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“In the Bullpen” with @phillydi – Kensi Blye

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That’s our Girl!

   Kensi Blye. When the character was first introduced almost three years ago on NCISLA, we had no idea how complicated and intriguing this woman would turn out to be. With the two-part episode, Blye K., we finally found out what makes Kensi tick. The episode revealed a troubled young woman who has just learned that everything she knew about her father was wrong. Now she is determined to clear his name and bring his murderer to justice-no matter the cost. Kensi almost lost it all…her career, the respect of her peers, the trust of her partner and the belief in herself. Talk about a gutsy lady. Now that she has made it through this incredible journey, how will the experience change her and what lessons has she learned? Fictionista 48 and I decided it would be fun to speculate on what the future has in store for our favorite female agent.

   The story began when Kensi was only a teenager and her mother stole her away from a beloved father she treasured. I wondered what kind of courage and fortitude it would take for such a young girl to run away from a loving mother just so she could reunite with the parent she so closely identified. Kensi was definitely daddy’s little girl…but make no mistake, she was her own person as well ….independent, resourceful and wise beyond her years. Her father left her quite able to take care of herself. But the adolescent that grew into the vibrant woman we all learned to know and love was also a lost soul. Now that she has avenged her father’s murder, she can begin to heal the wounds from this tragic event and bring closure to a very painful period in her life. It was a dangerous gamble but Kensi was willing to risk it all. Fortunately, with the help of the NCISLA team, she forged a new future, one bright with possibilities. What does the future hold for Kensi now that she has gone through this life-altering experience? Let’s start with probably the most important relationship in her life and how it will affect her partnership with Deeks.

If you’re on the run alone, desperately looking for answers, seeking either justice or revenge, and terrified you’re facing death, who do you call? If you’re Kensi Blye, you call your partner. But you don’t call for backup. You don’t call to beg for help. You call for the sound of his voice. Because something about that supportive sound reassures you, and reminds you who you are. And with the strength that voice brings, you get up and face what awaits you.
   Kensi Blye was a complicated character well before the revelations about her father came about. She was deeply layered with issues and doubts and misgivings about relationships, and she was just the right kind of quietly messed-up. She’d lost her hero, her mentor, her best friend. Her father had been everything to her. And losing him did things to her that would undoubtedly change who and what she was forever. Add to that, an estranged mother and the loss of her first partner, and our favorite female agent had serious issues long before these latest monumental episodes. Then, the bombs dropped.
   When her world fell out from beneath her, there was only one person she truly trusted, and she told him as much. Pleading with Deeks to get her mother to safety, we saw a more fragile, more desperate Kensi than we ever have before. We got a glimpse of who she was before she became the badass agent we all know and love. And it looked good on her, that human side. Vulnerability isn’t something we often see in Kensi, but when we see it, it’s undoubtedly with her partner and best friend at her side. And the past two episodes were no different.
   No one knows where their relationship is going, but it’s incredible to watch as they figure it out a little further each week. Even when things are at their worst, Deeks is able to make her laugh, to take the weight off for just an instant. Just long enough to make her know with certainty that she can count on him. Trust has steadily built between them in the past two seasons. Not only trust with her life, but with her heart, it seems lately. That trust even survived the lie that he had been fired. But it always seemed tentative. Fragile. In these past two episodes, though, she’s grown to depend on him more and more as a friend, an ally, and not just her NCIS partner. Now, I think, that trust has been cemented by his unconditional and unwavering support of her, and belief in her, even as she went rogue. A fact that could very possibly change things between them.
   Perhaps after this, her trust issues will be resolved. Perhaps not. After all, she thought she knew her father inside and out. She remembered him with honor and pride, without a single doubt about his character. And she was proven wrong. In the end, she once again sees him as her hero, as the honorable man she knew him to be. And she realizes her mother only lied to protect her. The logical question now would be, how well can she really know a person? Is anyone who she thinks they are? How well does she know Deeks? He’s just as complicated as she is, and I imagine she may second-guess her trust in him at some point, whether it’s intentional or not. I don’t think she has a choice. It’s been who she is for far too long.

   We love the flirty, dangerous, give-and-take that is Kensi and Deeks. The banter that leaves us just as frustrated as their characters must surely be at the end of each episode. But what will come of it now that Kensi has been misled by the most important man in her history? How will it change how she sees the future, knowing her early life had been filled with lies? That not only had her father lied to her, but her mother had, as well. How will it affect the way she moves forward? And what will it do to that incredible, chemistry-filled thing she has with Marty Deeks?
   He’s always been there for her, since the beginning of their strange, sexually charged, odd-couple partnership, even as she pushed him away. And I don’t see that changing. If anything, I think he’ll try even harder to weasel his way into her armor and break down those defenses she may still try to reinforce. And I think deep down, she’ll to want him to. Even need him to. They get each other, these two broken, damaged, complex characters. They may not know everything about one another yet, but it seems they don’t really need to. Somehow, they just understand. And it’s pure magic.
   Kensi is one of the toughest, strongest, most kick-ass characters on TV today. But even the strong have moments of weakness. Of fear. Of self-doubt. Was that why the one call she made before contacting her nemesis was Deeks? Because in her weakness and fear, he was her strength? I can imagine a lot of that in her future, with all these new revelations, and I see Deeks at her side, easing her through it with the innuendo and charm, laughter and understanding his character is famous for. How will the past two episodes affect Kensi? It might be a bumpy road ahead for her. But, she has Deeks to hold onto, and I imagine she’ll do just that. And that’s exactly the way we like them. United. Whether as partners, or eventually something more.

   Now that Kensi’s primary reason for joining NCIS is no longer a factor in staying at the job, how will this affect her career going forward? It’s pretty clear she has found her calling as a law enforcement agent among this elite group. She has risen from a junior position to a full-fledged member of the team. They respect her as an equal, and protect her like family. I don’t think that will change. Callen and the team will have no problem acknowledging the strength and tenacity she brought to this dangerous but very personal mission. Whether it was adrenaline or the will to succeed against all odds, this was an incredibly and determined Kensi, one that we’ve never seen before. The way she used both brawn and brain to subdue her predators was fascinating to watch. For the first time she became the lone wolf and the team was scrambling like crazy just to keep up with her. Actually, Callen surmised all along that Kensi was the one running the show and her father’s killer didn’t stand a chance as she relentlessly pursued him. They have always had faith in her ability to handle herself in difficult situations, but now there was no question in her ability to match them on every level. Just look at the half smiles on the collective team’s faces when Granger tells them she has escaped protective custody. The only thing missing was a communal fist pump! Kensi brought her ‘A’ game to this long-term mission, which means she will never again have to prove herself. She has the skills and mind set to become a senior member of the team and one day lead a new generation of field agents. I can also see her wanting to work with kids who have had a parent taken away from them under tragic circumstances. Who better to empathize with their pain and suffering? Kensi is definitely the poster girl for indomitable women everywhere and has much to share with the world around her.

   Despite all of this, it’s easy to forget how young Kensi is, and how much she has yet to learn. Kensi is a work in progress and it will take time to ease into this newfound confidence, as some of her doubts and insecurities will resurface from time to time. Fortunately during those times she has a fabulous mentor and role model in Hetty. Wouldn’t we all like to have a Hetty in our back pocket? She will always be able to count on her friend to stand up for her and alongside her when needed. Hetty understood that despite Kensi’s being “determined and lethal” she needed a friend more than a partner. Until now Hetty played the mother figure that was sorely missing from Kensi’s life. With Kensi and her estranged mother moving towards reconciliation, it will be interesting to see how their relationship plays out. Yes, it could be awkward at first, but I think they will fully reconcile and Kensi will once again have the security of a close family member in her life.

   What about Granger? Who would have anticipated him to become Kensi’s new champion? It looks like the assistant director will be sticking around — much to Hetty’s chagrin. But that doesn’t mean he’ll make life easy for the new Kensi. He’s going to drive every member of the team just as hard as before, testing their mettle and skillfulness every step of the way.
   Now that Kensi can put the sad death of her father behind her life will never be the same. But as Sam says, that’s a good thing. There is no doubt she will stay at NCIS for now because she’s good at her job and she knows she can make a difference. When facing future bad guys, to paraphrase Deeks, “It sucks for them.” Kensi knows her net worth. And now she has some resolution to the driving issue that was preventing her from moving forward in her career and personal life. As Hetty said to Kensi, “Why you came to NCIS isn’t important but it’s what you do moving forward from here. You’re not who your past says you are….you’re who you choose to be.” I think it’s a pretty safe bet that Kensi will choose to become an honorable and spirited woman and one her father would definitely be proud of.

   How appropriate when Sam recited the gospel of John to Callen which says “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” Now this truth will allow Kensi to explore a whole new life with her team, her partner and the world around her. Amen.

Thanks to Fictionista 48 for helping me out this week and another big thank you to Lynn H. for her support and input to this column!
And of course a shout out to sindee, our fearless team leader for being at the helm!

Come back next time for In the Bullpen when Maxie Kay and I answer the burning question: Romance or Bromance? Which do you prefer?

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“In the Bullpen” with @phillydi – Fan Fiction, Pt. 2

The Wonderful World of Densi

Welcome back to In the Bullpen and the second part of my exploration into the world of NCISLA Fan Fiction. This week in shipper nation I decided to delve into the one special relationship that NCISLA fans can’t seem to get enough of. This past year we got to watch the rapport between Nell and Eric evolve as many fan fic writers scrambled to put more of this adorable pair on paper. But for fans of this show, there has been only one relationship that has whipped the NCISLA fan fic community into shipper frenzy. Fic writers have tried to pair Callen, Sam, Nate and every other Tom, Dick or Harry with Kensi (and let’s not forget Jack, Kensi’s long lost fiancé). But only one relationship can captured the hearts of the fans across the board like no other. Even I had to finish what Dave Kalstein and Joe Wilson started in Plan B with my fan fic entitled Touché. Sixteen chapters later, I finally told the story of what became my fairytale version of what happen after Kensi and Deeks decided that they had a thing. I’m still exploring this exhilarating relationship with three continuing stories. I can’t seem get enough of these two on screen or in the pages of fan fic journals. Just what makes Kensi and Deeks so irresistible together?

In part one of this column, I had the opportunity to speak with some of the best NCISLA fan fiction writers online. Of course, being the marvelously loquacious people that they are, their thoughts on writing for the fan fiction market always kept coming back to one topic…writing for Densi. Their energy and passion for all things Kensi and Deeks was infectious. It’s this passion that has answered the question why these characters were born (created) to be together.

Maxie Kay says the sexual chemistry between Kensi and Deeks is incredible. “They are so right for each other, they are fighting against the attraction yet there is the knowledge that they have to be partners first and foremost. But I desperately want them to get together. We know they’ve got a thing – and exploring that thing is so intriguing and full of possibilities.”

Fictionista 48 also loves the romance and angst between the two characters but is not so sure about wanting to see them take that next step. That is why she continues their story in fan fics. “As much as I want to see Kensi and Deeks get together on the show, I know that would be the kiss of death for that relationship. The sexual tension, the chemistry, the banter…it would all be gone, and with it the relationship we all love. I think that is why I love to read and write fics where they get together. It’s safe in our fan fic world. It’s allowed. Nothing changes. We finish reading it, and Tuesday comes, and we have our Kensi and Deeks driving each other mad with that incredible tension again.”

Gf7 enjoys writing for these two characters because they really have it all – angst, humor, drama, and very clear emotions for each other. “They’re a wonderful case of role reversal done right. Kensi is the screwed up, closed down, badass who could pretty much take the whole team out if she ever lost her mind. Deeks is the screwed up class clown who can be just as deadly if needs be. He’s also the perfect guy, seemingly comfortable in his own skin, and completely at ease with his partner being the more dangerous of the two of them. There’s something wildly appealing about a guy who isn’t threatened – and is, in fact, turned on – by a strong woman. On the page, their banter feels so fun and natural to write and it often serves as a natural emotion breaker for difficult scenes. Finally, because of all these two characters have been through in their past, putting them through the ringer is a tremendous amount of fun. Seeing them come out on the other side is an epic kind of reward that keeps me at my keyboard.”

Sweet Lu is particularly enchanted with the character of Marty Deeks and his interaction with the team. “When he put on his dark glasses at the end of Fame and told Fern not to worry, he’d be back….I was hooked. He’s funny and vulnerable and sexy and I just want to mother the heck out of him sometimes, among other things. The episode Personal added immediate depth to his character with just a few short lines about his lack of family and a darker childhood than anyone expected he would have. That made me want to know more and when the show didn’t immediately provide that, I decided to write and explore the depths in the character myself.”

Fictionista 48 simply adores Kensi and Deeks and that’s what makes them so easy to write for. “I love Kensi’s strength, her independence, her beauty, and her obvious thing for Deeks. I love that he’s goofy and gorgeous, and that he has deep pain and a past that makes him who he is. The parallel between their past, both filled with loss and uncertainty makes them just perfect together.”

is a much loved episode for Densi shippers and probably started the Densi obsession for many of us but there are other episodes that are fan favorites too. As I mentioned above, Plan B captured my imagination and motivated me to write my first major fan fic. Maxie Kay singled out The Debt because she had to write about the issues that needed to be resolved in that episode. “It never allowed Kensi and Deeks to talk about how she felt about things – not only about Deeks lying to her, but the fact that she was deliberately excluded from the knowledge that this was an undercover operation. This was a conversation that I felt they needed to have – so I wrote a one-shot about it called The Thing.”

After last week’s two-part episode, Blye, K. which deliciously delved into Kensi past, the Densi shippers now have enough material to keep them writing for a long time to come.

If you want to try your hand at writing Densi fan fiction, take a few words of advice from Gf7: “I like the long drawn out, slow simmering undercover stories that end with one of the characters – or both – being in imminent danger the best. I like tales that show the resilience and strength of these two. They’re so strong; it would take a tremendous amount to really fully break either of them. If an author is going to try that, they’re going to have to earn it. And then they’re going to have to repay my faith in them by letting Kensi and Deeks find their way back to their feet. So in short, I’m attracted to tales that are Agent in Distress stories with a mostly happy ending.” Good advice for Densi writers everywhere.

In a discussion about Deeks on Twitter, NCISLA writer and producer, Dave Kalstein responded to my tweet by saying, “If Deeks was real, we would be friends.” Is this the secret to writing for these characters? I’d like to think so.

ThePixieMadeMeDoIt feels that the passion we share for these characters makes the fan fic community a great place to be a part of. I agree. I would probably never have been able to meet such fascinating and creative people in one place.

My thanks go out to all of these incredibly talented writers for sharing their views and insights about fan fiction. I hope that you check out more of their writing on And a BIG thank you to all the screenwriters of NCISLA for their inspiration and imagination that helps makes our creative pastime so much fun.

Next time:
Join me and Fictionista 48 as we have some fun together speculating on how Kensi’s life will change after the incredible accounting of her past in Blye, K. What will the future hold for Kensi and the people around her?

In upcoming columns I have invited other guest contributors like Maxie Kay who will join me In the Bullpen to explore more areas of the NCISLA universe. Be sure not to miss it!

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“In the Bullpen” with @phillydi – FanFiction, Pt. 1

Once upon a time (about two years ago), there was a handsome young prince from the kingdom of LAPD. One day in a bar, he received a visit from his fairy godmother and to his delight she whisked him away to a land called NCISLA. There he met a beautiful and head-strong princess. They fought, they bantered, but he finally gave her his gun, and they fell hopelessly in love and lived happily ever after for the rest of their lives in the wonderful world of Densi…

Sound familiar? It may not be a Grimm’s fairy tale but it is the foundation for one of the many thousands of fan fictions that have been written and dedicated to two of our favorite characters from NCISLA. If you ever logged on to any one of the number of popular fan fiction sites on the internet you will find a whole legion on writers who just can’t get enough of their favorite characters and are compelled to continue their saga on line. Whether it’s to tell a new action story about the team or fixate on a romance or the potential for romance between the characters, this increasingly significant subset of fans are having an influence on television creators and producers alike, whether they will admit it or not.

It’s been estimated that 90% of the fan fics out there are relationship based. I’m not sure that’s true for all shows but the fans of NCISLA seems to have a special place in their hearts for the different couplings in the show whether it’s Kensi and Deeks, Nell and Eric or even Sam and Callen. It’s a place for all the Shippers out there to go and express their passion about the characters. Shippers (derived from the word relationship) are fans who concentrate on relationships (including platonic) and the possibility of romantic relationships between characters. These fans are deeply invested and are the most engaged fans of the show according to Andrew Marlowe, the creator of Castle. Marlowe told Entertainment magazine in the February 17 issue, “Shippers really are your core audience, and you can gauge the level of investment of your entire fan base by their interactions with you.” Marlowe feels that show creators and writers can no longer ignore the energy or enthusiasm that shippers express in such a public manner.

So why do we (yes, I am one of them!) spend all our spare waking hours writing about these characters who have enthralled us from the get go? Is it just the never ending quest for that fairy tale love that we all seek to find or is there another reason? In the past year I have had the pleasure to get to know four of the most talented fan fiction writers out there, and in the spirit of community, we have become friends in and out of the NCISLA family. I’ve had a chance to chat on line and get to know these uber fans of the show (and even meet one in person). They have graciously allowed me to interview them and get their take on this ever growing phenomenon. I’m using only pen names (to protect the innocent!) but you will get a chance to see how their wonderful personalities shine through their writing and find out how their creativity flows when expressing their love of the show and the brilliant characters we have all grown to know and love.

The first thing I asked is why they love these characters so much and why it’s important for them to continue their story beyond the small screen. California based Sweet Lu is a graphic designer and feels the character of Deeks puts the LA in the title of the show. “Deeks looks like Southern California and that was missing in the first season. The other characters could have been in any city or from anywhere but the Deeks character solidified the location as the West Coast. And as a native Californian that was important to me.” Of course the selection of Eric Christian Olsen didn’t hurt either. “The casting of ECO for the role of Marty Deeks was genius. He’s such an expressive actor and you can see the motion of the dialogue on his face in every scene.”

ThePixieMadeMeDoIt hails from Great Britain and is busy with work and children but always finds the time to write about her favorite show. She contends that continuing their story once the credits role isn’t always a great leap to take. “Each one of the characters is unique with a different background and story to tell, and that in itself is intriguing. I love how, despite the individuality of their personalities, the team works together. And how their loyalty, sense of duty and friendships can be both a strength and a weakness and how what draws them together could also tear them apart.”

Fictionista 48 is a professional writer and lives in the southeastern section of the U.S. She wants to explore everything Kensi and Deeks because they are such intriguing characters and have so much depth. “Each has a backstory to be explored at length. So much potential there.” So why keep telling the story? “I’m in love with those particular characters and in order to get enough of them, and to get what I want from then, I write it out.”

Maxie Kay lives in Scotland, where she attempts to reconcile a full-time job working in corporate litigation with writing NCISLA fan fiction. Unlike the rest of us, Maxie has been working at this creative art for awhile now with other shows. Maxie and I had a chance to meet for the first time last year during a visit to her country while on holiday. Over the course of two days, our conversation never strayed far from what drew us together in the first place. “What’s not to love about the characters? In NCISLA we’ve got a group of very diverse people, all of whom work together in the most extraordinary circumstances. The characters are so well-drawn, they pull the audience in.”

Maxie also loves to see such strong, positive women on-screen and enjoys writing about Kensi and Hetty. “And I have to confess that I lost my heart to Deeks the first instant I saw him, He’s in an intriguing position – part of the team, and yet still belonging to LAPD, so there is a tension there.”

When they are not writing fan fics, these authors are reading other stories as well. So I wanted to know what makes a great NCISLA fan fic. Our writer all had a slightly different take on what pulls them in and keeps them engrossed in the tale. For Fictionista 48, she wants the characters to remain true to the show. “I see so many people write them out of character, and it just wrecks it. They are who they are…that’s why we love them. You can’t change them and expect them to be the characters we love and wait to breathlessly see each week.”

Maxie Kay says a good story allows her to live a little bit longer with the characters and get a glimpse into their lives that we don’t usually get because of the hour time constraint. “Reading fan fics lets me go deeper into that wonderful world that is created on screen….to live in it for just a bit longer and to go places where the scriptwriters dare not tread.”

ThePixieMadeMeDoIt feels the quality of the writing rather than the story can draw her into a fan fic. “Use of language and attention to detail, coupled with the ability to describe situations and emotions with such color and complexity can make a journey as real as watching an episode, and who wouldn’t want to enjoy that every day!”

Finally, Sweet Lu wants a great story to keep her connected to the characters and explore all sorts of adventures and character interactions that a one hour show can’t provide. “All the good writers of fan fics allow us as readers to see the characters we love in a variety of scenarios and that keeps us connected to the show.”

ThePixieMadeMeDoIt says that being a fan fic writer is a fantastic homage to the show that we all love. “I think that it’s an important opportunity and outlet for fans to have their own unique say on how they would like the NCISLA universe to be. I think that it’s a great way to show that your imagination doesn’t have to end just because they latest episode has.”

We all agreed that the fan fic writing experience is an addictive one. We write because we want to keep answering the question “What if…?” Maxie Kay calls it the ultimate escapism. Fortunately, there never seems to be a lack of story ideas. As Sweet Lu says, “When a story is finished I’m sad to leave it behind, but there is always a new adventure just waiting in my head.”

If you have never gone into the fan fiction universe, you are in for a treat. You can find these NCISLA writers and many others on

Here are some of my favorites to get you started:
Fictionista 48: Human Sacrifice
Sweet Lu: Solis
ThePixieMadeMeDoIt: Natural Equilibrium
Maxie Kay: Maybe this Christmas
Imahistorian: Truth Be Told
Gf7: Deep

In part two of this column, I talk to these writers about why they are so passionate about Densi and why they just have to keep writing for these two beloved characters.

Join me again next week In the Bullpen!

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“In the Bullpen” with @phillydi – CBS magic formula

Hello NCISLAfamilia and welcome to In the Bullpen, my new column for NCIS Los Angeles FAN blog! Special thanks go out to sindee for allowing me the opportunity to talk about different subjects relating to our favorite show and having some fun in the process. Hope you will leave your comments and join in the discussion.

We all know that NCISLA shot out the gate in its first and second season as the second-highest rated scripted series on television right behind the mother ship NCIS. Due to highly inventive script writing and the superlative acting chops of some of the finest actors in the business, both series have been able to balance the undercover work and technical aspects with the sentimental development of characters that we have all grown to love and care about over the years.

This week Huffpost TV printed a thought provoking article by Evan Shapiro who stated the reason CBS has so much success with these types of crime dramas has to do with Unresolved Sexual Tension! He even has a mathematical formula for it all:

If you are wondering what it all stands for…here’s the translation: WillTheyWon’tThey (WTWT), LikeBrotherAndSister (LBaS) and We’reJustFriends (WJF) and PlatonicLifePartners (PLP) and UnresolvedSexualTension (UST) sitting on top of Procedural Crime Drama Format (PCDF). Now doesn’t that just take you back to high school algebra??? His theory is that the best shows on TV, including the NCIS franchise work because of all the unresolved sexual tension infiltrating each story line. According to Shapiro, the average age of people who watch these self contained crime dramas is 57 which to me was surprising. But CBS pulls ahead of all the shows in sheer numbers because they draw a larger total audience by at least 30%. And that means a whole lot of different age groups are watching NCIS(LA) across the boards and not just people in their 50’s (which seems to be the case with the mix of fans I’ve met on social media sites).

Ok, but his theory about the unresolved sexual tension really intrigued me. Is that the real reason I hang on every week…just to see if Kensi and Deeks will ever take that first kiss? Seriously? Does the will-they-won’t-they plot lines created for these characters have me salivating every week for more? Maybe. According to the article, this unresolved sexual tension is the 2000 pound elephant in our living room every week, and it will never take center stage and it will never be resolved if the show’s creators want to avoid the drama series graveyard. We all know what happen to Moonlighting when Maddie and Dave finally decided to give into all the witty banter and crime solving and just become a couple. Over…caput!

Will Tony and Ziva, and Deeks and Kensi just continue to pine unknowingly and indefinitely for each other as the crime investigations swirl around them week after week?

Having watched both shows since their inception, I have to say I never really watched NCIS for possible Tiva shipping. Actually, I didn’t even really feel a real romantic connection there until just recently during the current season. (I know some of my NCIS friends out there are shaking their heads!) But it proves my point, because if they finally resolve their sexual tension, it won’t be the reason I keep watching or stray away from the show completely.

Same goes for NCISLA. Even before there was a Deeks and Kensi, I loved the show for the characters and the unique story lines. Of course I will admit that the Densi partnership has made the show all the more interesting for me but if they both decide to quit NCIS now, get married and go off and have little Densi babies, it won’t make me stop watching the show. I will continue to want to know more about Callen, Sam and the other folks that make this series tick.

But I will say that I am not willing to continue to watch the unresolved sexual tension go on forever. It’s fun to be teased and pulled in different directions for a few seasons but he makes one important point and I quote: “This hormonal brew allows each show to be shallow enough to appeal to a broad audience yet engaging enough to keep them coming back week after week.” I’m afraid I won’t be part of that audience. There’s got to be some kind of resolution to the will-they-or-won’t-they. And I’m ok if they don’t. Because I really can’t see me wanting to watch Deeks and Kensi in their 70’s still pining for each other. Ok, I exaggerate, but you get my point. There is no reason why this unresolved sexual tension can’t be resolved eventually so we can to on to other characters and new creative story lines.

I guess I have to agree with his overall premise that the unresolved sexual tension has made many of these shows a lot more fun to watch and has extended many a show’s tenure on the air waves….but everything has a shelf life and I for one would rather see Deeks and Kensi walk into the sunset one day holding hands or walking off in opposite directions than sticking around and pulling down the quality of the show because of a once successful TV formula. That would be boring and doesn’t do the characters justice. I don’t believe the creators/writers of NCIS(LA) think their viewers are robots. They know we have hearts and souls and truly love the characters they created as much as they do. And we don’t want them to become mere shells of their former selves either. So as long as there are great story lines and engaging characters to watch every week, I know I’ll be coming back for more.

If you are interested in reading the complete article, here’s the web site:

Do you have a view on his theory? Join in the discussion and let me know.

Next time I’m going to explore the world of NCISLA fan fiction and interview some of the best fanfic writers out there. I’ll find out what makes them tick and why thousands of fans flock to fiction web sites to continue to read the story of these beloved characters.

See you next time In the Bullpen!

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About @phillydi…

Phillydi has enjoyed being a part of the NCISLAfamilia of fans since it first hit the airwaves back in 2009. Her love of everything Deeks and Densi grew out of that one tap of the Cornna bottle in Kensi’s living room at the ending of The Job. Since then she has been writing Densi fanfics and episode reviews all centered around these two amazing characters.

Diane has been writing since college where she majored in radio and tv journalism. She specifically enjoys writing for children and has had three children’s stories published. Diane also worked for the Navy for 12 years where she wrote feature stories for the base newspaper and miltary family newsletters.

She currently writes for fun and and some profit and has been motivated by all the screenwriters at NCISLA and calls them her mentors even though they don’t know it yet!

Diane will be sharing her views on various topics that come up from time to time relating to the crew and cast of the show in her new column for NCIS Los Angeles FAN blog: In the Bullpen.

In the mean time you can check out her NCISLA fan fics on and her weekly Densi-based reviews of each episode the day after on in the forum section.

Diane would like to thank sindee at NCIS Los Angeles FAN blog and Gwen at for letting her get the love out for this great show through her writing and also a big thanks to all the fans she has met along the way.
It truly is a great family!