NCISLAFamilia Christmas Card Exchange

Inspired by a lovely card I got in the mail today – in fact the joy and happiness the gesture brought to me – I had this idea…

Let’s have a NCISLAFamilia Christmas Card Exchange this year !!

Here’s how it works:
– Send your mailing address (international format… means: add your country !! not every fan is from the US and sometimes it’s hard to tell where ppl are from by the address…) to me ( by December 11th (which is today – so enter quickly !! 🙂. Use subject “NCISLAFamilia Christmas Card Exchange” so I can find it in my inbox easily…
– On December 12th I will send everyone who sent his/her address to me ONE address from another NCISLAFamilia member.
– Send this one person a Christmas (or Winter… or every other Holiday you celebrate around this time of the year) Card.
– Wait for your Christmas Card to arrive.
– Have ‘Happy Holidays’ !!

Please note: Only send your mailing address when you’re really willing to send out a card on your own. This idea only works if everyone who wants to receive a card sends one out as well !!

Your mailing address/real name will only be send to one person from this list and not be used for any other purposes !!

Looking forward to spreading some joy and happiness to NCISLAFamilia around the world !! 🙂

EDIT 12/7: If you send me an email address only you WILL receive an eCard !! The joy of opening a “real written printed out-of-paper” card will pass you though. 😉

Edit 12/8: Please pay attention that the address you send me has the correct paragrahs set… not all participants are from ‘your country’ and know where to divide name/adress/street/country… Thanks !! 🙂

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