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Cas Anvar

guest actor (character Haakim Habib) in “Lokhay” (4×16)

CasAnvarCas Anvar loves playing the bad guy….as long as they are richly textured, complicated and never two dimensional. This week on NCIS Los Angeles, Anvar gets to play exactly that kind of character as he guest stars as Haakim Habib (the Amassador) on the latest episode Lokhay. We had the pleasure to spend some time getting to know Cas and finding out more about his time spent on the NICSLA set. Although playing the villain is fun, Cas really has a yearning to star as the heroic, unwilling action hero. Very shortly….this wish will come true. Let’s welcome Cas Anvar to the NCISLA familia and get to know more about this talented actor, director, writer and producer.

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Brian Avers

guest actor (character Mike Renko) in “Sans Voir” (3×23) & various other episodes

The last time we saw NCIS agent Mike Renko he had been shot in an ambush alongside Sam and Kensi in the episode Burned from Season one of NCIS:LA. Unfortunately, the quirky NCIS undercover agent has been missing from the Mission ever since. Fans of Renko, played by Brian Avers, will not have to wait much longer to see him back in action and working again with Callen and the gang. He is scheduled to make a return in the Season three finale and we couldn’t be more excited!

Avers is a Buckeye (Ohio) native who attended New York University where he received a Master of Fine Arts and a Global Fellowship in the Arts. He has worked on Broadway in such productions as Rock and Roll and The Lieutenant of Inishmore. His film and television credits include Julie and Julia, Gigantic, Law and Order, Castle and The Medium. The actor is currently wrapping up production for the movie The Weekend where he also worked behind the camera for the first time as director and co-writer.

We checked in with Brian to see what he has been up to since season one. NCIS:LA Fan asked Brian if he would answer a few fan questions, and he generously agreed to sit down and talk about his time on the show and what’s up next for Mike Renko.

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Anthony Azizi

guest actor (character) in “Recruit” (4×02)

Even as a child, Anthony Azizi knew he wanted to become an actor. Born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, he was one of those kids who was drawn to the footlights and began writing and staging plays at the age of eight! Sometimes it’s a calling that cannot be ignored. Although he pursued the creative arts throughout high school, he was accepted at Muhlenberg College on a soccer scholarship but soon had to drop out due to an injury. Fortunately, his first love was waiting and he soon returned to acting, starring in Muhlenberg plays. Anthony was soon nominated for the Irene Ryan award for his portrayal as Sam in The Miss Firecracker Contest. After college, it was off to New York City where he hit the theatre circuit, working at the famed Ensemble Studio Theatre and the Thirteenth Street Reparatory Company. He got his first notice there in a play called Three of a Kind and his career was off and running.

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Cynthia Basinet

music in “Free Ride” (4×10)

NCISLA Magazine found out that a very special rendition of Santa Baby by Cynthia Basinet is going to be featured in this week’s holiday episode of NCIS Los Angeles. We decided to go right to the source and ask Cynthia more about her version of this iconic Christmas classic.

Let’s welcome Cynthia to the NCISLA familia!

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Peter Cambor

guest actor (Nate Getz)

CBS Summer 2009 Press TourIt was less than three hours away from the East Coast premiere of Paper Soldiers on NCIS Los Angeles, and NCISLA Magazine was fortunate enough to sit down and interview the man of the evening… Peter Cambor!

Peter, who was scheduled for a return visit as Nate Getz on Tuesday night’s episode was a delight to speak with and it’s no surprise that Peter’s fans always look forward to seeing him return to the show… even if it is not as often as we would like!

With the show only hours away, we sat down to talk to Cambor about his emotional and intellectual relationship with Hetty, why he enjoys seeing Nate being ethically challenged and his current undercover roll as rock god (Eddie) in the Wedding Band.

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Lisa Catara

guest actress (woman at bar) in “Breach” (1×11)

LisaCatara-smallerLisa Catara is definitely one tenacious human being. If you follow her on Twitter you will know that the enthusiastic and guru-talking actress likes to motivate her tweeps with daily statements of joy and inspiration.
The Cleveland-born performer also loves trying out new skills, and figuring out how things work. This curiosity has led Lisa to a multi-faceted career that includes acting, modeling, choreography and stunt work. Lisa has also appeared in numerous commercials, TV and film, including Till Death, Charlie Valentine and Days of Our Lives.

NCISLA Magazine caught up with the busy Catara right before the holidays and we had a chance to find out more about her career and the time spent working on the set of NCIS Los Angeles.
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Greg Cipes

guest actor (character “drunk guy”) in “Skin Deep” (4×07)

Greg Cipes is one busy Renaissance man… or should I say Renaissance dude? It seems like he can and has done it all! This accomplished professional and one time surfing champ gave one of the most laid back and fun interviews I’ve done in a long time. Whether it’s his numerous appearances on television and commercials, fronting his reggae band Cipes and the People, or lending his voice to Teen Titans’ Beast Boy, Cipes enjoys life and lives it to the fullest.

With his many accomplishments, this interview could have gone down many different avenues since Greg has so many diverse talents. But each one has a story to tell. For instance, did you know Greg is one of the best voiceover artists in the industry and that he a dedicated vegan and so are his dogs? Or did you know that he performs and composes reggae/hip-hop music? But it’s his ranking as the #3 junior US professional surfer in 1998 that will come in handy this week as we watch Greg hit the beaches with our undercover surfers Kensi and Deeks on the latest episode of NCIS Los Angeles, Skin Deep.

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Abbie Cobb

guest actress (character Astrid) in “The Fifth Man” (4×03)

At the beginning of Season Four it was announced that the show would be introduced to a new and recurring character, and there was a lot of speculation by the fans on who this mystery person was and how the relationship would affect the team and in particular, Kensi. In the The Fifth Man (4×03) we finally get to meet Astrid, played by the charming and talented Abbie Cobb. NCIS:LA Magazine was delighted to get to spend some time with Cobb for this special interview.

Abbie Cobb grew up in Nebraska and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming an actor. She comes to NCIS: Los Angeles with an impressive and long list of credits to her name. Despite her age, the young actress has been in the business for a long time, so we wanted to find out more about her background and how she took her first steps in becoming an actor.

[Read the whole interview with Abbie Cobb…]

Layla Crawford

guest actress (Sam’s daughter) in “Rude Awakenings” (4×06)

Did you know what you wanted to be at the age of three?
Layla Crawford sure did and since then she has been busy perfecting her craft not only in film and television, but in theatre and commercials as well. By the time she was in kindergarten, this talented adolescent knew that the performing arts were calling her name. Since then she hasn’t wasted any time getting out there in front of an audience.

NCISLA Magazine had the opportunity to find out more about Layla and her new series regular spot on The First Family and of course her recurrent role in NCIS Los Angeles! Layla told us why acting is so important to her and why she enjoyed working with LL Cool J so much.

[Read the whole interview with Layla Crawford…]

D.C. Douglas

guest actor (character Rob Nelson) in “Neighborhood Watch” (3×22)

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to live next door to Kensi and Deeks? Actor D.C. Douglas found out first hand when he was cast in Neighborhood Watch, the long awaited Densi- centric NCISLA episode. D.C.’s character (Rob) lives next door to the NCIS agents who are working undercover as husband and wife to catch a Russian sleeper cell. D.C. enjoyed his time spent on the show and took a few minutes to sit down and tell us a little bit about his career and what it was like to work on the set of NCISLA.

D.C. Douglas is a talented character actor, voice over artist and director living in Los Angles. He has done a little bit of everything in his career including stage, film and television. He shared with us what it was like to collaborate with Linda Hunt on his short film The Crooked Eye and of course, working alongside Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruha on the set of Neighborhood Watch. After reading his Facebook page and following him on Twitter, we knew it was going to be a treat to interview D.C. and he didn’t let us down!

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Stone Eisenmann

guest actor (character Jake Felton) in “Neighborhood Watch” (3×22)

©Deidhra Fehey THIS IS COMING

Last season we had a chance to talk to Gabriel Suttle who played one of the Felton brothers on one of our favorite NCIS:LA episodes Neighborhood Watch.

NCIS:LA Magazine is thrilled to speak this time to his TV sibling, Stone Eisenmann who played the mischievous Jake Felton. Stone has been acting for only a few short years, but he has already been nominated for Best Young Actor in 2011 for his performance in Mini Mr. and Mrs. Smith at the AOF Film Festival. He has also won a coveted reoccurring role in the Fox hit show New Girl. We want to thank Stone and his mom, Zadrina for sharing a lot of great behind the scene photos on the set of NCIS Los Angeles and for taking the time to answer some of our questions!

[Read the whole interview with Stone Eisenmann…]

Greg Ellis

guest actor (character Pieter Smit) in “Parley” (4×23)

greg Ellis1

Greg Ellis is a multi-talented actor, singer, songwriter and voice over artist and this week brings his talents to NCIS Los Angeles, playing Pieter Smit in the episode, Parley.  Born in Lancashire, England, Greg is an experience theatre actor who has performed in London’s West End in productions such New Starlight Express  and Miss Saigon and also starred in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters including Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek, Titanic and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  Greg has also had recurring roles in a number of hit television series including, 24, and Touch and has guest starred in a variety of dramatic shows as well.  As you can see Greg is a man of many talents which includes 3 Top 20 singles in Europe!  We’re looking forward to his appearance on NCIS Los Angeles and welcome him to the NCISLAFamilia.  Let’s find out more about Greg….

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Massi Furlan

guest actor (character Mikhail Andros) in “Descent” (4×23)

massi ficoThis is our final interview for the season and we couldn’t have picked a more delightful or talented guy to end the year.  Throughout the course of our time together, Massi Furlan had me smiling and laughing constantly with his wonderful stories and comments on the world in general and in particular his time spent on NCIS Los Angeles.  Massi plays Mikhail Andros, one of a bevy of bad guys that the show has brought together for the explosive season finale.

A Renaissance kind of guy, Massi has dipped his toes in a number of different vocations, including time spent as a stand-up comedian, chef and flying helicopters…but his heart was calling him elsewhere.  Massi finally decided to pursue a career in the performing arts and he’s never looked back again.  With his ruggedly handsome looks and piercing stare, this Italian actor has managed to play his share of bad guys but would love to do more comedy as well.  According to Massi he enjoyed keeping LL Cool J laughing between scenes as the two spent a lot of time working on the finale together.   Let’s find out more about Massi…

[Read the whole interview with Massi Furlan…]

Marcus Giamatti

guest actor (character Michael Snyder) in “Wanted” (4×17)

Giamatti, MarcusWhen Marcus Giamatti found out that LL Cool J would be tossing him around in the Pacific surf, his first reaction was: You’ve got to be kidding! But Giamatti survived the ordeal and is back again this week to play CIA Agent, Michael Snyder in the follow up episode to Rude Awakening. From soaps to a series regular in Judging Amy, Giamatti is an accomplished television, film and stage actor, on and off Broadway. Marcus is also a professional guitarist and for the past 30 years has been a member of various Los Angeles bands. He has lent his talents to live and session work with the likes of Lucinda Williams, Bob Dylan, and Dwight Yoakum. In this exclusive interview with NCISLA Magazine, we sat down with Marcus to talk specifically about his recurring role on the episode Wanted and how he enjoyed being directed by Chris O’Donnell.

[Read the whole interview with Marcus Giamatti…]

Jared Hillman

guest actor (character David Thompson) in “History” (4×15)

Jared Hillman is a very busy young actor. If he’s not busy working on a procedural drama like NCIS Los Angeles, he is busy writing, directing and producing an award winning short film that is currently making the film festival rounds. We had a chance to ask Jared about his short film Tandem and also his time spend on set with the cast and crew of NCISLA. Let’s find out more about Jared…..

What drew you to a career in acting?

When I was a young kid, I was greatly inspired by children’s stories – from Disney classics to action cartoons. I wanted to immerse myself in those creative, colorful worlds, and that immersion took many forms. I enjoyed drawing, designing costumes out of home goods, shooting short films with my parents’ camcorder, and making stop-motion animation with action figures and Legos. Simple playtime evolved into a real passion, and when I learned it could be the basis of a career, I knew that was for me.

[Read the whole interview with Jared Hillman…]

James MacDonald

guest actor (DEA Special Agent John Ness) in “Resurrection” (4×21)

James Mac 2Playing a law enforcement agent is a role that James MacDonald is very comfortable with, but this time he gets to do it in a Polo shirt and ball cap! MacDonald guest stars as DEA Agent John Ness in this week’s episode of NCIS Los Angeles and he stopped to talk to NCISLA Magazine about his time spent on set. James had a great time working with first time director, Eric A. Pot and was pleased to be handed such a great script and character to play. Let’s find out more about MacDonald…

[Read the whole interview with James MacDonald…]

Lily Mariye

guest actress (character Ashley Hung) in “Purity” (4×20)

@Paul Smith

@Paul Smith

Lily Mariye knows that nice girls can finish first. As a film maker, she named her production company Nice Girl Films because being nice is also about being appreciative and kind to the people you work with. This refreshing philosophy has served Lily well and she is enjoying extraordinary success as a director, writer and actor in the challenging entertainment industry.

In 2000, Lily was named Filmmaker of the Year by the National Organization of Women for her award-winning short film The Shangri-la Café. The accolades continue to this day with her first feature film that she directed and wrote called Model Minority. The film was released last year and continues to make the rounds of film festivals around the world collecting various awards as it goes. Lily is best known for portraying Nurse Lily Jarvik on the TV series ER along with putting a together a long resume of acting credits in film and theatre.

In Purity (4×20). Lily guest stars as Ashley Hung. She took some time to answer our questions about her career and the time spent with the cast and crew of NCISLA. Let’s welcome Lily to the NCISLAFamilia!

[Read the whole interview with Lily Mariye…]

Jonathan Murphy

guest actor (character Ian Bruckhurst) in “Paper Soldiers” (4×13)

@David Zaugh

@David Zaugh

Jonathan Murphy likes to wear a lot of different hats and sometimes all at the same time! This multi-talented actor from Arlington Texas is looking at his future projects and finding ways to expand a successful acting career. Having starred in various TV shows and soaps, Jonathan got his first big break in October Road and later in the American version of the cult classic Life On Mars.

Today Murphy has expanded his resume by adding writer, director and talent to a new film short called Pull the Trigger, Mr. Wigger, a thought provoking work that poses some tough ethical questions.

This week we are excited to see Murphy make his way back in front of the camera again to star on NCIS Los Angeles and this week’s episode Paper Soldiers.
Welcome Jonathan to the NCISLAfamilia!

[Read the whole interview with Jonathan Murphy…]

Timothy V. Murphy

guest actor (character Isaac Sidorov) in “Rude Awakenings” (4×06), “Wanted” (4×17)

Tim Murphy lgTimothy V. Murphy loves staying busy so much that we had to grab him on the run for a short but sweet interview regarding his return to NCIS Los Angeles. It looks like we haven’t seen the last of Sidorov but hopefully we will get to watch Tim reprise his guest star role as the Russian arms dealer sometime in the future. Here’s what he told us about his time spent on the set of Wanted:

What was it like to return again to NCISLA to play this wonderfully layered and multi-dimensional character?

It was great…they are a great bunch of actors and crew…very welcoming.

[Read the whole interview with Timothy V. Murphy…]

Corin Nemec

guest actor (character Anwar Amurov) in “The Chosen One” (4×14)[19-55-48]

In January, Corin Nemec found himself in the biggest real-life drama and perhaps the scariest unscripted role he could have ever played in his lifetime. “I thought I was going to die,” Nemec told NCISLA Magazine when the coast guard vessel he was on ran into a partially submerged barge, seriously injuring Nemec and some of his co-stars on the way to shooting a SyFy movie in Belize. Nemec was rushed to a hospital where he underwent an emergency procedure to save his shattered leg and received several blood transfusions to restore the huge amount of blood he lost during the accident. “It was a life altering moment and it absolutely changed my perception of life.”

NCISLA Magazine was able to sit down with a Corin during this recovery time and talk about his career, his guest star role as Anwar in the NCISLA episode The Chosen One and his future projects.

[Read the whole interview with Corin Nemec…]

Carsten Norgaard

guest actor (character Nolan Vandenberg) in “Raven and the Swans” (4×22)

Carsten Norgaard 2

Carsten Norgaard was a determined man! Despite a consistently weak phone signal, he was not going to be deterred from finishing his interview with NCISLA Magazine! Our conversation was interrupted a number of times during the course of the call but with a little bit of patience and a lot of humor, we rallied on.  With great forbearance, Carsten graciously answered a number of questions I had in regards to his guest appearance as Nolan Vandenberg on this week’s episode, Raven and the Swans on NCIS Los Angeles.

[Read the whole interview with Carsten Norgaard…]

Michael Papajohn

guest actor (Iranian) in “Endgame” (4×01) & stuntman in various other episodes

“It’s like a family on that set and every time I finish that show I wish I was a series regular because there is such a great atmosphere on that set.”

Michael Papajohn couldn’t say enough nice things about his time spent as a stunt double and actor on NCIS Los Angeles. NCIS:LA Magazine got a chance to sit down with Papajohn to discuss his career and his time spent working with the cast and crew of the hit TV show. Papajohn has worked on the set three times between last season and this current season and he shared with us his experience behind the scenes and what it’s like to work with Troy Brown, the show’s stunt coordinator.

[Read the whole interview with Michael Papajohn…]

Nick Puga

guest actor in “Collateral” (4×08)

Nick Puga has one of those faces that make you want to smile. Even before you watch any of his guest roles or commercials you know he was put on this earth to entertain people. Nick was also one funny kid growing up. He used his comic gift to win over classmates in school and to amuse his family and friends. Entertaining people came naturally to Nick so there’s no wonder he choose a career in showbiz.

NCISLA Magazine had the opportunity to speak with Nick regarding his upcoming guest star role in this week’s episode, Collateral. We found him to be a very engaging guy and a real charmer. Let’s find out more about Nick.

[Read the whole interview with Nick Puga…]

Felix Ryan

guest actor (character Danny Levian) in “Recruit” (4×02)

At 22 years of age, Felix Ryan is beginning to build an impressive on screen resume. From The Mentalist, to 90210 to Nip/Tuck, Ryan sets to display his talents on Recruit – Episode 2 of NCIS Los Angeles in 2012.

We sat down to ask Felix a few questions about his start in the industry and his time spent on the set of NCIS Los Angeles.

[Read the whole interview with Felix Ryan…]

Gabriel Suttle

guest actor (character Cody Felton) in “Neighborhood Watch” (3×22)

We had the pleasure of interviewing one of the youngest co-stars on tomorrow night’s episode of NCISLA – Neighborhood Watch. His name is Gabriel Suttle and he is building up an impressive list of acting credits which includes parts on various made-for-television movies, commercials (Audi) and in popular shows like House, M.D. and Army Wives. Let’s find out a little about Gabriel and what it was like to work on NCISLA!

[Read the whole interview with Gabriel Suttle…]

Lauren Sweetser

guest actress (character Mara White) in “Sans Voir” (3×23)

This week we welcome Lauren Sweetser to Interview Corner and find out what it was like to guest star in the season finale of NCISLA – Sans Voir. We also asked her to share with us some of the highlights of the last episode and what it was like to work with the cast and crew. Lauren played Mara White, the cheeky, pull-no-punches book keeper at the Point Black firing range. What do you do when you find yourself in the Boathouse being interrogated by Sam and Callen? Never an easy situation to be in but it was fun to watch this feisty actress keep her two co-stars on their toes, take it on the chin and give it right back as well!

Lauren has been involved in various creative media for the past six years and her credits include theatre, television (Law and Order) commercials and feature films like Winter’s Bone where she won the Gotham Award in 2010 for Best Ensemble Cast. She will be seen on the big screen next in Cunning Little Vixens which is due for release later this year. Let’s find out a little more about Lauren and the time she spent on set during the filming of Sans Voir.

[Read the whole interview with Lauren Sweetser…]

Ronan Vibert

guest actor (character Visser) in “Raven and the Swans” (4×22)

Ronan Vibert 2If you watched the Borgias on Showtime or the Hatfields and McCoys on the History Channel, you probably saw the talented actor, Ronan Vibert co-starring in both of these critically acclaimed series.  He has lent his acting talents to many BBC and American productions and has worked with some of the most celebrated directors of this generation, including Peter Bogdanovich, Ridley Scott, and Roman Polanski.  Ronan answered a few questions for us from the UK on his recent guest star appearance on NCISLA where he plays the malevolent Visser on the Raven and the Swans.  Thanks go out to Ronan for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk to NCISLA Magazine!

[Read the whole interview with Ronan Vibert…]

Dave Yaden

music in “Touch of Death” (3×21)

When you first listen to Dave Yaden’s music, you are immediately transported back to the early 1970’s when Elton John first burst on to the music scene. You recognized that clear, bluesy, tenor voice and can tell right away that John had to have been a huge influence. Yaden’s sound harkens back to the time when the folk/rock troubadour whas king and thankfully, he now brings that music genre forward to the new century in a new and updated edition.

Dave is a singer/songwriter and piano player who grew up in the LA music scene and had a number of bands while attending the University of Southern California. During his ten years in the business he has worked with everybody from One Republic to Lady Antebellum. We first found out about Dave when his first composition was used on NCIS:LA in Season Three: Touch of Death. We took some time to sit down with Dave to ask him about his career and his contribution to the NCIS:LA soundtrack.

[Read the whole interview with Dave Yaden…]