NCIS Los Angeles ‘The Long Goodbye’ Picture Review by Morgova

That looks like a perfect setting for a „surprise” ambush.

So, the heat just went up in the cold open.


What, the coffe is cold? PSB shoud have been thrown behind bars for this… Nice little chat between Callen and Deeks too. Maybe a little more partner swap?

Let the search begin… Is it just me, or is every Alphabet agency always hacked?

Not everyone is thrilled to meet with Talia… (Continuity fits with the last episode featuring Talia, wow, that’s a new one)

So, up to an emotionally involved man, how uncomfortable he makes the prisoner? Choice of the year…

Guy speaks a lot of thruth, but not the least sympathetic.

Why is he smiling with a bullet hole in his thigh?

Ooomphf. Hello there. That’s a view I could get used to…

„I’m social.”. And I’m the pope.

Our marshal is dirty. Surprise.

That’s what he’s working on at a party like that? Guy clearly has no time to let loose.

Girls:Thugs 1:0.

That seems very uncomfortable. And a little too easy, no?

Surprise again. What are these two doing?

There’s the big dilemma.

Deeks plays the idiot again, prompting the girls to bond over PSBs? Wow. Wait, next time Talia comes around will be a headbutt or a bleeding out, to keep the pattern?

„Don’t worry about me”. Famous last words, chapter 1.

He’s not Alex Molina. Than who could it be? #rhetoricalquestion

Surprise! (Not). Meet Alex Molina. Question. By telling what will happen to Jada, who tortures who?

There she goes.

Whoops. Scared?

What is happening here? Talia hitting on Callen? Wow. Girl’s blow-off-the-steam-night? Cool. Deeks whining at the end again. why make him always such a moron?

4 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘The Long Goodbye’ Picture Review by Morgova

  1. Caroline

    You are really on a roll here! Good job.
    Sigh… I have to wait at least another week to see this episode.


    Okay Im stating the fact, yes there were some crap videography on this episode. I didn’t even like that the story was starting from the flashback, it was long time ago. no flashback needed. Then Kensi with that bikini dress, not flattering, but doesn’t matter, though I must say I like Talia, shes becoming like Agen Bourne from NCIS, shes been recurring there time to time, but I dont like how they write Talia off with Kensi, like they always seem to block Deeks off from the dialoge. I want writers to get Deeks more serious than a goof since he got together with Kensi, goofhumour gets blatant and kills the show, look NCIS, Im not even laughing watching that show anymore.. There was no need for Jada storyline if Sam didn’t even have screentime with Ella Thomas the actress, but point taken, no reason for Sam & Callen to ride together ? Why couldn’t Hetty interrgate the suspect, or was the switching partners too important, was more like a forced switch.We need more natural scenes. More importantly I don’t seem to think that Talia will be a love interest for Callen either, shes just picky.

  3. Sue mcdowell

    Not a bad episode loved the team up of Callen and Deeks hope it happens again ,liked the Talia input too.

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