Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen on Queen Latifah Show (Clip 4/4)

…talking about Eric setting up Dani with his brother David and being almost-in-laws.

QL: You are engaged to Eric’s Brother.
Dani. I am. David. He’s known as ‘Eric’s Brother’ but he has a name. It’s David.
QL: And he kinda hooked you guys up, right?
Dani: Eric, kinda tended to invite me to every place he knew his brother would be.
QL: Strategedly placing the brother.
Dani: I guess he got to know my taste when he joined the show because I’m not shy about what I appreciate in a man.
QL: What do you appreciate in a man?
Eric: Why don’t you go into that with some detail?
Dani: I’m just gonna say what you said… what did you say?
Eric: I just knew that what it is that you said you wanted and what it is that he said he wanted and you guys would be such a prefect pair.
Dani: He said ‘You should meet my brother because he’s what you like. He likes Brunettes with big shoulders.’ Is what you said. And I went ‘Ooh. That sounds liek a prefect match.’
Eric: And happily ever after they are.