NCIS Los Angeles ‘Blame It On Rio’ Picture Review by Mogorva

Hi everyone!

A few words in advance. In the last 2+ years we took sindee’s picture reviews for granted (at least I did). They were always funny, catched every important moment of the episodes and made the talking about the episodes so much colorful. But it looks like, sometimes life gets in the way of making those reviews, and I sorely missed them. So, long story short, after a long self-debate and a final push from sindee, I decided to fill in the gap, at least until our favorite no1 fan catches up with the show.

What you can expect from me: well, a picture review, spiked with snarky, sarcastic, ironic, emotional – as it comes in the specific episode/scene – comments and maybe some scratchy humor. Polcor reviews aren’t guaranteed but I’ll try. Also expect some grammar mistakes and typos, since english isn’t my native tongue.

What you can’t expect from me: sindee’s reviews. I think that’s obvious, they’re sindee’s not mine. I’m not planning a takeover, just jumping in, let’s see where all this leads.

Also, constructive criticism is very welcome, that’s my first attempt at writing anything.

Now that all of this is out of the way, here comes the review.

Our dead guys of the week? What, no shooting or blowing up the plane?

Who the hell is this guy? Very stoic for someone in handcuffs and travelling instead of a prisoner.

I wanna play „Whack-a-Beale” too. 😀 Why is it always the geek that gets a little other type of exercise than expected?

Sparring and relationship talks? More Sam and Kensi please!

Deeks crossdressing in a jumpsuit impersonating Uma Thurman? Or is he playing the idiot (some kind of tard) again? #rhetoricalquestion

Well, hello there. Does he need a secret password? And how did he know, where to go? Google maps rulz?

A most fetching wench. Is that the new work attire so early morning, or is it just for Eric?

Meeting with the West Coast Avengers. They really look like a bunch of vigilantes in these outfits.

Look, who’s here. Batman couldn’t make it, so Robin appears as the vigilante leader.

That’s a lot of aliases.

So, the theory is blurry and the colors faded, but we got the idea.

Did he lick the live wire in the toilet? That’s one hell of a hair…

What’s the boatshed? Isn’t it obvious?

Don’t look her in the eye. Didn’t you hear the advice? The Gorgon stare will turn you into a rock. Or a babbling little boy…

He’s the bad cop, allright. Or at least the angry one.

Whaaat, a whole decade without botox? I’ll tell you everything!

And the flirting begins. Poor baby Deeks is already fuming from the overflowing jealousy. How long did that take? 5 minutes?

„Define weird.” That conversation about men in thights and furry conventions would definitely be a good definition.

That’s all fur now. #snort I’m starting to like Granger.

Unpleasant memories about fighting midgets? So that’s why he’s so afraid of Hetty…

Someone’s still jealous… (Who wouldn’t be with a girlfriend looking like that?)

That’s clearly a Razzie Awards winner criminal.

Oh, here’s the long overdue shootout, and the hero rides in to save the day. Well, at least his ladybird.

You’ve got to be kidding me. And the geeksquad is right on track.

The ’ship talk.

WTF? Are you kidding me?

You just killed me. lol


Ooooh, McGyver CO2 bomb.

Bad guys dead or apprehended, day saved (and someone peed).

You have one new message.

4 thoughts on “NCIS Los Angeles ‘Blame It On Rio’ Picture Review by Mogorva

  1. Caroline

    Thank you Mogorva for this wonderful picture review. Missed them.
    So brave of you to step in.
    Are you going to work your way back to the other episodes. I hope so.
    I did like the episode especially the banter scenes between Callen and Sam and the antics of that stupid haired prisoner.
    I loved the scene in the bathroom where he is faking a heart attack and Callen calls him out on this being the second heartattack in one day.

    1. Mogorva Post author

      That’s the plan, as my spare times makes it possible. Not sure about the season opener though, ’cause I found that the second worst of all times, right behind the 100th and don’t feel the urge to watch it again, and most certainly a lot of people wouldn’t like my comments on that ep.

      We’ll see.

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