Cyber Threat (3×02) transcript

[Beverly Hills Museum by night. There’s a “party”; a woman and a man are laughing; they are leaving]

WOMAN: Thank you for coming.

MAN: You don’t have to thank me.

[A man is waiting for them in the hall]

MAN2: Mr. Calder, how was the event?

CALDER: Well, let’s just say there’s very little “fun” in “fund-raiser.”

WOMAN: That’s because it’s about raising funds, not having fun.

CALDER: Yeah, no kidding. If I’m dropping several thousand, I expect a few giggles. Would have had more fun losing that money in Las Vegas. Am I right, Nicky?

NICKY: I don’t know anything about that, sir.

WOMAN: Oh…But isn’t this more rewarding than gambling?

[They’ve almost reached their car]

CALDER: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, get in the car, Princess Buzzkill.

[A van stops at their side, tires screeching. The door opens, 2 hooded men aim at them with guns]

CALDER: Whoa, whoa, run, run!

[Nicky tries to grab his weapon, he’s shot]

CALDER: Nicky!

[The woman screams and flees. Men are close to Calder; he raises his hands; they push him]

MAN: Get in the van now!

CALDER: Don’t shoot me. Fine. Okay, I’m going.

MAN: Go, go!

[The van starts again, tires screeching. Nicky is on the ground; a man comes checking him]

——————– ZAPPING ——————-

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