot, and long days, and viewers spend much time outside, than before tv.
    TV show you can record, and watch later, but beautiful day is not recordable.
    Its shame, spend time before tv, when is outside fantastic.
    Yes, CBS doesn’t invest so much for show promo, that’s fact.
    But people around show, made it themselves.
    Just compare, how many pictures we have, how many promo videos, sneak peeks, infos from behind scene, interviews with our stars…..
    They doing very good PR job themselves.
    Well, after move to monday time slot, they must do it, for them own survive… 😉
    Comparing with NCIS, or NCIS NOLA, we have huge amount informations, before every episode airing.
    PR for NCIS NOLA is just sucks.
    (they sometime not published guest stars 😀 and forget for 2-3-4 sneak peeks, or photos in time, interviews… )

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