NCIS: Los Angeles “Cancel Christmas” Picture Review by Mogorva

Ho-ho-ho… Christmas present: poisoned and hit by a truck. Happy Holidays!

Ummm… Christmas prom?

OK, elves: check. Grinch: check.

Best holiday decoration, ever. At least he has a table and two seats now.

Once you’ve made a friend, they’ll never forget you… LOL.

„Christmas came early…” Well, once a year everyone deserves it…

Ok, breakup, but no breakup? WTF? At least they get to drive around in Elliott from Open Season.

„Why do families have complicate everything?” Well, because they’re families.

#snort. And she’s dressed like Santa.

Dead body no2? It’s a huge christmas gift…

Why do people get drunk before christmas? It’s not the „worship the alcohol” holiday…


The magic of nonexistent warpspeed video enhancing.

„You just meditated through 200 rounds.” Wow. That’s a lot of lead.

Is the Christmas cookie burning?

That was a good talk. It might had some lasting effects on the participants.

„No more secrets.” Easier said than done. And it awfully sounds like the closing words for the whole IA storyline. #nothappy

Wow, Callen has the Christmas spirit…

Whaat? He knows this woman’s mother? And she shot him?

Interesting bunch of names… Poor dog is the safe?

It’s not nice to put the dogs behind bars…

Well, that missed. What a luck Callen knew beforehand what, how and where he was planning to do…

So, christmas present wrapped and tied with a bow. Or handcuffs. Those work too.


What the…?

Is that bad or is that good? They’ve lost me somewhere along the road.

Holiday drink for Santa and Grinch again?

17 thoughts on “NCIS: Los Angeles “Cancel Christmas” Picture Review by Mogorva

  1. Richtsje

    Fun seeing your picture review! It was an episode like I loved it, with a storyline which isn’t too hard to keep up with and with action, banter and fun right until the end.

  2. Crystal

    I am still trying to decide what is creepier: Janvier sending Callen a Christmas Card or Callen displaying it on his mantle. Still can’t wait though to see what happens between those two! #LoveMarcelJanvier’sCharacter and the fact he is Callen’s nemesis 🙂

    Great picture review & your comments literally had me LOL 🙂

  3. Norm

    Loved the review and really liked the episode; not as good as “humbug” for us Densi shippers, but still great. Glad they wrapped up the IA with him confessing even though she is now an accessory after the fact – but they are so wrapped up in each other there is no way they ever will admit her knowledge and the whole team has so many skeletons what is one more?
    The simultaneous mother conversations was great… how do you think Mrs. Feldman and Momma Deeks are going to get along? At least Sam bailed them out with the added fillip of a win for him.
    Sorry Joelle had to go, but that relationship was never going to work. He needs to find a agent equivalent like Sam did and like Densi has… someone they can be honest with.
    It may be my somehow skewed imagination, but did SB and crew drop us two hints about the future to go along with the comment SB made before the season?? Like, baby tiger and Deeks calls himself a jungle cat and Kensi with a baby carriage at the takedown?
    Now for some hiatus and a repeat (ugh) before the new episodes start up again.

  4. Beth

    I thought this episode made Callen seem like a total jerk. Just break up with her already instead of using her for a booty call!

  5. diane

    Liked the episode. Not my favorite Christmas episode they have done, but not the worst. Liked Deeks’ and Kensi’s scenes, all of them.

  6. Linda

    I enjoyed the episode. I liked Joelle, but at least it looks like an amicable split. I’m curious to see where they are going with the whole Janvier thing. How would he know where to send a Christmas card anyway?

  7. Rayanne

    The episode was good. I agree the split was mutual but I’m sad for Callen. Thanks for the pictures!!!

  8. Sharon

    Fun episode! Shocked by the IA conversation. Didn’t think it was going to happen so soon.

    Morgova, Thanks for the review.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

  9. Spokoze

    Enjoy every episode…and each has it’s did this one.
    I’m way more okay with G and Joelle than I am with Eric and Nell as elfin’ comic relief.
    I’m a huge Densi fan and can’t get enough…as far as IA that story arch can go away…and I ABSOULTY hope I never have to see Janvier ever again. As for Deeks blasting a guy that beat up hookers after he put a gun to Deeks head, or in his mouth….sheesh…nobody cares that Hetty blasted a bunch of Romanians on her way to try and end a blood feud once upon a time….

    These characters aren’t jr high kids. They’ve been around the track …they are old people that deal with death and crime every day…. plus they got moved to Monday night late so why not see Joelle walking thru G’s place in one of his shirts? Real people do that stuff…take comfort that way….right? Plus the orphan story is so stale–why not have G be a playboy and lets see COD with some fun ladies….?? The writers can insinuate Densi are humping like bunnies…but they can show us G in action!

    Speaking of old…maybe it was just me….but that chickie Callen body slammed after she tried to kill him & who fought like a lil ninja…. is gonna turn out to be Granger’s daughter… don’t ya just know it…Wonder how Hetty is going to get the charges dropped…and they somehow incorporate her into some kind of recurring character. Funny Granger got shot by this chickie’s mother…got shot in a episode and Hetty told us he’d been shot in that shoulder before too….That’d make me a grumpy Grinch…. We saw him get woke up one day and he told some young blonde, “I’ll be back.’ lol maybe under it all its Granger that’s the horn dog, (We don’t need to see that, though!) and maybe he was so Grinch-ie and talking out frustration on the shooting range because some babe wasn’t going to be around to help him enjoy Christmas….

  10. I Feel Possessed

    I really enjoined this episode, it was fun, light hearted with focus on all the characters. Loved the Callen bits, he and Joelle are clearly adult enough to know they are using each other and that because of his job, their relationship will never work for Joelle. It’s a shame as I like her and they were good together for a while.

    It was a real laugh out loud moment about Janvier & the Christmas card (he could have addressed it to Callen @ NCIS, but if it was sent directly, Callen clearly finds this amusing). I hope this foreshadows Janvier’s return, maybe next season?

    Sam has been having a few digs at G over recent episodes but Callen gets his own back. And loved that even at the end, Callen still didn’t have a back up gift so it is lucky for him that Hetty knows all and knows him so well.

    I was also pleasantly surprised that Deeks told Kensi his secret so soon. I bet that one comes back at some point too.

    Granger was brilliant and there were subtle hints that maybe he took his relationship with a Korean spy a bit further than he should have? Maybe that one will also come back in the Granger, O episode promised this seasons.

  11. sindee

    Apparently this post’s comments were spammed majorly… if I accidentally deleted your legit comment with all the spam ones please comment again… and sorry !!

  12. val_cyr

    Geez! This episode is fun, but I want more Neric interaction: we have nothing since the beginning of season 7 (yeah, I know, many of you don’t ship Neric, but it’s already there since season 2, sorry guys! :P)

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