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Next… on NCISLA! Forest for the Trees (6×15) Preview by Gayle (@DensiLand)

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Forest for the Trees (6×15) Preview

by Gayle (@DensiLand)

Written by: Gil Grant; Directed by: Diana Valentine

Official CBS press release – “Forest For The Trees” – Callen and Sam are kidnapped when they follow an anonymous tip about a missing NSA agent. When the team discovers they are nowhere to be found, they realize it could have been a trap set by terrorists, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Monday, Feb. 9 (9:59-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

“Forest for the Trees”? Now there’s a telling title. Might the team be challenged in discovering the true motive of their current targets because the investigation is masked by distractionary details? With a cryptic Gil Grant script, one never knows. Likewise, the direction of long-time NCISLAer Diana Valentine is sure to highlight the individual talents of this incredible cast that she knows so well.

A NSA agent is missing. How does this connect to NCIS? Or is this simply a case of a sister agency lending a friendly hand? Our team faces regular threats: drug cartels, psychopaths, bio-weapons, even an occasional local “nut job”, but ISIS?! We’ve reached a whole new level with this one!

Via the promo we see what appears to be a malicious setup for Callen and Sam, being victims of a diversionary flash grenade. [This is somewhat reminiscent of the epic roadside scene in “Empty Quiver” (2×16) that was partially shot in slo-mo and accompanied by the theatrical tune of “Running up that Hill”.] As if that weren’t detrimental enough, during the melee Sam is shot. As much as we’d like to hope the big guy had pro-actively donned his protective vest, that doesn’t seem to be the case. To complete the traumatic trifecta, the guys are taken hostage! Wow; there’s no shortage of action and intrigue this week! (Or could it be possible the guys purposefully got themselves captured in order to gain first-hand knowledge of the captors and confirm the location of the NSA agent? Conspiracy theories abound!)

With the senior agents out of commission, this certainly puts the pressure on the rest of the team – Kensi and Deeks in particular. The duo find themselves literally and figuratively “in the woods”, where we can expect outdoorsy Kensi to take the lead. Yet it’s “city mouse” Deeks who physically throws himself into the uncomfortable environment to take down a target – landing in murky waters. Might this result in a Whiny Deeks or perhaps even a compassionate Kensi? We have to wait for the issue to rise to the surface….

With at least three federal agents now missing and some of the most lethal terrorists in the world now in-country, what creative efforts might the team need to retrieve their missing comrades Next… on NCISLA?

NCIS Los Angeles ‘Forest For The Trees’ Extended Preview

CALLEN: NCIS. You have some information for us?
They train for everything…
HETTY: We’re aware of an ISIS cell in Los Angeles.
…but nothing could prepare them…
SAM: It’s a set up.
…for this…
[smoke granade blowing up]
KENSI: Callen and Sam haven’t shown up for work yet.
ERIC: First of all – their GPS trackers have been shut down.
DEEKS: Not a lot of guys have seen the jump on Sam and Callen.
GRANGER: This isn’t good.