POLL: How did you like NCIS Los Angeles ‘The Long Goodbye’ ??

How did you like NCIS Los Angeles "The Long Goodbye" ??

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36 thoughts on “POLL: How did you like NCIS Los Angeles ‘The Long Goodbye’ ??

  1. Antonio

    Horrible, the worst episode of the year, even worse Blame it on Rio. This is the right path for the cancellation of the show!

  2. auntlisa21342

    OMG, and I loved it Antonio. How funny is it that we watch the same exact thing and see things so differently. I loved the storyline. Bringing back Jada dredged up so many feels for Sam. Deeks and Callen partnered up. The Molina kid in the boat shed the whole time. And our DEA friend Talia flirting with Callen?! LOVE IT!!! Now that’s more what a Callen girlfriend should be. I hope this is the direction they’re going with this, because she’s SO much better for him than Joelle or Anna. I don’t need to see her every week, but I really wouldn’t mind having Mercedes Mahson, someone can check my spelling on her name, as a semi-regular. I can’t wait to hear what everyone else thought.

  3. Lisa

    It wasn’t as good as its been. You are trying to make it different and its getting worse. You treat Deeks like an idiot at times. Hes intelligent, professional and loyal. Clean him up a bit. Way too shaggy even for a surfer liver like me. They are all trained experience experts but last night kensi wasn’t kensi.She acted like some inexperienced agent. She woykd never have been so obvious. The pool scene was rushed. No build up. Callen and Talia? That’s intetsting. Sam wasn’t sam. The strong opinionated pro. He was a little too “soft”. Please don’t ruin the show. So far the writing this season is below par.

  4. Antonio

    I find too many contradictions in these episodes. Then it is true that each of us sees things in a certain way. But tell me if this is the part to be written to one, Deeks, that the previous episode was in prison. Do not forget that this episode was produced after IA. Kensi is never equal, changes according to the author of the story on duty. Talia, personally, and I speak of character not stand it anymore. No continuity. The only always equal to themselves are Hetty and Granger. Then do not complain if in May Ncisla not be renewed for another season. Finally I find that poor Deeks is the doormat of the team and for me it is not correct. But we’re talking about fictional characters, then to hell with consistency. I am Italian, love Ncisla and i want to see it again next season. This is not the right way! With respect for everyone’s opinion and I apologize for my bad English.

  5. DixieBelle

    I didn’t like this episode. I found it a little boring and it just felt off in my opinion. It kind of felt like they just put things here and there it didn’t flow like most episodes do. I did like Callen and Deeks together, I just wish they would give Deeks a little more respect sometimes. He is a good cop and would be a great agent. And Talia?? No thanks. I have never been a fan of her. She comes across as a little immature IMO. Besides I thought Callen was still with Joelle why would he flirt with her that way? I know some episodes can be off, I hope this one was the only one this season.

  6. Richtsje

    How come I was – so far – the only one who loved it? I liked Talia and Kensi together, like it was okay to see Deeks working with Callen. And Talia is a much better match than Joelle would ever be 🙂

    Then there was the Antonio storyline – fooling Sam. So sad there was no way to convince Jada to stay…

    1. Norm

      Kensi and Talia didn’t work because of the history between them and the bikini scene was totally unbelievable and sad… that is not how experienced professionals act… plus the fact that Kensi’s blue thing made her look awful. Plus the dialogue was poor.

      Deeks and Callen have worked together as professionals (“Dark Wind”) but there never has been a buddy relationship between them; yacking about going out for a few beers just didn’t make any sense.

      Antonio story line had nothing to do except opportunity for Jada to return to Sudan… Sam’s lies made that decision for her; nothing he would have said after 4 years would make her believe him.

    2. DixieBelle

      I don’t think Talia would be a love interest for Callen, (I could be wrong) I think it was just Talia being Talia. She goes after anything that has testosterone. lol 🙂 And Joelle was kind of growing on me. I think the reason I don’t like Talia is how the writers have portrayed her. She comes across as insecure and when her and Kensi are together they act like high school girls not highly trained federal agents.
      I don’t think we have seen the last of Jada. And I wonder if there is more to the Sam/Jada storyline.

  7. Norm

    I went into it last nite with low or no expectations. And I got just that… low or nothing. Videography was pure bad, story line sucked, makeup poor … in the first scenes with Deeks and Callen at the ambush site, the aspect ratio on the screen was off… Deeks and Callen looked about 4 feet wide… lighting was bad throughout.

    Kensi and Talia – FAIL! That so-called bikini scene was totally, completely unbelievable for actions of two experienced undercover agents and not even interesting from a skin perspective; that thing Kensi had on was not flattering at all. Banter in the bull pen was awful… so someone double parks -it happens, get over it. JPK thought this was the best Sam ever? Third rate ham actor playing Hamlet or Othello could do better. Overall dialogue was wooden in writing, wooden in directing and wooden in delivery. Never do a closeup of Hetty! And having Jada return to Sudan to be tortured and murdered because she is homesick and Sam Lied To Her 4 years ago… ugh. The only real thing to me was that Sam’s lies finally caught up with him and probably cost the life of someone he cared for… and then Hetty’s ” you did good work today”… barf.

    Talia hit on Deeks a little, Kensi a little, and Callen a little… I guess not Sam because he was in the boatshed. Talia is supposed to be a Federal agent? And then, the relationship between Kenis and Talia varies according to how many beers the writer had… bleed her out two weeks ago to BFFs again now? Many more shows like this and we won’t have to wonder about next season.

    SB said this show was ready to go when they had to pull “Defectors” because of ISIS. Ready to go all right – into the garbage can. I agree that this was the worst episode ever to date… and that is saying a lot given some of the earlier episodes I love to hate. Coming immediately after a fantastic episode in “Unlocked Minds”, there was just a total let down.
    Apologize for the rant, but the team can do such great work, but they always find a way to put in something like this to mess it up.

    1. Cheryl

      This is just a guess so take it for that. My guess is that maybe the show wasn’t entirely ready but it was the only one that wasn’t tied to the Internal Affairs investigation that had to be seen in order so instead of fine-tuning it, they put it out as is. I’ve never been a fan of the Jada storyline so in essence I was prepared to not find this show as palatable as most. That being said, I can’t say that I was bored. I think what I liked about it the best is that it was filmed to be shown after the IA investigation and arrest so it was good to know that Deeks was still with the team and going strong. I am not going to be a naysayer about the return for season 9. I don’t think CBS is ready to call it quits especially seeing how Castle has been tanking.

      1. Norm

        You are probably very right, Cheryl. The show runners got caught using ISIS as a vehicle during an episode which was scheduled before but would have been aired during the current disaster in France and Syria. I notice that the new press release is for IA, not “Defector”, so maybe they are not going to show the defector episode and will do IA next week; that would imply they have to re-edit it to have the opening episode framing the episode to be Deeks getting arrested.

        Did anyone notice if anywhere in TLG the words “Federal Agent” were used? In the shootout scene Callen, Deeks, and Kensi had on NCIS vests, but I did notice that when Callen and Deeks approached the Marshall in the beginning ambush scene, there were no badges in sight and neither of them identified themselves; ditto when Morris was detained. Wonder if they cut those words out… as you note, this show was intended to be after IA, and Deeks is obviously there and fully involved so he is cleared at least criminally – we still don’t know if he has become an NCIS agent. My guess is yes, but showing that would have crimped the finale of IA.

        I really hope that LA is not cancelled nor do I expect it. I do hope that the production team takes the fan base comments as helpful criticism, not an attack. They have done, and do now, such great episodes. At least four of the 7 I recall so far this season have been good to excellent and I expect more of the same. When a clunker shows up, it is just very obvious.

        I haven’t been tracking the numbers for shows, just noting as other commenters do, but have the sense that a number of shows have a diminished audience. Don’t know why.

        1. Crystal

          WHEW! I thought I was missing something when Callen & Deeks didn’t identify themselves to the US Marshall, yet he knew exactly who they were.

    2. Crystal

      I LOL at this –> “according to how many beers the writer had”
      Sure does seem like that at times.

  8. Norm

    Not sure again where the first post went, so will make this shorter in hopes the first one shows up.

    Bluntly: Bad to Awful. Poor videography, poor writing, poor direction, wooden delivery by cast (nothing to work with)… really don’t know how the production team can go from “Citadel” and “Unlocked Mind” to “Rio” and this thing. Kensi and Talia – Huge Fail! Sam’s angst, big Fail! one week BFFs, next week wanting to “bleed her out”, then back to BFF again… supposedly experienced agents acting like newbies and Talia hitting on everything in pants (of either variety). Only good thing I saw was recognizing that their ongoing lies to innocents can have horrible consequences.

    Again, more episodes like this one and we won’t have to worry about reviews in season 8.

  9. Mogorva

    I’ll give it an 8/10, but that includes the girls in bikinis. 😀
    Otherwise I’d say it was average, maybe a little above. Sam stories are not my favorites, I didn’t like the Jada struggling the first time either.

    I could bear a little more Mercedes Mason, she always stirs up the pot. The flirting with Callen was a little surprising, but seemed fit. Looks like Joelle will be dumped?

    1. Norm

      We agreed on Citadel and Unlocked Mind, but not here. As you can see from my comments above, this one left a bad taste – not because of subject matter as in some earlier, but because of poor writing, editing, videography, directing and wooden delivery. The bikinis didn’t work for me at all. And I don’t like the Talia character; the more she shows up the less I like her.

  10. Rayanne

    I really enjoyed the episode. It was nice to revisit a past story with Jada and see Sam so conflicted as their story had a history and we’ve seen it unlike some other stories with a ‘history’ that just appear. It was humorous having Callen and Deeks partner up. I agree that Kensi and Talia together acted immature and like they were back in high school with the whole you can be my plus one anytime. I didn’t like the flirting with Callen storyline as it just didn’t fit in and I’m not a fan of Talia. Joelle grew on me a little bit after the Humbug episode last year and I would much rather see Callen with her than with Anna who I did not like at all. All in all I did enjoy it.

    1. Antonio

      I state, respect your opinion, but have you seen the ratings? With these numbers, due to episodes like this, the show is likely to close!

  11. Evelina Jones

    I liked the ep. And I would like to see more of Thalia in the following episodes and (hopefully) the following seasons. Ilike her working together with Kensi and I found it really funny how Deeks tried to make plans to go for a beer with Callen 😀
    In my opinion the storyline of this episode was a tiny little bit boring, for example in comparison to “The Unlocked Mind” which I loved very much. But I liked the dialogues and the developement of relationships between the characters.


    I don’t think it was bad — just really boring and so choppy nearly impossible to follow. Deeks needs to start acting like a big boy — not a goof and Kensi and Talia together is not a good combination – plus I agree with whoever said that Kensi undercover attire was NOT a good choice — Kensi looked awful the bikini top and skirt where NOT flattering. This show will most likely get 1 more year as the ratings are still pretty good for a 10pm Monday night slot — But boy is the writing terrible.

  13. Domingo

    I liked it very much, nice to have an ending to the Jada story, I liked Deeks and Callen together, and I like Talia, she is a nice fresh face.

    Also if you feel so strongly about the show, why watch it? Waste of time watching something that you don’t like and want to critsise all the time.

    1. Norm

      I’m afraid my comments weren’t clear as to their intent. All of us viewers and commenters have different viewpoints, and that is great. I personally keep watching because most of the episodes are good to wonderful and I can’t tell which are which until the episode actually airs. There are some I actively dislike; some for subject matter, some for script issues, some because I don’t like the relationships shown. I state what I like and where I could see improvement. I am frankly not a Callen/Sam fan as I have said on several occasions. My interest really took fire when Deeks joined the team in season 1 replacing Dom. The Deeks/Kensi (Densi) relationship growth has been my hook.

      I have stated why I didn’t like this particular episode… I loved “Citadel”, “Command and Control”, “Unlocked Mind”, and even liked “Active Measures”. Well written, well scripted, well directed, and well acted. There have been others over the 7 seasons. IMO Talia was OK in “Fish out of Water” and the two submarine episodes. Her confrontation with Kensi in Submarine II was great to set up the “all in” growth in Densi. Her flirting with someone she didn’t know at first was cute; it got un-cute in “Citadel” and went to bad in TLG. Yes, she is attractive, but no, I don’t like the character.

  14. Linda

    I liked the episode, just didn’t love it. I really wonder if this episode was truly ready or if postproduction was rushed due to the schedule change. I liked seeing Deeks/Callen together except for that last scene. I thought it was pretty harsh for Callen to just walk off like that. I would like to see Callen and Deeks work together more, I would just like to see the writers treat Deeks better. Frankly I have had enough of Talia, she just rubs me the wrong way. I don’t really think she adds much to the show.

    1. Mogorva

      Probably caught in the spamfilter, when sindee comes back, she’ll push it through.
      I’m a guest author not a site admin, so comment moderating isn’t in the scope for me. (Besides, I just got home)

    2. sindee Post author

      there’s a reply to the picture review by you… which one is missing ?? there was none in the spam filter…

  15. BW

    I liked this episode Sam & Alex were great. I didn’t care that much for Deeks & Callen, weren’t that interesting. Talia & Kensi, ok, some moments were silly and unneeded.

    I do not think Talia was flirting with Callen. They were teasing Deeks.

    1. Crystal

      Callen was still being an ass towards Deeks for refusing to commit to making plans with him. The “teasing of Deeks” has been done too many times to make it funny anymore. Writers need to move forward with the way Deeks is treated on a regular basis. The odd joke here and there is good but in TLG, it was TWO scenes of making a mockery of Deeks.

  16. amyabn

    I did not like this episode at all. I didn’t mind the PSB, but as someone else pointed out, Kensi is breaking the rules about routine. If she’s going to the same Starbucks every day, Sam will have to school her when he finds out.
    I don’t mind Mercedes Mason but they need to figure out what to do with her character. She was fine in Fish Out of Water, bitchy to BFF in Deep Trouble 1&2, back to bitchy (and inconsistent with canon regarding a partner) in Citadel, and now BFF again?
    I enjoyed Callen and Deeks together and liked LL’s performance regarding Jada. I didn’t like Deeks and Callen making the remarks about Kensi and Talia changing. The ladies had just discussed not liking being treated like pieces of meat and then Deeks essentially does the same, with Callen agreeing. Stupid!
    I did not like the ending at all. I would have really appreciated a little maturity from Deeks. What I mean is that he should have encouraged Kensi’s girls night (having learned from their first fight in Expiration Date), been encouraging Callen to check on Sam, and been content to spend some quality time with Monty (who I’d love to see more of when possible). Kensi, appreciating Deek’s not whining, could have said something like, “I’ll wake you when I get home” or “keep Monty off my side of the bed” to give us some indication that they are actually in a relationship. That element was off all episode.
    I’m looking forward to resolving the IA stuff for Deeks, and from the release on the Christmas episode, it looks like all is right with Densi so I’m relieved. I was asked on Twitter if I thought it was better to have had this episode now vs. after the IA stuff. I think I’m glad it was before (out of order) because if the IA investigation is supposed to bring them together, this would have been even more out of character. I’m curious what you guys think about the order.

    1. Mogorva

      A lot of truth there.

      Regarding the episode order question: That’s the big advantage (or disadvantage, depends or your POV) of episodic tv shows. Most of the episodes function as a whole, closed story and has very little to nothing to do with the others. Good in situations like these, bad in other situations.

      Wirhout seeing the IA eps I can’t tell, if it was better here, than after, but there are episodes where they aren’t shown acting as a couple, and in others they are shown that way. I don’t think that’s such big deal. In most eps there is at least some reference to their relationship, so it does not affect the continuity.

      As much as I love them together, the show isn’t just about them. So everyone else has to have their eps and screentimes too. 42-43 mins is just too short to give everyone enough time in one ep.

  17. I Feel Possessed

    I loved this episode and think it is one of the best of season seven so far. There is clear continuity with Sam and the Jada storyline which may well lead to the Sam related finale (we don’t know Tahir will kill Jada and he will still want his revenge). The main characters too, stay true to form.

    Talia is clearly a character that works, to inspire such strong reactions. Her purpose here was not to further the Densi relationship (as it usually is), and as she is not with Deeks, she has no reason to wind Kensi up. Reference the sub ep; with Deeks at the hospital, Kensi & Talia are paired – their punch/head butts done, the two end up working well together.

    Callen & Talia – maybe they are both winding Deeks up!? And I do believe a guy and a girl can go to a game and have a beer without being romantically linked. There seem to be a problem with some people who have to “ship” every male/female character interaction.

    Look-wise, it was filmed in the usual conventional style but the most annoying thing is the over-use of music, particular during the shoot out at the airport. That’s common in most episodes though.

    This episode is slower paced as the team actually investigates rather than just chasing the bad guys. It explores how the team deal with the consequences of long term undercover ops, the lies they tell themselves and others, and the impact that has on those targeted as part of the op. Theme wise it is very similar to Kalstein’s S1 Past Lives which focused on Callen.

  18. Linda W

    Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this episode. I agree with I feel possessed. Deeks and Callen fit well together and were quite funny. Kensi and Talia bonded over something more serious this time. Thankfully no more juvenile action between Talia and Deeks and Sam had to do some soul searching about Jada. That story is not over and will be resumed in the new year I am sure. Could we please stop trying to bring up a relationship between Talia and Callen. They were teasing Deeks and Callen doesn’t have to be in a new relationship at all. There is still Joelle to consider. I think that there was a lot more in the episode than what you see on the surface.

  19. Crystal

    Watched ending of “The Long Goodbye” and Kensi & Callen were definitely teasing Deeks. Kensi gave Callen a “tap/touch” as she walked by him. Glad that Talia and Callen were flirting with each other but still do not like that “everyone” is STILL teasing Deeks. Would still like to know why Callen didn’t commit to Deeks in the car though. Unless Kensi was in on it but how would she know what exact conversation Callen & Deeks would have in car?

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